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December 22, 2016
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February 2, 2011
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May 24, 1954
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/02 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000200050084-6 25X1 U.S. Officials Only CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY SUBJECT Cbaditions in Brasov (Orasul Stalin) THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES. WITHIN THE MEANING OF TITLE 18. SECTIONS 79S AND 7N4. OF THE U.S. CODE. AS AMENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR REVE- LATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO ON RECEIPT SV AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS DATE DISTR. P. 5t }sy 1954 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO REPORT NO. 1. Current t o1iticalJiepds in Brasov are Coioau7 Ga] eek, commander of the local Seouri- tatea and Nkjor Lfnu,/ Condurache, cos andaat of the local militia. 25X1 Neither one of the men is a Rumanian,. and Cosduraohe has adopted an old Rumanian nacre to hide his real nationality. 2. Troops in the city Include two infantry regiments, in barracks sear the partisanil Roan factory, on the Boulevard Lenin, on Strada Lunge and on Strada >1111ihai Viteazul; two lountain regiments, outside the city; a mountain artillery regiment at lasnov, and the 17th Bomber Regiment at the airfield. Although Brafov was the'. town uses 170,000. ibnder the is short: There is about 20,000 persons only those rated as "named Orasul Stalin on Stalin's birthday in,1949, no one in but the old name. The place now has a population of commist regime it has lost its former gaiety and food general fear of deportation. By the beginning of 1953, had been deported as "socially undesirable elements"., and ens were removed to itiercurea Ciuc. 4. The first thing one 'sses in Brajov is the Cetatsuia prison for political prisoners, a four-story building on Cstatzuia hill. The ne orhood is guarded the Securitatea,and traffic around the building is forbidden. The place' ly has undsrgrlound torture chambers; details about this are not had few people who have been released from the place, they say nothing after-W7 release and avoid contacts with their friends. U.S. Officials Only CONFIDENTIAL vbbm &a Ertmem !' C R ,l . mWauing All* de ASSMSWSS: DEaeer.E of (ie GA (1lbti im ad D aea awo.1 C -A_ [ hII*..LA Jul !a u..J 61 the bo~r I S$iU ZS SS) 5 * luccllia i.u5 j aE lyS ECCiilfiE~ &SL6MEDIS rewAift ieriiml &A Ls 04 Kati. ~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/02 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000200050084-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/02 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000200050084-6 25X1 5. The old railroad station was bombed out during World .War II and the new one is 4eoidedly shabby. pros it the'li ? .L }n out to the factories of t~raOov and its neighborhood. Near the station are the modern railroad shops. Before the station stand only a few taxis and horse-drawn droshkys. Because of the high fares, they are used almost ex- clusively by Communist functionaries. 6. In the town there are six bus lines, with 15 buses altogether, 10 of which are Czech 8. Skodas, bought in 19 . The remainder, of various makes, are over age. They are 4is,7s ov roz 4x4, th 100 psuoeprs instNd of the 40 they srs X04 to asks. A ticket costs 0.50 eut. The main street of the city, formerly called Regale Carol Street is now Lenin Street. It runs through the town to the edge, where a huge monument to Stalin has been erected. Midway clog it there is a big unfinished building, intended for propaganda meetings. When it w s three-quarters complete, it was found that the calculations on it were wrong, and is has never been finished. Lenin Street is crossed by Karl Marx, formerly Strada rani. Here, in the building formerly occupied by the German National Onion are a offices of the regional organization of the Communist Party. N W, e t .cps] l -JEOtea4lebbot &&m my a s. ism 6401 Strada 7 November. Ere in tie building of the former savings bank, are the offices of the ARM (Association for Soviet-Rumanian Friendship) and the offices of the labor unions. Parther along are the offices of the state bank, the investment bank and the Sovrom bank. At the' corner of Strada 7 November and Sfantul Ion Street are militia headquarters. The Sicuritatea offices are near the city baths, Strada Prundulul and on the market place.' 25X1 9. In ha- Q at eVie'' ve hotels, only three of which are open to the public--Hotel 110 Mace, Hotel Co oana and Hotel 1R0 Sport. the other two are the Cerul Militar, which is an officersl casino, and the Hotel pvr4 sh :houses 120 children. The ARC Palace, at the corner otu *bh Street # Ad Strada 7 lovember, is a quite new nine-story building, reserved for Party functionaries and foreign visitors. The best.. rooms are cleared for foreign Jew, is, and -those= walks a in them are roved to others, or tets'tt* l at iNi 1s at Party rank they have. The hotels a re by the state. In a first-class hotel the prices are 2R feu fens single roam 42 lea for a double; in second-class hotels 20 and 30 leu. A luxury hotel was bul t in 1951 at the Poiapa Stalin for the Sk Olympics. Shortly burned., There were stories.that it had been set afire by some of those concerned in the construction to hide the evidence of embezzlement during the build- ing;. quad. R arrests were -nude. 10. There are only a few! restaurants open,.,since the state managements cannot keep their prices ..down to the level of the falling standard of living. The restaurants fall in t categories: the luxury class with a price of 50-100 lsu a meal, visited only by ;thsl,new Communist aristocracy; Class A, wh4,2 to 35 Ian is the price of a very ordinary seal and Class B, where the food is almos `inedible and the prices 10 to 20 IOU . Most: :of the falctories maintain canteens for their workers. 11. a famous pastry ps are now state undertakings, but have a very limited patronage, only a few even of the Communist aristocracy are wiUing 4' pay 1.50 to 2.50 1eu #0#,.a tiny sake. I ,hd Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/02 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000200050084-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/02 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000200050084-6 OC PIDUTIAL t."10 Wily, !1 "Id the n deu1 25X1 12. ~'~! bas statetor, dirsetod by the -fahotu'actor of the old re e, Miss '~-si `i sS a s sr -Dla freananth _ 13. 'Die 1-1 ' 1- ao"'s ohm imbifty S'Urs?t' id 8aviet Drbpspnds tiLY ti=,bbe hoes ost a h DtT who shard "woo : fum 'arr. wirfleri's STS :birM e !i~'Sod 'fs 'ism tielott tlro r- ear or other orpgisstions. > a asrdb, Pelisb or Gerasx till with lass, propsgsnda salsa a2o6, the ;law are :ms d. 14. O tisa or alcohol In.-'p qov has S ?srhedh 15. 'D s .ob'E'sbes a;e fi1$ed - on Sundays, In spite of Cosrmist I rope a4u, ssd in spite of the fast tb4t - priests bars Vanished. 16. # sr bas an #nS -school and an agrisaltu al Institute. Owrses isst yrsrs. , 17. Vilw she hospitals is narked. Of tbs tour hospitals, the two, beds, ' in addition be Iwo s1ln4,os t ,are reserved for Marty t'rrstionarios sad. bu S ;s4; 1-1;1.1 '; .1 i. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/02 : CIA-RDP81-01036R000200050084-6 t'ool'