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Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 ? r ? ' I`r _ INFORMATION REPORT INFORMATION REPORT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the mean150X1-HUMniage Laws, Title 18, U.S.C. Secs. 793 and 794, the transmission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. -E-C-R-E-T ,?INGC?P7 - um COUNTRY USSR/East Germany REPORT SUBJECT 1. Doctrine and Theory of Soviet DATE DISTR. 9 July 1958 Anti-Air Defense 2. Organization of the PV0ra?/-aAe..4.11. PAGES 50X1-HUM 3. Comments on Nuclear Defense 4. Anti-Nuclear Defense of Air REFERENCES Facilities DATE OF INFO. 5. Aircraft Utilization for Defensive loom iocc Purposes PLACE & DATE ACC). a ARE DEF RAISAL OF CONTEAT 'IS TENTATIVE. 1. A copy of a 68-page English-language translation as well as a copy of the 50X1-HUM 60-page Russian-language original.on various aspects of the Soviet doctrine and theory of anti-air defense 50X1-HUM 2. A considerable portion of the report is devoted to the theory of as well as organization for Soviet anti-air defense. The organization of the FVOC-is given in cmaiderable detail ? and includes mention of the use and function of aircraft in anti-air defense. 50X1-HUM Distribution of Attachments: OCR Air: ORB: Loan Loan 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM STATE X ARMY X NAVY X AIR EV X FBI AEC ORR/EV (Note: Washington distribution indicated by "X"; Field distribution by "#".) INFORM,A.TION REPORT INFORMATION REPORT Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ ? IA RDP81 01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part- Sanitized Cop Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Toitettif CONTEKPORARY ANTIAIR DEFENSE OF THE USSR 50X1-HUM I. INTRODUCTORY REMARKS The rapid development of offensive types of military equipment and the sharp increase of destructive force, are radically changing all the previously existing military and strategic.5oncepts. For example, Great Britain would have committed a suicidal error had it clung to the old formula, "The English lose every battle but the last." At present, another formula applies, "The first battle 'will be the deciding one for Great Britain." This first battle is namely that one 'which will take place during the first hours and days of World War III. Here lies the main essence of sensible strategic planning for the future. -Insofar as the supposed enemy will, be the Soviet Bloc, the British High Command cannot permit itself to be pushed into abandoning conven- tional forms of armaments. For such armaments continue to play, and will continue to play, an important role in Soviet strategy for a long time. In this connection, it is impossible not to laugh at the superficial and dangerous (in its stupid illusions) lead article in the (London?) Times, 9 November 1955. In this article the USSR is ridiculed somewhat because "it does not grasp the importance of the atomic bomb," and is therefore continuing to build up its naval forces. The radical changes in Soviet strategic concepts have already mani- fested themselves clearly in the organization of the entire antiair defense system. Since about February 1955, extraordinarily intensive work has been conducted in the USSR to bring about a rapid modernization of all types of active and passive self-defeuse. , These new Soviet measures are of great practical interest to Great Britain for at least two reasons: First, the British Isles are 'within effective range of Soviet bombers and rockets; therefore, the problem of organizing antiair and civil defense in general becomes actual and 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 . CIA- P81-010 . oAnnil A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 ? 50X1-HUM highly important in the situation. Second, in the event of World War III the defense of the British Isles will require that the High Command inflict mass blows on the enemy's rear; however, the success and effective- ness of such blows will depend on the condition of the enemy's antiair defense. Thus, this article is dictated by the factual state of affairs and is fully justified. I can only express the hope that it will be studied attentively by competent people. I am certain that in it they will dis- cover all the important elements of Soviet antiair defense. The sources of this article are as follows: First, a study of all accessible Soviet material, published officially; second, the knowledge gained by a study of World War II in higher military educational insti- tutions of the USSR, including military academies; and third, the author's personal archives and notes on events. II. CHARACTERISTICS OF MILITARY DEFENSE WORK IN THE USSR TODAY No one likes truth that hurts. I do not like it. But the past 20 years are evidence that in organizing defense work in general, and anti- air defense work in particular, the USSR now occupies first place in the world. In the sense of massiveness of participation by the population and multiplicity of antiair-defense measures studied, the Soviet Union cannot be equaled by one Western democratic state. This is understandable and logical: in a centralized state, every- thing is done centrally. In a totalitarian state the stamp of totality lies on everything. Military states always prepare best for war. In countries having a ruling ideology and doctrine, everything is subordinate to this ideology and doctrine. The USSR possesses these qualities, and in them lies the superiority of the organization of mass training in antiair defense in peacetime. 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Co .y Ap roved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM Great Britain does not possess such qualities, and in this lies her weak- ness which, in the era of atomic bombs and long-range rockets, may have fatal consequences if quick, satisfactory solutions are not found. Another characteristic of antiair-defense training in the USSR is that the party and government in the past year have taken decisive measures to strengthen the ideological and political education of the mass of people. Carefully studying this reversal I have found that, actually, it is very important: ideological and political work, accord- ing to the Soviet conception, is just as important (or more important) for antiair defense in the era of atomic bombs and long-range rockets as the atomic bombs and rockets themselves. I would like to ask every- one 'who reads this article to understand this and renounce the idea that only tangible weapons and material superiority are important in var. This was true during World War II, but will not be true in World War III. III. WHAT IS NO (ANTIAIR DEMSE) IN THE USSR TODAY? The Soviet concept of Antiair Defense (1,10) differs essentially from the concept we hold in Great Britain or the West in general. In the USSR the concept of WO encompasses the following: (1) ideo- logical and political educational 'work among the mass of the population, (2) active local self-defense [civil defense] of the mass of the popula- tion from air raids, (3) antiaircraft artillery, including antiaircraft rocket-robots, (4) antiaircraft fighter aviation, (5) a system of yarning and communication, (6) means of long-range influence on the flying appa- ratus of the enemy, (7) antiatomic defense, (8) antichemical defense, (9) problems of transportation and (10) long-range governmental organisa- tional measures. This structure exists in the USSR at the present time and, probably, will exist without change for many years. I shall subject its component elements to t careful analysis. eclassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RnPRi_ninAw 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM rir. REASON FOR AND FIRST GOAL OF IDEOLOGICAL AND POLITICAL WORK IN WO IN THE USSR Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist doctrine does not admit to the omnipotence of any weapon that ever existed, as does the Times article mentioned. It teaches that ideas and ideologies are stronger than any bombs or tanks. As proof, the ideas of nationalism in Southeast Asia and the Near East, the ideas of Communism itself, the ideas of revolution and uprising, the ideas of strike by the working class, etc., are usually produced as examples. About February 1955 this line of education in the USSR vas sharply increased. At present leitmotiv number one in all branches of the armed forces is the following: The only effective weapon is the one in the hands of a person with strong and purposeful ideals. The only antiair defense that is effective is that which is based on the people and the nation, and which possesses united ideals, ideologies, policies, and doctrine; atomic and rocket bombs can destroy cities and kill people, but they cannot kill ideas, ideologies, and doctrine. And so forth. From this, then, the reason for and first goal of ideological and political work in WO soyedineniya and in general in all the armed forces is to see that each adult person inividually, and the population as a whole, understand and accept the ideology of Communism, the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin, and the policies of the party and govern- ment, and that they proclaim them absolute and just. This then, with which the West will be greeted in the event of World War III, is absolutely in- dependent of what kinds of new weapons might be used. V. THE SECOND GOAL OF IDEOLOGICAL AND POLITICAL WORK IN WO OF THE USSR The organizational structure of WO of the USSR will be examined later. I shall merely note here that the following have statutes [status?] as subordinate ons: residential buildings housing not less 50X1-HUM leclassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RnPRi_ni new Declassified in Part - Sanitized Co .y Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM than 80-100 persons; all public establishments, without exception; shops of plants and factories; faculties of universities and institutes; print- ing plants; kolkhozes; villages belonging to sovkhozes; railroad stations; etc. The especially important ones have received emblems for successful PIO work. For example, in Moscow such esiblems can be seen on the fronts of buildings, certifying that the building is prepared for PV0. In accordance with the plans and directives of the Administrition of Antiair Defense of the Soviet Army (UMW under the Ministry of Defense, reports and lectures on ideological and political themes connected with PV0 tasks in a fixture war are given in these local organizations. An exceptional role in giving these lectures and reports is played by the Military Defense Section (voyenno-oboronnaya sektsiya) of the All-Union Society for the Dissemination of Political and Scientific Knowledge. In educational institutions these reports and lectures are given in the course of normal instruction by the military chairs and teachers. In industrial and other enterprises, and in kolkhozes and sovkhozes, there are special leaders for antiair defense training. The task of all party, Komsomol, and trade union cells consists of ensuring strict fulfillment of the directives of the MOM and the orthodox purity of lectures and reports. The main leitmotiv, the main practical task, of lectures and reports consists of the following: that effectiveness of enemy bombing is in- versely proportional to the combat readiness of the whole population; that at the cost of timely antiair defense measures, full or partial self- preservation may be achiOved; that the fate of the population in a future war will be in the hands of the population itself; that over-all anti- air defense measures in peacetime are fully justified by the interests of the population itself and, therefore, the policies of the party and govern- ment must be supported; and that there are real possibilities for with- standing and survivin any war, meaning that it is possible and necessary 50X1-HUM to believe in victo Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 1043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM VI. WHY MUST PV0 OF THE USSR FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN? Because of the threat of atomic warfare, a new element has appeared in the ideological and political education of the USSR population. In the radio broadcasts of the Group of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany, in Krasnaya Zvezda, Kryltya Rodiny, Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota? and other publications for the past several months, in one form or another, has been posed the question: Why must we be prepared to fight to the last man in the event of a third world war, even in the event atomic bombs are used? Strictly speaking the answer contained nothing new, but it presents something of immense interest for the West; therefore, I shall outline it: We must fight to the last man because there is a real hope of withstanding, surviving, and coming out unhurt from certain danger, while capitalism perishes and the cause of war disappears forever. We must fight to the last man because capitalism is rotting away, dying away, and is condemned by history to disappear; while communism, contrariwise, blossoms, strengthens/ expands, and is destined by history to be a higher society. Consequently, we have an inspiring ideology, for the sake of which we must live and die. We must fight to the last man because any war against the USSR in an unjust war. Contrariwise, the USSR strives to destroy colonial salvery and the capitalist yoke; therefore, our struggle is just. Con- sequently, moral superiority is on our side. From this can be drawn practical conclusions: the population must be drawn in PV0; the entire population must be ready for severe trial, oven for death, in the name of high ideals; and no matter what happens WO fighters must remain at their posts. 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 ueclassified in Part - Sanitized Cop Approved for Release 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM VII. OFFICIAL CONCEPTS OF THE USSR IN CONNECTION WITH THE ATOMIC AND HYDROGEN BOMBS The main burden of atomic and hydrogen bombardment falls on the population and on the PV0 system. In connection with this, in February and March 19550 the Supreme Command of the USSR introduced revisions into the doctrine which had existed till that time. Given below are the main themes of the new concepts, which are in operation at the present time and are the organizational basis for the entire P70 system; "Only soldiers who are conscious of their responsibility to the people, who deeply understand the sacred duty of defending the Motherland, and who piously believe in the invincibility of the idea of Communise are equipped to overcome every difficulty. The persistent study of Marxist-Leninist theory... strengthens and hardens our aviation cadres, and prepares them to fulfill cot missions under the most complicated and difficult air situations." (See Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota, official periodical of the High Command of the Soviet Air Forces, No 1, 1955, beginning page 7) "Organizing the training and education of subordinates, commanders and political workers hold that EVEN THE MOST MODERN MATERIEL DOES NOT, IN ITSELF, DECIDE THE OUTCOME OF WAR; that the outcome is decided by people who are strong in spirit and realize their duty to the Socialist Mbtherland." (I bid.) "Capitalist propaganda makes a fuss over the 'all-powerful' atomic and hydrogen bongos. But we, the Soviet people, well know that there is not, and cannot be bombs with a power to determine the outcome of war. We know and have known that the most powerful 'weapon' is the man himself who believes in the rightness of his deeds. We know that there are many means of antiatomic defense, which during war will be placed at the disposal 50X1-HUM :Iassified in Part - Sanitized Cop Approved for Release 50-Yr 2013/09/17 i"14 onnnA Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 of the soldiers of the Soviet Army and civil self-defense or tne rear area." (From a radio lecture of the Group of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany) Much could be deduced from such examples. They give an unusually clear-cut idea of the newest Soviet concepts concerning antiair defense. 50X1-HUM VIII. THE QUESTION OF VIGILANCE The question of vigilance is also absolutely new. There are indirect indications that in February and March 1955 it fell under sharp discussion, according to which strict decisions were adopted by the party and government. In a directive article in Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota No 6 ['Tune 1955], the problem was literally formulated as follows: Vigilance means the prepa- ration of our fighter pilots to take off at any time to meet an air enemy, in any weather, day or night, at any altitude to locate and destroy him before he is able to accomplish his insidious scheme. For this IRE BASIC RESPONSIBILITY RESTS ON THE PILOTS OF THE ANITAIR Lblehliab OF THE COUNTRY. THEIR SACRED DUTY IS TO PREVENT THE PENETRATION OF OUR TERRITORY BY A SINGLE AIRCRAFT OF THE ENEMY. FOR THIS, THE PILOTS OF THE ANTIAIR DEFENSE ARE REQUIRED TO BE IN CONSTANT COMBAT READINESS. "Prevention of penetration of the USSR by even a single enemy aircraft necessarily demands the tireless education of [personnel in] a sense of high vigilance, WHICH MEANS, FIRST OF ALL, THE READINESS OF OUR =ASTI AND PerEAZDELENIYA FOR THE IMMEDIATE FULFILLMENT OF THE COMBAT MISSION." (I bid.) Immediately after prolonged conferences during which the new strategic concepts were discussed, frank discourses appeared on the pages of official military periodicals. For example, Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota, No 4, for April 1955, literally reported that the imperialists intend to initiate a war against the USSR by means of atomic and hydrogen bo Mb attacks against the population centers of the USSR, in order within several days to knock "WM 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part- Sanitized CopyApprovedforRelease @50-Yr2013/ /12 . CIA- - 0 (191nn94nn 11A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM out the basic industrial targets, paralyze ranspor a on an ? et .r? .1 the population. In this connection, obviously, in the new strategic con- cepts of antiair defense the thesis was accepted that vigilance of the PVO and the ADD (Long-Range Aviation) henceforth means the ability to deprive the enemy of suprise, locate him, and not allow oneself to be taken unawares. Then it was announced in an official governmental directive to the fighter aviation of PVO and the long-range bombers, that THE TRAINING OF PILOTS FOR FLIGHT AND IN THE COMBAT EMPLOYMENT OF AIRCRAFT IN CLOUDS IS AN IMPORTANT STATE TASK. (Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flotat No 3, 1955) Such spirits and beliefs regarding vigilance exist in the PVO system at the present time -- spirits and thoughts which have the force of state military law. The problem is today formulated thusly: inasmuch as in a future war the first hours, days, and weeks will play a decisive role, and there will not therefore, be time for the production of needed aircraft and training of needed pilots, ALL MEASURES MUST BE FULFILLED DURING PEACETIME, so that all forms of aviation will be available and present. at any time. IX. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF PVO USSR We now proceed to a study of the PVO itself and its technical equip- ment. We begin with an examination of its organizational structure. Prior to World War II, the chairman of the Council of Peoples Com- missars WSB simultaneously the Chairman of the Council of Labor and Defense. The word "Defense" meant that he was the supreme leader of all defensive activities of the country, including antiair and civilian self-defense. Legally this WAS necessary because the military minister and the General Staff did not have the formal right to give orders to the civilian population. The operational leadership was accomplished by the Committee of Defense under the Council of Peoples Commissars, KOSNK, which was directly subordinate to the chairman of SNK (Council of Peoples Commissars) and STO (Council of 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr DP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Labor and Defense). In 1941 the functions of t ' ver - 50X1-HUM to the newly created State Committee of Defense (GKO), headed by STALIN. In 1946 the GKO VAS abolished, and the KOSNK was restored under the title "Committee of Defense Under the Council of Ministers" (KOSM). Also, the statute authorizing the holdiag of the two offices, chairman of the Council of Ministers and chairman of STO, was abolished. From 1946 to 1953 the KOSM was headed by the Deputy Chairman of the SMSSSR (Council of Ministers USSR), Marshal VOROSHILOV. From March to June 1953 the duties of the Chairman of KOSM were carried out by the Minister of Internal Affairs and First Deputy Chairman of the SMSSSR, Marshal BERIYA; from July 1953 to February 1955, by L. M. KAGANOVICH; and from February to September 1955, by Marshal S. K. TIMOSHENKO. At the present time, according to unofficial information, the duties of the Chairman KOSM are being temporarily carried out by Marshal of Artillery NEDELIN. His deputy for Civil Antiair Defense is Colonel General VINOGRADOV. Main'Teaks of the KOSM Attentive study of materials relating to the campaigns of the reports- and-elections meetings and conferences in the system of the Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Air Force, and Navy (DOSAF) gives foundation to the hypothesis that during recent months, perhaps for the past year, a feverish search has been conducted in the Kremlin for the best form of organization for KSOM in view of the atomic and hydrogen bombs. This means that a new man maybe placed at the head of the KOSM -- a scientist-general or marshal, or simply a scientist. But now it is clear that the in over-all tasks of the KOSM remain as they were, namely: 1. TO coordinate civil defense measures in the entire USSR with the measures of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the Navy, and the General Staff. 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2 12 . C - R002lon74nn1 1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Co .y Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM 2. To draw up plans and drafts of party and governmental decrees, concerning bo tb shelters of all tnes, fire-fighting evil:rent, antiatomic equipment and means of defense for the population and the economy of the USSR, evacuation, etc. 3. To effect state supervision of the training of the population for antiair, antiatomic, and antichemical defense, as regards drawing the masses into the respective civil self-defense organizations, circles, groups, and sections (otryady). 4. To serve as the operational-organizational organ of the government for all defense questions not within the legal competence of the military ministries and the General Staff. In reality, however, the KOSM works under the operational leadership of the General Staff of the Soviet Army. We point out that ideological-political work is not in the mission of the KOSM. The KOSM is occupied only with the practical technical and organizational problems of defense. Supervision of ideological-political education belongs to the Administration of Agitation and Propaganda of the TsKKPSS [Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union] and its Military Section, the Main Political Administration of the Armed Forces (GPUVS), headed at the present time by Colonel General ZHELTOV. Structure of KOSM Given below is the organizational scheme of the KOSM in the form in which it existed in 1947-48. Attempts to introduce changes into it since 1948 were not successful, so that the scheme may, with certitude, be con- sidered valid in 1955. Chairman of KOSM Only members or candidate members of the TeKKPSS are appointed to the position of chairman of the KOSM. Until 1955, only members of the Politburo or Presidium of 50X1-HUM )eclassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12: nag flO A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM The chairman of the Mai is organizationally directly subordinate to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers USSR. Through the latter be receives the directives of the Presidium of the TsKKPSS or, what is the same thing, the Council of Ministers USSR. The basic duties of the Chairman of the KOSM are: 1. TO be well informed of the general strategic planning of the USSR over an extended period of time. 2. To be directly and officially concerned with the activities of the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, and the Ministry of the Navy. Note: It is suggested that in the near future Marshal of the Soviet Union BIRMIZOV or General of the Army ANTOBOV will be named chair- man of the KOSM. The reason for the assumption is their participation in the reports-and-elections campaigns of DOSAF. Another reason is the absence of a scientist-marshal who answers the requirements and who can be appointed in the near future.) 3. To investigate new achievements in world military science and equip- ment, particularly the problems of atomic war and antiatomic armament. 4. To possess high organizational and administrative qualities. Judging by the experiences of prewar and postwar years, the Chairman of KOSM and his deputy have been given the legal right in all questions of civil defense to appeal directly to ministers and to party and Soviet leaders of union and autonomous republics, krays, Oblasts, cities, rayons, industrial enterprises, and institutions, assigning tasks to them and requiring from them unquestioning fulfillment of his directives, in as much as be acts in the name of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Through him is accomplished that which is considered necessary by the General Staff for the civil population and the economy of the nation as regards defense. 12 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 1 ? CIA RDP81 01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 KOSX 50X1-HUM Strictly, the "Committee of Defense" is a group of persons, appointed by the Council of Ministers to represent the Secretariat of the TaKPSS, the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff and the Ministry of the Navy, in coordination with Gosplan. Usually found on the KO are the Chief of the Geieral Staff, the Chief of the Naval Staff, the Chief of Staff of Armored Troops, the Chief of the Antichemical Defense Section (otdel) of the Ministry of Defense, the Minister of Communications, the Minister of Armaments, the Minister of the Aviation Industry, the Chief of the WO Administration of the Soviet Army, the Deputy Minister of Defense for Intendance Service, the Chairman of DOSAF, the Chief of the Military Academy imeni Frunze, the Chief of the Medical Sanitarnoye Administration of the Soviet Army, the Minister of Railroads, the Secretary of TsKKPSS for Organizational Problems or for Cadres, the Chief of the GPUVS, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Chairman of the Committee of State Security, the Chief of the Engineering Administration of the Soviet Army, the Chief.,of the Military Engineering Academy imeni Kuybyshev, and others. This is a kind of "Board of Governors." It is a consultative organi- zation which meets to discuss certain questions according as determined by the Chairman of KOSM. As to practical work, this it accomplishes with a vast administrative apparatus -- the effective Committee of Defense, which is located in a building between the Spasskaya Gates and the building of the Council of Ministers USSR in the Kremlin. In this building there are sections (otdely) which are occupied with the separate fields of defense. As a general rule each section is headed by a regular military man, who is not lower than major generel or engineer-lieutenant colonel in rark, and in every instance necessarily having the appropriate higher education. 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @50-Yr2013/ /12 . CIA- - 1 711)n9Ann1 1A Declassified in Part- Sanitized Co .y Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 OSO 50 X1-HLD The Section of Communications and Warning (Otdel Svyazi i Opoveshcheniya, OSO) plays an important role in the entire system of antiair and civil defense. Subordinate to it is found everything by which communication and warning in modern war are acccoplished. Specifically and only through the OSO are the projects and plans for communications and warning on the territory of the USSR approved. Specifically and only the OSO has the right: in concordance with the General Staff, to establish new communication and. warning points. It is through the OSO that the question of what is good and what is bad is decided. For example, the air raid warning signals in cities and other population points are developed and approved by the government and General Staff on the recommendation of the OSO. Engineers working under the supervision of the OSO bear full responsibility for the reliable and accurate operation of electric sirens, pneumatic sirens, radio transmitters at PVO and local self- defense points (as regards their irreproachable hookup with the general radio broadcasting system of the country and vice versa), and loudspeakers (which are arranged so that acoustically the air raid warnings do not have dead of half-dead sectors, thit is, so that the entire population will be notified with sufficient clarity); the reliable connection and disconnection of telephone commutators, connection and disconnection of electric lighting at PVO and local self-defense points in the event of the necessity, and so forth. Note: It is the duty of the OSO to ensure all of this technically and organizationally during peacetime; but in wartime these facilities are brought into action, not by the OSO itself, but by the PVO and self- defense points, which are found subordinate to the PVO commander. OPKhO The Antichemical Defense Section (Otdel Protivo-Khimicheskoy Oborony, OPKW) is occrnifti1 with working out all technical and organizational praocoma 50X1-HUM )eclassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 50-Yr 2013/d9/l2 : CIA-RDP81-n1a4flpnn,, qnnoAnnil A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM of the chemical defense of the population and the entire country as a whole. Included, for example) are measures for the development of plans and initiation of mass production of gas masks and antichamical clothing for individual and collective use. The work is carried out in coordination with the Administration of Chemical Defeme of the Ministry of Defense. The duty of both organizations is to follow the achievements of other countries in the fields of military chemistry, and to inform the Council of Ministers USSR of them, and to take measures for the appropriate development of Soviet military chemistry, and so forth. An extrordinAry role in the activities of the OPKhO is played by the work of preparing practical measures to prevent contamination of state food supplies, population feeding points, water supply systems, and mass bomb and gas-proof shelters as, for example, the Nbscow and Leningrad subways. Special scientific-research institutes and oratories, under the general scientific supervision of the respective chairs of the Military Academy of Chemical Defense of the Soviet Army imeni Voroshilov (Moscow, Ulitsa Bauman) are working on the solutions to these problems. The problems are, firstly, the development of pro- tective measures against contamination; secondly, the creation of rapid and absolutely reliable methods of decontaminating already con- taminated centers. It goes without saying that work is being conducted on the decontamination of less significant and not as important targets, but this is a task for the population itself, which must master the elements of the self-protection regulations. Nevertheless, the OPKhO proceeds from the possitility of so much fatal, over-all contamination of an area that decontamination in a short time will be impossible. In this event, special means of evacuating people, wec,vons, and valuables are required. The planning of such facilities and their nomenclature, the degree of their mass production, and so forth is worked out in accordance with the missions of OPKhO. 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM Still another task of the OPKhO is the issuance, in mass quantities, of popular booklets and instructions for the population and b-pacial anti- chemical defense units. The Section of Antifire Defense (Otdel Protivo-Pozharnoy Okbrany, OPPO) works in close contact with the Administration of Fire Defense of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but this does not mean tbrt fire- fighting teams of the MVD are in any way subordinate to the OPPO. The atm is that fire-fighting teams of the MVD first of all help to provide the population with methods of fighting fires; secondly, that there will be a clear-cut division of labor in case of air attacks; and thirdly, that the necessary fire-fighting equipment is ordered from plants manu- facturing equipment for MVD teams. The OPPO is directly responsible for working out drafts of laws, orders, and instructions for the antifire defense of the entire USSR in case of war; informing the civilian population of these laws, orders, and instructions through PVO and local self-defense organizations; supplying, even in peacetime, all establishments, enterprises, and residential buildings of no less than 80 to 100 inhabitants with the minimum fire- fighting eqpipment necessary (this job is performed in practice by super- visors of establishments and enterprises under directives from above); organizing rescue teams from the civilian population; etc. As a result, up to now each antifire objective (establishment or enterprise) has available for emergency use a fire engine, buckets, sand (usually in a garret), flexible ladders, shovels, pickaxes, tarpaulin gloves, nonflammable coats, entismoke masks with oxygen devices, fire extinguishers, etc. In studying experiences of the Soviet-German war the OPPO has developed new equipment for extinguishing incendiary bombs. Unfortunately, aside from 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ ? 2013/09/12 ? CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM the fact that this equipment has been introduced to us, nothing is known about it, but one can assume that all antifire objectives have now been equipped with it. OEGU The Section for the Evacuation of State Establishments (Otdel EVakuatsii Gosudarstvennykh Uchrezhdeniy, OEGU) was created in 1941 and is at the present time apparently one of the largest in the KOSM. The task of the OEGU is to develop, together with the General Staff and Gosplan, operating plans for the general or partial evacu- ation of the population, of establishments, enterprises, and insti- tutions, and of animal., food, and strategic reserves. The experience of World War II has shown that for the USSR this is very likely one of the most difficult problems. In 1941-42 the GKO coped with this problem, but only at the cost of unheard of suffering of the population and fan- tastic losses in the economy. Even in 1943-44 in the course of studying the experiences of the war, the formidable question arose everywhere: "Row could this happen?" That is, who is at fault that the country found itself unprepared for mass occupation in the east, both as to clear-cut plans and the practical work of providing transportation, finances, food, and new housing areas. The creation and existence of the OEGU is an answer to this question. One can assume that in the future if the special conditions of a special war do not make evacuation unnecessary, it will be carried out many times better. As far as we know, the principal mess of OEGU workers consists of students of the Military Transport Academy of the Soviet Army imeni Kaganovich (Leningrad). We should also note that after World War II a general strategic redistribution of population and vital centers began in the USSR. For example, new kolkhozes and sovkhozes s on ? ; slot of ? im,,,Inecifiari in Part - Sanitized Coov Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized CO .y Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDp81-01043R002300240011-4 Kazakhstan and Siberia; Central Siberia and the republics of Central Asia became industrial centers of the USSR. This means that the problems of evacuation and antiair defense are even now being resolved in a radical fashion, on a large scale. OSKhPV0 The Section for Agricultural Antiair Defense (Otdel Sel'sko- Khozyaystvennoy Prottvovozdushnoy ?barony, OSMPV0) occupies a somewhat detached position in the KOSM. It is not located in the Kremlin, but on Orlikov Pereulok, Building No 3. The task of the OSIORVO includes the supervision of a number of antiair measures, but only as regards supplying the material equipment requirements of local PVO teams. For example, the commander of PVO in area "X" finds it necessary to excavate an underground granary for a kolkhoz or sovkhoz; in such a case the chairman of the kolkhoz is obliged to Obtain the necessary money from either appropriate organs within his own ministry or from funds of his own kolkhoz, but in the latter case he must have the permission of those same organs. For another example, the chief of a rayon PM orders the chief of an MTS (Machine Tractor Station) to remove tractors from plowing and engage them in some kind of antiair defense project in another yon; then the chief of the MTS must secure a directive from the appropriate agricultural organs. All these complexities are regulated by the OSKaVO. On the other hand the PVO of rural regions possesses a nuMber of specific specialties. For example, in grain regions there exists the danger of burning unmown grain or contaminating it with war gas. At the same time the point of view is taken in the USSR that kolkhoz villages will not be subjected to serious air raids, if they contain a classified in Part - Sanitized CO .y Approved for Release 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-Rnpp-i_rmnAor, 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Co .y Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM no important military objectives; consequently, antiair defense measures will be essentially different from sivolsw measures in mountains, in industrial regions, and in transportation. Hence, the situation of the OSKhPV0 is a somewhat specific one which, however, operates with the authority of a section of the KOSM. OSPVS The Section for Permanent Antiair Installations (Otdel Statsionarnykh Protivo-Vozdushnykh Sooruzheniy, OSPVS) was established in 1946 and actually began operating in 1947 on the basis of German, American, and British materials and equipment. The mission of this section is to engage in general planning, develop- ment of projects, and placing into production and activating permanent radar-warning installations. Comment: This section has been solving problems for all branches of the Armed Forces and for the USSR as a whole, because neither the Army, the Air Forces, nor the Navy, nor even the Civil Air Defense have had any independent radar experience. One can assume that at the present time the functions of the OSPVS have been somewhat narrowed: probably the operational use of installations by the Armed Forces has been withdrawn from the control of the OSPVS. Comment: The author regrets that he does not know more about this extremely important section. However, it must be i.Atmphasized that in 1946-47 the OSPVS was also interested in the construction of radio-air stations, and in any case in theories relative to such stations, namely acting on aircraft by means of special waves. This is an old Italian idea, that by means of certain waves it is possible to cause the electronic (elektrotekhnicheskaya) system of an aircraft stop working completely or Partially. Finally, the OSPVS was interested in problems of a so-called "radio machine gun." The first Soviet theory of such a "machine gun" was developed 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 1043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM and suggested by ITSKHOKI, Candidate of .Technical Sciences and Docent of the Chair of Electroradiotechnology (elektroradiotekhnika) under the Faculty of Special Aircraft Equipment of the Air Force Engineering Academy imeni Mukovskiy. We know of the authenticity of the existence and the proposal of this theory because ITSKHOKI was this authorls personal friend and colleague on a Scientific Council.. Unfortunately, I know nothing more on this subject, but urgently recommend that necessary attention be given this paragraph. OBU The Section for Bomb Shelters (Otdel Bombo-Ubezhishch, OBU) has probably existed since 1927-8. Undoubtedly it exists even now, as the book. by Engr-Lt Col LYKOV on the role of engineer work in modern war testifies. The tasks of the OBU are to plan on an all-union scale the work of constructing bask shelters of every size and purpose in addition to Army and field shelters; to effect, through city soviets and local antiair defense organs, the adaptation of cellars and any suitable areas of residential buildings to the needs of the population in time of bombard- ment (Note: Although this sounds absurd, this work continues even now; it is considered one of the antiatomic defense measures which are discussed in more detail below); and the construction of underground and reinforced- concrete shelters for party, soviet, and economic workers, and any workers of the state apparatus (apparat), as well as for local PVO and self-defense commanders (Note: This is done by the city soviets on directives of the OBU). A practical result of the activities of the OBU is the presence of bomb shelters beneath every large building in the USSR. Usually these are cellars whose walls and windows are properly reinforced. German air raids on Moscow and Leningrad showed that these shelters, in spite of their primitiveness, played a vital role in decreasing the number of casualties and in providing overnight lodging for children and old people, for sick perspins and wet nurac- 50X1-HUM Imm Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM Note: Instructions of the OBU permit the use of cellar shelters for their original purpose, but the removal of wall, ceiling, and window reinforcements is not permitted. If a large eMblem hangs on the front of a building -- the symbol of the former OSOAVIAKhINA or the present DOSAF -- this signifies that a permanent boat shelter lies beneath the building. There are so many in Moscow that one can note them on every street withnut any difficulty. OZA The Section for Antiaircraft Artillery (Otdel ZenitnoyArtiLleri, OZA) works in close contact with the Nein Artillery Administration of the Soviet Army (Nbscow, the Center, Ulitsa Solyanka, Building No 12, the building .of the former Medical Technical School) (meditsinskiy tekhnikum]. But the missions of the OZA and the GAUSA are not identical. The GAUSA is concerned primarily with Army artillery problems, the OSA with problems of organizing artillery -- "antiaircraft" -- defense of civil objectives. To be exact, the OZA decides which civil Objectives are subject to antiaircraft defense. The OZA provides the Main Artillery Administration with the authorization (prava) and practical opportunity of timely construction of underground roams (for command personnel [komandovaniye]) and sites (platformy) for gun installations, as well as communications equipment, etc. All this is done through civilian administrations. As to the GAUSA, it supplies antiaircraft defense points with artillery cadres, batteries, and ammunition, and in general assumes practical control of the antiaircraft defense. Note: The artillery antiair defense will be examined in more detail later. 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 2013/09/12 ? CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 RIO 50X1 -HUM J The Editorial-Publishing Section (Redaktsionno-Izdatel'skiy Otdel, RIO) exists as a section of the Main Military Publishing House, but is concerned with the publication of literature only as required by the KOSM for PVO and civil self-defense. In particUlar the RIO publishes all popular literature designed for mass consumption. In order to have an idea of the character of these publications, an example list is given below: "The Combat Use of PVO Teams" -- a brochure. "Antiair Defense of Populated Points" -- a book. "Be Prepared for Antiair Defense" -- a brochure. "PVO of Important Points" -- a book. "Antiair and Antichemical Defense on Railroad Transportation" -- a book. "Handbook on PVO and Local Self-Defense" -- instructions for the population. "Rules for Loading, Hauling, and Unloading Under Conditions of Air Attacks on Rear Area Points" -- a brochure. "Instructions for the Seaman Antiaircraft Gunner of PVO" -- a brochure. "Handbook for Ground Firing Antiaircraft Equipment of the WO" brochure. "Tactical Use of Antiair Camouflage" -- a book. "Antiair Defense With Machine Guns and Rifles" -- a book. "How to Contend With Enemy Airborne Landings" -- a brochure. "Rules for Firing on Enemy Aircraft" -- a book. "Manual for the Antiair Defense of Cities" -- a brochure. "Atomic Weapons and Antiatomic Defense" -- a brochure. "EngineerzZonstructions of PVO in Modern War" -- a book. "Modern Foreign Jet Bombers" -- a book. ..... a 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 09/12 ? CIA RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM "Long-Range Rockets and Their Combat Use -- &brochure. "Antiair and Antichemical Defense" -- a book. "The Role of Radar in PVO" -- a book. "Sanitation-Medical Service of PVO" -- a collection of instructions. "What Is Atomic Radiation?" -- &brochure. "Atomic Energy" -- a book. From these examples it is apparent that the RIO of the KOSM covers all fields of modern antiair and civilian defense of the rear. In addition a series of mass-defense magazines are published under the supervision of the RIO, for example, the magazines Kryllya Rodiuy and Protivo-Vozdushnaya Oborona. Information Section Also under the KOSM is the Information Section (otdel informatsii, 01), whose main task. is the collection, systematization, and applied research of foreign and domestic organization in all fields of antiair and civil self- defense. This job is performed by a special group of experts -- professors, docents, doctors, candidates of science, engineers, tacticians, and strategists who are located in the building of the Scientific Technological Committee of the General Staff and work in close contact with this committee, with the Staff of the Partisan Movement, and with the Bureau of New Technology under the Ministry of the Aviation Industry. The tasks of the OI are strictly specialized. They do not exceed the limits of civilian PVO and self-defense requirements. The CT publishes lithographic bulletins and distributes them to chiefs of local PVO and self-defense teams. The OI is especially concerned with the translation of foreign literature according to specialties. OSN The Section for Supplying the Population (Otdel Snabzheniya Naseleniya, OSN) is concerned only with supply problems. At its disposal are warehouses 50X1-HUM GM MD Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM containing everything needed for the practic re za defense measures, namely: fire extinguishing equipment, special clothing, antichemical masks, first aid equipment, ordinary and special transport equipment, and so on. Warehouses exist according to regulations for strategic reserves and are located under the direct intendance control of the Deputy Minister of Defense for the Rear Services (Intendance Service), although the OSN itself is not subordinate to him in an organizational or administrative sense. ?MSS The Section for Medical-Sanitation Service (Otdel )4ediko-Sanitarnoy Sluzhby, OMSS) has the responsibility, together with the Mein Medical (Sanitarnoye) Administration of the Soviet Army and other state medical- sanitation establishments, to work out an entire complex of measures to be taken in case of air raids. In particular the OMSS is concerned with planning measures for rendering first aid to those wounded and contaminated (otraYlennyye) during air raids. For this purpose, under the general supervision of the OMSS throughout the entire USSR and the entire system of defense training of the population, classes (kruzhkovoye obucheniye) on the rules of first aid are conducted. It is of interest that no one in the USSR can obtain a "Ready for Labor and Defense" (GTO) badge or a certificate of graduation from any type of DOSAF school who has not passed the minimum medical-sanitation examination in the KOSM program. Another task with which the OMSS is concerned is supplying defense points throughout the entire USSR with the necessary quantity and quality of first aid equipment. In particular, in city buildings carrying the emblem of readiness for self-defense, the so-called "PVO First Aid Chest" is permanently located beneath this eMblam. The third task of the OMSS is concerned with planning measures for treatment at permanent facilities (stationarnoye lecheniye) of the wounded 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @50-Yr2013/ /12 . CIA- - 1 711)n9Anni A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM and contaminated. This function is performed almost entirely inaepenocutu4 of the Medical Administration of the Soviet Army, because in time of war military and civilian hospitals as a rule automatically and completely fall under Army control and become filled with Army wounded; consequently, civil self-defense must rely basically on its own forces, on its own permanent treatment points. For this purpose lodgings, tents, cots, attendant and medical staffs, and medicinal and dressing materials will be needed. All this must be planned and prepared in peacetime. The OS is concerned with this task. a responsibility of the OMS [probably meant to read "OMSS"] jointly with the Medical Administration of the Army and with state establish- ments is the organization of supervision (sanitary) and laboratory control over contaminated areas, resevoirs, rations, food, etc. It is of interest that in the USSR the Red Cross Society is under the exclusive control of the KOSM, although officially the Red Cross appears to have nothing in common with the government. OMPAZ The Section for Mass Antiatomic Defense (Otdel Messovoy Protivo-Atomnoy ZaShchity, OMPAZ) was created in 1945 under State Committee Number One (Its chairman was then BULGABIN). The primary task of the OMPAZ, like all atomic organizations which feverishly sprung up after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was to study foreign experience (Of course, domestic research work took place in research establishments). For example, while working on the.Mein Staff of SVAG, this author received a most urgent directive to gather feverishly and earnestly anything that was directly or indirectly related to infor- mation on atomic energy and quickly forward it to State Committee NuMber One and to OMPAZ. In 1946 OMPAZ was included in the staff of KOSM and since that time has worked on problems of Esse antiatomic defense. Around that time special 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr DP81-01043R002300240011-4 / Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM secret chairs of antiatomic defense were organized under the Military Academy of Chemical Defense imeni Voroshilov, under the Military Engineering Academy imeni Kuybyshev, and under the Gortkiy State University. (Note: The Gorlkiy State University has been mentioned by us only on the basis of unofficial information.) This author is well acquainted with the general direction of the work of the chairs under the Academy imeni Kuybyshev. This work aimed at studying problems of construction of underground, concrete, mass, atomic shelters (Note: Upon my arrival in Great Britain I spoke of this to representatives of the Department of Scientific Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, but they almost laughed at me, saying peremptorily that there is no defense from the atomic bomb; thus, I talk nonsense and the Academy imeni Kuybyshev is engaged in senseless pursuits.) Probably at the present time the status of mass antiatomic defense is this: in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Kazan', Gortkiy, Sverdlovsk, Kharlkov, and other large cities vast underground atomic shelters have already been or are being constructed; in Moscow and Leningrad this [construction] is carried on under the guise of subway construction; at the present time preparatory measures for constructing subways in Kiev and Khartkov aee being completed; the study of antiatomic defense measures has occupied an important place in defense work for the last two or three years; a great deal of popular literature is published in the USSR an this subject. General Doctrine of Antiatomic Defense in the USSR The statement by Stalin that "the atomic bomb is dangerous only to those with weak nerves" and that "the atomic bomb cannot decide the out- come of war is well known. In 1953 this idea was subject to doubt. In February-March 1955 the party and the government definitely accepted Stalin's formula, and at the present time the following doctrine is predominant in the USSR: antiatomic defense is possible; the Armed Forces and the entirs 50X1-HUM population must prepare theme 9 EWalderense. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM Authorities and sources: Engineer Construction in Modern War, by Engr-Lt Col L1KOV and others, 1955, Military Publishing House USSR; Atomic Weapons and Antiatomic Defense, by Engr-Lt Col. NAUMENKO, 1955, Moscow; The Atomic Nucleus, by M. I. KORSUN'SKIY, 1952, Moscow; and issues of Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota, Kryllya Rodiny, Tekhnikit-Molodezhil Pravda, Ogonek, Novyy Mir, and other publications for 1955. Basic Principles of the Soviet Doctrine of Antiatomic Defense At the present time the dominant principles of antiatomic defense for the USSR are: (1) Advance dispersion of the vital centers and population of the country; in particular, the creation of strategic emergency centers of government administration deep in the rear areas of the country. (2) Extreme concentration of efforts to quickly create melts for warning of enemy aircraft movements. (3) Extreme concentration of efforts to create a powerful system of active antiair defense over all possible lines of enemy bomber move- ment. (Note: For more detail see below.) (4) Concentrated research work on the creation of wave equipment (volnovyye sredstva) for exploding enemy atomic bombs before their approach to the USSR or equipment for acting upon the electronic systems of aircraft at great distances. (5) Supplying the Armed Forces and the population with shelters which provide some kind of protection at the moment of the explosion. (6) Training the Armed Forces and the civilian population in elementary self-defense measures against atomic radioactivity. (7) Organization on an all-union scale of active antiatomic defense teams, for example, for extinguishing fires and rescue work in destruction areas. The new doctrine of the USSR recognizes that no antiatomic defense measures can be absolutely reliable but each of the enumerated measures 50X1-HUM )eclassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 . CIA-RDP81-ninafl flf1,1 A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 makes it possible to reduce the nutber of deaths and destruction, to 50X1-HUM gain valuable time, and to give psychological assurance to the popu- lation; therefore, it is required that they be used to the fullest extent, decisively, without delay, and at any cost. Let us turn to the study of practical measures of antiatomic defense in the USSR today, at the end of 1955. In line with this, it is significant to remember one organizational detail: it is no longer the KOSK, but the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff or, as better it is best to say frankly, the Council of Ministers -- and no longer the 'COM -- play the chief role in all operations con- cerning antiatomic defense. Timely Dispersal As a centralized state, the USSR cannot exist faronwmonth with- out centralized management. Hence, there is the natural inclination to prepare ahead of time measures for the territorial decentralization of state establishments. This means that measures have already been taken by the Kremlin to ready reserve quarters for the government as a whole and for its separate units. The problem concerning these quarters arose for the first time in 1944, in connection with the unsuccessful experiment in mass evacuation. At that time, measures were begun to construct suitable buildings -- reserve quarters -- in the cities of Kuybyshev, Sverdlovsk, Novosibirsk, Tashkent, and possibly in Tomsk. And if a new war should break out with the threat of atomic attack over Moscow, then, likely, the goal to destroy the soviet government would not be achieved by the West with only the destruction of Moscow. The same thing would have to be repeated in a number of other cities. But this still is not all. Each oblast or city party committee, each kray, oblast or city soviet in every corner of the USSR has the official status of a state establishment and is an integral part of the 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 %.? Approved for Release 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R00230024 011-4 centralized administration, and in administrative, econ aspects has been prepared to assume the whole goverment or a part of it in a critical situation. Moscow quarters for the Government The Kremlin, as such, has not been totally readied for antiatomic defense. It is necessary to prepare it. It is too large to conceal from the sight of enemy aircraft. The only defense of the Kremlin is purely police protection (politseyskaya oborona) carried out by the Kremlin commandant's office (komendatura) and the MVD School imeni VleIK (All-Union Central Executive Committee), now imeni Supreme Soviet. It is quite definitely known by the author of these lines that immediately after the end of the war, a large, deep, underground shelter was constructed under the western part of the Kremlin. Unofficial observers have concurred that it was intended only for the commandant's office of the Kremlin and for the command of the School imeni VTsIK. They say that the shelter can admit only one division of )WD troops. The great depth and the concrete walls of increased thickness would make the shelter reliable in the event of atomic attack. Whether this is true or not is not known to us. There is another very deep both shelter -- especially for the MVD and KGB -- under the NVD-NGB building on Ploshchad' imeni Dterzhinskiy? which was under construction about 1947 and was probably finished in 1951-1952. This shelter was intended for reliable antiatomic defense, that is, against explosive and shock waves, radioactivity and high temperatures. When I was informed of this, I expressed doubt about the possibility of reliable antiatomic defense in the event of an explosion in Moscow' itself. But the person from whom I learned of the existence of the shelter replied that in the first place there are no reasons to assume that the atomic bomb would explode directly in Moscow, and in the second place, "This is better than n ssified in Part - Sanitized Co II Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2r) ? - - 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Cop Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM centralized administration, and in administrative, economic and other aspects has been prepared to assume the whole government or a part of it in a critical situation. Moscow Quarters for the Government The Kremlin, as such, has not been totally readied for antiatomic defense. It is necessary to prepare it. It is too large to conceal from the sight of enemy aircraft. The only defense of the Kremlin is purely police protection (politseyskaya oborona) carried out by the Kremlin commandant's office (komendatura) and the MVD School imeni VTsIK (All-Union Central Executive Committee), now imeni Supreme Soviet. It is quite definitely known by the author of these lines that immediately after the end of the war, a large, deep, underground shelter was constructed under the western part of the Kremlin. Unofficial observers have concurred that it VAS intended only for the commandant's office of the Kremlin and for the command of the School imeni VT8IK. They say that the shelter can admit only one division of NVD troops. The great depth and Use concrete walls of increased thickness would make the shelter reliable in the event of atomic attack. Whether this is true or not is not known to us. There is another very deep bomb shelter -- especially for the MVD and KGB -- under the MVD-MB building on Ploshchadi imeni Dzerzhinskiy, which was under construction about 1947 and was probably finished in 1951-1952. This shelter was intendedsfor reliable antiatomic defense, that is, against explosive and shock waves, radioactivity and high temperatures. When I was informed of this, I expressed doubt about the possibility of reliable antiatomic defense in the event of an explosion in Moscow itself. But the person from. whom I learned of the existence of the shelter replied that in the first place there are no reasons to assume that the atomic bomb would explode directly in Moscow, and in the second place, "This is better than nothing." 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM There is an enormous stationary government both shelter near Krasnyye Vorota, parallel to the station of the metro "krasnyye Vorota," and at a very great depth. The Supreme High Command -- IF it did not move to the East -- would be found herd during war- time. The construction of the shelter was begun in 1942 and at present, probably is the most complete in the USSR. Of course, without special work, government buildings outside of town with telephones of high frequency (VCh), radiotelephones, telegraphs, television lines, and other facilities necessary for exercising state functions, can be used. Dispersal of Industrial Centers In the course of studying the experience of World War II the government has passed a number of precautionary measures, above all, concerning the dispersal of key industrial centers. Thus, for example, the newest aviation plants have been constructed and are being constructed mainly in Central and East Siberia, in Central Asia and on the Central Volga (cities of Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk, Alma-Ata, Tashkent, Sverdlovsk, Kuybyshev, Saratov, and others). The loss of the Ukraine and Northern Caucasus was a catastrophe for the USSR. The USSR would have ceased to exist back in 1942 except for English and American material assistance. This was the case not only in the destruction of the Red Army but in the loss of the Donbass and the Shakhtinskiy area. The Kremlin studied this very serious lesson and passed far-reaching measures for completing the establishment, long ago, of priority (nachatyy) industrial centers far into the East, in zones bilieved inaccessible. For example, the Kuzbass was converted into a second Donbass USSR, the Volga (Bashkir) oil regions into a second Baku, and so forth. The Kremlin's strategic calculation is simple: if an atomic war breaks out, then ene bombers can destroy industrial centers in the 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ IA RDP81 01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM west of the USSR but cannot, or virtually cannot, destroy eastern industrial centers; and, consequently, the country will be able to continue the war. Establishing Strategic Rural Zones A very great lesson in the Soviet-German struggle was the loss of the Ukrainian SSR and the North Caucasus, and the granaries of the country. Back in 1941-19421 this question arose in government circles: How and why did it happen? In 1944, the task of developing measures to prevent such a catastrophe in a future war was placed be- fore the state planning committee. Thus arose the problem of assimilating virgin territories. The question did not arise after the death of Stalin as superficial "ex- perts" report in the newspapers, but during the years 1947-1949. During 1952 and 1953, preliminary work was completed and mass migration into barren Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, and Central Siberia was begun. This was especially significant since there was not enough bread in the country and the food crisis was increasingly making itself felt. It is necessary to stress that the matter of virgin territortes also solves other strategic problems: first, if it becomes necessary to move to the East, it will be easier to place considerable masses of the peasantry in the virgin-land regions; second, if atomic radioactivity and light radiation destroys or makes impossible the processing of the land (harvesting, etc.) in the Ukraine and in Northern Caucasus, then, most probably, the country would have available the grain in the East and would be able to continue the war; third, if the western territory of the USSR falls under foreign occupation, then, most likely, the Soviet government could depend upon the considerable population and the cultivated territory of the East; fourth, the transfer of the mass of the Russian and Ukrainian population to the East would sharply increase the rate and extent of Russification Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM of the eastern Moslem population, that is, strengthen the position or the Kremlin in the east and minimize the opportunities of the "bourgeois nationalists." And this is important in war as shown by the experieace of the peoples of the Northern Caucasus (genocide). Soviet Theories of Antiatomic Defense At the same time considerable research work on the study of the problem of atomic warfare has been donducted in the USSR. A survey of available official literature makes it possible to state that this study has a clearly functional, centralized, and practical nature. In recent years, Soviet theories have been definitively formulated on this score. All active and passive means of defense are founded on them. Theory No 1: There is no absolute defense against the atomic bomb and, consequently, the first goal of absolute defense is the prohibition of the use of atomic bombs as weapons. Hence the well-known line of Soviet diplomacy and "peace" congresses. Theory No 2: If the attempt to ban the atomic bomb on a world-wide scale is unsuccessful, than it is necessary to direct the conflict between the East and West along those channels which exclude the possibility of justifiable use of the A-bomb. For example, if in the East, along the 30th parallel (approximately), a chain of national-liberation movements should arise, then, first, the whole western capitalist front would become entangled in conflicts and, having squandered its military forces, would cease to operate as a monolithic anti-Soviet bloc; secon#1 moral and other reasons would not permit the western countries to use the atomic bomb against national-liberation movements; third, during this process of the disintegration of the West, the USSR, achieving its aim, would be out- side the danger of atomic attack. Hence the 'lactic: Face the East! Support all types of national-liberation movements in the East. Theory No 3: If Theories Nos 1 and 2 cannot be successfully carried out, that is, if atomic warfare between the East and West is recognized as 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 12 ? CIA RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM inevitable, then it is necessary for the USSInto surround the entire strategic zone with an area which could be adequate to conduct anti- air warfare (fighter planes, rockets-robots, etc.) to shoot down enemy aircraft before they reach USSR territory. Hence, the invincible determi- nation of the General Staff of the USSR to cling to every bit of occupied territory and the fanatical reluctance of the Kremlin to solve the German question. Hence also the well-known trifling with Finland and the attempt to placate the Arabian Near East. A footnote to this is that these stra- tegic purposes coincide with the general aims of world communism. Theory No 4: In atomic warfare, the side which destroys its opponent's air bases early in the day wins. Hence the very clear military and political doctrines of the USSR concerning the FIRST period of the war which can be summarized in one phrase: WE SHOULD STRIKE FIRST. (Note: One can learn about these doctrines in the literature indicated in the bibliography.) Theory No 5: just as there is no absolute defense from the atomic bomb, there is no absolute destruction of the USSR and consequently, chances for individual survival do exist, that is, if all means of antiatomic defenses are used. Special explanations are not needed for Theories 1, 2, and 3; therefore, only Theories 4 and 5 are developed here. Types of Atomic Blast The experience of the last 1-2 years leaves no doubt that the population of the USSR has been informed about the aftereffects of an atomic blast in a satisfactory and objective manner. We here in the West should reject that dangerous error -- conceivedffrom vulgar simplification -- which maintains that Kremlin leaders neither understand nor desire to inform the population of the horrors of atomic war. The Editorial and Publishing Section, and the Information Section of the KOSNL, the Ministry of Defense, and also the All-Union Society for the Dissemination of Scientific and Political Know- ledge -- not to mention the lecture sections (otdel) of party committees -- 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X -HUM publish a great volume of popular and instructional literature, organize lectures, show films, and so forth, in order to ready the population. We have concrete examples of this, for example, as the rank and file members of Dosaaf -- ordinary plant workers -- speak and write on various themes concerning atomic blasts. A simple, popular expla- nation of the types of atomic blasts -- air, surface, underground, and underwater -- is given in nuMbers of popular publications. The antiatomic defense significance of this fact is seen in that the population realizes the necessity and inevitability of these or those measures of the KOSM; the population does not dispute (if it could dispute) whether or not local self-defense detachments ihould be organized; and itadh professional group understands that, whether it is at home or at work, it is threatened by danger. And this, in itself, in conformance with Soviet doctrines of totalitarianism, is a large factor in the matter of antiatomic defense. On the Aftereffects of Different Types of Blasts Practical measures of antiatomic self-defense logically follow from the types of atomic blasts. The first type is the air explosion which occurs, let us say, several hundred meters above ground. The population is informed that during an air burst, radioactive substances which fall to the ground from a smoke cloud do not cause considerable contamination of the ground below the burst. The great mass of substances from the burst is carried in the smoke cloud and is dispersed at great altitudes and in many areas. Approximately 0.02-0.05 percent of the harmful radio- active elements ihlls to the ground. Hence, the practical recommendation: one can travel through a contaminated region even within several minutes after the burst in order to perform rescue work or to continue ground military operations. As you see, it is impossible to think of anything more concrete. 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 . CIA- 8 -010 . 9Annil A imrofersonswhounderstsnd the re of shock 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM The second type is the surface blast, that is, when the bomb falls to the ground and explodes on the ground. In this case, the hot pro- ducts of the blast contact the ground, melt the soil, and in condensed form fuze with it. These composite messes are scattered to great distances with enormous pressures. As a result considerable territory is contaminated. (Note: Unfortunately, Soviet sources do not give indications concerning the extent of territory.) Furthermore, the ground will, in addition, be contaminated by a stream of neutrons. Consequently, the practical conclusion: it is prohibited to approach a blast area before a given time or closer than a given distance. Also concrete enough! The third type is the underground blast, called in the USSR "diversionary atomic blast." The population is told that in this case, very high contamination of the ground occurs in the blest zone. Products of the blast are mixed with particles of the ground and quickly settle around the blast area. The degree of contamination is undoubtedly fatal for a radius of 600 meters. (Comment by the author: The radius certainly depends on the type of atomic bomb and on the depth of the under- ground blast, and also probably on the geological composition of the soil.) The fourth type is the underwater blast. In this case, all the radio- active products settle in the water. The portion of these which is blown up for a brief time together with the-ejected particles of water, soon sinks. The decontamination of the water is very high, and, mainly, per- sistent. Consequently, the practical recommendation: It is prohibited to approach before a given time and closer than a given distance. (Note: Concrete data are not given.) The fifth type is the hydrogen bomb, on which there is no information. Primary Danger The USSR is a country with highly developed theories in the fields of shock waves. Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA- 8 -oin 9Annil A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM waves probably is higher in the USSR than in any other country. Bence, it is clear, or almost clear, why so much attention is paid in the USSR -- above ail else -- to the problem of defense against shock waves of an atomic blast. Much of the popular and nonpopular materials are devoted to this theme. Since 1946 Academician Ya. B. zwrovim has been the Chief director of the group studying AboMb shock waves. From the beginning the task was given him of answering the following question: precisely what, and to what extent, can the A-bomb shock waves destroy? The purpose: to work out appropriate defense measures against the A-botb shock waves. *Ridging from indirect data, it can be suggested that each atomic blast in the USSR is accompanied by experiments on the destruction of structures by Aboa shock waves, which are considered the "primary danger." Finally, it is as clear in the USSR as in the West, that all the damaging effects of an atomic or hydrogen blast occur almost simultaneously -- almost instantaneously -- although the duration of activity is varied. But in the USSR they wish to learn about the different effects on different installations in order to know procedure in antiatomic defense. For example, if an important bridge is demolished, then, almost invariably, as long BB radioactive contamination persists on the shore, troops or the population, rescue or fire-fighting companies, and the like, can no longer go there. The shock IltNe acts momentarily. It acts only for one second at an installation which is within a radius of one kilometer; consequently, if a bridge is destroyed during this second, then in succeeding seconds and minutes, attention and means of defense can be directed to other goals, sparing them for rescue work on the shore. Of course, this very important detail is primarily common sense. Several Element Self-Defense Measures ainst the Shock Wave The Soviet government thinks that it is important for the population 50X1 -HUM to know that in the first moment of the blast the products of the fission Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM of the atom, the evaporating cloud, and also the hot air are contained in a small ball (polusfer). The temperature in it reaches millions of degrees and the pressure, billions of atmospheres. It is clear that the pressure and the heat quickly will be distributed everywhere. It is clear that the temperature will "burn" and the shock wave will demolish windows and doors. Thus, the very specific warnings to the population published openly and extensively: A peasant's shack can ignite like a shaving and if it does not ignite: it can collapse and can kill its occupants. Certain timely measures -- elementary, not reliable, but still measures -- can be taken so that this does not happen: strengthen shacks and make them less inflammable. Remember that the shock wave has the intensity of a raging boar and in addition also a high temperature. But remeMber also, that this continues over a short interval After which activities or rescue work can be conducted without additional fear. Concrete statistics sometimes found in Soviet literature include the following: the zone of great destruction from the shock wave extends for one kilometer; and in an underground blast, the depth of the crater extends to 30 meters and its diameter, from 250 to 300 meters. Defense Against Atomic Radiation Conclusions are also drawn in popular literature on antiatomic defense, about defense measures against radiation.. In order not to reveal its own experiments, the USSR uses data from America and Japanese cities. But sometimes there is indirect information on its awn experiments. It has been noted that the diameter of the ball can be estimated at 200-300 meters (depending on the caliber of the bomb) and the temperature in it reaches 8,000-12,000 degrees centigrade, that is, almost twice as great as the temperature of the sun. The "second danger" after the shock wave is the effect of atomic radiation, which at a given distla air eyesight permanently or Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50X1-HUM 2013/09/12 ? CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 ? 50X1-HUM temporarily, can cause serious burns, or burn clothing. This warning is given on the basis of what happened in Nagasaki: the effect is severe, almost certainly fatal at up to 1500 meters and relatively slight and curable at 4,000 meters. Hence these practical recommendations: special clothing, goggles, etc. (Note: Unfortunately, there is no further specific data.) Particular attention is paid in the USSR to the fact that at known distances, skin burns occur only on that side of the body which faces the blast. For the unschooled, this is a completely cogent argument. But the scientists are concerned with problems of creating artificial shade. For example, in past years, great attention has been paid to the study of the composition of mist, rain, and falling snow. It is suggested -- and theoretically has already been proved -- that natural or artificial mist can serve as a curtain from atomic radiation, although (the protection] would be partial. Generally, analogies to the sun are extensively employed in civilian antiatomic defense. Every opaque object which protects against direct light radiation is considered a means of defense against atomic radiation. In connection with this, a very simple example, published in the Soviet press and given below, is of interest. Radioactive contamination of an area lasts hours and sometimes days. There is danger in this. The population of the USSR is yarned about this extensively and in no uncertain terms in the popular defense press mad special lectures. In order to plan measures of active and passive defense and self- defense, these data are given to serve as an example: The stream of neutrons acts only at the moment of the blast. The gamma radiation begins from the moment of the nuclear reaction and lasts 10-15 seconds after the blast. The streams of neutrons and gamma rays are able "to penetrate" considerable layers of varied materials. Penetrating radi- ation is invisibl )eclassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 . CIA-RDP81-n1a4l 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Cop Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM Ftrthermore, gamma rays are active for hundreds of meters but are weakened when passing through any kind of dense material dbatacle. For example: the intensity of gamma radiation is reduced by half when it passes through a layer of lead 1.8 centimeters thick, a layer of iron 3 centimeters or concrete 10 centimeters thick, or a layer of ground (soil) 15 centimeters thick. Bence: utterly specific methods endways of building shelters against radiation. The matter of neutrons is worse. They have considerable penetrating force; however, they can be restricted. Brought to mind is the fact that the neutrons -- clashing with atomic nuclei -- lose their energy: and the rapid neutrons become slow. The latter are caught up by the nuclei of atoms of certain elements. One would think that all is well. But these "certain elements" become radioactive (iron, aluminum, silicon, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and others). The misfortune is that these "certain elements" are contained in the soil, that is, the ground itself is subjected to radioactivity and will emit beta and gamma rays. In general, the population of the USSR knows -- as pert of passive atomic self-defense -- that penetrating radiation has an injurious biological effect, although it is not necessarily immediately fatal. A radiation dose of 100-200 roentgens causes a slight degree of radiation sickness, which is not fatal. A dose of 600 roentgens is fatal. Actually, radiation can be fatal at a distance of 800-900 meters. (Note: These figures are based on the experienceotif Japanese cities.) Radioactive Contamination Finally, the population has been informed that during an atomic explosion a large amount of radioactive materials is formed which contami- nates the air, ground, homes: objects -- everything that has not been pro- tected. These materials have no particular smell or recognizable characteristics. They can be detected only with the aid of special 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM dosimeters. Hence this practical'ethatiaidd:"'9upply the entire system of antiatomic defense for the whole territory of the USSR with dosimeters. (Note: Up to 1947, plants in Kharlkov and Leningrad were engaged in the production of such instruments.) Of course, until the beginning of real danger, these instruments are under strict state control through appropriate PVO and antiatomic defense teams. Attention is drawn to the fact that during an atomic explosion radio- active materials are characterized by a rapid loss of potency. Bence, this important practical warning: Contaminated areas become accessible and safe in several hours, in extreme cases, several days. Consequently, it makes sense "to survive" this period in order to continue to live and fight. Of course the degree and duration of the radioactivity depends on the type of atomic explosion and the kind of boa (data about this are lacking). The population has also been informed about the possible preparation so-called "combat radioactive materials" or, as abbreviated, BEV. They can be prepared in the form of smoke, liquid, or powder. There can be no doubt that the USSR has all three types available. (Note: The chief center of activity for making Bay always was the Military Academy of Chemical Defense imeni Voroshilov.) It is clear that the population of the USSR, especially with this system of antiatomic training, assumes the possibility not oNAly of atomic explosion, but also the use of BRV 'against the USSR. It is clear that defense methods against BEV are worked out, but we know nothing about them. Basic Means of Antiatomic and Antiaircraft Defense For the unorganized mass of the population (this is a conditional term because, strictly speaking, there is no unorganized population in the USSR) the following are considered universal antiatomic and anti- 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 1 ? CIA RDP81 01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 ????? 50X1 -HUM atomic and antiaircraft means at the present time -- toward the end of 1955: the metal-sheeted shelter (blindah), the slit trench (shchel'), the ditch (ovrag), and the cellar; that is, literally, everything that was generally considered usual for air raids. Reliable or not, this is the GENERAL LINE, the UNIVERSAL PLAN followed by the state. It has the character of a general defense law. In all city buildings, in all koikhozes, in all field camps [polevoy sten] -- everywhere, the number one problem of passive civil antiatomic defense is considered the preparation of covered, or, in an exceptional cases, open pits. The deeper the better -- such is the state instruction. "Of all the measures for immediate protection from the destructive action of an atomic explosion, the most important is the prompt utilization of covered positions which provide protection from the destructive action of atomic and hydrogen weapons." This was taken by from a brochure of the All-Union Society for the Dissemination of Political and Scientific Know- ledge (Atomnoye oruzhiye i protivoatomnaya zashclita, The Atomic Weapon and Antiatomic Defense, 1955, Moscow). The following category of shelters are more or less permanent under- ground structures. judging from unofficial information, at the present time the Main Engineer Administration (Glavnoye Inzhernoye UPravleniye) of the Soviet Army and the Military Engineering Academy imeni Kuybyshev has their instructors in different parts of the USSR in order to explain the necessity of building such shelters. Below are given several practical recommendations, adopted as standards in the USSR for the construction of shelters of the improved arid permanent type. Instructions for the Construction of Shelters, etc. If a person is in an open, full-profile trench, then the safe distance from an atomic explosion, for him is decreased to 0.66, for the distance from an A-bomb explosion in an open area. If he is in a trench the upper 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM part of which is covered with logs and ear cen er Zat the safe distance is reduced to half. If he is in a metal-sheeted shelter (blindazh) of the usual army type, the distance is decreased to one third. And if he is in a specially equipped shelter underground, he will not be harmed even at the epicenter of an atomic or hydrogen explosion. (Note: There are no.;;data on the nature of the shelter and its depth.) For defense against radiation penetration the recommended protection is a barrier of uniform material: 60 centimeters of concrete or one meter of earth reduces the radiation dosage up to one hundredth; 14 centimeters of earth lessens it by half; 6 centimeters of steel lessens it and reduces it to one fifth; 40 centimeters of wood decreases it to one fourth. Con- clusion: The best materials for the construction of improved and and permanent antiatomic shelters is cement and earth. The "good old gas mask" of the ordinary army type is an important indi- vidual means of protection against the danger of absorbing radioactive materials internally. In the absence of a gas mask it is recommended to use a slightly moistened (with water) piece of gauze, handkerchief, towel, etc. It must be placed over the mouth and nose. Permanent shelters prepared for antichemical purposes either now or earlier, are the best shelters against radioactive materials, and must be used for eating, rest, changing gas masks, and for billeting those not in a condition to wear gas masks. Recognized as a mass method in the struggle .against contamination of food products is the sealing of them in a thick wrapping of special paper (Note: The press has briefly made an oblique reference to the mess distri- bution of such paper). Food reserves for public consumption are ear marked for preservation in specially prepared shelters. In order to lessen fires, the following is recommended: First, coat flammable parts with a layer of clay. Second, as far as possible, get rid of wooden fences and similar structures. 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Special Warnings It is highly diltinctive and important to note that, for the first time in the history of the Soviet state, the authorities warn the popu- lation: Don't wait for special signals and warnings frog the government. Already it has been made crystal clear to the entire population that atomic war, if it begins at all, will begin without warnings. It will surprise many people outside shelters and cover. What must they do? Answers and instructions on antiatomic defense are as follows: 1. The indication of an atomic explosion is an extraordinarily bright, instantaneous radiance, distinctly visible even on a bright, sunny day; this means that every person will know about the blast because of this radiance, i.e., the blast itself serves as a warning signal. 2. The population of the USSR must be trained, even in peacetime, to respond automatically so that in the event of a flash they immediately rush to the nearest shelter (if there is one), to a slit trench, to a ditch, behind a large rock, or to a cellar. There will not be time to think about which side of the body to expose to the direction of the blast. It is important, first of all, that the body be in a lying position, and, if the situation allows, it is necessary to try to get into a position with the face down, with the feet in the direction of the explosion. ? 3,. It is very important to lie motionless, not raising oneself. 4. Caere are cited the instructions to the troops of the Group of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany, which were broadcast by Radio Volga in 1954.) If the greatcoat is available, then it is necdssarY to cover one's head quickly, or if it is rolled in a shoulder ring -- it must be placed around the head. 5. (I bid.) If one has a gas mask, then it is necessary to put it on in record time. (Note: In the Soviet Army, at the present time, practical drills are being conducted for the quick donning of gas masks as well as using other primitive means of antiatomic defense while in an open field, an open trench or shelter. X1-HUM 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R00230024001 1-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM With regard to fire-prevention and medical-sanitation measures, as well as measures for rendering contaminated areas safe one can become acquainted with these matters in the literature indicated in the bibliography. Several General Recommendations for the Air Forces There is occurring in the aviation literature of the USSR a rather purposeful discussion on the antiatomic defense of the Air Forces. It is reported, first of all, that the mushroom-type cloud of the blast presents an operational danger for the crew flying through it. A number of psychological and disciplinary measures are being taken so that uncertainty, fear, and pessimism will not develop in aviators. For example, the tautological and in a sense Absurd idea is constantly underlined that the danger of contamination of a plane depends on the flying speed, altitude, and readiness to take off from the place of an intended explosion and bring down the enemy. For crews and ground personnel in general, as well as ground troops, transportation means are supposed to be maintained so that they can pass through contaminated areas. Crews can be transfered from contaminated areas in aircraft, by means of taxiing. "Considering the weakening effect on the construction of the air- craft, the short period of radiation activity, and speed in take-offs and landings are taken into consideration, it can be co:lauded that flights are possible from a contaminated airfiels." (Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota, NO 2, 1955) In this lies the main psychological objective, the quintessence, of the antiatomic training of military aviators of the USSR. In other issues of Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota this thought is expressed even more specifically: 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 ? 50X1 HUM It is necessary to fly in any conditions; in the event of an atomic alert, planes which have been designated for PVO against enemy atomic bombers are obliged to take off in the event of an atomic alert, and in no case do they change their combat mission. Instructions for the Antiatomic Defense of Airfields More specific instructions could not exist. The commission for working them out was formed in February 1946 under the chairmanship of the Deputy Chief of the Section for Special Equipment under the Mein Administration of the Air Forces USSR (zamestitel' nacharnika otdela spetsaltnykh oborudovaniy pri Glavnom Upravlenii Voyenno- Vozdushykh Sil SSR): Lt Gen Georgiy E'senofontovich VOLKOV, Candidate of Technical Sciences -- one of the best aviation engineers in the USSR. On the basis of a series of official and unofficial publications one can conclude that specific instructions for the defense of military airfields exist and are being put into practice. We do not have these instructions, but we have a series of official statements describing the situation in the following manner: 1. The best guarantee against contamination of an airfield by an atomic weapon is the absolute combat readiness of all airfield personnel, particularly flight personnel of fighter aviation who are obligated not to allow enemy planes within the threatened areas. 2. In the event of a penetration by the enemy through the PVO net and their use of an atonic both against the airfield, all personnel are obligated to be ready to.' complete their coast missions for the destruction of the enemy, -- decontamination of the airfield, and salvaging of the maximum anclunt of military equipment. 3. Insofar as personnel spend the greater part of the time near air- craft, in the command-post area, at warehouses, in repair shops, etc., it is necessary to have enough of the proper type of closed slit trenches. 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @50-Yr2013/ /12 . -010 0910n94nn 11 A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM For the most important services there must be stibstantial covers (fundamentallnoye ukrytiye) of the permanent type, at a distance from the assumed spot of an atomic explosion so as to definitely survive. 4. At every military airfield there must be permanent under- ground shelters for billeting the command post, medical service, and communications center, and for storing food. 5. All the slit trenches and underground shelters must be placed in hollows and low places around the airfield, unless other- wise required for coast readiness conditions. 6. All permanent shelters must be equipped in accordance with instructions of the Antichemical Defense of the Soviet Army (PVKhOSA); the doors and windows must be hermetically sealed. 7. During the construction of all types of antiatomic shelters, all doors, windows, and exposed parts of wood construction and other parts which are flammable, should be coated with a layer of clay, earth, or lime, these measures being carried out by the airfield itself. 8. There is an authorized military-engineering team attached to every main airfield (Note: Administrately the team is subordinated to the Administration of the Engineer Troops (upravleniye inzhenernykh voysk) of the Soviet Army, which directs the construction of shelters in prewar - and wartime. 9. At every main airfield there is an authorized antiatomic and anti- chemical team (Note: Administratively it is subordinated to the Admini- stration of Chemical Defense (upravleniye khimicheskoy zashity) of the Soviet Army, under whose direction systematic instruction of antiatomic and antichemical defense measures is organized for all personnel in the course of normal military training. 10. Fire-fighting measures under conditions of atomic attack are taught under the direction of airfield fire-fighting teams. Declassified in Part- Sanitized CopyApprovedforRelease @50-Yr2013/ /12 . -010 50X1 -HUM 091rm94nn 11A Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM 11. Medical-sanitation service measures under conditions of atomic attack are taught under the direction of the Sanitation-Medical Section (Sanitarno-Wditsinskiy Otdel) of the airfield complex. 12. At every airfield there are authorized decontamination teams having the necessary equipment for partial as well as over-all decon- tamination of the airfield. 13. In the event of complete contamination of the airfield the decontamination team is required to decontaminate as soon as possible the compartments of those aircraft which are designated by the commander of the unit (chest'). 14. All military aircraft must be provided (even in peacetime) with special covering hoods (cheihol-khalat), which are to be placed on special frames so that there is air space between the upper part of the aircraft and the covering hoods. The purpose of the covers is to prevent the aircraft from catching fire. 15. Since dirt, grease, and a number of other things on the average engine and compartment covers raise the radioactivity, technical personnel are required to keep them always clean. 16. When it is not possible to utilize the service of a decontami- nation team, the pilot's cockpit and other contaminated areas are to be wiped with gauze soaked in special solution. 17. At all permanent airfields -- at some distance from the center of the airfield -- have permanent emplacements (transheya) for housing aircraft in order to protect them from shock wave and light radiation. This work and. work connected with the lengthening of taxiing strips is being carried out in peacetime. 18. For the above purpose at temporary airfields, natural low areas are used, or temporary artificial barriers constructed by all the personnel under the direction of a military-engineer team. 50X1-HUM )eclassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-n1 OLVIRrin9qnn0An(11 1 A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 ?011. 50X1-HUM 19. At a.li airfields live ammunition is kept in underground storage places, safely removed for the site of a blast. 20. Gasoline and lubricants are placed in special. excavations with a protective earth cover. (Note: For all airfields.) 23.. Telephone and. electrical wires at all airfields are covered with earth and. tamped down according to special instructions of the Administration of Commainications (upravleniye svyazi) of the Soviet Army. 22. Open water sources are converted to underground places and given a suitable cover over the top. 23. Individual measures of antiatoraic defense are carried out in such a way as to provide for the uninterrupted combat activities of fighter aircraft and ground antiaircraft facilities. 24. Personnel surprised by an atomic blast on a runway OPP) or the open parts of the airfield, are required to utilize nearby logs, gullies, or roadside ditches, or simply to lie on the ground and wait for the danger to pass. At the moment of the blast it is forbidden to run through a field or seek shelter in woods or behind or inside a hangar. 25. In the event of an advance air atomic warning, combat fighter aircraft take off and ground personnel are to go quickly to underground shelters. 26. Every soldier at the airfield is obligated always to have his combat gas mask on his person, and to be able to don it quickly. 27. At tie moment of air atomic warning, all personnel are quickly to put on -- simultaneously with gas masks -- antiatomic and antichemical defense capes, for protection from radioactive materials. Fighter pilots take off in special suits [kombinezon]. [Source refers to a cape with the word "nakidka" and parenthetically adds "khalat."] 28. In the event that special clothing is lacking, it is necessary to wrap one's neck in a towel, sheet, or other white material. Quickly cover the nose and. ? o 'Peraz soaked in s cial fluid' Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50X1-HUM 2013/09/12 ? CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM (Note: The press has briefly given in indirect indication that at the present time the Medics]. Administration of the Soviet Army has been occupied with development (ratsionalizatsiya], mass production, and distribution of bandages of this type and purpose to military units. 29. The signal of an air atomic alert is given by communication and warning elements. Additional note: The journal Kryllya Rodiny has made brief state- ments to the effect that at the present time on every new military air- craft, first, the pilot's compartment is installed a small bag with the simplest decontamination equipment. First Principle of Active Defense Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bouts We have reviews above the measures of passive antiair and antiatomic defense. Now we pass on to a review of active defense, which comes within the sphere of the Ministry of Defense and, in wartime, the State Committee of Defense, GKO. The first principle of active defense automatically springs from Theory No 4 (see page 31). We endeavored to search the maximum number of official sources and it appears possible to give the following formula: The first principle of active antiatomic defense of the USSR is recognized =Only as depriving the enemy of surprise, attacking him before he takes off or, at worst, bringing him down beyond the limits of Soviet territory. In practical language this means that as soon as the government of the USSR is certain of the inevitability of war, it will hasten to direct detachments of Long-Range Aviation (Aviatsiya Dal'nego Deystviya, Mn)) with atomic and hydrogen boMbs against bases of enemy atomic bathers. Basic Weapon of the First Principle of Active Difense The role of basic weapon for such an attack:belongs to the ADD, which occupies the position of an extraordinary strategic striking force, directly 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 1 ? CIA RDP81 01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM subordinate to the Council of Ministers (and in wartime, to the GM)), and not connected organizationally or strategically with the Soviet Army, the Air Forces, the Ministry of Defense, or even the General Staff (although in peacetime operational direction of the ADD is carried out by the Main Staff). The Commander-in-Chief (Glavnokbmanduyushchiy) of the ADD is, as before, at Monono, but it seems there are bases in other places. At the present time the ADD can be ronghly described as follows: 1. There are atonic bombs of different calibers. 2. There is at least one type of H-bomb. 3. There are combat radioactive substances RV) suitable for various purposes. 4. There is a significant number of heavy bombers of the propeller- driven type, capable of delivering an A-bomb up to a distance of 3000 kilometers (radius of action). 5. There are two or three types of fully perfected multiengine jet bombers, which are capable of delivering A-bombs and an H-bomb over distance covering Scandanavia, England, North America (through the Far East and over the North Pole), Turkey, the Near East, and parts of the Far East theater of military operations. 6. Thanks to the immensity of the territory of the USSR and the varied climatic conditions, the ADD has available, apparently, the most trained flight personnel in the world. (Note: Systematic long-range flights began in 1946). 7. ADD aircraft have undoubtly been armed with first-class, night combat sights (Nochnyy Hoyevoy Pritsel, NBP), intended for the semiautomatic release of A-bombs, and H-bomb, or bombs of the ordinary type. Special Comment The possibility cannot be excluded that just beore the use of atomic and hydrogen [weapons] by the ADD, the Council of Ministers USSR will Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50X1 -HUM 013/09/12 ? CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM approach several NATO countries -- primarily Great Britian, with an ultimatum stating approximately the following: Striving for peace and wishing to avoid atomic war, we propose to the British people immediately to overthrow their government, and get out of NATO and the war; otherwise we will be required, as a self-defense measure, to destroy all of Great Britian by atomic and hydrogen boMbs. The Kremlin, of course, does not reckon on the capitulation of the British people, but a great moral and propaganda gain can be seen In such a declaration. Active PV0 of the USSR The system of measures which are taken by the population itself for lessening the consequences of air raids is referred to as Antiair Self-Defense. Local Antiair Defense is that system of measures which are taken by the lowest element of PVO -- for example, on the level of a plant, factory, institution, etc. The centralized efforts which are organized and carried out by the Armed Forces are known simply as the Antiair Defense of the USSR. In official circles this is referred to as the "active PVO of the USSR." The organization of the active PVO is shown in a diagram. In an over-al theoretical, political, and strategic sense it is under the direction of the Presidium of the Central Committee CPSU or, what is practically one and the same thing, the Council of Ministers of the USSR. In wartime these functions are transferred to the State Committee of Defense, GKO, which is made up from the Presidium, but with less meters. In peacetime the Presidium and the Council of Ministers direct the ADD and the Ministry of Defense -- in wartime these functions are transferred to the GKO. The general direction of the active PV0 is carried out by the Presidium of the Central Committee CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR through the Ministry of Defenecinelithese functions are transferred 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 . C - Roo2lon74nnii . Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 47/45,. 50X1 -HUM to GKO. The operational and administra _ve ? cc an o as well well as wartime, is carried out by the Ministry of Defense (and the General Staff). But since PVO is considered at the present time primarily as the Air Forces, in practice the Ministry of Defense, as such, does not specifically direct PVO -- this is performed by the Main Administration of the Air Forces (Glavnoye UPravleniye Voyenno-Vozdushnykh GUVVS), which is a pert of the Ministry of Defense. In connection with this, in 1951 approximately, the status of PVO of the USSR changed: At the head of the active WO of the armed forces at the present time is Special Deputy (spetsialtnyy zamestiteli) to the Commander-in-Chief GUVVS, Mar Avn SUDETS. The deputies of the afore- mentiorled are Mar Arty CHISTYAKOV and Col Gen of the Communications Troops (voyska svyazi) BORZOV. CHISTYAKOV directs conventional and unconventional artillery of the PVO, and BOROZ directs communications-and-warnings units (chasts). Mar Avn VERSHININ, in the capacity of a deputy to SUDETS, commands the fighter aviation of PVO. Conventional Artillery of the PVO Attentive study of available materials shows that the conventional anti- air defense in the USSR has not been abandoned. It exists aad is being improved. For an explanations it is necessary to look at three things: First, Soviet doctrine does not consider atomic war as sole and final; if Soviet diplomats, appealing to world public opinion, succeed in outlawing the A-bomb and H-bomb, then conventional means of war would continue to play their previous role. Secon4, Soviet doctrine does not consider that 6nemy aviation will attack only from very high altitudes, because the USSR is not England and for effective bombardment low altitudware more advantageous; this means that conventional artillery can still play some role. 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 12 ? CIA RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Cop Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 HUM Third, the USSR does not exclude the possibility of wars with such countries as Finland, Turkey, Persia, and others which have neither powerful atomic bombers, nor atomic bombs themselves. In such a war conventional artillery would be obliged to play all of its prior roles. There is also a smaller consideration. Soviet doctrine says that the final outcome of any war is decided by the ground forces, which must advance and occupy territory. But, during such movement local coat action is unavoidable and it is impossible to imagine that the enemy will drop an atomic or hydrogen bomb on every company. Quickest of all the enemy will resort to ground attack aviationland under these conditions, the convention artillery of the BV0 troops will play an important role. Finally, during the prewar period foreign reconnaissance aircraft or aircraft whose purpose is unknown may appear over Soviet territory. Naturally in such an event it is necessary to use fighters and con- ventional or unconventional antiaircraft artillery. The example of an Israeli civilian aircraft in Bulgaria is extremely indicative. For this reason heavily populated points, airfields, and troop areas continue to have conventional antiaircraft artillery. There are many articles in the military press on its tactical employment against modern high speed aviation. (For example, articles in Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota, Nos 5,316, and others for 1955.) Unconventional Artillery of the PVO But, naturally primary attention is devoted to the unconventional artillery of the active PV0, antiaircraft rockets with automatic [target] seeking heads, with radio guidance, without heads or radio guidance, ground- to-air and air-to-air rockets. Only rockets launched by ground divisions are under the jurisdiction of CHISTYAKOV. 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM The author of these lines was one of the leading rocket experts, and he knows with authority that the Ministry of Armaments (USTINOV) took far-reaching measures in 1945-46 to improve German rockets, plan new rockets, and to place several of them into mass production as early as 1946-47. This applied, first of all, to the flying bombs, type V-1. Together with this the Artillery Administration of the Soviet Army set about organizing battalions (divizion) of unconventional artillery as components of artillery regiments and on points of the stationary rear- area antiair defense. For example, such a battalion was organized near the city of Narofominsk. Another battalion was organized in the city of Serpukhov. The organization of still another battalion was contemplated in the city of Baku. Judging by the plans which existed in i947-481 it is possible to say with confidence that at the present time unconventional artillery of the WO has been greatly expanded, and exists in the areas of -Moscow, Leningrad, Riga, Tallin, KalintmgradVailinsk, Kharlkov, Kiev, Baku, Noginsk, Serpukhov, Narofominsk, Petrozavodska, Sevastopol', Odessa, L'vov, Tbilisi, and other cities with stationary centers of the active PVO. Note: The absence of any literature whatever on the theme permits no further statements, with confidence. As a poorly founded hypothesis we would like to add, however, that in the field of unconventional artillery the USSR probably occupies first place in the world. Means of Communication and Warning To us only the following is well known. The problems of BORZOV and his forces aret 1. Supplying all points of the active PVO with radar equipment and personnel, telephone, radio-telephone, and radio communications, electrical and searchlight equipment and the personnel to service it. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM 2. To bring About coordinated communication among the various branches of the active PVO. Note: The complete absence of special Soviet literature does not permit the presentation of more detailed information. Fighter Aviation of PVO The fighter aviation of the Air Forces of the USSR is divided into two groups (according to purpose): tactical fighter aviation is used directly in the theater of combat action, and is therefore not considered. here; Fighter Aviation of the Antiair Defense, IAPVO, is intended for service in the active defense of the entire territory of the USSR, and is subordinate to the Chief of PVOSSSR. Being an organic unit of the Air Forces, the IAPVO has specific disposition: it is grouped in the centers of antiair defense. For example around Moscow, Leningrad, Baku, Kharlkov, Kiev, Minsk, and other cities, in- cluding those deep in the rear areas, there are corps, divisions, and regiments of fighters. The local population does not always know that this is the IMO. The basis of the disposition of IAPV0 units lies in the principle known by the title, "The Tatarchenko-Shcherbakov Network." TATARCHENKO is a professor of aviation strategy and tactics, a lieutenant general of aviation, and a teacher at the Air Force Academy in Monino. SHCHERBAKOV is a major general of aviation, a docent of the chair of strategy and tactics of combat aviation at the Higher Military Academy. (Academy of the General Staff) imeni Voroshilov. They developed the theory of antiair defense, the essence of which is included in the following. 50X1-HUM )eclassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 . CIA-RDP81-ninafl flf1,1 A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM The territory of the USSR is divided into a number of "aerial corridors" which represent the most probable directions of movement for enemy bothers. IAPVO bases are located along these corridors in such a number that the entire corridor is covered by the long-range tactical IAPVO, so that enemy aircraft, over the entire defended route, are constantly under the attack of the IAPVO. Leaving the zone of one unit of the IAPVO the enemy immediately enters the zone of another unit of the IAPVO, and so on. This idea has been realized, in practice, in a number of the western lines of advance into Soviet terri- tory, and is schematically shown on the following page. Adjacent lines of advance have the very same system. But if the distance between them is such that the radii of action of the IAPVO do not cover the entire air space then, depending on the degree of probability of enemy move- ment along the intermediate lines of advance, these intermediate spaces are covered by thinner nets of IAPVO bases, the intensity of which increases in proportion to the proximity to the points of the probable attack. The same idea in a vertical plane has been illustrated on page 55. We will suppose that NATO bothers have taken a course frcaLnagland to Moscow. On the approaches to Berlin they will meet the IAPVO of Berlin, then the IAPVO of Kilestrin, then the IAPVO of Scheidemunde, then the IAPVO of Allenstein, then the IAPVO of Augustow area and Grodno, then the IAPVO of the area (rayon) of Vilnyus, then the IAPVO of Smolensk, and then the IAPVO of the }scow center (uzel). The plan was taken by us from memory from the work on this subject by General TATARCHENKO. From it [the work of Gen TATARCHENKO] it is obvious that as far as altitude and breadth are concerned, enemy bothers will at all times be under the influence of the weapons of the active PVO. The calculation is simple: either the enemy will be destroyed somewhere far fromNbscow, or he will be forced to change course and upset his intentions, or he will be worn down to such a degree that he will find himself unable to carry out his entire bombing plan. In any event, he will arrive in the target area 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM in such a run-down condition that the powerful PVO center of Moscow itself will destroy him without particular difficulty. It is understood that along the entire route, the IMO operates in cooperation with the artillery of the PVO. Principle Types of IAPVO Fighters The IAPVO is equipped with virttl lly only two basic types of fighters, namely: Fighter-Intercepters, comprising less than one fourth of the entire park of the IAPVO. Their mission is to take off on the first alert, rush to meet the enemy, find him, determine the exact course of his movement (and inform the command post), attack him with the purpose of disturbing his peace, formation, course, and coast mission; win time for the preparation of the maneuverable fighters (manevrennyye istrebiteli) for aerial combat; and if possible destroy the enemy or in any instance "deliver" to the fighters in a weakened state. In the case of atonic bombers, fighter-intercepters are required, under any circumstance, to strive to win time for the sounding of an atomic warning, and for antiatomic defense measures to be taken. Fighters of Aerial Combat, or maneuverable fighters, constitute the main mass of the IOW. Their mission is to take off on command, occupy their combat positions, meet the enemy, confront him with all their firepower and maneuver, destroy him at any cost, and in any instance, not to allow him a second of rest until be enters the zone of an adjacent PVO base. In the case of atomic bombers, the words "at any price" mean even ramming the enemy. Seeking the Enemy by Day Thus the first phase of fighter-intercepter operations includes finding the enemy. The regulations of the Air Forces of the USSR require "the con- duct of active and constant search for the enemy from the moment you begin to taxi your own aircraft," because, as ?Opposed to the requirements of the Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 UM Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr2013/09/12:CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-H last wary intercepter pilots are now required to concentrate attention on the forward hemisphere and almost exclusively on the forward hemisphere. It is supposed that the general direction of search will be given by the communication and warning system of WO, that is, the ground radar stations. In addition to this, the pilot is obliged to make use of the guidance instruments aboard the aircraft, as well as the ground orientation. The latter remark is important. In the Air Forces of the USSR the standpoint is taken that an intercepter pilot moist not be transferred too often from one pert of the country to another, in order to give him the opportunity to master the relief of the defended line of attack to the point where it is automatic (do avtomatizma). Experiences of the Soviet- German war show that this has great significance, particularly during the extreme strains on moral and physical strength resulting from persistent aerial combat, and also in the event of serious wounds and emergency landings. Spotting the enemy, the iighter-intercepter (though this refers to all fighters) is required to attack out of the sun. The purpose for this is: first, to avoid decreasing his own vision; second, to camouflage himself in the sun's rays, at the same time complicating his rapid Obser- vation by the enemy; and third, to have abetter chance of seeing the enemy aircraft. If the sun is located behind the enemy, then it is pre- ferable to attack from a considerable height above him. Seeking the Enemy in Fog The tactics of the military aviation of the USSR teach that the enemy may take advantage of clouds and fog. In such instances, by day, the inter- cepting fighters fly above and below the layer of clouds, one or two pairs of fighters being sent along either side of the layer in any case. Entrance into the cloud layer itself is not recommended at this time, because instruments 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA- 8 -01n . 9Annil A Declassified in Part- Sanitized Cop Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM aboard the aircraft do not indicate the proximity of the enemy -- at such proximity as is sufficient to begin the attack. Preference is given to locating the principal group of intercepters higher than the proposed course of the enemy. In the event of dense fog, the instructions require that the enemy be met with an open formation with considerable distance between fighters so that, first, an unexpected attack by the enemy will not catch the group in a concentrated condition, convenient for finding out the number of aircraft in the formation; and second, to expand the "conibing" of the search zone to ensure discovery of the enemy. In foggy weather, as at night, the main responsibility rests on the ground radar center. The commander, located on the ground, and having radar information on his own and enemy aircraft, must not only direct the search, but also command, since he bears personal respon- sibility for forbidding continuation of the flight of the fighters to a direct [head on?) meeting with the approaching enemy. In such a meeting the fighters would have to spend 2-6 minutes in turning, over- taking, and preparing for the attack, during which time, at today's speeds, the enemy could successfully fly to the target and drop his atomic bomb; that is/ the mission of the active antiair defense would not be fulfilled. The manual of the IAPVO USSR requires that the ground commander give the command for a turn to net the enemy at such distance that when the fighter-intercepter completes the turn and occupies a position for atta4, the enemy will be found in front of him and not far ahead. Incidentally we note a new element in the tactics of antiair defense of the USSR -- rejection of the frontal attack on a course opposit [to that of the enemy aircraft). Reason: speeds are too great, therefore there is too little time for the atta4, and the effectiveness of the 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ?50-Yr2013/09/12:CIA-RDP81-01n4Rnn9qnnoAnni4 A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 HUM attack is too insignificant. At the same time, for a repeat attack, the fighter must deploy, spend several minutes, and again overtake-- The FUNDAMENTAL rule of attack for Soviet fighters in future war will be attack from the rear hemisphere. Principle of Continuity of Observation and Battle Manuals still make great demands on the commander who occupies a ground observation point at night. Ha must direct fighters to the target according to information from a radar station and control their attacks by that same information. He must remember that nothing is easier at modern speeds than to lose an enemy at night; therefore, the most important elements of his command (komandovaniye) must be, first of all, the accurate recognition of his own and enemy planes and the quick return of withdrawing fighters to the battle zone. How are these qualities of a command point achieved? The answer is twofold: First, at the present time in the Air Forces of the USSR a highly intensive, unrelenting combat-training effort for improving regulations for conducting night warfare is being conducted. The vast expanses of the country make it possible to set up "flights of enemy boMbers" on such routes as, let us say, Sevastopol'-Mbscow, Wvov-Stalingrad, and Minsk- Leningrad; night fighters, controlled from the ground by means of radar equipment, then make antiair attacks on the entire course of the "attack." An intensive study of the press of the Air Forces of the USSR leaves no doubt that, even previously, all fighter pilots, navigators, and bather pilots were given night training. The entire system of communications and warning participates in it. Second, and this is extremely important, reliability of a ground command point is achieved through echelonment of antiair defense in depth. 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2 12 . C - R002lon74nn1 1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM That is, the network of radar and other points of warning and communication exists not only along the border zone, but also along several lines recognized as most dangerous. Thus, for example, the following lines -- Prague- Katovitsy-Mvov-Kiev-Khartkov, Kaliningrad-Viltnyus-Orsha-Smolensk, Riga-Pskov-Luba, Kherson-Sevastopoll-Dnepropetrovsk4Char'kov-RUrsk-Orel- Serpukhov, and a number of others -- have and must have a network of interaept- warking stations which cover the entire area along these lines. This has constituted a fundamental principle of the organization of the PVO of the USSR since approximately 1935-37. Now from the special press (spetsialtnaya pressa) it obviously appears that "principle lines" have already been equipped with radar stations and other equipment. Thus, in a future war the botbardiers of NATO will have to contend with a continuity of observation of them. Leaving the zone of one station, the planes will enter the zone of successive stations which, of course, will already know of their movement from the preceding stations. This means that the ground command point of the IAPV0 will be in a position not only to direct fighters to intercept the enemy, but also to command their attacks. And if it is not successful, an adjacent station will come to its aid. In addition, the fighter-interceptors themselves, or in any case the majority of them, are now equipped with radars. Fire Weapons of IAFVO Under the present conditions of Soviet aircraft construction the division between interceptors and maneuvering fighters is more or less relative. This is acknowledged, for example, by Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota itself. But never- theless a difference exists: the NIG-15 is manufactured in several modifi- cations. One type has a high fuel capacity at the expense of somewhat less maneuverability. Others, on the other hand, have high maneuverability and less duration of flight: these also comprise the so-called "air combat fighters." (Note: A special type of maneuvering fighter will probably soon be displayed under the mark, 50X1-HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 HUM But the armament of all "NIG" fighters is almost identical. They carry: one 53-millimeter cannon with 22 shells (Note: The number of NIG's with this cannon is negligible; all are primarily interceptors), and two 23-mm cannons with 60 shells; these types of NIG are surely equipped with the latest-type radars. The armament of the NIG-15 series: one 37-mm cannon with 40 shells; two 23-mm cannons with 40 shells each; and underwing mounts for firing rockets. (Note: The number of rockets depends on the type of rocket -- there are three basic types of underving rockets.) Note: There is reason to suggest that at the present time combat testing is now under way on a new type of aircraft-launched rocket [samoletnaya streikovaya raketa] with great incendiary capabilities. Note: Indirect information suggests that at the present time at least two absolutely new combat fighters, whose maximum speeds surpass the speed of sound, are now being flight-tested in the NIIVVS [Air Forces Scientific Research Institute]. The "NIG" series, designed for active antiair defense within the USSR, has a maximum speed of 1050 kilometers per hour) but in practice Air Force units fly them at speeds no greater than 980 kph. Conclusion: The effective speeds of NIGs already in existence will not surpass this figure. (Basis for this conclusion: Statistics compiled by this author on the basis of official publications of the Air Forces of the USSR for 1953-55.) Some Tactical-Technical Data on the IAPVO The theoretical (calculated) flight duration of the NIG-15 series under normal weather conditions and according to a predesignated flight plan is 2 hours 4 minutes, which allows 7-10% of the fuel supply remaining in the tanks for performing landing and taxiing maneuvers. 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 13/09/12 ? CIA RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X But there are scraps of information which indicate that during normal combat training the average flight duration of a fighter regiment is no more than 1 hour 40 minutes. In another regiment this figure was as low as 1 hour 30 minutes (but this was a special case which alarmed the command). The combat use of MEGs in Korea supports this information, although, in view of the narrow limits of air space over Korea, almost no North Korean fighter unit ever had the opportunity to make use of its entire flight duration capability. The theoretical (calculated) ceiling of the MIG-15 is 15,400 meters. But combat training in the mess use of MIGs has shown that on the average the IAPVO of the USSR will have an operational combat ceiling of no more than 15,000 to 16,000 meters. Moreover, in descriptions of combat exercises commanders often complain that altitudes of 15,000 meters "cause a number of difficulties," in particular) difficulties in ensuring the proper functioning of cannon armament. In addition, at the present time regulations (nastavleniya) require commanders and engineers of air units to train subordinates for combat flights at fixed altitudes. Knowing the meaning and significance of such requirements, we can expect that the :problem will be solved in two or three years. 1-HUM Ramming Thus, cannons and rockets are the basic weapons in active antiair combat. Special consideration is given to rocket weapons which have been very well developed in the USSR. But recently much attention has been directed to ramming techniques. This is done not by regulation, but by public encouragement for individual bravado, by premeditated glorification of ramming. Ramming is the assault of ones aircraft on an enemy aircraft with the intent of "ramming" it and smashing it physically. Several "acknowledged methods" employed during the last war exist in Soviet aviation. 50X1-HUM )eclassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12: Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 %Mho. The first method consists of severing the rudder of an enemy aZOX1-HUM craft's tail asseably; the fighter comes up behind the tail of the enemy plane and attempts to strike the tail with only the propellor. The usual result is the destruction of the enemy plane and negligible damage to one's own plane. The second method consists in ramming an enemy aircraft's tail asseably with a wing; the result is the almost certain destruction of the enemy and great peril to one's own plane. The third method consists in ramming one's wing into the wind of an enemy aircraft; the result is the almost certain destruction of both planes. The fourth method consists in smashing one's fuselage into the pilot's cabin of the enemy plane. The result is the certain destruction of both planes and pilots. The fifth method is head-on collision. Ita result is the unavoidable destruction of both planes and pilots. Anumber of other methods exist. At the present time they are supple- mented by new recommendations arising from specific peculiarities of jet aviation. There is no doubt that they will be used more often than in the pest war; therefore, we must accept them as an essential element of the active antiair defense of the USSR. Reasons for More Intensive Consideration of Ramming Soviet military doctrine requires the destruction of the enemy without fail before he reaches his target. This is in realization of the TATARCHER1C0- SHCHERBAKOV theory, which explains the disposition along attack routes (dorogostoyasheye eshelonirovaniye) of the communications and warning system and the mass production of aircraft of the IAPVO even in peacetime. The problem is thus defined: atomic and hydrogen bombing is a question of life or death for the great masses; therefore it must be averted at any price under any conditions. If a fighter pilot has expended his supply of 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 13/09/12 ? CIA RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM shells and rockets but failed to destroy the enemy, and if an enethy'dinvi. aircraft has succeeded in penetrating too deeply into the country's interior, the Soviet fighter pilot must resort to ramming. If he does not resort to ramming, his commander can "recommend" it to him. We already know in peacetime) an we learned during World War II, that the deed of such a pilot would be made famous, that he would quickly be acclaimed a Hero of the Soviet Union, etc. Recommended Methods of Ramming a Jet Aircraft A suitable method of ramming will depend on the nature of an air- craft's construction. The nose assembly of a NIG-15 is sufficiently strong and rigid. Gun mounts are reliable enough that they may be utilized (we will remember that the pilot will not need his cannons because he has expended his ammunition). Here are the recommended methods: approach the enemy's rear slightly above his tail so that the nose of the NIG is to the right or left of the vertical section. Then strike the enemy's tail assembly with a right or left slide. The second method is based on the fact that bombers are less durable than fighters. This means that a fighter can strike with its wing. While the cantilever part (konsol'neya chest') of the bomber is demolished, the fighter remains intact, but if not, the fighter pilot can use his parachute. The third method is recommended for use against groups of enemy bombers. The formation of the group must be disrupted so that PV0 fighters can attack it one at a time. For this purpose one IAPVO fighter is guided on a collision course with the leading enemy plane. At the right moment the pilot ejects himself from his plane and the pilotless aircraft collides with its target. Of course, other recommendations also exist, but we shall not dwell on them. Our task is to consider the very fact of the existence of ramming as an element of antiair defense of the USSR. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 50X1 -HUM 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 in Part - Sanitized Cop Ap ? roved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Range of Fire In conclusion let us dwell on the question of range of ai e,50X1-HUM This is a question which is given exclusive attention in the USSR, a country of classic artillery and highly developed ballistics. A rule has been established definitely in the Air Forces of the USSR: in dark night, sighting is accomplished by means of a stationary grid on the sight with a maximum diameter of the ring of rhoMbics. Every- one knows that this is a simplification, but the command of the Air Forces of the USSR conscientiously pursues it. The center of the grid is laid on the center target or on its visible point. Maintaining the central?point on the center of the target as long as possible, the pilot directs prolonged bursts of fire from every firing point and does not cease his attack until his shells and rockets are exhausted. This being the case, special attention is directed to selecting the correct range. With regard to guns and rockets now used by the IAPV0, a range of 400 meters is considered absolutely effective, 600 meters -- satisfactory, and 800 meters -- unreliable. Units of the IAPOV are con- sidered excellently prepared to fire if trained with respect to firing if they have mastered the technique of firing on "enemy" aircraft at the minimum (400 meters) range. It is necessary to state how very significant the knowledge of this fact is to NATO's strategic air command. %MOO End 50X1-HUM eclassified in Part - Sanitized Cop Ap ? roved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/flcm 9 (-,1 A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Co .y Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1-HUM Basic Weaknesses of the Antiair and Antichemical Defense of the Soviet Union 1. The great expanse of territory makes the extremely difficult furnishing of the entire country with a system of antiair and antichemical defense of uniform intensity. 2. In case of a well-planned foreign onslaught, the Caucasus, the Ukraine, the Central Asian republics, and the Baltic might betray the Soviet Union; consequently, defense and antiair defense would become a difficult problem, to which the experience of the Soviet-German war well testifies. 3. The USSR has not had long, mess experience or technical education in the field of electronics; therefore, the coefficient of their effective- ness will not be high enough. 4. The disposition of the PVC, within the depths of the country (on principle lines) of necessity will weaken the PVC, of other regions, in particular, regions in the very deep rear, and also, perhaps, several sec- tors of the forward line of an air war. 5. As the experience of the last war showed, in particular the Defense of Moscow, the disappearance of such administrative centers as Moscow, Lenin- grad, Kiev, Sverdlovsk, and Kuybyshev, would be very dangerous for the Soviet system. In view of the extreme centralization of the social system, the destruction of such centers would lead to the rapid disintegration of the entire regime, to violent growth of extremist tendencies not only in non- Russian areas but even in the provinces of Russia proper. 6. The USSR, as a military power, cannot exist without the great masses of a land army. But an army of many millions has by necessity large groupings which in their turn easily give way under an atomic action. 50X1-HUM )eclassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12: nag flO A Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 .?..?? 7. An atomic-hydrogen war will deman&.exiieje. forms of mechanized mobility of troops and population. But good roads are required for this Ic in every direction. The USSR does not yet have such a road e-Oki:Hum consequently, enormous difficulties will arose. 8. As we have already shown, antiatomic measures for the defense of the civilian population bear a simplified and. even primitive character; consequently, casualties will be so enormous that it will be difficult for the regime to cope with the situation. 68 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50X1-HUM IA RDP81 01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 50X1 -HUM COBPELIEErIASITAB.7303,117111,:iik$1_ 0.. p_5(30OxPi -HUM I.BBoAHme samemaHm EmeTpee pasBnxe HacTynaTeALHmx BHAOB BOejHOg TeXHHICH H pe Kval pocT pa3pymxTeRBHoM CHM' KopeHHmm o6pa3om MeHEDT Bee CYWeCTBOBaB- ume paHee BeeHHo-cTpaTerxmecKue KoHilenaxx,.Hanpamep,BemcoOpxTa- MIR coBepilima dm camoy6x1cTBeHHy10 owx6Eyleux 6m npoAmgaza xen- ARTLCR 33. CBOD cTapym (Dopmply:aHrAxmaHe npoxrploamT Bce cpageHm xpome noczeAHeR.HMHe AAR Hee cupaBeARiaa Apyraa,Aopmyza:nepBoe ce cpageHme OyAeT AAR Bel1KodpviTaHm4 peulaioutereHHo nepBoe,xmeH- HO B nepme macm hIAH1/1 Tpemek mxpoBoit BoHIJB sTom-rAaBHag cyTB pasymHoro cTpaTerxmecKoro oraHxpoBami Ha OyAymee. BmecTe c TemlnocKeABKy upeAnoaaraemmm HPOTHBHJAKOM 6yAeT coBeT- Cicietii BepxoBHoe KomaHAoBaHme He mogeT cede 1103B0- 111/1TB npeAam 33.6BeHxD oOmmHme BxAm Bo0pygeHxyl.H6o B C0BeTCK0g cTpaTerxx OHM, TH BUM opygm,npoAoRgamT xrpaTL,x eme Auro 6yAyT xrpavolorpomHym poEB.B CBH3H C OTKM HeAB3A He nocmeRTBca HaA 110- BePXHOCTH0R H onacHok rnynumx HARM3HRMX nepeAoBoi4 cTamek raseTm "Tame OT 9-ro Hog6pH 1955 roAa.B sToM cTarBe COOP KaK 6m Bmcme- roaeTeR sa TO,IITO,He noHxmaeT onacHocTx aTOMHOg 00MOH"H 1'13-33. sToro npoAommeT CTp0MTID BoeHHo-mopeme MOH. 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C.1A-RnDQ1 50X1 -HUM Declassified in Pad- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12: CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 HM CTaBIATCR peanyHot Becula onacHok caTyailaek;Bo-BTopmx,B J iae Tpemeil mapoBoA BotHm cnaceme OpiaTaHcKoro ocTpoBa OyAeT Tpe (50Ban OT BepxoBHoro momawBaHaR maccapoBaHHux yAapoB no THAaM npoTaBHaita;Ho mule yAapm moryT 6HTI, ycnemuma a 0(IneXTXBHMM1I1 B 3aBXCXM0CT1I OT COCTORHAR npoTaBoBosaymot oftpoini npoTIABHaxa. Taxam oOpasomlnoRmeHme HacToRutet padoTm ApriayeTcR camam (Dalt- Talleciorm noRoaeHaem Belot m onpaumo Bnomie.HaAo TORbK0 noxe- Aan't1TOON ee BHXMaTeRbH0 X3ygXAX KomneTeHTHme inua.na yBepeHm, gTO OHX B Het HatAyT Bce rRamme oRemeHTm coBeTcmot XDOTXBOB03- AymHot o0opoHm. 50X1 -HUM MaTepaaRom ARR padoTm noenymum:Bo-nepBmx,x3ygeHae Bcero Aoc- TynHoro OTEXilaRbH01"0 onyORamBaHHoro maTepaaRa OCCP;Bo-BTopmx, onmT InytieHmR BTopot map0B0:1 B021111 B BECMXX BOeHHNX ytipezAeHaRx OCCP,B TOM grACRe B BOeHHNX alcuemaRx,B-Tpemax,Ratnime apxviBm onamAallecime samemm aBTopa DTMX CTp0Ky 2.0coOeHHocTm BoeHHo-cdopolmot_padoTm B CCU ceroAHR HMKTO He modaT HenpaRTHym npaBAy.He RDORm ee i R.Ho acTemee ABamaTazeTae CBXAeTeABCTBYeT)gTO no oplaHlimaaaa cOopommt pa6o- TH-B00611te,HpOTHB0B03AYEH01 oftpolim-B gaCTHOCTX X B 0C0(53HHOCTX, CCCP 3aHmmaeT TenepB HecomHeHHo nepBoe mecTo B mape.B cmmue se MaCCOBOCTX BometieHaR HaceReHaRK mHoxecT- BeHHOCTX amaemmx MD RPOTHB0BO3AYMHOR OdOPOHN COBeT- CKHR 00103 BooOme He moys.eT 6MTL CPaBHeH HX C ?Arnim 3an3xHum xemo- xpaTallecicam rocyAapcTBom. 3T0 X0HATH0 U ffOrNMHO:B aeHTpazasoBamix rocvAapcTBax Bee AeRa eTcR XeHTPall1'I30BaHHO;B TOTWIXTapHba rocyAapcTBax Ha BCeM RegaT negam TOTaXIDHOCTX;MMAXTaPXCTCKHe rocyAapcTBa Bcera nonr0TOBne- HbI BORHe Rytime;B cTpaHax,mmemax rocnozeTBylomae lueoRorma AOKTPXHM,BCe HOAgXH3110 3111/1M eoiorisr H zompaHam. 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FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY, 50X1 -HUM UP riV1TVT UngffeRM OEICTDNe VZOBAeTBO mTeALHme peme- IpyraR OCOOeHHOCTL nobiintkm HpUifXBOBO3VMHOX 00Cdii :HUNPUY 3a1moxiaeTcR B TOMIKTO napTmR npaBmTeALcno 3a NOTeltifiNg roA npm- Hama pemmTeAmme mepm K ycmAeHmm mAekHo-noAmTmllecitoro BocnmTaHmR Hapomix macc.TmaTeABHo X3THO 3TOT nompoTlmm HaMAXIIITO,AegCT- BXTeALHO,OH Otlen BalleH:mAegHo-noAmTlimecicaR padoTa,comacHo CO- BeTCKKM KoHuenmum,cToArD xe BaysHa/mAm Aaxe 0oRee BaysHa/ AAR npo- TmBoBo3AymHoR OOODOHM B 3noxy aTOMHOg 00MON X paKeT AaALHero Aek- CTWAR,KaK camm aTomHme OOMON 1 paiceTN.MHe XOTeROCE, Om npoomm BeeX,ETO OYZeT TEITaTio HacToRmme 3ameTicm,n0HRTL OTO X oTpemmTiDcR OT cTapomoAHoro MHeHXR,t1TO B BOgHe mmeeT CHU TOMDRO maTepmaAL- Hoe opyzme,maTepmaJaHoe npeBocxoAcTBo.3To OmAo BepHo BO BTOWD MXpOBYD BOgHY,H0 0yAeT HeBepHo B TpeTb10. 3.tITo Tame 170 B COOP ceroAHR? 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Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 X1 -HUM ? ? -- 71' Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 rt e n (lurch die F.rlinung der Lehrlihgsentgelte ausgeglichen. (Vgl. _ Verordnung ilber die Erhbhung der Lehrlingsentgelte vom 28. Mai 1 Personen, die sich in einem kurzfristigen Ausbildungsverhaltnis befinclen (Anlernling.e), erhalten wie Lehrlinge einen Zuschlag von 15,? DM brutto monatlich zu ihrem Entgelt oder ihrer sonstigen Vergt.itung als Ausgleich. Berechnzing des Zuschlages bei Neuaufnahme (Begriindung) oder Losung (Beencligung) eines Arbeitsrechtsverhaltnisses. Nach der 'Verordnun;-_,,, ist der Zuschlag bei Begriinclung oder Be- exiigung eines Arbeitsre.chtsverhiiltnisses (Wechsel der Arbeits- sielic) warencl des laufenden Monats wie bei Teilbeschaftigung zu zahlen. Arbeiter und Angestellte, die wiihrend des laufenden Mo- re.ls ausscheiclen oder neu eingestellt werden, haben naturgemaB nur Anspruch auf Zahlung entsprechend der geleisteten Arocitszeit. _ Z-nm, im August. 1953 schcidet em n Arbeiter aus dem Betrieb aus. Auf---::/: Grind der geleinteten Arbeitszcit hat er noch filr 11 Arbeitstage An- Snruch auf Zuschlag. flei voller monatlicher Arbeitszeit wilren 22,? DM Zuschlag, zu zah!en. Wegen des Ausscheidens aus dem Betrieb sind jedoch nur dieser SUMITIC, ni-imlich 9.31 DM, Restzuschlag zu zahlen. Die Ret,.r,clung in der Verorclnung sichert Arbeitern und Angestellten auch .fLir den Monat. in welchem sic einen Betriebswechsel vor- nehmen, den vollen Zuschlag. Gleichzeitig werden Doppelbezahlun- gen ausgeschaltet. - - - 3. Perechnung des Zuschlages fur arbeitende Alters- und Invalidenrentner Md3gebend fur die Berechnung des Zuschlages an arbeitende Rentner claf.1 sic Anspruch auf Zuschlag wic alle Arbeiter und Angestellten haben. Die Rente dart bei ihrem Bruttoverdienst nicht angcrechnet ve&clen. Der Zuschlag wird also zunachst wic bei anderen Arbeitern uid Angestellten nach der Zuschlagstabelle ermittelt. 1,a fientner nun von der Sozialversicherung bereits einen Zuschlag zu i'n-vr Rent.? erhallen, sind diese 9,--DM von dem aus der Zuschlags- i belle Zuschlag abzusetzen. Zion Beispici: ner Durchsehnittsverdic.mst eines Vol lrentners betrugt monatlich 2 I7.:10 DM, woair 29,? DM als Zuschlag vorgesehen sind. Vom Betrieb s yet also nur noeh 20,? DM zu zahlen. 1.. ;,a13 auch Meinungen, f?r arbeitende Bentner'keinen Zuschlag durch dee Sozia!versicherung zu zahlen, daftir aber von der Arbeitsstelle eel; i vollen Zuschla;, zu )._;*ev.-eihren. Danach Nitte. die Masse der nicht Arbeit stehenclen lientner nachweisen mdssen, da 13 sic in kemem ilsrechtsverhaltnis stehen. Ein zweifellos unverstandliches Ver- n! Deingegentlber sind the Rentner cler Sozialvers:cherung in den Irrieben bekannt, da sic von der Beitragspflicht zur Sozialversiche- ruc.?.; befreit said Den Bets;eben 1st dahcr zu empfehlen, fur die be- 1:4--;i'onden Rt;ntner eine namenthche Liste zur Errechnung des Zu- scnges- aufzustellen. ? - ? *2.. =:?= - _ - Rentnerbei_denen der DurchschhittsVerclier?st monatlich Ober 500.? DM brutte=11est' -bleiben be der befrieblichen Zuschlagszahlung unbeiuck- :sihtigt. - e?-? _ - ? - _ _ ?___ _ ,Verrneiching-:vdn Doi-) peizahlungen.-des- Zuschlages bei 'riickwirkencler _ ? Rentengetodhrung._ ,? ? ? ,. 2 _., ._ ., -,--- ------,- _-_ _.. , ...., - ? ?, , ?. ? '-_- Werden Alters:- bzw.-.Invalidenrenten pen' geWillirt, so kann es ? vbr-:... :.:----e?-?---__-,_, :::, = - kommen; dafi der ,Zuschlag Zur Rente ..vOli,-,der:SozialA:ersicherung Liber---,.- ? .Monate rtickwirkend gezahlt wird. - - _ _ ..?.. , W.ahrend dieser Zeit hat der Antragsteller jedoch den- Zus-Chlag _vb11. vdm ,Betrieb- erhalten.Alit cidi- ruckwirkenden ,Rentei-i--__ _ zahlung erhiilt er nun einen-- weiteren_ Zuschlag .iii Ifohe--.Von -9;--?-?DM.:--_---,'.: ,. -------. ' ee-Er- hat daher monatlich 9,? DM zuviel- erhalfen. :?._-? .. ,? _ --? - ? . ..., , :. Alters-- mid, Invalidenrentner sind Vom-,- Zeitplinkt --ihres ,,Renten-!-_,---'-:.'. - -- , _ ...:. .. anspruches an von 'der Beitragspflicht: -AirSozialVersicherung.'befreit? _ ?_ _ . _ _ _ .. . ' - Die z-uviel gezahlten Sozialverslcherungsbeitriip,e 1.Verden '-dc,.mnach. -Z.u.Z_ .e - ?. - _ , , ruckerstattet. 'Dabei ,sind die tiberschilssigen=-Lohnzuschthge_evom::Be-:: - --itieb anzurechnen. -ZuViel_ gezahlte Zuschli.igsbetriiger? die den zu er- . -- 'stattenden Beitragsanteil iThersteiesene_ sind --je-dOehyriichte zurtIck-zu7 fordern. (Fur den Ehegatten,zuschlag gilt this '-gleiche.)- ----,4 ---e?--- ' -1- -? _ ----e - .= ,-- ='-- -., -_ e--- _? , ,, .. _,_, 1 ?I . t? ? . ? 1 ?? .. . 4. Pliii4ung den-,Zzischliige- .und - perii,cksie htigung - bei Unterhaltsver7, ___-,:- --;?--- 'v.-- - ; ., ... . a _ r ..C- :- , - ?. .._-' .. , ? ?,_ _ - , . , - ;-. _?-,. _1" .,. - --k' .:?' i ''-?-_ --"'',-,. -- , ,_ nfliChtlingen: 7'dec'Verordnung' 'yam' 9. Juni= 195:---- uber 'die' Pfincltui;.,, '---von At bei tsein- -, ?. _,-.- --.: ? Die an Arbelter, und A ngestell Le ---.alse-Ausgleich fur- -?Mehraufwen-, _-_,-;? !_,-- . _cluncr&i.Und zur Lohnerhbhung gezahlten:eZuschliige'sowlem=die''Sdricler7:.--- _ :n Ehegatten--und Itinclerztischl-ige sind unpairldbarer Link im Sin - - :--. e ___--e?::- ---, ?',--e-?,-,-- Rolm-nen.- Die - g-enarin ten e Zuschlaigef,sind . bei- ,cler, _Neu feStsetzung von. '-= ?---- '----' -e- -?-'''' '''''' UnterhlltsverpfliehtuAgeh -nleht -heranzuziehen. 'Bestehen-de Tinter- _ re --, -- , -haltsverpflichtun-gen: e.rhohc-21i?sich nicht-attf_GrUlld der -Abscha ffung der - - . - de-r,I--Terstellung eines ?-einheitlichen _ =??niveaus.--=-Arbeiter und g, ,Anestenteeche-z. B.--ihren Unterhaltsberechtigten ? ,_?_ _ "Angeherigen.? im Fiulcr, cier I iii fsbedurf tigkei t .1.1nterhalt- gekvahren, ,? hancn--ciie--ZuSchlagsbetrade:"entsprechend der Rentenzuschlagsvr d ero- . _ ,n-u-ng-- nicht -zUez..ahleri-,-da cl_ieSe aufi An trag den, unterstiitzten Personen ? durch die staatliclien Organa gewahrt werden. ? - III. Anderung des Zuschlages Der Zuschlag f?r Ausgleich und Erhohung ist seinem Wesen nach eine Sozialle:stung des Arbeiter-und-Bauern-Staates, die nicht unmittelbar von der 1-lohe der Arbeitsleistung des einzelnen, sondem von seiner sozialen Lag,e abiLLingig ]st, sov,,eit these durch den monatlichen Bruttoverclienst bestimmt wird. In der Verordnung ist deshalb eincleutig fe.stglelegt. ClaG der Zuschlag im Verlaufe des Kalenclerjahres nicht geiindert werden soil. Im Prinzip ist clemnach jeden Mona', der Teileiche Zuschlag zu zahlen, der auf Grund des Durchschnittsverchenstes errechnet worden ist. Das gilt auch clann, wenn sich die Lohn- unci Gehaltsgruppe eines Arbeiters oder Angestellten verandert, In der Rege.I wird es sich ciribfi urn IThhcr- stufungen handeln, so daf3 filr die Arbciter und AnE,Iesteliten durch die Weiterzahlung des alten Zuschlages Vorteile entstehen, Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 29 - Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 - - _ Die gleichbleibe.nde Zusehlagszahlung gev,Tiihrleistet, daf3 der Anreiz zur Qualifizierung und Leistungssteigerung nicht gernintlert wird. Se hebt den sozialen Charakter der getroffenen Regelung hervor. Aus den gleichen Or-Linden milssen die betrieblichen Gewerkschaftsorgane auch clarauf achten, dat3 dei ? Zuschlag nicht etwa dazu benutzt wird, Lohn- oder Norrnen- bze,v, Akkordkorrekturen vorzunehmen. Die gleichbleibe-nde Zahlung soil den Betriehen auf3erdem die Arheit erleichtern helfen und ve.rhindern, daf3 der Zuschlag jeden Monat neu und - zeitraubend bercchnet werden mu B . IV. Gewahrung des Zuschlage.s hei Arbeitsunfuhigkeit, Urlauh, Lehrgangen unci hezahlter Freistellung von der Arbeit Urn die Lohnberechnung nicht weiter 111 komplizieren; ist es notwendig den Zuschlag in der ilegel fiir den ganzen Monat zu zahlen. -Das ist auch okonomisch und von der sozialen Seite her in all den Fallen gerechtfertigt, wo der Arbeiter auf Grund gesetzlicher,Bestirnmungen von der Arbeit freigestellt ist, z. B. bei Umzug, ,Tociesaillen in der -Familie -usw. -Selbst- verstlindlich gilt das auch f?r alle Freistellungen,-die wegen der Wahrneh-_ mung staatspolitischee bzw. gesellschaftlicher Interesseri,gev,,Lihft werclen. In der Verorcinung ist cleshalb Testgelegt, dal?) dereZuschlag invofler Tine und ohne jegliche Abzuge weiterzuzahlen ist, so, als oh der Betreffencle uber cite voile monatlichc Arbeitszeit thtig gewesen-v,7iire: I-Tiervon sind solche Fulle ausgenornmen, in &non der Werkthtige auf seinen Wunsch von der Arbeit freigcstellt wird, ohne dal3 der 13etrieb rechtlich clazu vol.= pflichtet ist. Es bestcht dann nur Anspruch auf Zuschlag entsprechend der geleisteten Arbeitszeit. ,-? Ericichterungen bei Arbeitsunfiihigkeit Bei Arbeitsunflihigkeit im Sinne der Vorschriften der Soziniversicherung oder hei Quarantine ist der Zuschlag ebenfalls ohne jede Einschriinkung weitetzuzahlen, ci. h. auch unabhiingig von der Dauer der Arbeitsunfahig- keit. Das ist von grailer snzialer Bedeutung Tiir die Beschaftigten mit niedrigem Einkommen. Sc erhal ten wiihrend der Arbeit.sunEihiekbit nicht nur den Nk!hsten Ausgleiehsbetrag von 14,? DM, sondem auch den vollen Bctrag fur die Lohnerhohong. The Bestimmungen der Verordnung erleichtern (loch die 1...,a;r_1,e soleher Kranken, fur die \\.egen der Mille ihres Einkommens em n Zuschlag tinter 14,? DIVE festgelegt ist oder die keinen Anspruch aut. Zuschlag haben. Bei Arbeits-tmMhigkeit ist. nach Wegfell cies Lohnause,leiches auch an solche Arbeiter Und Angestellien der hochste hikusgleichsbetrag von 14,? DM zu zahletl. 13e,einnt- oder endet die Arbeitsunfiihigkelt I.vi_ihrend des lriofenden Mona Es. Sc) ist der Betrag von 14,? DM nor dann zu zahlen, wenn der Arbee,s1ohn fdr don betreffenden Monat zuzi.ig,lich Th..ankene,eld nicht mehr als CO,? DM brutto betriist. Liegt (las monatliche Et kommen fiber diesem Bet rag, so ist der Zusehlag wieder nach den allgemeinen Bestimmungen zu zahlen. 13eispiel: En leitender Ange.steiller pit einem Durchschnittsverdienst voh 900,? DM ist 7 Monate arbeitsunfahig. Nachdem sem Anspruch auf Lohnausgleich 30 sio ' _ ,_ _ . - __-::::-?- - Del_ Irsill'nczo-Will,ifton -1-leininrheitf.,rn. die ohne_ Anrechnung der - _ ,benot,g1,-. n Arbeitz,ziet -nech Stuckpre.st n et-W.011M werclen, ist c1.0_-antr41:r.t. geletele--eV 1.,eits7e1t rfaill cler;-_-durrhschnittlielien.--' 1.\.ol.merfullung der 13-etree:Jair'oeiter-:init. ?-?gleichdr--Ttiligkeit zu errechnen -, . _ _ .._._ _ _ -. _. _. _- - ac) Agindes-fzuschlag fiir Tcilbei-schiiftigte. , _ . ?? . Oft --a rbeiten': Teti besehlif Lete's_titir stoncien jode1e?-tageWeise2._ In der Verordnung ist clesholb festgelegt?clal3 nn Teilbeschaftigte -- e.rieAlincleStzuschlag VOli'5,;-=_DMegezEihl.t-WerC1C11-muf3. - ? . _ ,- Die A Oshil fsverkiio Teri n wird im Monat ---chirehNchreitt1ich_24 Stunden ncler,3-volle Arbeitstageiebesch;:iftip,t.-, _ Der:- -fun: !e -cTi? e tirelc D r eh- h ni v .c'rci1cnst V.'tirde_-.bei: I/611=e- bescf tigting 270,?_ DM 'ausmachen; Zuschlzig zahlen, wnren_Von ?cliesem -_vollen, Zuschlag ,in I lohe on e ewziren for, die steindenwCise beSehaftigte Aushil f:wcr- = _1,12 DM-zu:zahlen: --Datlurch \viire sic gegeni.lber einer -nicht arbeitencien EhefraU, f?r die DM Ausgleich gezehlt wird, benachteilif_4t. 1)ef,halb -worde der 11,1inelestiuseh1ag Jur Teilbeschalligte dem Ehegatten:-' zuschlag gleichgesetzt. ,? - b) Rereehnting des Zuschlagcs fiir htgendlicha. ?- e- In 40 des Gesetzes der_ Arbeit vom 19. April 1950 ist frs1e5,elegt,-,_ (IA Jugendliche his zu 16 Jahren ?,,?ochentlich nicht mehr ils 42 Stunden beschUtigt werden \VOhrend die ,J?ugendliehen in Westcicwtsehland oft nor _einen Rroch-7 teil de.s Lohnes.. ilterer Arbiter erhal ten, ist dos Prinzip ?gleicher Lohn g:eiche Arbeit" in tier Dcutschen Demokratischen Republik schon sett langem verwerklicht. Dec Arbeitslohn der Jug,endlichen his zu 16 Jnliren bezieht spell _ doch wegen des besonderen Schutz's ihrcv Arbeitskraft auf eine verkurzte Arbeits/eit von 42 Stunden wOcnonllich. 13ei gleichem Stundenverdienst haben sic deshalb emen medr.qcren Monotsver- dienst als erwochsene Arbeiter. Die in der Zuschlaestabelle onga- fuhrten Zusehlage beziehen filch demgcgentiber auf Durchschnitts- verdicinste, die bei vol:cr mon:1111c her Ai beiteit erreicht werden (195 oy.w. 2U8 Stunci,en) Der Arbeitslohn dieser Jugendlichen 'ober au!' die -,:vdehentliche A rbeit;,zeit von 42 Stunden berechnet. Btiebe des unberLickslchtii41., clonn -vkLirden clue Jugendliehen emen 11C,heren Zuschlag bekommen ols Arbeitcr mit drier Arheitszeit von 45 bzw. 48 Stunden. nu dos nicht. verirotbor 1st, wird der Zuschlag wie oni eibeschilfW,ten ent,prechcnd der geleisteten A rbeitszei berechnet. Bei ,fogendlichen im Alter von 16 his 18 Jahren sind die aus ihrer veildirzten Arbeitszeit ref;Litticrenden It,ohnuntorschiene unerhobl:ch Sic crhaiten den vollen Zuschliig nach der Zuschtrigcaubnlie. Zuschlag fur Lahrlinge wad An/erniinge. Ju.Tt?endliclic, die skh in einem Lehrverh51tnis brilinden, wet-den die Yiehraufv:endungcn "Del der Alichulfung der Lebensrnittel- 27 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 A en- -? - -26 Bc-.1 Teilbeschaftigten im Gehalt, Monatslohn oder im reinen Zeitlohn ist das ohne 1.veiteres rnoglich, sofcrn der Bruttaver- dienst des Betreffenden keine anderen Lohnbestandteile als den tariflichen Grundlohn enthalt. F?r Teilbeschaftigte, deren Bruttoverdienst schwankend ist oder steigerungsfahige Lohnbestandteile enthalt, wie Mehr- leistungslohn und Erschwerniszuschlage, ist der Durchschnitts- verclienst der letzten 3 Monate wie folgt zu ermitteln.: Gesamtverdienst der letzten 3 Monate Anzahl der in den letzten 3 Monaten. geleistieten Arbeitsstunden z. B. 360,? DM Gesamtverdienst 180 St-unden Arbeitszcit 'tre DM Stundcnverdienst 2,? DM X 195 Stunden = 390,? DM (bzw, 208 Stunden) errechneter Durehschnittsverdienst Der Durchschnittsverdienst der letzten 3 Monate ist auch far die Teilbeschaftigten nach ? 26 Abs. 4 der Verordnung zur Wah- rung der Rechte der Werktatigen. vom 20. Mai 1952 zu ermitteln, ab) Die Pestlegung des Zuschlages. Nachdem der Durchschnittsverdienst fur Teilbeschaftigte er- mittelt ist, wird zunachst die Zuschlagsraihe nach der Zuschlags- tabelle ermittelt, Zum Beispiel: Fur cinen Teilbeschaftigten ist errechnet worden, daB er bei Vollbeschaftigung omen clurchschnittlichen Monatsverc.iienst von 390,? DM. hatte. Nach der Zuschlagstabelle waren dafi.ir 17,? DM als Zuschlag festzulegen. Davon ist jedoch nur der Anteil zu zahlen, der dern Verhaltnis der geleisteten Arbeits- zeit zur monatlichen Arbeitszeit bei Vollbeschaftigung ent- sprich Urn zu hoben Aufwancl zu vermeiden, kann das Verhaltnis tiber- schiltgig errnittelt werdcn. Zum Beispiel: lm Durchschn1tt hat cin Tellbeschaftigter in den letzten 3 Mo- naten 8 voile Tage monatlich gearbeitet, dementsprechend sind auch nU r 8/'20 des in der Zuschlagstabelle abgelesenen Betrages als Zuschlag zu zahlen. Der errechnete Durchschnittsverdienst des Betreffenden wiirde sich bei VollbeSchiatig,ung auf 390,? DM belaufen, wottir laut Zuschlagstabelle 17,? DM Zuschlag vprgesehen sind:-Davon sind 81:20 (17:26 0,65 x 8) = 5,20 DM zu zahlen, 0 erlosehen it. erhiilt er nunmehr fur den vollen .Mnrat einen Zusehlag - Von 14,? Di\A. Endet seine Arbeitsunfahigkeit zu_ Anrang eines Monats, z. B. am 3. oder 4., so ist ihm nach den aligemeinen BeStimmungen dieser Verordnung fLir den laufenden Monat kein ZunchIng inehr_zu zahlen. - Die Krankengeldzahlung des FDGB oder eine Unt4ersittitzung dureh den Betrieb bzw. eine zusatzliche Krankengeldversicherung werden nicht _ gerechnet. Das gilt auch dann, Wenn der Kranke stational' behandelt wird =?' (Krankenhaus, Sanatorium, Genesungsheim usw.). - Die Zusehlage fair Arbeiterund Angestellte sowie fLir ihre Ehegatten ohne eigenes Einkommen und ihre Kinder sind wahrend der Krankheit grtmd- satzlich vom Betrieb zu zahlen. Das gilt auch, wenn zum Krankengeld ?- kern Lohnausgleich mehr gezahlt wird. Nur wenn das_Arbeitsrechtsver- haltnis wahrend der Arbeitsunfahigkeit gelost vird, iibernimmt die Sozial- versieherung die Zahlung der Zuschlage fur den Arbeiter oder Angestellten und seine Famine, V. Auszahlung der Zuschrage /..Trennung des Zuschlages V0111. Lohn, Der Zuschlag [Or Ausgleich sowie zur Erhohung der unteren Einkoinmen gilt- nicht als Bestandteil des Arbeitslohnes. Er tinterliegt cice,.halb auch nicht der Lohnsteuer- und der Beitragspflicht zur Sozieisicherung,. Er mut?, getrennt vom Lohn bzw. Gehalt ausgewiesen werden. Es ist anzurtrebe.n, die Zuschlage f?r Arbeiter und Angestellte SOWle f?r deren nicht arbeitende Ehegatten und Kinder gleichzeitig auszu- zahlen. Dabei ist jeder emzelne Zuschlag nach 1\115glichkeit g,esondert auszuweisen. Falls dadurch der Aufwand in den Buchungsstellen zu groB wird, konnen die einzelnen Betrage: 1. Zuschlag f?r Arbeiter und Angestellte, 2. Zuschlag filr7 dcren Kinder, 3. Zuschlag fur den nicht arbeitenden Ehegatten ohne eigenes Ein- kommen auch als Gesamtsumme auf dem Lohnzettel alS3gewiesen warden. 2, Auszahlzingstermin. In der Lohnzuschlagsverordnung warden die Betriebsleiter und Be- triebsinhaber oder deren Beauftragte verpflichtet, den Tag der monnt- lichen Auszahlung des Zuschlages mit den betrieblichen Gewerk- schattsleitungen zu vereinbaren. Soweit as sich urn kleinere Betriebe ohne eigene BGL handelt, ist der Auszahlungstermin mit dem geweric- schaftlichen Vertraue.nsmann irn Betrieb festzulegen, bei Klemst- betrieben ohne eigene Gewerksehafts.gruppe ist diese Vercinbarung mit der zustandigen Orts- oder Dorfgewerkschaltsleitung zu treffen. Diese Regelung soil as ermoglichen, -Libor den Auszahlungstermin tinter Berticksiebtigung der betrieblichen,Bedingungen zu entscheiden. Es ist Jedoch anzustreben, die Auszahlung der Zuschlage mit der Auszahlung des Lohnes bzw. des Gehaltes zusammenzulegen. Urn zu vermeiden, daB infolge der Vorauszahlu.reer des Zuschlages fur den Monat Juni 158 der Zeitratim b:s zur nachsten Zuschiags,zahlung ' _ Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 zu grof3 wird, sind von den Betrieben in eige.ner Verantwortung gemein- sam mit den Gewerkscha.ftslc:itungen die Pluszahlungstermine ftir die Monate Juli und August so festzuleg,en, cla3 zwischen der Auszahlung der Zuschliigc in den erten drei Monaten kein liingerer Zeitraum als 5 Wochen. entsteht. Die betrieblichen Gewerkschaftsleitungen in den privaten Betrieben und Einrichtungen sowie die Orts- bzw. Dorigewerkschaftsleitungen haben das Becht, zU kontrollieren, wie aile in der Verordnung festgelegten Mafinahmen eingehalten i.verden. Das, gilt besonders ftir the Berechnung des DurchschnitL,lohnes, die Fesistellung des Zuschlagsanspruchs und die Hohe des zu zahlenoen Zuschlages. B. ERLAUTERUNGEN zur Zuschlagsverordnung Landwirischaft I. Entlohnung der Arbeiter uric! Angestellten mit und ohne Naturalversorgung In den volkseigenen und ihnen gleichgestellten Betrieben der Land- und Forstwirtschaft war die Lohnerhohung vorn 1. April 1957 em n sichtbarer Beweis daftir, claB die Partei der Arbeiterklasse und die'Regierun,g unseres Arbeiter-und-Bauern-Slaates mit I-Tilfe der gewerkschaften den Lebens- standard der Werktiltigen auf dem Lande standig veruessern. Durch die umfassencle Lohnerhohung hat sich z. B. der Durchsel-mitts- verdienst eines Landarbeiters der Lohngruppe, V in einem volkseigenen Cut von 276,? DM auf 300,? DM monatlich erhiiht. Bei einer Lanclarbei- terin, die nach der Lohngruppe III entlohnt wird, stieg der Durchschnitts- verclienst von 200,? DM mit 225,? DM im Monat. .Zus'citzlich zu diesem Geldlohn erhalten die weitaus mcisten Arbeiter und Angestellten in den voll:seigenen landwirtschaftlichen Betrieben Natura- lien zu Erfassungspreisen. Die-se Lebensmittel werden demnach von 13eschaftigten mit Naturalversorgung billiger gekauft als von Arbeitern und An.gestellten. die keine Naturalien zu Erfassungspre;se.n be.ziehen und deshalb L,ebensmittelkarten erhielte.n. Daraus ergibt sich em n Differenzbetrag zwischen Erfassungs- und. Ver- braucherpreisen zugunsten der Arbeiter und Angestellten mit Natural- versorgung. Urn diesen Vorteil auszugleichen, erhielten deshalb die Arbeiter und Angestellten ohne Naturalversorgung den Differenzbetrag zusiitzlich zu ihrem Lohn ausgezahlt Durchschnitt 0,09 DM pro Stunde). Der Differcnzbetrag zwischen Erfassungs- und Verbraucherpreisen wurcie aber in den einzelnen Betrieben unterschiedlich berechnet, so daf3 auch unterschiedliche Betrtige ausgezahlt warden snd. Im Interesse der Ein- heitlichkeit uncl zur Entlastun-g der betrieblichen Lohnrechnungsstellen ist deshalb der Zuschlag lift den Ausgleich des Preisvorteiles der Natural- versorgten in die bisherigen Lohn- und GehaltstariCe eingearbeitet worcien. Ab 1. Juni 1958 sinci dcmnach die Arbeiter und Angestellten in den yolks- eigenen landwirtschaftliehen I3etrieben nach unterschiedlichen Lohn- bzw. Gehaltstabellen zu entlohnen. Nach der Verordnung sincl alle Arbeiter, Angestellten und Lehrlinge mit Naturalversorgung nach wie vor entsprechencl den gultigen Lohn- bzw. 32 ? Beispiel: Auf Grund der durchschnittlichen Normerftill Lin derr----zum- Vergleich heranp,ezogenen Arbeiter und -der -Lohngruppe des Neti:c._ eingestellten,:mul3 Err ihn -em:monatlicher DurchschnittsvOrdienst - von 420,? _DM angenommen. \\Talon. c) Festlegung des Zuschlages. Dementsprechend ist zuntichst filr-den Zeitraum von,3,NIonaten ein Zuschla,g von monatlich 13,-- DM zu yahlen1 Nach Ablauf dieser Zeit ist der tatsiichliche DurchschnittSverdienst,,,,i exakt zu errechnen und der Zuschlagszahlung zugrunde zujegen. Erreicht danach der neueingestellte Arbeiter nicht die angenornme- nen 420,? DM, sondem nur 392,? DM, clann?ist der Zuschlag.,von--. 13,? DIVE auf 16,? DM zu erhohen. Ftir (*Hese 3 Monate v:enig gezahlte Betrag von nachzuzahlen._- Zuviel,gezahlte-:, Betrtige sind nicht zurtickzufordern. flier ist cler Zuschlag-lediglich - zu korrigieren. _ , - ? Sinngemtif3 ist Ewell zu verfahren, wenn ,ein Arbeiter oder 'Ange-, stellter am 31. Mai 1958 noch nicht langer als 8 Wochen im I3etrieb tatig ist. Nachdem der Durchschnittsverdienst air jeden Arbeiter oder Ange7 stellten festliegt, ist die Mlle seines Zuschlages nach der Zuschlae,?sL tabelle zu ermitteln. In dieser Hohe wird der Zuschlag monatlich - unablitingig von Schwankungen des Verdienstes und cler Arbeits- zeit bis zum Ende des Planjahres gezahlt. Zur Erleichterung wird empfohlen, den nach dem Durchschnitts- verdienst der letzten 12 Monate festg,elegten Zuschlag auf die Jahres- lohn- bzw. Gehaltskarte aufzutragen, damit nicht jeden Monat die Zuschlagstabelle zur Hand genommen. werden braucht. 2. Berechnwng bei teilweiser Gewtihrung des Zuschlages. a) Rerechnung des Zuschlages bei Teilbeschaftigung. Als Teilbeschdftigte g(Aten Arbeiter und Angbstellte, die arbeits- vertraglich vereinbart haben, cla13 sic Halbtagsarbeit verrichten oder nur stunden- bzw. tagewcise arbeiten. Nicht als Teilbeschtiltigte gelten &gegen: Arbeiter und Angestellie, die laut Anordnung yam 1. ,Tuli 1954 tiber die Verkurzung der tiiglichen Arbeitszeit unter besonders schweren unci gesundheitsgefiThrdenden Bedingungen bzw. au! Grund von Ar- beit:Sschutzvereinbarungen eine kurzere Arbeitszeit haben. aa) Berechnwqg des Durchschnittsverdienstes. F?r Teilbeschaftigte liann der Durchschnitisverdienst n-us dem Brutto-verdienst der letzten 3 abgerechneten Monate ermittelt werden.. Urn Vorteile gegentiber VollbeschVtigten zu vermeiden, ist dabei der Duichschnittsverclienst so :zu berecnnen. als oh sic ',Aber die voile monatliche Arbeitszeit tatig gewesen waren. 25 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Bergmanns-Tnvali(lenrentner, VdN-Altersrentner, VdN-Invalidenrentner mit ciner Erwerbsminderung ab 66% Prozent unci einer Verdienstminderung urn mindestens 33 Prozent. Diese Rentner sind den Betrieben nomentlich bekannt, so daf3 die Auf- stellung der Liste nicht schwierig ist. II. Berechnung des Zuschlages 1. Berechnung des Zuschlages fiir Vollbeschtiftigte. a) Berechnung des Durchschnittsverdienstes bei 1,ringerer Betriebs-4 24 zugeh?rigkeit: Aus der Zuschlagstabelle wird ersichtlich, welcher Zuschlag bei einem bestimmten Durchschnittsverdienst zu zahlen ist, 'Bevor der Zuschlag mei') der Zuschlagstabelle festgelegt werden. kann, ist ftir jeden Arbeiter uncl Angestellten der monatliche Durchschnittsverdienst aus den letzten 12 abgerechneten Monaten zu ermitteln. Dabei sind nach ? 20 Abs. 4 der Verordnung zur Wah- rung der Rechte der Werktatigen vom 20. Mai 1952 einmalig ge- wlihrte Pramien, Vergtitungen ftir Einzelleistungen und Uberstun- den sowie Trennungsgelder, Fahr- und Wegegelder nicht zu berlick- sichtigen. Durch die Festlegung des Zuschlages nach dem Durch- schnittsverclienst der letzten 12 Monate werden Lohnschwankungen ausp,eglichen, die be.sonders bci Leistungslohnern und in Wirtschafts-? zwcigen mit Saisoncharakter auftreten, b) Berechnung des Durchschnittsverdienstes bei einer Beschriftigung von weniger at,s 12 111onaten. Bei Arbeitcrn und Angestellten, die am 31. Mai 1958 noch nicht 12 Monate im. Betrieb beschiiftigt sind, kann der Durchschnitts- erdienst naturgerniiB erst vom Zeitpunkt der Arbeitsaufnahme an berechnet werclen. Wenn ein Arbeiter z. B. im 1\lonat Januar 1958 eingestellt worden 1st. mul3 der Durchschnittsverdicnst von diesem Zeitpunkt an fir die 5 Monate bis zur Abschaffung der Lebensmittelkarten berechnet verden. Bei Neueinstellunge.n kann em n reprtisentativer Durchschnittslohn erst demi ermittelt ?verden, wenn eine genbgend lange Beschafti- w.mg vorliee,t. Deshalb ist in der Verordnung bestimmt, daB zunachst en voraussichthcher Durchschnittsverdienst festzulegen ist. Bei Ar- behe.rn und Angesteilten mit fcsten Lohnen und Gehaltern ist das ohne ?veiteres (lurch Vergleich mit den entsprechenden Tariflahrien inoelich. Um den zu erwartenden Durchschnittsverdienst insbeson- derC bei LeistungslOhnern nut cmiger Sicherneit festztisetzen: ist es zweckmill;le, sich an dcsr durchschnittlichen realene:NosthierfUllung der Arbeetet mit Welcher. Arbeit zu 'oricntiereme ?-e - ? , _ Gehaltssatzen 'der A-nlage 1 'der ? Direktive- zum Betriebskolleklivvertrag bzw, nach den -,Tabiellen der, Vereinbarung Ober die Durchfuhrung von lohnpolite,ehen MaBnahnien-vern 12. April 11i57 entlohnen. _ In diesern- Zusarnmenhang,Wird darauf dat3 die in den An- lagen der T, DTI] cktive ---,Zumeenetriebskol4..k1i?l. vie rag 1955 an feefuhrten _ Naturalsiitzerrstreng einzuhalten suid unci die3 ce, n.cht statthaft ist, Natu- ralien teilweiSe in"Geld'abzUgelten. Alie Arbeiter,'Angestellteh unci Lehrlinge oh n e Naturrilversorgimg sind nach der vorliegenden yerorchiung nach neuen Lohn- bzw. Gehaitssatzen zu entlohnen.-- ' Der ehemalige Zuschlag, der- als Ausgleich ftir d.e PreisvergOnstigung der Naturalversorgten g-ezahlt wdrde, ist also zum liestnndteil dr!' Tariflehnes der Beschziftigten ohne,Nalurnh'ers'iargime, gcAkorden und (thief nicht mehr gesondert vOm:-I-php gezahlt werden. Auf Wunsch .1 ri t,...? ????:? 1.4 0.4 r--) c, t 14: r,-71 17,0 1..4 CLI t n. .f.1 ,..4E-1 .E ..?.i r...:1 n i el .2..A! 1 (..) 0 ? - 4 ? C9 ., cs^: 1 CO 0.-4 r? ,-- '.- r- "."; ,-.1 ??--, rA ' ...4 r. ...., 6',1, , t..1 r0 ,Cf? r:i 14-1 '14 1???-? r-? c) rio -..? Cx -1 a r',4 0 i?-? -91. ,.. C3 .r..: ir...:;" "- ..7.7. ri...1 ?E; ,...., ,.... vo > ee: z ?,--' i'.: ._. r, ....* rr - ?-'' r-t t ? .4 ? ?-? ? > b_...1 = '....> I ???-? .' V-, /...., ??-? - C.) CI) C;) C.) C.) C.) ?,. '..'.., :A. ^ 1".: r-??? I ,-, ..... ????. ? C) P.4 !ma r..., ..c.: FA' ?C7:1 Z".; .?.-4 ....... C..' C.) V) V) ? 4 tli ? -. VI ....-.= :4 o.... :-.1 ?"'0 ..., -?????? ..... ?-. ???? c.) C.) .4 ...!.. I ,A -, .-... I. v :_.... .....I .1:: 7:4 1...4 r' Cq0 ....0. ..:'''' rr. ..-1 Z.) . "...,) Z..; 41) CC; ,...7.. ' : .. . AA ,..... A... . A r. i "2:. ..1)? ': ?---I .,..! .-.. 41.1 ?,? ..-.. 7., .... r: -*UT', e... !/) r??? PR ???" 0 CJ :.... I,- "."?11 :-. ???4,1 ",..' '..4 ::....' ....? ?C: 6 ,,.....0' t-.? C..) -. ...... .??? r? -,. , t .... :?,,, 1144.41 ':.../ 6.%?? ? - r n - ... .r..1 ,,,_...._:: .:.....v rri :77 ^ , .....-/ ..... 'A.4 /....,, r, 65 I.-. CQ 0-4 -,4 04 Tdel 0.41 i="'? :Z.." Die Liste ist nach folgendem Muster auszufertigene Antrag auf Zahlung des Ehegatlenzusehlages lob versichere, dal?) mein(e) Ehefrau/Elhernann kein eigenes Einkornmen hat u-nd in der De.utsehen Demokratischen Republik bzw. im Demokrati- schen Sektor von Groll-Berlin wohnt. lob versichere ferner; dat3 ich keinen Antrag bed einer anderen Auszah- lungsstelle gestellt habe. Tch verpflichte mich, jede c.iniretoncic.1 Verbnderung (z. B. Aufnahme eines Aripeitsrechtsvernditnisse.s des Ehegatten, Beginn der Rentenzahlung fur den Ehegutten, Wohrisitzveraricierung) dem Betrieb unverziiglich, spite- 4es innerhalb eines 1\lonats zu rnelden. L fel . Name des 1.',.7r,-11 no rt des I)atum-der Untersehrift des Ni-. ege t ten Enegatton Antrae/stellung A n tra gste Hers 43 ? Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 ? CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 - Declassified in Part- Sanitized Cop Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 VI. Zuni Beginn und zur Dauer der Zahlung Ftir den Beginn der Zahlung .1st die Antragstellung entscheidend. Wird z. B. der Antrag am Letzten de M?rt s.etit, O ttgt? Zahlung-- noch f?r chosen. Monat. Beispiel: Scheidet eine Ehefrau wegen Arbeitsunfiihigkeit am 15. Juni aus dem Arbeitsrech:sverhaltnis aus, so kann der in Arbeit stehencle Ehemann den An.trag aut. Zahlung des Ehegattenzuschthiges noch bis zum 30. Juni stellen. Der Zuschlag wird in voller Lir den Monat Juni ausgezahlt. Wird ein Ehegattenzuschlag gezahlt und geht der Eheg,atte im Laufe des Nonats z. 13. ein Arbeitsrechtsverhaltnis em, so entfallen die Voraus- setzungen fur die Weiterz,thlung des Ehegattc,hzuschlages. Trotzdem wird der Ehegattenzuschla,.!. in solchen Fallen noch Lir den vollen Monat gezahlt. 'VII. Zur Auszahlung des Ehegattenzuschlages Von der guten organisatorischen Vorbereitung.und der reibungslosen Ab- wicklung der Auszahlung der Zuschlage hlingt in _entscheidendem MaBe das Vertrauen unseler BUrger zu den durch das Gesetz eingefuhrten groB- zugigen Verbesserungen der Lebensiage der Bevolkerung ab. Die Ausznhlung des Ehegattenzuschlages erfolgt von der gleichen Auszah- lungsstelle, die auch den Zustlilag zum Lohn bzw. zur Rente zahlt. Jrn Interesse der Empainger des ,Ehegattenzuschlages muf3 gewahrleistet werclen, daB die Auszahlung dieses Zuschlages ftir den Monat Juni nach Inkrafttreten der Verorcinung kurzfristig erfolgt. Es ist zweckmaBig, die Aus,zahlung des Ehegattenzuschlages z-usammen mit cle.r Ausnblung des Zuschlages zum Lohn vorztin.ehme.n. Alle weiteren Zahlungen sollen dann monatlich zusammen mit der Lohnzahluhg erfolgen. Bestehen mehrere Arbeitsrechtsverhaltnisse (z. B. zA.vei Halbtag,sbeschafti- gungen), so ist der Ehegattenzuschlag n_ur, von einer AuszahlungssAelle, und zwar in \Toiler 1I6he zu zahlen. Beim Wechsel der Auszahlung,sstelle (z. 13. Aufnahme. eines Arbeitsrechts- verhiiltnisses in einem neuen Betrieb, Weehsel der UniversitLit), hat die zuletzt zusUinclige Auszahlungsstelle zu bescheinigen, ftir weichen Monat die letzte Zahlung erfolgte. Der Anspruchsberechtigte ist gleichzeitig dar- aut.' hinzuweisen, driB diese Bescheinigung der neuen Auszahlungsstelle zu tibergeben ist, damit eine Weiterzahlung des Ehegattenzuschlages erfolgen Bei der Auszahlung des Ehegattenzuschlages ? das solite erstmalig auch bereits bei der Antragstellung erfolgen sind die Anspruchsberechtigten von Zeit zu Zeit clarauf aufmerksam zu machen, daB aile Veranderungen, die die Gewahrung des Ehegattenzuschlages bertihren (z. B. Bezug einer Rente, AtiEnahme eines Arbeitsrechtsverhaltnisses), unverziiglich zu mel- den sind. Es empfle,hlt sich. (lurch die Auszahlungsstellen ab und zu Kontrollen tiber die RechtmLiBigkeit des Bezuges des Enegattenzuschlages durchzufuhren. 44 _ ? 4.? , Declassified in Part - Sanitized Cop Approved for Release _ tO r' tf2 - c re-4 n-? ?-? tIVF-1 LrD C C C.) t c"; cc C.;!? f.-e) cs1 C.N1 C 1 .1 1 1 1 CD "CC:- - -.-b..' e - .= Ci - C-1 C?I C) Cl CI - t.r)- 50-Yr r?-? +.4 f-? CZI 7.," ? C.) Cr; E-4 - t 0 ? C.1 -14 CZ) C,1 , CO IC) CD c 1 - .. c 1. ' 0') - t .r) _ ., - .. ,_ - co CO C0 ;C) - -''$' csi cr; - ,. co c.) C-I !,--a CfD ce) CO CD c.0 r-i v-.4 r--4 v....1 ' ?--1 - C?i ?-.41 Cs]..= r-1 - 10 - In - IC) C!. CO - IC) U.-. .11 CoIf .D.. ,-- arD - CD CO. --, In, -V irD C?''c C.'S C I ?---4 L.-- CO CZ) CO C') ? ,-4 LO CD .--4 .--.4 .--i ..--i r i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 16 6' c...6' c--;?, c,-3' c.: c-, C.,-i. co I - .--4 c-t - 4 - .- c:. C.I CO VJ't LCD Lr) LO L - CO v--4 t--1 rd z MTS Wolferstedt VEB Ernst CO ci) rf, ..? I,. Cl.) 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Urn in den Familien, in denen nur em n Ehepartner Ober eigenes Einkommen verfligt, Nachtelle zu vermeiden, erhalten Arbeiter und Angestellte mit einem monatlichen D-urchschnittsverdienst bis zu 800,? DM einen wei- teren Zuschlag zum Lohn in Halle von 5,? DM Lir ihren Ehegatten ohne eigenes Einkommen. Der Ehegattenzuschlag wird auch an MitgliedEr sozia- listischer Genossenschaften sowie an Studierende gez-ahlt, sofern die dazu festgelegten Voraussetzungen erfUllt sind. Wie sich die umfassenden sozialen MaBnahmen zur Sicherung und Ver- besserung der Lebenslage der Arbeiterfamilien insgesamt auswirken, zeigen die folgenden Beispiele fidr die typische FamiliengroBe (zwei Er- wachsene, em n Kind) in Tabelle Nr. 1 und fur die durchschnittliche Ein- kommenshdhe (350,? bis 450,? DM brutto monatlich) in TabeIle Nr. 2. Die Unterschiede in den bisherigen uric' dadurch auch in den neuen Aus- gaben f?r Fleisch, Wurst, Fette, Mulch, Zucker und Eier zwischen den einzelnen Haushalten ergeben sich a) aus den unterschiedlichen Lebensmittelkarten, die die einzelnen Haus- halte erhielten, b) aus den unterschiedlichen Merigen, die die einzelnen Haushalte in der 1-10 kauften, c) rills dem unterschiedlichen Gesamtverbrauch in den einzeinen Haus- halten, d) aus den unterschiedlichen Qualitliten, die die einzelnen Haushalte kaufen. 12 ' c-Zr' e E. ERLAUTERUNGEN zur Verordnung fiber die Zahlung eines staatlichen kinclerzuschlages-: I. Zum Personenkreis Irn Zusammenhang mit der Abschaffung der Lebensmittelkarten -unci-dere' lierstellung eines einheillichen Preismveaus ist eine AusgleichszahlUng, fur Familien mit Kindern erforderlich. = Die Einfiihrung eines Kinclerzuschl ages fur die Kinder der Arbeiter. LindAngestellten und anderer Schich ten der Bevolkerung stollen -einbegrblilf zLigige. Maf3nahme unseres Arbeiter-uncl-Bauern-Staate.s,"irlar.-.Sie:List ein ' Ausciruck der Sorge des sozialistischen Staates urn die , Kinder n. _ - Der Kinderzuschlag ist ein erster Schritt zur Einathrung eines stantliehen? Kindergeldes, das eine noch weitergehende Verbesserung bringerieW:rd. Bei der Festlegung des berechtigten Personenkreises \vurde im Prinzip clavon ausgegangen, claf3 fur Kinder, fur die bisher Lebensmittelkarten- ausgegeben wurden, auch der Kinderzuschlag zu zahlen ist. Nada der Vcr-.: oicinting haben alle Arbeiter und Angestellten in cler (gesamlen Vokswirt.- schaft f?r ihre Kinder Anspruch auf die Zahlung des Kincierzus.chlag,es. Den Kinderzuschlag erhalten auch westcleutsche und Westberliner 13Cirger, die in Detrieben unci Einrichtungen der Deutschsn Dcmokratischen Repu- blik und des Demokratischen Sektors von Grof3-Berlin arbeiten. Diese Regelung lliBt cleutlich das dem Sozi2.1ismus eigene Prinzip erkennen dal?) diejenigen, die am Aufbau des Sozialisrnus teilnehrnen, auch an den Erfol- gen dieses Aufbaues teilhaben sollen. Es konnte die Frage entstehen, vie es sich mit der Auszahlunq des Kinder- zuschlages verhalt, wenn beide Elternteile die Voraussetzungen fur den Anspruch erfullen. Die Verordnung, legt dazu fest, daf3 der Kinderzuschlag nur von ein em Berechtigten bezogen werclen daft Es wird dabei den Eltern Liberlassen zu entscheiden, welcher Elternteil den Anspruch geltend macnt (vgi. die Ausfiihrungen zur Antragstellung). Leben dagegen die Eltern getrennt, so erfolgt die Zahlung an den Ellern- teil, zu dessen Haushalt etas Kind gehtirt. Bei der Fassung clieses Para- graphen 1st nur an soiche Fan-linen gedacht woraen, die nicht aus bcruf- lichen Grtinden getrennt leben. Sofern es sich urn berufliche C_;etincle han- dert, bleibt es den Elternteilen Lioerlassen zu entscheiden, l'v'01" die Zahlung des Kinderzuschlages beantragt. Der Regelung des Anspruchs auf don Kinderzuschlag liegt this Prinzip zugrunde, (tali die -Unterhaltsverpflichteten der Kinder den Kincierzuschlag erhalten sollen. Eine Ausnahme wird gemacht, wenn zwar die Eltern bzw. eio Elternteil leben, aber dos Kind zum Haushalt einer andercoi Person, z "13. ZLIM halt der Grof3eltern gehort. Die Auszahlungsstelle.n sind in ciiesem Falle berechtigt, den Kinderzuschlag, auch an andere Personen als di Eltero auszuz-ahlen. Selbstverstancilich miissen dann cliese Pers.ogr.n. den Antrag auf Auszahlung, des Kinderzuschlages mittels der Attozsah1ungskoarboost211en (vgl. ?Die Antragstellung"). Die genannte?Regelung soil sichern, da13 der .Rinderzuschlarf in die Ethnde der Personen gelanz,,t, be enen die :15"zston lilt- den Unterhalt - !, 45 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release ? 50-Yr 2013/09/12 : CIA-RDP81-01043R002300240011-4 ??.) 0,4 ?e)i - ? _ de-r Veratinst-igu-n-g- durch-den . _ kernmt. Von diesen Gesichtspunkten sollen sich auch die Auszahlungsstellen leitcn dcrartigelle zu entsche.den haben. Der- Kinderzuschlag wird nicht gezahlt air Kinder, die sich in Dauer- 1-? .men_e.iiiifha.lten-.;:Fur (hese Kinder entstehen den Eltern aus der Ab- sehaffung'.dcr'Leoensmittelkarten keine Mehraufwendungeen, da die Mehr- l.(41.t.?n;- din den He.rnen ozw. Einrichtungcn anfalien, unmittelbar vom Stbatshaushalt getragen werden. ?eeee des Kindes anfallen. Damit soli zurefleich gewiihrle'stet werden, dal?, clas ? Zur Hobe cies sIciailichen 1