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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP81 800878&WgO120015-3 FOIAb3b1 Copy J .-of 5 F TO s THE FIRM L C)1PAP Y~ INC. Contractor =.L. 3-6211X Custom fitted suit 2. S--6211A Duplicate suit 3. 5-647D Custom fitted gloves 4. S-647D Duplicate gloves 5. 3-6332 Lightweight Coveralls 6. 3-632L Intermediate Coveralls 7. s-653 Air Police Boots Modified (Boots GFE) 3-757 MA-2 Helmet Modifications (Helmet GFE) 9. 8-674 Carrying Bag Production List No. Hdqs. #5 to Contract No. Qty 12 ea. 2 ea.( A Pr. 6 pr. J2 ea. i v2 Rest A FOlAb3b1 st ,- st V- ~r ',,,y03 171 and 172. a~ ,cis y? S Thi 1t ti P i }0, s roduction List confirms uk Verbal order Divan Joe ea. , ~l v v 2 pr. v2 1 ea. +r" c 2 ea. on 17 Nov. 1958. STATINTL Approved For Release 2000/08/16 CIA-RDP81 B00878R000500120015-3 -146)?h s equipment covers require- FOIAb3bl Approved For Release 2000/08/1 f 1#PI&tiB0O878R?00'50012901ts-f. page 2 of 2 o1,, on 17 Nov. 1958, 10 to Wastiir . Trawl by personnel from Wor ,ester, Mass. to make fittings. FOIAb3b1 Necessary boot$ and M11 Z helmets to. be obtained by tin Zist has been issued pursuant: to telecon betti+een from .*{A;IA+ FOIAb3b1' STATOTHR and. J oe p. or. 18 Nov. 1958. This rroduc o cember 1 Final fittings of first suits to be made on g and 9 De958 delay-ries wnder tY,is order are to le dates. i ca i be- completed at the eeirliest. pract invoices; for de]ivered vemR ry n y pa Receipted delivery tickets 0u.st acctx 1 s for whom the tn, Deliveries of the "first it " of equipment --rill be made. by "pick -UP ~~e - .u-~~~ue~ ; :`.i,ar? J, a lcate items, shall be "de to equ pn-ent is intended. Delivery of the dupl ` APPS OM'. 20 Lovember 1 , r . Approved For Release 2000/08/16 : CIA-RDP81 B00878R000500120015-3