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December 9, 2016
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July 21, 2000
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October 23, 1957
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Approved For Release,201/04/10: 5L +jj"l B00878ROW 274-9 -2054 C~r Of 23 October 1957 A reporting has been received fie the Finance representative in one -of our field locations to the effect that many enployaees are arriving for duty abroad without having made banking erran is (opening a checking account) prior to departure from the fhaited States- the report further states that this item has caused con- siderable hardship to the eployees in gaining funds for desired and eessrgency purposes. Even though it is realized that we may not insist upon employers opening a bank account prior to departure, it may be desirable for the outgoing briefing to contain material with respect to the hard- ships that miry be encountered vhere employees do not have State-side banking facilities. fence gained aver the past year or so indics tt that employees need checking accounts so that they may pay: both ftdvml and State Inane tows, insurance peiums, subscriptions an amines, books, pledges to churches, and club dues; and to facilitate mail order payments Additionally, several. eog to yees have denied themselves the privilege of taking advantage of ]list and MW a tic n trips since they were short of funds and did not have a checking facility so moneys to d - expenses could be obtained. the above is brought to your attention for whatever action is deed necessary by the Company. We are sure that all participants recognize that check cashing facilities am available to each indi- vidtieal abroad without cost to him. very truly yours, Doug Dist: 0 & 1 - Add 3 - 6 - Contracts SC-56, Same ltr sent to all suppliers 25X1A 25X1A 9 - Pars fil Lockheed, Hycon, Remo-Woolridge, and Baird 10 ? Personnel' 11 - Admin 12 - ding (Fin) 13-Mhos Approved o.f-.release 2001/04/10 : F 1 B00878RO01 200020274-9 mar "`-'JIEWER .. - 0) O9 6_ k i:_ A-103, BA-732 having employees abroad -