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December 9, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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September 8, 1958
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Approved For Rela 200 iA-RDP81 B00879ROOii 101-10008-1 DF6 - 3M 8 i tember 3958 MWARAMM V : e iet,, 7ilnanoa D'. viaion A ? NA eta Brunch a ' . ' t by Mrmsury Q e* 1. it its kindly >raaaq1.4m1 that a U. S. Tre.aury Cheek be drawn in tamer of the acepwky lid. 3aerva tad x? in the m oust stated, which viii be aupp ic*ble to the Saar or eaa ash. The contract =+bara " end. involoe i 4 titieatl w r on the ehe k. a., ir. drawn in favor of: $yoOn Mtg. t npany . Amount ,573.57 Cu tra$ il,pa ., )-2Q0 .. : iee l lbe r o 33337 and 15338 *. Ow& to be datod: 11 member 1958 2. i inetzt a9a?rRl ,fl ,as r si in ammnectLau with this classified tau+aaa 1 i has nr, ?.i lam In 21er?s instruction 30. 3'gi ( iee 2C--56, after allp 4 l Ft.w: ",jr the D1$ 15 Deounber 19%).9 is on fl1e in the QMCO' of the ftVjt*k-%. o I ;x Uerc 3- :he pejacat r oposiae& Is baaesd o qxv: ?.asa Ilalde by the a ?ea. r tint* and s1aa be waceaaed a gainst gal Lsdgar Aea t No, l a, tlt;.ad "D a 'sa of Witted Funds ! mMed'als to OunfidaMts! Funds Allotunto A iti d Cwt acetic io " The aflalt brel ae teable to than rye is a below gal: the woom't is ahargs br,e to Lae ' A .1. The tbbe >iated as atot4ed, in rs 3. and it ttaaie* x at ~ ~ mvelope. If no anvoLno is attachedn, the I st .a1 t be a ontaa d on lion W137/ M8 s p mast ' a diaa raa. ti &1004-10-001 07.9 $1,286.78 ry 07*9 1,286 Total 9(93U;? SEP V. 58 N0 C IN CLASS. CLASS. CHs'?Sfi_7'a S Au_APlwviwd For Relea39X08/01 25X1A9a DATEaa'7 ,.REVIEWERa_d6 Approved For Release 2001 /08/ f i p P81B00879RO 0 00110008-1 Txtrr'.as M I N I U M M P : .et, TIMMOe MST Branch r o Di *ur s4mamt by 'ate Me& .o It is ZiDU re im t US. Treea Chavk be 4rawn in favor of the company Xlete t ie:a Aa ? in the n amt fitted, 'ss aia b i $p a ar L a able to the wntmal. ur? agrosmart ,. The cautmct :i+ rs . tnvoi s is itLC ti.su assa:ve- r on the at w*, 3w& vn in favor of: NYM +r CORIPW ~p6 - . i o oo Mi/rekNO h} MRMY~Cp,,yy~ba V ., w a e I t z n b e ? ; I = s ] jwcL- to be to 33. 1958 i COutiaas with t ., WAsaeifi. tratsactIcRu we bag mt ?ate ink in U. .ras S ion No. ( i** X56, after b, the DPI 15 Dwowb"r 1956), ii r i in R D f f I of the ft*jtxI (~ r o l l e r - e pftywant L e eeted. is Used an , oee Se e? b r tb* r to a7 re as * be pratessed :a eiaaast General Ledger Ac> t ., i t Utlert "D1+lRbr awli of ro ia