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December 9, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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September 8, 1958
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FArm prescrlbed b .~. vou. tvo. Comptroll . ea For Relea'LUgbb gH&AF PAW?6~6m011009g-0 ------------------------------- U. U.S. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Department, bureau, or establishment) Voucher prepared at -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Give place and date) THE UNITED STATES, Dr., Payee's Account No. __________-_--_- Mt'g. Co To ------------------------------------------------------ (Payee) Pasaderta~ California (Address) (City) (State) No. and Date of Date of Delivery ARTICLES OR SERVICES (Enter description item number of contract or Federal supply d QUANTITY UNIT PRICE AMOUNT Order or Service schedule, an other information deemed necessary) Discount Terms Invoice No. Cost Per Dollars Cts. 15337 903 97 15338 1,66 60 PAYMENT: Complete ^ Partial El Final F-1 Use continuation sheet(s) if necessary Shipped from to Weight Government B/L No. Total 2257 _2 I certify that the above bill is correct and just and that payment has not been received. (Payee space) must NOT use this Differences --------------------------------- --------------- ----- (Sign original only) ----------------------------------------------- --------------- ----- Date -------------------- *Payee ------------------------------------------------------- --- --------------- ----- (Thi. eortisonte not reanirad when a like aartifoste ie mode by pays, on attnohed bill o, bill.) Amount verified; correct for ___________ _____ _S (Signature or initials) __ C..-C______________ Pursuant to authority vested in me, I certify that this account is correct and proper for f Approved for $ ----------------------------------- SIGN ORIGINAL ;Approving--Of cer FOIAb3b ONLY kuon-cracT, cer F-M- Date XECUTED WHEN PURCHASES ARE MADE OR SERVICES SECURED WITHOUT WRITTEN AGREEMENT IN ANY FORM ACCOUNTING CLASSIFICATION (Appropriation Symbol must be shown; other classification optional) Check No- ------------------------ dated ------------------------------ 19 ------ for $-------------------------------------- on Treasurer of the United States in Paid by { favor of payee named above. ` Cash, $------------------------- on ------------------------------------- 19-----. Payee ------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ..-.~,.~~ l:)::.: oriainai Orly) ? When a voucher is signed or recei ted In the name of a can or cer oration the name of t e s writing the company e~~ye1 ?1t l~I e ( OOOS00~10009=fl "John Doe Compani ) ' B~cTet~',Yil K1,0 er' , a~the ca , may be. t If the ability to certify and authority to approve are combined in' one person, one signature only is nec- essary; otherwise the approving officer will sign on the line below "Approved for $___________________", and Title ____________________________ --------------------------- over his official title. Approved For Release 2001/08/01 : CIA-RDP81B00879R000500110009-0 METHOD OF OR ABSENCE OF ADVERTISING 1. Advertising in newspapers Yes ^ No ^. 2. (a) Advertising by circular letters sent to -------------------- dealers. (b) And by notices posted in public places Yes ^ No ^. (If notices were not posted in addition to advertising by circular letters sent to dealers, explanation of such omission must be made below.) 3. Without advertising, under an exigency of the service which existed prior to the order and would not admit of the delay incident to advertising. Without advertising in accordance with -------------------------------- 5. Without advertising, it being impracticable to secure competition because of ------------------------------ - -----=------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- -------- - (IIere state in detail the nature of the exigency or circumstances under which the securing of competition was impracticable under 3 and 4) NOTE.-The above form "Method of or Absence of Advertising" is to be used when purchases are made or services secured under proper authority without written agreement in any form. In case of a written agreement (formal contract, proposal, and acceptance, or less formal agreement) Standard Form No. 1036-Revised should be used for abstracting the method of or absence of advertising and award of contract. (See General Regulations No. 51, as amended.) `Approved For Release 2001/08/01 : CIA-RDP81 B00879R000500110009-0