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December 9, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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June 14, 1960
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Approved For Release 2001/04/1 FR1O ~F0011 )ATE 18572 14 JUN 60 1 S E C R E T TO PROM ATTN: REF: X0660 (IN 26986) CORONA 163 PER YOUR REQUEST OF PARAGRAPH3 WHEREBY OUR ESTIMATE 6 (A) IS TO BE REVISED REFLECTING THE DELETION OF 48 SUPPLY SPOOLS, OUR COST REDUCTION is $28,143.01, RESUL1NG IN A NEW COST ESTIMATE FOR 6 (A) AS-AMENDED OF $770,554.90. END OF MESSAGE ogtU -'sw3 Ito. o~ass p@BLA9SyFtrG SS S 20~ ~ ;xtiJ td' LASS. DAult IN-27054 Approved For Release 2001 04/10 CIA-QDR81EBQ0879R001 00030057-9 REPRODUCTION BY OTHER THAN THE ISSUING OFFICE IS PIOHI&ITED. Copy No. Approved For Relear.,2001/04/10 : CIA-RDP81,BO0879R001100030057-9 CT 4I s", T OF YOUR ESTIMATE $A OUR RZ ` ENCED I CI: is V'OUR ARE 1l3? O Y I ) O PROCEED. VITK T q WORK REQUIRED D Y 01M ESTIMATE NO* .4 AND ]ESTIMATE NO. 9 (A)* 3. TO CO EC?to r, .7 11M5'd0 Ly QQ^j`./ p k}~ ~. d..#E,~s'v ~A/n 1'k ,A b~ igySF V'. ... d Z"' .ab TAX` C d' ',',.?l t O'b k i4 , t7 CIRCULATE IINITfAL X-REF C %01, 10 Approved For Release 2001/04/10: CIA 00879RU01100030057-9 ltP~t'?~6JCrg'4 A ~':+ ~? ?'~:~.