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December 9, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/04/10 : CIA-RDP811300879R001100030149-7 BEST COPY AVAILABLE Approved For Release 2001/04/10 : CIA-RDP81600879R001100030149-7 ILLEGIB 111:ig*H.AIZEK-1?11.' O'' ? Approved For Release 2001/04/10 : CIA-RDP81B00879R0044000 DATE;--0 sr'632 7 pprOvedEok 'Release 2001/04/10 CJA*Dp81800879R001100030149-7 .thl:StIO-, and ri(fOuse4.44.nee or tivo . PtrztJz ay p;r0P'arzglad f..1:6 ng int ...:.440:05)41y Otaps of-a,gt4rAItred jntQy'i)rct'...ye routthr) JX.*/$'910,/ fisto unfaas-Vhle'forjr.oat runniag. if.ov.wer, 110?tb1e that !n addition to inn1174d-inz t..4.11,iretorp forjire4 ilofnt operatIon 1..compLier routIne t].gt.lt !qcludo _neratbre for ".1n-1inen floatng. poLnt erithnet,c that !.0.144 W?$peclriod as the y4-cgramners otion. liesl-Jtant runrilligzprograrq would prasuAably.be far f6A-st,-?r than cr .oiidng rogr run w th an :! nt?0.r pre t via sys . If feaatble the c-..)i.p'ler 5hou1d make pr otri s t point eperat en Tn th.a trArarter. 3, Auto,,,alt!c Prografr4 fit-Iv:en:tett on and 0%7,1 rla: control 3:14ace t TIM y be as sued that arty Oroduct 7 4 pr r normally azeeoDd the cwoacIty by a rairly lurgs f011WS that It 's rit v that, the (..pllev tcc rathat than the prorawmer :Orovidli for t goo.ntat',7,n _ . af the prOran.:and proei.da for th necry tnstruetiont-,,n thrz runnW prOgraz,. ft tes rt-coznz.,10, that ?thIstsoagIbly phe:7,e preants avry T'ajor and tt Is felt that to nccoTnli,vh_ th nd t .ny oce ary to accept virtu n t,1iflg rat ' cf.' ollkoed -progrw t hancl eoded.' programs on trtt-i t:rd9.-r of o or thrsa to one. ilowevoqt;_lt would tp haftthe'autoatle ser'T-,,ntation.contrcl 1-03.pa,thatenn ft Into the.uorking storaef4 Devarturs fr(.-.T. the n3qumts (Y.1;t2!,nc(1, thitt th4 cotstractu orir e ror any'c,-7,?.1Altar 1..e a 'fIrt:Ldablv'ta e f.lk and that th- ti.0.44.107,01..'.se'..r.: Dry it9ry :111111ta tif it* .,S?te)rOV:?. ama of th4. Al4act. III 1.ztposestmgity'44&!ti Tae3e wel12-be ucb'-ark couttle-tiajyr daprturoF... reipiCroraents that haveliean:94t2t0d..' Jt fait that cloet s on abovad be ma Intaijied w -th theCide ;11.g th the (lea in of cont ou?t'ev :the encov.tnter,A , the ,14.111.1.-tati one thr, t t:r111.. theilrfitfrov n th ttr1 ptpdlie-ti t and - the cT.i..et. of the fnaL prodlict, th v t an!! 7 ng the tootors ad it other ?pogs Tbto oltk t ons spathts of a.?mac tarto for w; ch. a coil.' aor rout 1, no qtidi eti tonee ) . Approved For Release 2001/04/10 : CIA-RDP81600879R001100030149-7