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December 15, 2016
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May 18, 2004
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March 16, 1978
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ARTICLE APPEARED WAS TGTON STAR G LANE aN k,A FApproved For Relef8ef718: CI -~1 M00 808000600200010-3 Moon's Chu.rch Founded y Korean CIA Chief ~ as"",. Political _ Tool, Pahel Say Kim was among the inner core of The Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Uni- Army officers who led the coup that fication Church was founded by a- brought Park to power in 1961. He director of the Korean Central Intelli- organized the KpoCIA shortly after,. gence Agency,- Kim Chong Pil, as a and later headed the ruling party and political tool in-1961, ' according to was prime minister. He is now out of intelligence reports ;.released by, a favor with Park. House investigating subcommittee. ". The .reports also, indicate.. that IN 1970, South Korean President South Korean President Park Chung. Park and his aides set up a board in Hee personally directed an overt and Seoul to coordinate U.S. lobbying by covert lobbying. effort. targeted at Tongsun *Park.and others, according Congress and American officials.- - to the intelligence summaries... . _ Collectively,: the:.' documents - rein- That, plan was developed at a forced reports that senior officials of . series of meetings ' in the South Ko- the Nixon administration were aware rean president's Blue House in Seoul of the lobbying effort.;,. ' after he rejected a plan to put Tong- Rep. Donald M. Fraser,, D-Minn., sun Park in charge of all U.S. lobby-' chairman of~ the investigating panel, ing I contended: that "initiative for action Fraser gave no details on whether pursuant to the in'tellience reports the South Korean president ap- was sporadic, half-hearted and incon- proved, or even knew that the clusive, with the result that Korean lobbying would include, giving activities, which were both improper money to more than two dozen con- and illegal, continued: to expand and gressmen. gain. momentum ..for. some. five There has been speculation that years. -U.S. intelligence got its information., by bugging the presidential mansion THE DOCUMENTS were among a in Seoul. sheaf of intelligence summaries, But documents 'released by diplomatic cables, governmental Fraser's subcommittee show at least memorandums and other documents' one of the CIA's sources was. "ac made public by the subcommittee as casual informant." it opened four.days of hearings on On the' Unification Church, ad Korean efforts to influence, American intelligence report said: "Members policy. of the church are actively engaged in The first mention of the Unification. increasing membership in farming Church, which has::denied any con- villages. The church apparently has nection with the Korean government, considerable money, because it pays came in a United- States Central= influential people in the villages a. Intelligence ; Agency' report dated substantial sum for -;joining the Feb. 26;'1963';-stating from an undis- . church." closed source that, .'Kim Chong Pil organized the Unification 'Church while he' was director: of the ROK (Republic of Korea) Central Intelli- gence Agency, and has been using the church, which has a membership of 27,000, as a political tool." Approved :--FOLLOWERS OF MOON in the United States became controversial' for their lobbying in the early 1970s,. allegedly in favor of South Korea, and for their efforts, reportedly at the direction of Seoul, to prevent the impeachment of President Nixon. . ' The reports further said that-the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foun- I dation, founded in 1965, was a fore- runner to. a Unification Church branch in the United States. The subcommittee released "many other documents tracing the founding and expansion of the' foundation -. which, eventually claimed former Presidents Harry S. Truman and : Dwight D. Eisenhower as' honorary, For Release 2004/05/21 : R8411A9~QIEtQ@D(f6B' fund-raising and lobbying efforts.