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December 19, 2016
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October 26, 2006
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November 1, 1978
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Approved For Release 2006110/31 :CIA-RQP81 M00980R001600100004-0 ~~~ Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Z~ednesday - 1 November 1978 ,~ __, Pape 4 17. LIAISON I called the office of Representative Bill Gra .son (R,, Ohio) and spoke with Mr. Andy Garvey about the Congressman's recent letter to h4r. Frederick P. Hitz indicating that the Agency nse to written requests for information b A:~tex expla:irzint; to ~~ir. Gartirey ti1,~t ;~e are u;~a ? e 0 ocate a written request and that there is a packal;e of material relating to the subject of UFOs that we regularly send out to requesters (at a cost of $11.80 for copying charges), Mr. Garvey asked that I put all this in a letter to r7 G isan a urn would send a copy to so tha could make direct contact with the Agency, e agree t at this would be the best way to handle the inquiry.. 18. ted the fallowing o t e Bill 25X1 Mi11er, Senate Se ect omm~.ttee an me igence sta Jim Fellenbaum, Senate Appropriations Committee staff; Norvill Jones, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff; Tom Latimer, House Permanent. Select Committee an Intelligence-staff; Chuck Snodgrass, IIouse Appropriations Defense Subcommittee staff; and Jack Brady, House International Relations Committee staff. (See Memorandum for the Record.} 19. LIAISON In a conversation with Sam Hoskinson, NSC staff, I learned that Chairman Bixch Bayh (D., Ind,), Sena~e"'Select Committee on Intelligence, had made a commitment to meet with Senator George N1cGovexn (D., S. Dak.) to assert that jurisdiction of the intelligence aspects of his SAVAK inquiry resides in the Senate Select Committee. This commitment was precipitated by a meeting between Robert Lipshutz, Counsel to the President, and Chairman Ba}*h today. 2Q. LIAISON .Called -Joseph }.~xumkin, John Heinz III (R., Pa.) and confirmed the narrow parameters that the Agency will respond to the GA0 letter to the Agency inquiring as to the extent to which research is conducted on the Soviet Union. GAO is conducting the inquiry at the request of Senator Ileinz. NFAC is preparing the response. (See 1`temorandum For the Record dated . 21 October 1978.) `~ Legislative Counsel , Approved For Release 2006110/31 :CIA-RQP81 M00980R001600100004-0