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December 19, 2016
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August 2, 2006
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May 18, 1978
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OLC `78-1649 18 PikAY 1978 MEMORANDUM FOR. Director of Central Intelligence g egis a ive Counsel SUBJECT; HPSCI Hearing on the Intelligence Community Staff-Reorganization and Budget Amendment 1. 0 Action Req=uested: Approval of the attac hed witness list for your appearance before the House Perm Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) on the Intell 25X1 Community Staff reorganization and budget amendment. are also a number of informational.points contained in anent igence There 25X1 Para ra h 2 g p . 2. Background; You are to appear before the Program an Budget x utorizati 10:00 p.m. on Monday, 22 May. will be your principal supporting witnesses, The HPSCI staff has been working hard this past week to become acquainted with current Community activities concerning collection tasking, systems evaluation, and overall management and have spent con- siderable time interviewing senior officials of the Intelligence Community Staff. It- is clear that the emphasis will be on why you feel you need so many people at high grades in order to perform the functions of* central management... You will also be pressed to relate these functions to other existing DOD functions. There are a few specific points which you should focus on before the heaping: a. Firs-, it appears that HPSCI, as well as the other Congressional oversight committees, do not have a problem with the general concept of dividing the Intelligence Community Staff'into Collection Tasking and Resource Management. There- The HPSCI staff is under the impression that thp' term "Intelligence Community Staff" will still 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/08/02 : CIA-RDP81 009808001900030076-6 Approved For Rel se 2006/08/02 :r b 81 M00980ROD1900030076-6 remain as an overall covering designation for the Collection Tasking Staff and the Resource Management Staff and there is no need, there- fore, to eliminate this term from Title II of the currently introduced authorization bill 12240). I believe understand this, but you may want to confirm it yourself. b. Second, the HPSCI and other committees all appear to need convincing on both the numbers of additional positions-you are seek- ing and the requirement for the high number of executive-level and supergrade positions. If you can assure the committees that these posi- tions are not additive to present NFIP totals, this will go a long way toward relieving the committees' concerns. c. Third, in marking up the NFIP budget, HPSCI has already recommended a 40rposition reduction in the CIA ceiling for 1979. They did this before the budget amendment was sub- mitted. Since the amendment recommends that CIA give 50 positions to the Intelligence Community Staff, you may wish to point this out and to ask the Committee to consider this trans- fer.as an offset to the Committee's recommended reduction. Otherwise, there is a risk that the Agency may lose 40 positions in addition to the two they are transferring to the Intelligence Community Staff". This would also provide protection against a 90-position CIA cut if the committees refused to approve the reorganization, It may require some skill to convince Chairman Burlison that :-ou are not trying to pull some, thing on him by this maneuver, but the figures are clear enough. d. Finally, we understand that the Appropriations Committees will not move on this reorganization until the authorization committees have taken clear action. This means that the authorization committees need not only to make some positive decisions but also to amend the authorization bills which contain the numbers of dollars and positions regulating the Intelligence Community Staff, This will have to be done by floor amendments to the Approved For Re,se 2006/08/p R ZDP81 M00980 1900030076-6 Senate and House bills which have already been reported out of committee. This should not be a problem but will require constant 25X1 attention by the committees. We will watch this closely. 3. Recommendation: It is recommended that you approve the attac ea witness list for attendance at the HPSCI hearing. Attachments Witness list Briefing sheet APPROVED: : 1--5 Director o=Central Intelligence DISAPPROVED: Distribution: Orig - DCI 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - OLC SuSi 1 - OLC Chrono OLC/ELS/m2 (18 May 78) Approved For Rese 2006/08/02 : CIA-RD P81 M00980?1900030076-6 Briefing of SUBCO' L' ITTEE ON PROGRAM AND BUDGET AUTHORIZATION of the HOUSE PER`L&NENT SELECT COL`.tITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE Monday - 22 May 1973 1:00 p.m.. H-405, The Capitol. (Intelligence Community Staff Reorganization) Bill D. Burlison (D., Mo.), Chairman Norman Y. ? ?4ineta (D., Calif.) J. Kenneth Robinson (R., Va.) 'Staff Members James 0. Bush Martin C. Faga Annette H. Smiley Duane P. Andrews Approved For Ruse 2006/08/02: CIA-RDP81 M00980RM1900030076-6 Director of Central Intelligence Deputy to the DCI for the Intelligence Community. (Designated Deputy to the DCI for Resource Management) Special Assistant to the DCI (Designated Deputy to the'DCI for Collection Tasking) Chief, Support Staff, Intelligence Community Staff . Theodore G. Shackley Budget and Fiscal Officer, Intelligence Community Staff Special Assistant tol (Designated Associate Deputy to 25X1 the DCI for Collection Tasking) Special Assistant to (Designated Director, ice o Collection Evaluation) Acting Legislative Counsel, Office of the Director of Central Intelligence Edward L. Sherman Associate Legislative Counsel, Office of the Director of Central Intelligence