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December 19, 2016
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December 19, 2006
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September 25, 1978
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WARREN G. MAGNUSON. WASH.. CHAIRMAN JOHN C. STENNIS. MISS. ROBERT C. BYRD. W. VA. WILLIf`4 PROXMIRE. WIS. DANIEL K. INOUYE. HAWAII ERNEST F. HOLLINGS, S.C. BIRCH RAYH. IND. THOMAS F. EAGLETON. MO. I.AWTON CHILES, FI.A. J. BENNETT JOHNSTON' LA. WALTER D. HUDDLESTON, KY. QUENTIN N. BURDICK. N. OAK. PATRICK J. LEAHY, VT. JIM SASSER. TENN. DENNIS DE CONCINI. ARIZ. DALE BUMPERS, ARK. ' Unfeb , iaf ez aerate COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS WASHINGTON. D.C. 20510 September 25, 1978 Admiral Stansfield Turner Director of Central Intelligence Washington, D. C. 20505 Stennis hn C J . o Chairman, Subcommittee on j Defense Reference is made to your letter of May 3, which requested approval to reorganize elements of the Intelligence Community oversight function. A proposed FY 1978 reprogramming and FY 1979 budget amendment were associated. Basically, the Committee interposes no objection to the concept of staff reorganization as you have outlined it. In such matters, the Committee feels that, within the bounds of Congressional direction, mechanics of program execution are best left to those tasked with that responsibility. This, however, does not constitute approval for all aspects of the proposal. The matter of ultimate personnel and funding levels for this function is yet to be resolved as part of the FY 1979 budget process. As such, no commitment is made beyond the 220 positions addressed in your letter and, pending budget action, no implementing steps should be taken which would presuppose a higher number. JCS:fjm CDF Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP81 M00980R.001900030113-4 MILTON R. YOUNG, N. OAK. CLIFFORD P. CASE, N.J. EDWARD W. BROOKE. MASS. MARK O. HATFIELD. OREG. TED STEVENS. ALASKA CHARLES MCC. MATHIAS, JR.. MO. RICHARD S. SCHWEIKER, PA. HENRY BELLMON. OKLA. LOWELL P. WEICKER. IN.. CONN. UNCLASSIFIED CONFI =ACC RFT EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAT (0/DCI) Routing Slip Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900030113-4 ACTION INFO DATE INITIAL 1 DCI X 2 DDCI X 3 DD/RM X 4 DD/NFA 5 DD/CT X 6 DD/A X 7 DD/O 8 DD/S&T 9 GC 00, LC x 11 IG 12 Compt X 13 D/PA 14 D/EEO 15 D/Pers 16 A0/DCI 17 C/IPS 18 19 20 21 22 Decutrv a ary 25 Sept 78 Dote Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900030113-4 Remarks: To 10: For comment to DDCI/DCI. STA