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July 6, 1978
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M"rAW ldMFk Rf2 lease /14 : CIA-RDP81 MOOS 8 0R .03 OLC Yj O2C #78 3 i 0 Attached are three lists for the SSCI: 1) Universities that subscribe only to unclassified CIA bs throughDocex.;_ 2) Libraries that participate in the entire Docex program (they receive pubs from other depts and agencies as well as CIA). OCR tells me, however, that there is no way to be absolutely certain that each of these libraries receives all CIA unclassified pubs; '-- overnment depository lib ar ries. Government documents are sent to these libraries, which retain them for a limited period of time. As of about a year ago, CIA unclassified pubs were included in this program. NFAC CSS AppM-vvVd~ For eIe a 2D 5 03/14: CI?aRDB8J 09 00190009003 F 5-75 101 EUSE PREV DITIONS IOUS Approved For Release 2005/93/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 {ic #78-,1 6 Universities Subscribing to Unclassified CIA Publications 2nly Through DOCEX f Harvard University, PSIA Library Inc/r' Cambridge, Mass. Tufts University Medford, Mass. University of Connecticut Storrs, Conn. University of Miami Washington, D. C. (sic) University of Texas Austin, Texas University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, Texas Yale University Library New Haven, Conn. Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 or or the purchased for the use . Depository libraries which are servcdAWd&*SlifdE) ~ 20Q5/03/14: CIA-RDP O IC., =$chbe as printed dispose of publications A iich they have retained for at least 5 years e overn , c u ?pecial use of Congress with the permission of -tined in accordance with instructions from the or the executive departments." It also empowered him to remove regional depository,which serves their area. from the Congressional Library and other places all accumulations Depository libraries within executive departments and independent of books, journals, etc., and appropriated $22,000 for the purpose. agencies of tae Federal Government are authorized to dispose of He was directed by the act to keep accurate statistics of the receipt unwanted (.Government publications after first offering them to the and distribution of all books. Library of Congress and the National Archives. Section 5 of this act further amended the resolution of January 28, Depository libraries within the State Appellate Courts may dispose 1857, by providing for the designation of a library by each of the of unwanted Government publications after offering them to the Senators, and directing that the distribution should be made first to designated Regional Depository Library serving the State. If the such States as had not yet been covered by distribution, and that in State is not served by a designated Regional Depository, publications the future the distribution should be kept equal in each congressional should be offered to the State Librarian. district and territory. All books, maps, charts, etc., heretofore deposited in the Department HISTORY OF EARLY LEGISLATION of State were also turned over to the Secretary of the Interior. The act of February 5, 1859, was in force without amendment until Before the establishment of designated depositories, or any system- March 2, 1861, at the 36th Congress, second session, when a long act atic methods for the distribution of public documents, special acts to amend was passed (12 Stat. 244), the most important feature of were passed at various times providing for the printing of a sufficient which as affecting general distribution was contained in the first sec- number of copies of the public journals of the Senate and House of tion, which gave the Secretary of the Interior the right to designate Representatives for distribution to the executives of the several States libraries to receive publications of which the edition was not sufficient and each branch of the State and territorial legislatures. Provision to supply the regular depositories to be named by the Senators and was also made at times for supplying these journals, the acts, and Representatives. His power of selection was limited, however, by a sometimes the documents and reports, to each university and college proviso in section 2, which stated that in the future the public docu- incorporated in each State, as well as to the incorporated historical ments to be distributed by the Secretary of the Interior should be societies throughout the country. sent to the institutions already designated, unless he should be satisfied During the 13th Congress, second session, December 27, 1813, a that any such institution was no longer a suitable depository for the resolution was adopted embodying these provisions which had hereto- same. This act also contained a clause repealing all acts or parts of fore been covered by special legislation, and not only directing distribu- acts inconsistent with its provisions. tion for a Congress, but "for every future Congress." Two hundred Upon the basis of these acts the Revised Statutes were compiled, copies in addition to the usual number was the limit named for docu- and chapter 7, sections 497 to 511, pages 82 to 85, contain all opera- ments, and this, of course, was more than sufficient for the needs at tive provisions reenacted at that time and superseding all former ? that early day. enactments. By joint resolutions approved July 20, 1840, and April 30, 1844, the No legislation can be found prior to that contained in the General number of copies of journals and documents printed was increased to Printing Act of January 12, 1895, affecting the State and territorial 300. libraries, and it is thought that it became customary to send documents A resolution of January 28, 1857, as amended by resolution of regularly to these libraries, under the discretionary powers vested in March 20, 1858, was the real basis of the institution of depositories. the Secretary of the Interior, which would account for their appearance By these provisions the journals and documents which up to that on the depository list many years prior to 1895. time, were deposited in the Library of Congress for distribution by the Librarian, and 250 copies of those delivered to the Department of State for distribution by that Department to colleges and other literary institutions, were transferred to the jurisdiction of the Secre- tary of the Interior "for distribution to such colleges, public libraries, atheneumti literary and scientific institutions, ang boards of trade or public associations s may be designated to him by the Representative in Congress from each congressional district and by the Delegate from each Territory in the United States." The following February, at the second session, 35th Congress (Feb. 5 1859), an act was passed providing for "keeping and dis- tributing all public documents" (11 Stat. 379), This act charged the Secretary of the interior with "receiving, arranging, safekeeping, and distribution" of public documents "of every nature," already or DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY LIST AS OF APRIL 1976 Abbreviations used: Rep. des.-Itopresentative designation Bun, des.-Senatorlul designatlon (NOTE.-'rho terms of office of Senators are divided Into three clases-Chts i, Class It, and Class Ill. Approximately one-third of the Senators Is In each class depending on when their terra of office expires os ghee In the'I'abfo of Senators, arrtions Noll to Nrv of the Senate Maual. 'rho law now In force limits tho number of de ository drslgnutluus for the S enuturs ut collier class ill a State, to two, 't'he date which Immediately follows the library designations Is the year In which the library beeaot" a Depository Library, ulthough in some instances the name of the librury may have been changed since. this dosrgnutimn. Where our records do out indicate wlieu a library beeanw a depository, the .'unknown" appeem instead of the date.] list District-'Mobile; Mobile Public Library (Sen, des,) (1963) Spring Hill College, Thomas Byrne Memorial Library (Rep. des,) (1937) University of South Alabama Library (Rep, des.) (1968) Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 4th 5th District-Enterprise: Enterprise State Junior College Library (Rep. des. (1967) Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP$11 MO096OR(G4 09003614 Arizona College, Instructional Materials Maxwell Air Force Base: Air University Library (law) (1963) Center (Rep. des.) (1973) Alabama State Department of Archives and History Library (Rep. des.) (1884) Alabama Supreme Court Library (law; State) (1884) Auburn University at Montgomery Library (Rep. des.) (1971)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY (pending) Troy: Troy State University Lurleen B. Wallace Educational Resources Center (Sen. des.5 (1963) District-Alexander City: Alexander City State Junior College, Thomas D. Russell Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Auburn: Auburn University, Ralph Brown Draughon Library (land-grant) (1907) Jacksonville: Jacksonville State University, Ramona Wood Library (Rep. des.) (1929) Tuskegee Institute: Tuskegee Institute, Hollis Burke i'rissell Library (law) (1907) District-Gadsden: Gadsden Public Library (Rep. des.) (1963) St. Bernard: St. Bernard College Library (Rep. des.) (1962) District-Florence: University of North Alabama, Collier Library (Rep. des.) (1932) Huntsville: University of Alabama, Huntsville Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Normal: Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College, Drake Memorial Library (land-grant) (1963) District-Birmingham: Birmingham Public Library (Rep. des.) (1895) Birmingham-Southern College, M. Paul Phillips (Sen. des.) (1932) Jefferson State Junior College, James B. Allen (Rep. des.) (1970) Library Library Samford University, Harwell G. Davis Library (Sen. des.) (1884) District-University: University of Alabama, School of Law Library (Rep. des.) (1967) University of Alabama Library (Rep. des.) (1860)-RE- GIONAL DEPOSITORY Anchorage: Anchorage Higher Education Consortium Library (Sen. des.) (1961) Supreme Court of Alaska Library (law; Court) (1973) College: University of Alaska, Elmer E. Itasmuson Library (land-grant) (1922) Juneau: Alaska State Library (law) (1964) Retchikan: Ketchikau Community College Library (ltep. des.) (1970) At large-One Representative vacancy Senatorial--Three vacancies (one Class II and two Class III). Sec note on page 5. ARIZONA 1st District-Phoenix: Department of Library and Archives (law; State) (un- known)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Phoenix Public Library (Rep. des.) (1917) Tempe: Arizona State University, A. J. Matthews Library (Sen. des.) (1944) One Representative vacancy 2d District-'Tucson: Tucson Public Library (Sen. des.) (1970) University of Arizona Library (land-grant) (1907)-RE- GIONAL 01:l'OS1'1'ORY Two Representative vacancies 3d District-FIagstalf: Northern Arizona University Library (Sen. des,) (1937) Prescott: Y'avapai College Library (Rep. dos.) (1976) Yuma: Yurna City-County Library (Rep, des.) (1963) Thatcher: Eastern Arizona Junior College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Senatorial-One vacancy (Class I). See note on page 5. ARKANSAS 1st District-Batesville: Arkansas College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) State College: Arkansas State University, Dean B. Ellis Library (Rep. des.) (1913) Walnut Ridge: Southern Baptist College, Felix Goodson Library (Rep. des.) (1967) 2d District-Conway: Hendrix College, 0. C. Bailey Library (Rep. des.) (1903) Little Rock: Arkansas Supreme Court Library (law; State) (1962) Little Rock Public Library (Sen. des.) (1953) University of Arkansas at Little Rock Library (Rep. des.) (1973) Searcy: Harding College, Beaumont Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1963) 3d District-Clarksville: College of the Ozarks Library (Rep. des.) (1925) Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Library (land-grant) (1907) Russellville: Arkansas Polytechnic College, Tomlinson Library (Sen. des.) (1925) One Representative vacancy 4th District-Arkadelphia: Ouachita Baptist University, Riley Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Magnolia: Southern State College, J. M. Peace Library (Rep. des.) (1956) Monticello: University of Arkansas at Monticello Library (Rep. des.) (1956) Pine Bluff: University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Library (land- grant) (pending) CALIFORNIA 1st District-Chico: Chico State University Library (Rep. des.) (1962) Redding: Shasta County Library (Rep. des.) (1956) 2d District-Arcata: Humboldt State College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Santa Rosa: Santa Rosa-Sonoma County Public Library (Rep. des.) (1896) 3d District-Sacramento: California State Library (law; State) (1895)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Sacramento County Law Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Sacramento State College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 4th District-Davis: University of California at Davis Library (Rep. des.) (1953) University of California at Davis, School of Law Library (Rep. des.) (1972) Sacramento: Sacramento City-County Library (Sen. des.) (1880) 5th District-San Francisco: University of San Francisco, Richard A. Gleeson Library (Rep. des.) (1963) San Rafael: Marin County Free Library (Rep. des.) (1975) 6th District-San Francisco: Mechanics' Institute Library (Rep, des.) (1889) San Francisco Public Library (Rep. des.) (1889) San Francisco State College, Social Science and Business Library (Rep. des.) (1955) Supreme Court of California Library (law; Court) (1972) U.S. Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit Library (law) (1971) 7th District-Pleasant Hill; Contra Costa County Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Richmond: Richmond Public Library (Rep, des.) (1943) 8th District--Berkeley ; University of California, Earl Warren Legal Center Law Library (Rep. des.) (1963) University of California, General Library (land-grant) (1907) Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 8 9 Oakland: Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP811Q9{A'Q.1,QQA9Q@&Public Library (Rep. des.) (1975) 10th 11th 12th 13th 15th 16th Mills College Library (Re des.) (1966) Oakland Public Library (Rep. des.) (1923) District-Hayward: California State College at Hayward Library (Rep. deg.) (1963) San Leandro: San Leandro Community Library Center (Rep. des.) (1961) District-San Jose: San Jose State College Library (Rep. des.) (1962) One Representative vacancy District-Menlo Park: U.S. Geological Survey Library (law) (1962) Redwood City: Redwood City Public Library. (Rep. des.) (1966) One Representative vacancy District-Stanford: Stanford University Libraries (Rep. des.) (1895) One Representative vacancy District-Santa Clara: University of Santa Clara, Qrradre Library (Rep. des.) (1963)? One Representative vacancy District-Stockton: Public Library of Stockton and San Joaquin County (Rep. des.) (1884) One Representative vacancy District-Turlock: Stanislaus State College Library (Rep. des.) (1964) One Representative vacancy District-Monterey: U.S. Naval Postgraduate School Library (law) (1963) San Luis Obispo: California State Polytechnic University Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Santa Cruz: University of California at Santa Cruz Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Fresno: Fresno County Free Library (Rep. des.) (1920) California State University Fresno Library (Rep. des.) (1962) Visalia: Tulare County Free Library (Rep. des.) (1967) District-Bakersfield: California State College, Bakersfield Library (Rep. des.) (1974) Kern County Library System (Rep. des.) (1943) Lancaster: Lancaster Regional Library (Rep. des.) (1967) District-Santa Barbara: University of California at Santa Barbara Library (Rep. des.) (1960) Ventura: Ventura County Library Services Agency (Rep. des.) (1975) District-(Thousand Oaks: California Lutheran College Library (Rep. des.) 31st 32d District-Los An eles: Loyola University of Los Angeles Library (Rep. des.) 1933) Torrance: Torrance Civic Center Library (Rep. des.) (1969) District-Culver City: Culver City Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Inglewood: Inglewood Public Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Los Angeles: University of Southern California Library (Rep. des.) (1933) District-Huntington Park: Huntington Park Library, San Antonio Region (Rep. des.) (1970) Los Angeles: Pepperdine University Library (Rep des ) (1963) . . District-Montebello: Montebello Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Monterey Park: Bruggemeyer Memorial Library (Res. des.) (1964) District-Compton: Compton Library (Rep. des.) (1972) Gardena: Gardena Public Library (Rep. des.) (1966) District-Carson: Carson Regional Library (Rep. des.) (1973) Dominguez Hills: California State College, Dominguez Hills, Educational Resources Center (Rep. des.) (1973) Long Beach: Long Beach Public Library (Rep. des) (1933) (1964) Valencia: Valencia Regional Library (Rep. des.) (1972) District-Northridge: California State University at Northridge Library (Rep. des.) (1958) Van Nuys: Los Angeles Valley College Library (Rep. des.) (1970) District-Pasadena : California Institute of Technology, Millikan Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1933) Pasadena Public Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Los Angeles: University of California at Los Angeles, Law Library (Rep. des.) (1958) University of California at Los Angeles Library (Sen. des.) (1932) Reseda: West Valley Regional Branch Library (Rep. des.) (1966) District--Los Angeles: Southwestern University School of Law Library (Rep. des,) (1975) One Representative vacancy 25th District-Los Angeles: California 13ta(e College at Los Angeles, John F, Kennedy Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1956) Los Angeles County Law Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Los Angeles Public Library (Rep, des.) (1891) Occidental College, Mary Norton Clapp Library (Rep. des.) (1941) District-Downey: Downey City Library (Rep. des.) (1963) I Norwalk: Los Cerritos Regional Library (Rep. des.) (1973) Whittier: Whittier College, Wardman Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Lakewood: Angelo lacoboni Public Library (Rep. des.) (1970) Lon Beach: California State College at Long Beach Library (Rep. des.) (1962) 35th District-Claremont: Pomona College Documents Collection, Honnold Li- brary (Rep. des.) (1913) Ontario: Ontario City Library (Rep. des.) (1974) Walnut: Mount San Antonio College Library (Rep. dep.) (1966) West Covina: West Covina Library (Rep. des.) (1966) 36th District-Riverside: Riverside Public Library (Rep. des.) (1947) University of California at Riverside Library (Rep. des.) (1G63) San Bernardino: San Bernardino County Free Library (Rep. des.) (1964) 37th District-Redlands: University of Redlands, Armacost Library (Rep. des.) (1933) One Representative vacancy 38th District-Garden Grove: Garden Grove Regional Library (Rep. des.) (1963) One Representative vacancy 39th District-Anaheim: Anaheim Public Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Fullerton: California State College at Fullerton Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 40th District-Irvine: University of California at Irvine Library (1963) Santa Ana: Orange County Law Library (Rep. des.) (1975) Santa Ana Public Library (Rep. des.) (1959) District--San Diego: San Diego County Library (Rep. des.) (1966) San Diego State University, Love Library (Rep. des.) (1962) University of San Diego, School of Law Library (Rep. des.) (1967) District-San Diego: San Diego County Law Library (Rep. des.) (1973) San Diego Public Library (Rep. des.) (1895) District-La Julia: Universit of California, San Diego, University Library (Sen, de4.) (1963 Two Representative vacancies CANAL. ZONE Balboa Heights: Canal Zone Library-Museum (law) (1963) Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 1st District-Denver: 11 Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 Colorado State Library (law; State) (unknown) Denver Public Library (Rep. des.) (1884)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Regis College, Dayton Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1915) University of Denver, Penrose Library (Rep. des.) (1909) U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Library (law) (1962) U.S. Court of Appeals for Tenth Circuit Library (law) (1973) 2d District-Boulder: University of Colorado Libraries (Sen. des.) (1879)- REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Golden: Colorado School of Mines, Arthur Lakes Library (Rep. des.) (1939) Jefferson County Public Library, Bonfils-Stanton Regional Library (Rep. des.) (1968) 3d District-Alainosa: Adams State College, Learning Resources Center (Rep. des.) (1963) Gunnison: Western State College, Leslie J. Savage Library (Rep. des.) (1932) La Junta: Otero Junior College, Wheeler Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Pueblo: Pueblo Regional Library (Rep. des.) (1893) University of Southern Colorado Library (Rep. des.) (1965) 4th District-Fort Collins: Colorado State University Library (land-grant) (1907) Grand Junction: Mesa County Public Library (Rep. des.) (1975) Greeley: University of Northern Colorado Library (Sen. des.) (1966) One Representative vacancy 5th District-Colorado Springs: Colorado College, Charles Learning Tutt Library (Sen. des.) (1880) U.S. Air Force Academy, Academy Library (law) (1956) University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Library (Rep. des.) (1974) One Representative vacancy CONNECTICUT let District-Hartford: Connecticut State Library (law; State) (unknown)-RE- GIONAL DEPOSITORY Hartford Public Library (Rep. des.) (1945) Trinity College Library (Rep. des.) (1895) 2d District-Danielson: Quinebaug Valley Community College Library (Sen. des.) (1968) Middletown: Wesleyan University, Olin Library (Sen. des.) (1906) Mystic: Marine Ilistorical Association, Inc., G. W. Blunt White Library (Rep. des.) (1964) New London: Connecticut College Library (Rep. des.) (1926) U.S. Coast Guard Academy Library (law) (1939) Storrs: University of Connecticut, Wilbur Cross Library (land- grant) (1907) 3d District-New Haven: Southern Connecticut State College Library (Rep. des.) (1968) Yale University, Sterling Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1859) West Haven: University of Now Haven Library (Sen, des.) (1971) 4th District-Bridgeport: Bridgeport Public Library (Rep, des.) (1884) Stamford; Stamford Public Library (Rep. des.) (1973) District-Danbury: Western Connecticut State College Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Waterbury: Silas Bronson Library (Sen. des.) (1869) One Representative vacancy District-Enfield: Enfield Central Library (Rep. des.) (1967) New Britian: Central Connecticut State College, Elihu Burritt Library (Rep. des.) (1973) Dover: Delaware State College, William C. Jason Library (land-grant) (1962) State Department of Community Affairs and Economic Development Divi- sion of Libraries (Rep. des.) (1972) State Law Library in Kent County (law; State) (unknown) Georgetown: Delaware Technical and Community College, Southern Branch Library (Sen. des.) (1968) Newark: University of Delaware, Morris Library (land-grant) (1907) Wilmington: New Castle County Law Library (Sen. des.) (1974) Wilmington Institute and New Castle County Library (Sen. des.) (1861) At Large-One Representative vacancy Senatorial-One vacancy (Class II). See note on page 5. DISTRICT or COLUMBIA Washington: Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Library (law) (1972) Civil Aeronautics Board Library (law) (1974) Department of Commerce Library (Printing act) (1895) Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Library (Printing act) (1895) Department of Housing and Urban Development Library (law) (1969) Department of Interior Central Library (Printing act) (1895) Department of Justice Main Library (Printing act) (1895) Department of Labor Library (law) (1976) Department of State Library (Printing act) (1895) Department of State, Office of Legal Adviser, Law Library (law) (1966) Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Adminis- tration Library (law) (1968) District of Columbia Public Library (law) (1943) Federal City College Library (land-grant) (1970) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Library (law) (1972) Federal Election Commission Library (law) (1975) General Accounting Office Library (law) (1974) General Services Administration Library (law) (1975) Georgetown University Library (Commissioner) (1969) Indian Claims Commission Library (law) (1968) National War College Library (Printing act) (1895) Navy Department Library (rinting act) (1895) Office of Management and Budget Library, Executive Office of the President (law) (1965) Office of the Adjutant General, Department of Army Library (law) (1969) Office of the Judge Advocate General Library, Department of Navy (law) (1963) Treasury Department Library (Printing act) (1895) U.S. Civil Service Commission Library (law) (1963) U.S. Court of Appeals, Judge's Library (law; Court) (1975) U.S. Postal Service Library (Printing act) (1895) Veterans Administration, Central Doles Library (law) (1962) One Mayoral vacancy FLORIDA let District-Pensacola: University of West Florida, John C. (Rep, des.) (1966) One Representative vacancy Districy- Gainesville, University of Florida Libraries (land-grant) (1907)- U1'/GIUNAL DEPOSITORY Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 7th 8th 9th 13 Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP&'1M100980P ,1900090036-4 ~-Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Coleman Memorial Library (land-grant) (1936) Florida State University, R. M. Strozier Library (Rep. des.) (1941) Florida Supreme Court Library (law; Court) (1974) State Library of Florida (law; State) (1929) One Representative vacancy District-Jacksonville : Haydon Burns Library (Rep. des.) (1914) Jacksonville University, Swisher Library (Rep. des.) (1982) University of North Florida Library (Sen. des.) (1972) District-Da tona Beach: Volusia County Public Libraries (Rep. des.) (1963) DeLand: Stetson University, duPont-Ball Library (Sen. des.) (1887) Palatka: St. Johns River Junior College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Clearwater: Clearwater Public Library (Rep. des.) (1972) Leesburg: Lake-Sumter Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg Public Library (Rep des.) (1965) Stetson University, College of Law Library (Rep. des.) (1975) District-Tampa: Tampa Public Library (Rep. des.) (1965) University of South Florida Library (Sen. des.) (1962) University of Tampa, Merl Kelce Library (Rep. des.) (1953) District-Lakeland: Lakeland Public Library (Rep. des.) (1928) Sarasota: Sarasota Public Library (Rep. des.) (1970) District-Melbourne: Florida Institute of Technology Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Orlando: Florida Technological University Library (Sen. des.) (1966) Winter Park: Rollins College, Mills Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1909) 10th District-Ft. Pierce: Indian River Community College (Rep. des.) (1975) Port Charlotte: Charlotte County Library System (Rep. des.) (1973) One Representative vacancy 11th District-Boca Raton: Florida Atlantic University Library (Rep. des.) (1963) One Representative vacancy 12th District-Fort Lauderdale: Broward County Library at Fort Lauderdale (Rep. des.) (1967) Nova University Library (Rep. des.) (1967) 13th District-Opa Locka: Biscayne College Library (Rep. des.) (1966) One Representative vacancy 14th District-Two Representative vacancies 15th District-Coral Gables: University of Miami Library (Rep. des.) (1939) Miami: Florida International University Library (Rep. des.) (1970) Miami Public Library (Rep. des.) (1952)) E ory8University, Robert W. Woodruff Library (Sen. des.) Emory University, School of Law Library (Rep. desLe.) (1968) Decatur: Dekaib Community College-South Campus, arning Resources Center (Rep. des.) (1973) 5th District-Atlanta: Atlanta Public Library (Rep. des.) (1880) Atlanta University, Trevor Arnett Library (Sen. des.) (1962) Georgia Institute of Technology, Price Gilbert Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Georgia State Library (law; State) (unknown) Georgia State University Library (Rep. des.) (1970) 6th District-Carrollton: West Georgia ollege, Sanford Library (Rep. des.) (1962) One Representative vacancy 7th District-Marietta: Kennesaw Junior College Library (Rep. des.) (1968) Mount Berry: Berry College, Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1970) 8th District-Macon: Mercer University, Stetson Memorial Library (Res. des.) (1964) Milledgeville: Georgia College at Milledgeville, Ina Dillard Russell Library (Rep. des.) (1950) 9th District--Dahlonega: North Georgia College Library (Rep. des.) (1939) Gainesville: Chestatee Regional Library (Rep. des.) (1968) 10th District-Athens: University of Georgia Libraries (land-grant) (1907) Augusta: Augusta College Library (Rep. des.) (1962) One Representative vacancy GUAM Agana: Nieves M. Flores Memorial Library (law) (1962) HAwAtt District-Honolulu: Chaminade College of Honolulu Library (Rep. des.) (1965) Hawaii Medical Library, Inc. (Rep. des.) (1968) Hawaii State Library (law; State) (1929) Muncipial Reference Library of the City and County of Honolulu (Sen. des.) (1965) Supreme Court Law Library (law; Court) (1973) University of Hawaii Library (land-grant) (1907) District-Hilo: University of Hawaii, Hilo Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1962) Laie: Church ollege of Hawaii Woolley Librar (Sen. des.) (1964) Lihue: Kauai Public Library 'Sen. des.) (1967) Pearl City: Leeward Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Wailuku: Maui Public Library (Sen. des.) (1962) IDAHO District-Boise: Boise Public Library and Information Center (Rep. des.) (1929) Boise State College Library (Sen. des.) (1966) Idaho State Law Library (law; State) (unknown) Idaho State Library (Sen. des.) (1971) Caldwell: College of Idaho Terteling Library (Rep. des.) (1930) Moscow: University of Idaho Library (land-grant) (1907)- GEOROIA REGIONAL DEPOSITORY 1st District-Brunswick: Brunswick Public Library (Rep. des.) (1965) 2d District-Pocatello: Idaho State University Library (Sen. des.) (1908) Savannah: Savannah Public and Chatham-Effingham-Liberty Rexbur Ricks College, David O. McKay Library (Sen, des.) ) (1857) (1946 des (Re l Libra i R . p. ry ona eg Statesboro: Georgia Southern College, Rosenwald Library (Sen. Twin Falls: College of Southern Idaho Library (Rep. des.) des.) (1939) One Representative vacancy 2d District- Valdosta: aldosta State Library Richard) Holmes Powell Library let District--Chicago: ILLINOIS (Rep. des.) (1956) 3d District-Americus: Georgia Southwestern College, James Earl Carter John Crerar Library (Rep. des.) (1909) Library (Rep. des.) (1966) University of Chicago Law Library (Rep. des.) (1964) U 1900090 36-4 o Library (Rep, dee.)(1897) Columbus: Columbus College, roved For Rele se 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81M00980R00 Library (Rep. des.) (1975) App 2d District-Two Representative vacancies 3d District-Two Representative vacancies Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M0098OR001900090036-4 15 4th District-Palos Hills: Moraine Valley Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1972) One Representative vacancy 5th District-Chicago: Chicago State University Library (Rep. des.) (1954) One Representative vacancy 6th District-Oak Park: Oak Park Public Library (Rep. des.)(1963) River Forest: Rosary College Library (Rep. des.) (1968) 7th District-Chica o: Chicago Public Library (Rep. des.) (1876) Field Museum of Natural History Library (Sen. des.) (1963) University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1957) 8th District-Chicago: DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1975) One Representative vacancy 9th District-Chicago: Loyola University of Chicago, E. M. Cudahy Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1966) One Representative vacancy 10th District-Evanston: Northwestern University Library (Rep. des.)(1876) One Representative vacancy 11th District-Chicago: Northeastern Illinois University Library (Rep. des.) (1961) One Representative vacancy 12th District-Two Representative vacancies 13th District-Lake Forest: Lake Forest College, Donnelley Library (Rep. des.) (1962) Woodstock: Woodstock Public Library (Rep. des.)(1963) 14th District-Lisle: Illinois Benedictine College, Theodore F. Lownik Library (Rep. des.) (1911) Wheaton: Wheaton College Library (Rep. des.)(1964) 15th District-De Kalb: Northern Illinois University, Swen Franklin Parson Library (Rep. des.)(1960) Oglesby: Illinois Valley Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1976) 16th District-Freeport: Freeport Public Library (Rep. dee.)(1905) Rockford: Rockford Public Library (Rep. des.)(unknown) 17th District-Kankakee: Olivet Nazarene College, Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1948) Lockport: Lewis University Library (Sen. des.) (1952) Park Forest South: Governors State University Library (Rep. des.) (1974) 18th District-Galesburg: Galesburg Public Library (Rep. des.)(1896) Peoria:' Bradley University, Cullom Davis Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Peoria Public Library (Rep. des.) (1883) 19th District-Macomb: Western Illinois University Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1962) Moline: Black Hawk College, Learning Resources Center (Rep des.) (1970) Monmouth: Monmouth College Library (Rep. des.) (1860) 20th District-Carlinville: Blackburn College Library (Rep. des) (1954) Elsah: Principia College, Marshall Brooks Library (Rep. des.) (1957) Jacksonville: MacMurray College, Henry Pfeiffer Library (Rep. des.) (1929) Springfield: Illinois State Library (law; State) (unknown)- REGIONAL DEPOSITORY 21st District--Bloomington; Illinois Wesleyan University Libraries (Rep, des.) (1964) Champaign: University of Illinois Law Library, College of Law (Rep, des.) (1965) Decatur; Decatur Public Library (Rep. des.) (1954) Normal: Illinois State University, Milner Library (Sen, des.) (1877) Urbana: University of Illinois Library (land-grant) (1907) District-Charleston: Eastern Illinois University, Booth Library (Rep. des.) (1962) Mt. Carmel: Wabash Valley College Library, Media Center (Rep. des.) (1975) District-Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University, Lovejoy Library (Rep. des.) (1959) Lebanon: McKendree College, Holman Library (Rep. (1968) District-Carbondale: Southern Illinois University, Morris Library des.) (1932) Carterville: Shawnee Library System (Rep. des.) (1971) INDIANA District- Gary: Gary Public Library (Rep. des.) (1943) des.) (Rep. Indiana University, Northwest Campus Library (Sen. des.) (1966) Hammond: Hammond Public Library (Rep. des.) (1964) 6th 7th District-Lafayette: Purdue University Library (land-grant) (1907) Rensselaer: St. Joseph's College Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Valparaiso: Valparaiso University, Moellering Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1930) District-Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame, Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1883) South Bend: Indiana University at South Bend Library (Rep. des.) (1965) District-Fort Wayne: Indiana-Purdue University Regional Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1965) Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County (Rep. des.) (1896) Huntington: Huntington College Library (Rep. des.) (1964) District-Anderson: Anderson College, Charles E. Wilson Library (Rep. des.) (1959) Indianapolis: Butler University, Irwin Library (Rep. des.) (1965) Kokomo: Indiana University, Kokomo Regional Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1969) District-Franklin: Franklin College Library (Rep. des.) (pending) One Representative vacancy District-Bloomington: Indiana University Library (Rep. des.) (1881) Crawfordsville: Wabash College, Lilly Library (Rep. des.) (1906) Greencastle: De Pauw University, Roy 0. West Library (Sen. des.) (1879) Terre Haute: Indiana State University, Cunningham Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1906) District-Evansville: Evansville and Vanderburgh County Public Library (Rep. des.) (1928) Indiana State University, Evansville Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1969) District-Hanover: Hanover College Library (Rep. des.) (1892) New Albany: Indiana University, Southeastern Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1965) 10th District-Muncie: Ball State University Library (Sen. des.) (1959) Muncie Public Library (Rep. des.) (1906) Richmond: Earlham College, Lilly Library (Sen. des.) (1964) Morriaon-Reeves Library (Rep. des,) (1906) 11th District-Indianapolis: Indiana State Library (law; State) (unknown)-RECIQNAL DEPOSITORY Indimm Supremo Court Law Library (law; Court) (1975) Indiana University, Law Library (Rep, des.) (1087) Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library (Rep, des.) (1967) Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 IowA Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDR81 MQG9Z0 FAQ liVMQ0 sL4rn Kentucky University, Cravens Graduate District-Davenport: Davenport Public Library (Rep. des.) (1973) Grinnell: Grinnell College, Burling Library (Rep. des.) (1874) Iowa City: University of Iowa, Law Library (Sen. des.) (1968) University of Iowa Library (Rep. des.) (1884)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY District-Dubuque: Carnegie-Stout Public Library (Sen. des.) (unknown) Loras College, Wablert Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1967) Mount Vernon: Cornell College, Russell D. Cole Library (Rep. des.) (1896) Fayette: Upper Iowa College, Henderson-Wilder Library (Rep. des.) (1974) District-Cedar Falls: University of Northern Iowa Library (Rep. des.) (1946) One Representative vacancy District-Des Moines: Drake University, Cowles Library (Sen. des.) (1966) Drake University Law Library (Rep. des.) (1972) Iowa State Traveling Library (law; State) (unknown) Public Library of Des Moines (Rep. des.) (1888) District-Ames: Iowa State University of Science and Technology Library (land-grant) (1907) Council Bluffs: Free Public Library (Rep. des.) (1885) Iowa Western Community College, Hoover Media Library (Rep. des.) (1972) Lamoni: Graceland College, Frederick Madison Smith Library (Rep. des.) (1927) District-Orange City: Northwestern College, Ramaker Library (Rep. des.) (1970) Sioux City: Sioux City Public Library (Rep. des.) (1894) KANSAS District-Colby: Colby Community Junior College Library (Sen. des.) (1968) Hays: Fort Hays Kansas State College, Forsyth Library (Rep. des.) (1926) Salina: Kansas Wesleyan University, Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1930) District-Atchison: Benedictine College Library (Rep. des.) (1965) Manhattan: Kansas State University, Farrell Library (land- grant) (1907) Topeka: Kansas State Historical Society Library (Sen. des.) (1877) Kansas State Library (law; State) (unknown) Kansas Supreme Court Law Library (law; Court) (1975) Washburn University of Topeka, Law Library (Rep. des.) (1971) District-Baldwin City: Baker University Library (Rep. des.) (1908) Lawrence: University of Kansas, Watson Library (Sen. des.) (1869) University of Kansas Law Library (Rep. des.) (1971) District-Hutchinson: Hutchinson Public Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Wichita: Wichita State University Library (Rep. des.) (1901) I)istricf-1:nipuria : I';utsas State ro-acllvrs Library (Rep. des.) (1909) Pittsburg: Kansas State College (Rep. des.) (1952) KFNTgQB! of Pittsburg, Porter Library 4th 5th Center and Library (Rep. des.) (1934) Owensboro: Kentucky Wesleyan College Library (Rep. des.) (1966) District-Louisville: Louisville Free Public Library (Rep. des.) (1904) University of Louisville, Belknap Campus Library (Sen. des.) (1925) University of Louisville Law Library, Belknap Campus (Rep. des.) (1975) District-Covington: Thomas More College Library (Rep. des.) (1970) One Representative vacancy District-Barbourville: Union College, Abigail E. Weeks Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1958) Richmond: Eastern Kentucky University, John Grant Crabbe Library (Rep. des.) (1966) District-Danville: Centre College, Grace Doherty Library (Rep. des.) (1884) Frankfort: Kentucky Department of Libraries (Sen. des.) (1967) Kentucky State University, Blazer Library (land-grant) (1972) State Law Library (law; State) (unknown) Hi bland Highland des.) (1973) Lexington: University of Kentucky, Law Library (Sen. des.) (1968) University of Kentucky Margaret 1. King Library (land- O grant) (1907)-REGI NAL DEPOSITORY District-Ashland: Ashland Public Library (Rep. des.) (1946) Morehead: Morehead State University, Johnson Camden Library (Sen. des.) (1955) Pikeville: Pikeville College Library (Rep. des.) (1947) LOUISIANA District-New Orleans: Isaac Delgado College, Moss Technical Library (Rep. des.) (1968) University of New Orleans Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Southern University in New Orleans Library (Rep. des.) (1962) District-New Orleans: Law Library of Louisiana (law; Court) (unknown) Loyola University Library (Rep. des.) (1942) New Orleans Public Library (Sen. des.) (1883) Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1942) U.S. Court of Appeals for Fifth Circuit Library (law) (1973) One Representative vacancy District-Thibodaux: Francis T. Nicholls State University, Leonidas Polk Library (Rep. des.) (1962) One Representative vacancy District-Shreveport : Louisiana State University at Shreveport Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Shreve Memorial Library (Rep des ) (1923) . . District-Monroe: Northeast Louisiana University, Sandell Library (Rep. des,) (1963) Natchitoches: Northwestern State University, Watson Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1887) Ruston; Louisiana Technical University Prescott Memorial Library (Rep. des,) (1896).-RG(IION AL' DEPOSITORY . District-Baton Rouge; Louisiana State Library (law; State) (penthn ) Louisiana State University Law Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Louisiana State University Library (land-grant) (1(J07)-- REGIONAL DEPOSITORY 1st 1)istrit?t -i1,upkinsville: Iiupkinsv'ille (:nnununit.y College Library (luus.) (1976) \lurray : \lurr:t3 Slaft I lilversif,t Library (Itch. des.) (192.1) Southern University Library (land-grant) (1952) Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M0098~~1~ irn Louisiana University, Sims Memorial Rockville: Montgomery County Department of Public Librari.. 7th District-Eunice: Louisiana State University at Eunice Dour kibrary - (Rep. deal (1969) Approve(5 or a ease 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980Q{ ft ~)- e,t?cy. Lafayette: University of Southwestern Louisiana Library (Rep. des.) (1938) Lake Charles: McNeese State University, Frazar Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1941) 8th District-Pineville: Louisiana Colle e, Richard W. Norton Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1969) One Representative vacancy Senatorial-One vacancy (Class II). See note on page 5. MAINE 1st District-Augusta: Maine Law and Legislative Reference Library (law; Court) (1973) Maine State Library (law; State) (unknown) Brunswick: Bowdoin College, Hawthorne-Longfellow Library (Sen. des.) (1884) Portland: Portland Public Library (Rep. des.?,, (1884) University of Maine Law Library en. des.) (1964) S ringvale: Nasson College Library (Sen. des.) (1961) Waterville: Colby College Library (Rep. des.) (1884) 2d District-Bangor: Bangor Public Library (Rep. des.) (1884) Castine: Maine Maritime Academy, Nutting Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1969) Lewiston: Bates College Library (Rep. des.) (1883) Orono: University of Maine, Raymond H. ogler Library (land-grant) (1907)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY MARYLAND 1st District-Bel Air: Harford Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Chestertown : Washington College, Clifton M. Miller Library (Rep. des.) (1891) Patuxent River: U.S. Naval Air Station Library (law) (1968) Salisbury: Salisbury State College, Blackwell Library (Rep. des.) (196:1) 2d District-Baltimore: University of Maryland, Baltimore County Library (Sen des.) (1971) Towson: Coucher College, Julia Rogers Library (Rep. des.) (1066) One Representative vacancy 3d District-Baltimore: Enoch Pratt Free Library (Sen. des.) (1887) Johns Hopkins University, Milton S. Eisenhower Library (Sen. des.) (1882) Morgan State College, Soper Library (Rep. des.) (19-10) University of Maryland, School of Law Librury (Rep. des.) (1969) 4th District-Annapolis: Maryland State Library (law; State) (unknown) U.S. Naval Academy, Niinitz Library (law) (1895) Two Representative vacauoios 5th District:-Hellsville: 1teparinivot of Agrienlturo, Na'ional Agricultural library (Printing:iel) College Park: I'niversity of Maryland, McKeldin Library (land- grant) (1925) --HI?(.;IONA I, UEPOSITOIt1" Two liopt?osentativo vacancies 6th District-Cumberland: Allegheny Community College Library (Sen. des.) (1971) Frostburg: Frostburg State ('allege Library (Rely. des.) (1967) West.tnbaster; Western .)I1 irylavd College Library (Rep. des.) (185(1) 7th District-Baltimore; University of Ilaltinlore, Langsdale Library (Rep. des) (1973) One R'itresentative vac8ney silk I) slriet -t;er)u;uttown: I'.S. Energy Research and Developtnettt Ad- tuinistrallou Library (law) (19(13) 6th 7th 11th 12th MASSACHUSETTS District-Amherst : Amherst College Library (Rep. des.) (1884) University of Massachusetts, Goodell Library (land-grant) (1907) Williamstown: Williams College Library (Rep. des.) (unknown) District-Chicopee: Our Lady of the Elms College Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Springfield: Springfield City Library (Sen. des.) (19,66) One Representative vacancy District-Marlborough: Marlborough Public Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Worcester : American Antiquarian Society Library (law) (1814) University of Massachusetts, Medical Center Library (Rep. des.) (1972) Worcester Public Library (Rep. des.) (1859) District-Brookline: Public Library of Brookline (Rep. des.) (1925) Newton: Boston College, Bapst Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Waltham: Brandeis University, Goldfarb Library (Rep. des.) (1965) District-Lowell: Lowell Technological Institute, Alumni Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1952) Wilmington: Wilmington Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1971) District-Lynn: Lynn Public Library (Res. des.) (1953) Wenham: Gordon College, Winn Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Medford: Tufts University Library (Sen. des.) (1899) Two Representative vacancies District-Belmont: Belmont Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1968) Cambridge: Harvard College Library Sen. des.) (1860) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries (land-grant) (1946) One Representative vacancy District-Boston: Boston Athenaeum Library (Rep. des.) (unknown) Boston Public Library (Rep. des.) (1859)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Northeastern University, Robert G. Dodge Library (Rep. des.) (1962) State Library of Massachusetts (law; State) (unknown) District-North Easton: Stonchill College, Cushing-Martin Library (Rep. des.) (1962) Wellesley: Wellesley College Library (Rep. des.) (1943) District-Milton: Currey College Library (Rep. des.) (1972) One Representative vacancy District-New Bedford: New Bedford Free Public Library (Rep. des.) (1858) North Dartmouth: Southeastern Massachusetts University Library (Rep, des.) (1965) MICHIGAN District-Detroit: Marygrove College Library (Rep. des.) (1965) University of Detroit Library (Rep. des.) (1884) District-Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, Harlan Hatcher Library (Rep. des.) (1884) Livonia: Sehooleraft College Library (Rep. des). (1962) Monroe: Monroe County Library System (Rep. des.) (1974) District---Albion: Albion College, Stockwell Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Kalamazoo: Kalamazoo Library System (Sen. des.) (1907) Western Michigan University, Dwight B. Waldo Library (Sell, den.) (1963) Olivet; Olivet College Library (Rep, des.) (1974) Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 20 21 Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 LL District-Benton Harbor: Benton Harbor Public Library (Rep. des.) (1907) 3d District-Minneapolis: Southdale-Hennepin Area Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Dowagiac: Southwestern Michigan College Library (Rep. des.) One Representative vacancy (1971) 4th District-St. Paul: h District-Grand Rapids: Minnesota Historical Society Library (Rep des.) (1887) Calvin College Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Minnesota State Law Library (law; State) (unknown) Grand Rapids Public Library (Rep. des.) (1876) St. Paul Public Library (Sen. des.) (1914) i District-Ann Arbor: Great Lake3 Basin Commission Library (law) (1971) University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus Library (Rep. East Lansing: des.) (1974) Michigan State University Law Library (Rep. des.) (1971) 5th District-Minneapolis: Michigan State University Library (land-grant) (1907) Minneapolis Public Library (Rep. des.) (1893) Jackson: Jackson Public Library (Rep. des.) (1965) University of Minnesota, Wilson Library (land-grant) Lansin Michigan State Librar (law; State) (unknown)- (1907)-REGIONAL DPOSITORY REGIONAL DEPOSITORY' One Representative vacancy Ypsilanti: Eastern Michigan University Library (Rep. des.) 6th District-Collegeville: St. John's University, Alcuin Library (Rep. des.) 1954) (1965) h District--Flint: St. Cloud: St. Cloud State College Library (Sen. des.) (1962) Charles Stewart Mott Library (Rep. des.) (1959) Willmar: Crow River Regional Library (Rep des.) (1958) Flint Public Library (Rep. des.) (1967) 7th District-Bemidji: Bemidji State College, A. C. Clark Library (Rep. des.) h District-Saginaw: Hoyt Public Library (Rep. des.) (1890) (1963) University Center: Delta College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Moorhead: Moorhead State College Library (Rep. des.) (1956) h District-Allendale: Grand Valley State College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Morris: University of Minnesota at Morris Library (Sen. des.) Muskegon: Hackley Public Library (Rep. des.) (1894) (1963) th District-Alma: Alma College, Monteith Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 8th District-Duluth: Duluth Public Library (Rep. des.) (1909) Mount Pleasant: Central Michigan University Library (Rep. des.) Minneapolis: Anoka County Library (Rep. des.) (1971) (1958) Traverse City: Northwestern Michigan College, Mark Osterlin Mississippi Library (Rep. des.) (1964) 1st District-University: th District-Escanaba: Michigan State Library, Upper Peninsula Branch University of Mississippi, School of Law Library (Rep. des.) (Rep. des.) (1964) (1987) Houghton: Michigan Technological University Library (Rep. University of Mississippi Library (Rep. des.) (1883)- des.) (1876) REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Marquette: Northern Michigan University, Olson Library (Sen. 2d District-Cleveland: Delta State University, W. B. Roberts Library (Rep. des.) (1963) des.) (1975) Petoskey: North Central Michigan College Library (Rep. des.) Columbus: Mississippi State College for Women, J. C. Fant (1962) Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1929) th District-Mount Clemens: Macomb County Library (Rep. des.) (1968) State College: Mississippi State University, Mitchell Memorial Port Huron: Saint Clair County Library System (Rep. des.) Library (land-grant) (1907) (1876) 3d District-Two Representative vacancies th District-Detroit: 4th District-Jackson: Detroit Public Library (Sen. des.) (1868)-REGIONAL Jackson State College Library (Rep. des.) (1968) DEPOSITORY Millsaps College, Millsaps-Wilson Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Wayne State University Law Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Mississippi Library Commission (Sen. des.) (1947) Wayne State Uni%rrsity, G. Flint Purdy Library (Kell. ties.) Mississippi State Law Library (law; State) (unknown) (1937) Lorman: Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College Library th District-Two Representative vacancies (land-grant) (1970) th District-Wayne: Wayne County Public Library (Rep. des.) (1957) One Representative vacancy One Representative vacancy 5th District-Hattiesburg: University of Southern Mississippi Library (Rep. th District-Dearborn: des.) (1935) Henry Ford Centennial Library (Rep. des.) (1969) One Representative vacancy Henry Ford Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1957) Senatorial-Two vacancies (one Class I and one Class II). See note on page 5. th District-Detroit: Mercy College of Detroit Library (Rep. des.) (1965) Missoula Farmington: Oakland Community College, Martin Luther King It District-St. Louis: Learning Resources Center (Rep. des.) (1968) University of Missouri at St. Louis, Thomas Jefferson nth District-Warren: Warren Public Library, Arthur J. Miller Branch (Rep. Library (Rep. des.) (1966) des.) (1073) One Representative vacancy Washin ton University, John M. Olin Library (Rep. des.) (1906 th District-Bloomfield Hills: Cranbrook Institute of Science Library (Rep. 2d District-St. Louis: St. Louis County Library (Rep. des.) (1970) des.) (1940) y Rochester: Oakland University, Kresge Library (Rep. des.) (1964) One Representative vacancy 3d District-St. Louis: MINNECOTA St. Louis Public Library (Rep. des.) (1866) t District-Northfield: St. Louis University, Law Library (Rep, des.) (1967) Carleton College Library (Sen. des.) (1930) St. Louis University, Pius XII Memorial Library (Sen. des.) St.Olaf College, Rolvaag Memorial Library (Rep, des.) (1930) (1066) Stillwater; Stillwater Public Library (Rep, des.) (1893) V.S. Court of Appeal$ for Eighth Circuit Library (law) Winona : %Viuolta Male llnlya l;si{y, ~(uxlt'i it LiJ rtir}' { i{ell, (Jes,) (1972) (1b(9) 4th District-Fayette: Central Methodist College Library (Re des.) (1962) District-Mankato; Mankato State College, Memoq%VkVftEl( 1$ ass 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 MOO j ,0~ ' ouri State College, Ward Edwards (1962) 4) saint Peter: c tistavua t!091pltuo College Library (Rep, doss.) (1941) 23 Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 5th District-Kansas City: Kansas City Public Library (Rep. des.) (1881) Rockhurst College, Greenlease Library (Sen. des.) (1917) University of Missouri at Kansas City, General Library (Rep. des.) (1938) 6th District-Kirksville: Northeast Missouri State College, Pickier Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1966) Liberty: William Jewell College Library (Rep. des.) (1900) St. Joseph: St. Joseph Public Library (Rep. des.) (1891) 7th District-Joplin: Missouri Southern State College Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Springfield: Drury College, Walker Library (Rep. des.) (1874) Southwest Missouri State College Library (Sen. des.) (1963) 8th District-Columbia: University of Missouri Library (land-grant) (1862) Jefferson City: Lincoln University, Inman E. Page Library (land-grant) (1944) Missouri State Library (law; State) (1963) Missouri Supreme Court Library (law; Court) (unknown) Rolla: University of Missouri at Rolla Library (law) (1907) Union: East Central Junior College (Rep. des.) (pending) One Representative vacany 9th District-Fulton: Westminster College, Reeves Library (Rep des.) (1875) St. Charles:- Lindenwood College, Margaret Leggat Butler Library (Rep. des.) (1973) 10th District-Cape Girardeau: Southeast Missouri State College, Kent Library (Rep. des.) (1916) One Representative vacancy MONTANA 1st District-Bozeman: Montana State University Library (land-grant) (1907) Butte: Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology Library (Sen. des.) (1901) Helena: Carroll College Library (Rep. des.) (1974) Montana Historical Society Library (law; State) (unknown) Montana State Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Missoula: University of Montana Library (Sen. des.) (1909)- REGIONAL DEPOSITORY 2d District-Billings: Eastern Montana College Library (Rep. des.) (1958) One Representative vacancy Senatorial-Two vacancies (one Class I and one Class II). See note on page 5. NEBRASKA District-Crete: Doane College, Whitin Library (Rep. des.) (1944) Fremont: Midland Lutheran College Library (Rep. des.) (1924) Lincoln: Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse, Nebraska Library Coin mission (Sen. des.) (13)72)--lU (;IONAL DEPOS- ITORY Nebraska State Library (law; State) (unknown) University of Nebraska, Don L. Love 'Memorial Library (land-grant) (1007) Wayne: Wayne State College, U.S. Conn Library (Sen. des.) (1970) District-Blair: Dana College, Dana-LIFE Library (Rep. des.) (1924) Omaha: Creighton University, Alumni Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Omaha Public Library (Sen. des.) (1880) University of Nebraska at Omaha, Gene Eppley Library (Sen. des.) (1939) District-Kearney: Kearney State College, Calvin T. Ryan Library (Rep. Nevada State Library (law; State) (unknown) Nevada Supreme Court Library (law; Court) (1073) Las Vegas: Clark County Library District (Rep. des.) (1974) University of Nevada at Las Vegas, James R. Dickinson Library (Sen. des.) (1959) Reno: Nevada State Historical Society Library (Rep. des.) (1974) University of Nevada Library (Land-grant) (1907)-REGIONAL DE- POSITORY Senatorial-Three vacancies (one Class I and two Class III). See note on page 5. NEW HAMPSHIRE 1st District-Durham: University of New Hampshire Library (land-grant) (1907) Manchester: Manchester City Library (Sen. des.) (1884) New Hampshire College, Shapiro Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (pending) St. Anslem's College, Geisel Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 2d District-Concord: Franklin Pierce Law Center Library (Sen. des.) (1973) New Hampshire State Library (law; State) (unknown) Franconia: Franconia College Library (Sen. des.) (1972) Hanover: Dartmouth College, Baker Library (Rep. des.) (1884) Henniker: New England College Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Nashua: Nashua Public Library (Sen. des.) (1971) 6th 7th 8th 9th NEW JERSEY District-Camden: Rutgers University-Camden Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Glassboro: Glassboro State College, Savitz Learning Resource Center (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Bridgeton: Cumberland County Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Pomona: Stockton State College Library (Rep. des. ) (1972) Toms River: Ocean County College, Learning Resources Center (Rep. des.) (1966) District-Shrewsbury: Monmouth County Library (Rep. des.) (1968) West Long Branch: Monmouth College, Guggenheim Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Lawrenceville: Rider College Library (Rep. des.) (1975) Princeton: Princeton University Library (Rep. des.) (1884) Trenton: New Jersey State Library, Law & Reference Bureau, Depart- ment of Education (law; State) (unknown) Trenton Free Public Library (Sen. des.) (1902) District-Convent Station: College of Saint Elizabeth, Mahoney Library (Sen. des.) (1938) Madison: Drew University, Rose Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1939) One Representative vacancy District-Mount Holly: Burlington County Library (Rep. des.) (1966) One Representative vacancy District-Hackensack: Johnson Free Public Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Mahwah; Ramapo College Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Teaneck; Fairleigh Dickinson University Library, Teaneck Campus (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Passaic; Passaic Public Library (Rep, des.) (1964) Wayne: Wayne Public Library (Repdes.) (1972) District-Rutherford: Fairleigli Dickinson University, Messier Library (Rep. des.) (1953) One Representative vacancy 10th District--East Orange: East Orange Public Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Scottsbluff: Scottsbluff Public Librptp6 Qe 00VLlease 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R00 Library (Rep. des.) (1906)--REGIONAL IY 25 Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 Rutgers-the State University, John Cotton Dana Library (Sen. des.) (1966) 11th District-Bloomfield: Free Public Library of Bloomfield (Rep. des.) (1965) Irvington: Free Public Library of Irvington (Rep. des.) (1960) South Orange: Seton Hall University, McLaughlin Library (Rep. des.) (1947) Upper Montclair: Montclair State College, Harry A. Sprague Library (Rep. des.) (1967) 12th District-Elizabeth: Free Public Library of Elizabeth (Rep. des.) (1895) Plainfield: Plainfield Public Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Union: Kean College of New Jersey, Nancy Thompson Library (Rep. des.) (1973) 13th District-Dover: County College of Morris Library (Rep. des.) (1975) Phillipsburg: Phillipsburg Free Public Library (Rep. des.) (pend- ing) 14th District-Bayonne: Bayonne Free Public Library (Rep. des.) (1909) Jersey City: Free Public Library of Jersey City (Rep. des.) (1879) Jersey City State College, Forrest A. Irwin Library (Sen. des.) (1963) 15th District-New Brunswick: Free Public Library (Rep. des.) (1908) Rutgers University Library (land-grant) (1907) Woodbridge: Free Public Library of Woodbridge (Rep. des). 1st District-Albuqu erque: University of New Mexico, Medical Science Library (Sen. des.) (1973) University of New Mexico, School of Law Library (Rep. des.) (1973) University of New Mexico Zimmerman Library (Sen. des.) (1896)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Las Vegas: New Mexico Highlands University, Donnelly Library (Sen. des.) (1913) Santa Fe: New Mexico State Library (Rep. des.) (1960)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Supreme Court Law Library (law; State) (unknown) 2d District-Hobbs: New Mexico Junior College, Pannell Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Las Cruces: New Mexico State University Library (land-grant) (1907) Portales: Eastern New Mexico University Library (Sen. des.) (1962) Silver City: Western New Mexico University, Miller Library (Rep. des.) (1972) 2d 3d 6th Naw Yonn District-Southampton: Southampton College Library (Rep. des.) (1973) Stony Brook: State University of New York at Stony Brook Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-East Islip: East Islip Public Library (Rep. des.) (1973) Oakdale: Dowling College Library (Rep. des.) (1965) District-Farmingdale: State University Agricultural and Technical Insti- tute at Farmingdale Library (Rep. des.) (1917) One Representative vacancy District--Greenvale; C. W. Post College, B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1904) One Representative vacancy District-Garden City; Adelphi University, Swirbul Library (Sen. des.) (1966) Nassau Library System (Rep. des.) (1965) Hempstead: Ilofstra University Library (Rep. des.) (1964) District-Douglaston: Cathedral College Library (Rep, des.) (1971) Jamaica- Queens Boron h Public Li a (Re ) 92 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 22d 23d 24th 25th 26th District-Ba side: Queensborough Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1972) Flushing: Queens College, Paul Klapper Library (Rep. des.) (1939) Jamaica: St. John's University Library (Rep. des.) (1956) District-Two Representative vacancies District-New York City Fordham University Library (Rep. des.) (1937) State University of New York, Maritime College Library (Rep. des.) (1947) District-Two Representative vacancies District-Brooklyn: Pratt Institute Library (Rep. des.) (1891) One Representative vacancy District-Two Representative vacancies District- Brooklyn: Brooklyn Law School, Law Library (Rep. des.) (1974) Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Spicer Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Brooklyn: Brooklyn Public Library (Rep. des.) (1908) One Representative vacancy District-Brooklyn: Brooklyn College Library (Rep. des.) (1936) State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center Library (Rep. des.) (1958) District-New York City: College of Insurance, Ecker Library (Rep. des.) (1965) New York Law Institute Library (Rep. des.) (1909) Staten Island: Wagner College, Horrmann Library (Rep. des.) (1953) District-New York City: Cooper Union Library (Rep. des.) (1930) New York Public Library (Astor Branch) (Rep. des.) (1907) New York Public Library (Lenox Branch) (Rep. des.) (1884) New York University Law Library (Rep. des.) (1973) New York University Libraries (Sen. des.) (1967) District-New York City: City University of New York, City College Library (Rep. des.) (1884) One Representative vacancy District-New York City: Columbia University Libraries (Rep. des.) (1882) One Representative vacancy District-Bronx: New York Public Library, Mott Haven Branch (Rep. des.) (1973) One Representative vacancy District-Bronx: Herbert 11. Lehman College Library (Rep. des.) (1967) One Representative vacancy District--Bronxville: Sarah Lawrence College Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Yonkers: Yonkers Public Library (Rep. des.) (1910) District-Alount Vernon: Mount Vernon Public Library (Rep. des.) (1962) Purchase: State University of New York, College at Purchase Library (Rep. des.) (1969) District-Poughkeepsie: Vassar College Library (Rep, des.) (1943) One Representative vacancy District-Newburgh: Newburgh Free Library (Rep, des.) (1909) West Point: U.S. Military Academy Library (law) (unknown) One Representative vacancy District--Binghamton: State University of New York at Binghamton Library (Rep, des.) (1902) Delhi: State University Agricultural and Technical College Library (Rep, des.) (1970) Ithaca: Cornell University Library (land-grant) (1907) Now York Mato Colleges of Agriculture and Home Eco- nomies, Albert It, Mann Library (Rep, des.) (1943) New Paltz: State University College Library (Rep, des,) !;1965) Kings Point: U.S. Military Academy Wddj 4)W ftlidase 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R0019000-90036-4 7th District--Two Representative vacancies District-Albany: Ap proved For Reklease~ 25/03/14 :CIA -RDP8ttM06W8t80~36-4 . R6TI 11111-V law. tate un nown - u e nlverty, William R. Perkins Library (Sen. des.) 29th 30th GIONAL DEPOSITORY State University of New York at Albany Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Schenectady: Union College, Schaffer Library (Rep. des.) (1901) District-Saratoga Springs: Skidmore College Library (Rep. des.) (1964) .Troy: Troy Public Library (Rep. des.) (1869) District-Canton: St. Lawrence University, Owen D. Young Library (Sen. des.) (1920) Oswego: State University College, Penfield Library (Sen. des.) (1966) Plattsburgh: State University College, Benjamin F. Feinberg Library (Rep des.) (1967) Potsdam : e y, Harriet Clarkson College of Technolog morial Library (Rep des.) (1938) State University College, Frederick W. Crumb Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1964) District-Utica: Utica Public Library (Rep. des.) (1885) One Representative vacancy District-Cortland: State University of New York, College at Cortland, Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Hamilton: Colgate University Library (Rep. des.) (1902) Oneonta: State University College, James M. Milne Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Syracuse: Syracuse University Library (Rep. des.) (1878) District-Auburn: Seymour Library (Rep. des.) (1972) One Representative vacancy 34th District-Rochester: Rochester Public Library (Rep. des.) (1963) University of Rochester Library (Rep. des.) (1880) 35th District-Geneseo: State University College, Milne Library (Rep. des.) (1967) One Representative vacancy 36th District-Brockport: State University of New York, Drake Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls Public Library (Rep. des.) (1976) 37th District-Buffalo: Buffalo and Erie County Public Library (Rep. des.) (1895) State University of New York at Buffalo, Lockwood Me- morial Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 38th District-Two Representative vacancies 39th District-Corning: Corning Community College, Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Elmira: Elmira College, Gannett-Tripp Learning Center (Rep. des.) (1956) St. Bonaventure: St. Bonaventure University, Friedsam Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1938) NORTn CAROLINA 1st District-Greenville: East Carolina University, J. Y. Joyner Library (Rep. des.) (1951) Murfreesboro: Chowan College, Whitaker Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 2d District-Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Library (Itep. des.) (1884)-REGIONA1. DEPOSITORY Rocky Mount: North Carolina Wesleyan College Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Wilson: Atlantic Christian College, Clarence L. Hardy Library (Rep. des.) (1930) 3d District-Bales Creek: Carn!)bell College, Carrie Rich Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1965) Mount Olive; Mount Olive College, Moye Library (Rep, ties.) (1971) North Carolina Central University, James E. Shepard Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1973) Raleigh: North Carolina State Library (law; State) (unknown) North Carolina State University, R. H. Hill Library (land- grant) (1923) North Carolina Supreme Court Library (law; Court) (1972) Wake County Public Libraries (Rep. des.) (1969) District-Lexington: Davidson County Public Library System, Lexington Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Winston-Salem: Forsyth County Public Library System (Rep. des.) (1954) Wake Forest University, Z. Smith Reynolds Library (law) (1902) District-Elon College: Elon College Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Greensboro: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, F. D. Bluford Library (land-grant) (1937) University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Walter Clinton Jackson Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Fayetteville: Fayetteville State University, Chesnutt Library (Sen. des.) (1971) 1956) d es.) ( Pembroke: Pembroke State University Library (Rep. Wilmington: University of North Carolina at Wilmington, William M. Randall Library (Rep. des.) (1965) District-Laurinburg: St. Andrews Presbyterian College, DeTamble Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Salisbury: Catawba College Library (Rep. des.) (1925) Distri ct-Charlotte: Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (Sen. des.) (1964) Queens College, Everett Library (Rep. des.) (1927) University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Atkins Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Davidson: Davidson College, Hugh A. & Jane Grey Memorial (Sen des) (1893) Lib rary .. 10th District-Boiling Springs: Gardner-Webb College, Dover Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1974) Boone: Appalachian State University Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 11th District-Asheville: University of North Carolina at Asheville (Rep. des.) (1965) Cullowhee: Western Carolina University, Hunter Library (Rep. des.) (1953) NORTS DAKOTA Bismark: North Dakota State Law Library (law; State) (unknown) North Dakota State Library Commission Library (Sen, des.) (1971) State Historical Society of North Dakota Library (Rep. des.) (1907) Veterans Memorial Public Library (Sen. des.) (1968) Dickinson: Dickinson State College Library (Sen. des.) (1968) Fargo: Fargo Public Library (Rep. des.) (1964) North Dakota State University Library (land-grant) (1907)-REGIONAL DEPOSITOIt Y I Grand Forks: University of North Dakota, Chester Fritz Library (Sen. des.) (1890) Minot: Minot State College, Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1925) Valley City: State College Library (Rep. des.) (1913) r In cooperation with University of North Dakota, Chester Fritz Library. Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 OHIO 1st District-Cincinnati; For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 18th District-Steubenville: College of Steubenville, Starvaggi Memorial des.) (1971) Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (Rep. des.) (1884) University of Cincinnati Library (Rep. des.) (1929) 2d District-Two Representative vacancies 3d District-Dayton: Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library (Rep. des.) (1909) University of Dayton, Albert Emanuel Library (Rep. des.) (1969) 4th District-Ada: Ohio Northern University College of Law, J. P. Taggart Library (Rep. des.) (1965) Bluffton: Bluffton College, Musselman Library (Rep. des.) (1951) Findlay: Findlay College, Shafer Library (Sen. des.) (1969) 5th District-Bowling Green: Bowling Green State University Library (Rep. des.) (1933) Tiffin: Heidelberg College, Beeghly Library (Rep. des.) (1964) 8th District-Batavia: Clermont General and Technical College Library (Rep. des.) (1973) Portsmouth: Portsmouth Public Library (Rep. des.) (unknown) 7th District-Dayton: Wright State University Library (Sen. des.) (1965) Springfield: Warder Public Library (Rep. des.) (1884) One Representative vacancy 8th District-Middletown: Miami University at Middletown, Gardner-Harvey Library (Rep. des.) (1970) Oxford: Miami University, Alumni Library (Rep. des.) (1909) 9th District-Toledo: Toledo-Lucas County Library (Rep. des.) (1884) University of Toledo Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 10th District-Athens: Ohio University Library (Rep. des.) (1886) Marietta: Marietta College, Dawes Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1884) New Concord: Muskingum College Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Rio Grande: Rio Grande College, Jeanette Aibiez Davis Library (Rep. des.) (1966) 11th District-Chardon: Geauga County Public Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Hiram: Hiram College, Teachout-Price Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1874) Kent: Kent State University Library (Sen. des.) (1962) 12th District-Columbus: Capital University Library (Refl. des.) (1968) Delaware: Ohio Wesleyan University, L. A. Beeghly Library (Rep. des.) (1845) Westerville: Otterbein College, Centennial Library (1967) 13th District-Elyria: Elyria Public Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Oberlin: Oberlin College Library (Rep. des.) (1858) 14th District-Akron: Akron Public Library (Rep. des.) (1952) University of Akron Library (Itep. des.) (1963) 15th District-Columbus: Columbus Public Library (Rep. des.) (1885) Ohio State Library (law; State) (unknown)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Ohio State University Library (land-grant) (1907) Ohio Supreme Court Law Library (law; Court) (1973) One Representative vacancy 16th District-Alliance: Mount Union College Library (Ite i. des,) (1888) Canton: Malone College, Everett L. Cattel1 Library (Rep. des,) (1970) Wooster; College of Wooster, Andrew.s Library (ltep, des.) (1966) 17th District-Ashland: Ashland College Library (!top, dci.) (1938) Gambier: Kenyon College Library (Sen. des.) (187:1) Granville: Denison University Library (Itep, des.) (1884) Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County (Rep. des.) (1950) District-Youngstown : 23d 24th Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County (Rep. des.) (1923) Youngstown State University Library (Rep. des.) (1971) District-Cleveland: Cleveland Public Library (Rep. des.) (1886) Cleveland State University Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Municipal Reference Library (Rep. des.) (1970) District-Cleveland: Case Western Reserve University, Freiberger Library (Rep. des.) (1913) One Representative vacancy District-Cleveland: Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library (Rep. des.) (1970) John Carroll University, Grasselli Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Two Representative vacancies District--Two Representative vacancies OKLAHOMA 1st District-Tulsa: Tulsa City-County Library (Sen. des.) (1963) University of Tulsa, McFarlin Library (Rep. des.) (1929) One Representative vacancy 2d , District-Bartlesville: U.S. Energy Research and Development Administra- tion, Bartlesville Energy Research Center Library (law) (1962)- Musk ogee: Muskogee Public Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Tahlequah: Northeastern State College, John Vaughn Library (Sen. des.) (1923) One Representative vacancy 3d District-Ada: East Central State College, Linscheid Library (Sen. des.) (1914) Durant: Southeastern State College Library (Rep. des.) (1929) One Representative vacancy 4th District-Norman: University of Oklahoma Libraries (Rep. des.) (1893) Shawnee: Oklahoma Baptist University Library (Rep. des.) (1933) 5th District-Edmond: Central State University Library (Rep. des.) (1934) Oklahoma City: Oklahoma City University Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Oklahoma County Library System (Rep. des.) (1974) Oklahoma Department of Libraries (law; State) (1893)- REGIONAL DEPOSITORY 6th District-Alva: Northwestern State College Library (Rep. des.) (1907) Bethany: Bethany Nazarene College, R. T. Williams Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Enid: Public Library of Enid and Garfield County (Rep. des.) (1908) Langston: Langston University, G. Lamar Harrison Library (land-grant) (1941) Stillwater: Oklahoma State University Library (land-grant) (1907) Weatherford; Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Al Barris Library (Rep. des,) (1958) - OREGON District-Corvallis; Oregon State University Library (land-grant) (1907) Forest Grove: Pacific University Library (Rep. des.) (1897) McMinlivil14: Lintield College, Northup Library (Sen, des,) (1966) Monmouth; Oregon College of Education Library (Sen, des. (1067) Portland: Lewis and Clark College, Aubrey It, Watzek Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Library Association of Portland (Ron, des.) (1884) University For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001 "*9%1 ibrary (Rep. des.) (1983)-- DIPOSITGRY 30 Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R0019000900A14 2d District-La Grande: Eastern Oregon College, Walter M. Pierce Library (Rep. des.) (1954) Salem: Oregon State Library (law; State) (unknown) Oregon Supreme Court Library (law; Court) (1974) Willamette University Library (Rep. des.) (1969) 3d District-Portland: Department of Interior, Bonneville Power Administration Library (law) (1962) Reed College Library (Sen. des.) (1912) Two Representative vacancies 4th District-Ashland: Southern Oregon College Library (Rep. des.) (1953) Eugene: University of Oregon Library (Sen. des.) (1883) One Representative vacancy 1st District-Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, Biddle Law Library (Rep. des.) (1974) University of Pennsylvania (Rep. des.) (1886) 2d District-Philadelphia: Drexel University Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Saint Joseph's College Library (Rep. des.) (1974) Temple University, Samuel Paley Library (Rep. des.) (1947) 3d District-Philadelphia: Free Library of Philadelphia (Rep. des.) (1897) U.S. Court of Appeals for Third Circuit Library (law) (1973) One Representative vacancy 4th District-Two Representative vacancies 5th District-Cheyney: Cheyney State College, Leslie Pinckney Hill Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Collegeville: Ursinus College, Myrin Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Haverford: Iaverford College Library (Rep. des.) (1897) Villanova: Villanova University, School of Law Library (Rep. des.) (1964) 6th District-Pottsville: Pottsville Free Public Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Reading: Reading Public Library (Rep. des.) (1901) 7th District-Swarthmore: Swarthmore College Library (Sen. des.) (1923) West Chester: West Chester State College, Francis Harvey Green Library (Rep, des.) (1967) One Representative vacancy 8th District-Doylestown: Bucks County Free Library, Center County Library (Rep. des.) (1970) Newtown: Bucks County Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1968) 9th District-Altoona: Altoona Public Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Shippensburg: Shippensburg State College, Ezra Lehman Me- morial Library (Rep. des.) (1973) 10th District-East Stroudsburg: East Stroudsburg State College, Kemp Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Mansfield: Mansfield State College Library (Rep. des.) (1968) Scranton: Scranton Public Library (Rep. des.) (1895) 11th District-Iazleton: Hazleton Area Public Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Wilkes-Barre: King's College, Corgan Library (Rep. des.) (1949) 12th District-Indiana: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Rhodes R. Stabley Library (Rep. des.) (1962) Johnstown: Cambria County Glosser Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1965) 13th District---lilac N?11: Jlnntgunnery Cnunt.y Cunununit;y Cullcge, l,enrning Itesuurces ('emir (Itch. dvs.) (197:1) Norristown: Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library (Rep. des.) (1969) 14th District-Pittsburgh: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Regional Branch ? (Rep, des.) (1924) Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (Rep. des,) (1895) U.S, .Bureau of Mines, Vittabur-gb (law) (1062) 15th District-Allentown: Muhlenberg College, Haas Library (Rep. des.) (1939) Bethlehem: Lehigh University, Linderman Library (Rep. des.) (1876) 16th District-Lancaster: Franklin and Marshall College, Fackenthal Library (Rep. des.) (1895) Millersville: Millersville State College, Ganser Library (Rep. des.) (1966) 17th District-Harrisburg: State Library of Pennsylvania (law; State) (un- known)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Lewisburg: Bucknell University, Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Williamsport: Lycoming College Library (Rep. des.) (1970) 18th District-Pittsburgh: La Roche College, John J. Wright Library (Rep. des.) (1974) One Representative vacancy 19th District-Carlisle: Dickinson College, Boyd Lee Spahr Library (Rep. des.) (1947) York: York Junior College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 20th District-Two Representative vacancies 21st District-Monessen: Monessen Public Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Youngwood: Westmoreland County Community College, Learn- ing Resource Center (Rep. des.) (1972) 22d District-Washington: Washington and Jefferson College, Memorial Li- brary (Rep. des.) (1884) Waynesburg Waynesburg College Library (Rep. des.) (1964) 23d District-University Park: Pennsylvania State University Library (land- grant) (1907) Warren: Warren Library Association, Warren Public Library (Rep. des.) (1885) One Representative vacancy 24th District-Erie: Erie Public Library (Rep. des.) (1897) Greenville: Thiel College, Langenheim Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Meadville: Allegheny College, Reis Library (Rep. des.) (1907) 25th District-New Castle: New Castle Free Public Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Slippery Rock: Slippery Rock State College, Maltby Library (Rep. des.) (1965) PUZRTO Rico Mayaguez: University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1928) Ponce: Catholic University of Puerto Rico Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Rio Piedras: University of Puerto Rico General Library (land-grant) (1928) RHODE ISLAND lot District-Newport: U.S. Naval War College Library (law) (1963) Providence: Brown University Library (Sen. des.) (unknown) Two Representative vacancies 2d District-Kingston: University of Rhode Island Library (land-grant) (1907) Providence: Providence College, Phillips Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Providence Public Library (Sen. des.) (1884) Rhode Island College, James P. Adams Library (Sen. des.) (1965) Rhode Island State Library (law; State) (Before 1895 under discretionary powers vested in Secretary of Interior) Warwick: Warwick Public Library (Sen. des.) (1966) Westerly: Westerly Public Library (Rep. des.) (1909) lot District--Charleston: IlujitsL College at Cliartcaton Library (Rep. dos.) College of Clarleston Library (Rep, des.) (1869) The Citadel Memorial Library (Sen, des.) (1962) 4 tVft" a 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R0019000e0036-4 2d District-Columbia: Benedict College, Starks Library pr&y.qq j g Release 2005/03/14: Cl) Columbia College, Edens Library (Rep, des.) (1966) South Carolina State Library (law; State) (Before 1895 under discretionary powers vested in Secretary of Interior) University 18 of South Carolina, Undergraduate Library (Sen. des.) (84) 5th Orangeburg: South Carolina State College, Whittaker Library (land-grant) (1) District-Clemson: Clemson University Library (land-grant) (1893) Due West: Erskine College, McCain Library (Re . des ) (1968) G DPOtIrMOOO8OW04:9m' Ne36F46hnological University, Jere Whitson Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1969) MT urf: odd Lib a 14(R p. Tennessee State University, Andrew L. Todd Library (Rep. des.) (1912) Sewanee: University of the South, Jesse Ball duPont Library (Sen. des.) (.1873) District-Nashville: Fisk University Library (Rep. des.) (1965) Joint University Libraries (Sen. des.) (1884) Public rY of Nashville and Davidson County (Rep . reenwood: Lander College Library (Rep. des.) 1967) D . (1884 ) ) istrict-Greenville: Tennessee State Library and Ar hi S Furman University Library (Rep, des.) (1962) c ves, tate Library Division (law; State) (unknown) Greenville County Library (Rep. des.) (1966) S Tennessee Sla e University, Martha M. Brown Memorial partansburg: Spartansburg County Public Library (1967) ry (Sen. des.) District-Rock Hill: Winth C l 6th d stand-grant) (1972) District-Clarksville: Austin Peay State University, Felix G. Woodward d ( rop o lege, Dacus Library (Rep. des.) (1896) One Representative vacancy Columbia: Cc lum es.) State Community College John W Fi District-Conway: University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina Re- gional Campus Library (Rep. des.) (1974) Florence: 7th , . nney Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1973) District-Jackson: Lambuth College, Luther L. Gobbel Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Florence County Library (Sen. des.) (1967) Francis Marion Colle J Martin: University of Tennessee at Martin Library (Rep. des.) (1957) ge, ames A. Rogers Library (Rep. des.) (1970) 8th . District-Memphis : Memphis and Shelby Count Public Library and Information ) SOUTH DAKOTA Center (Rep. des.) (1896) District-Aberde N Memphis State University, John W. Brister Library (Re en: orthern State College Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Br ki S p. des.) (1966) oo ngs: outh Dakota State University, Lincoln Memorial Li brary (land-grant) (1889) TExAs Sioux Falls: Au ustana C ll 1st District-Marshall:, Wiley College, Cole Library (Rep . des ) (1962) g o ege, Mikkelaen Library and Learning Re- sources Center (S d P. ommunity Texarkana: Texarkana Cllege, lmer Memorial o C a en. es.) (1969) Sioux Falls Public Lib 2d Library (Rep. des.),(1963) D rary Vermillion: Unier it S I19 ) istrict-Huntsville: Sam Houston State University Estill Library (Re s y of South Dako Dakota, D Weeks Libra , p. des.) (1949) ry (Rep. des.) (1889) Yankton: Yankton College Library (Sen des ) (1904) D i Nacogdoches: Stephen F. Austin State University Library (Rep des ) (1965) . . istr ct-Pierre: South Dakota State Library (law; State) (1973) S 3d . . District-Dallas: Southern Methodist University, Fondren Library (Rep. .des.) (1925) upreme Court Law Library (law; Court) (pending) R Irving: Irving Municipal Librar (Re d ) 197 apid City Rapid City Public Library (Rep. des.) (1963) y p. es. ( 4) Richardson: Universtty of Texas at Dallas Library (Rep. des.) (1972) South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Library (Sen. des.) (1963) 4th District-Commerce: East Texas State University Library (Rep. des.) (1937) Spearfish: Black Hills State College Library (Rep. des.) (1942) Denton: North Texas State University Library (Rep. des.) (1948) L T ongview: Nicholson Memorial Public Library (Rep. des ) (1961) ENNESSEE . Sherman: Austin College, Arthur Hopkins Library (Rep des ) District-Bristol: King College Library (Rep. des.) (1970) J ff C 5th . . (1968) District-Dallas: e erson ity: Carson-Newman College Library (Sen. des.) (1964) Johnson City: Dallas Public Library (Sen. des.) (1900) East Tennessee State University, College of Medicine Librar University of Texas health Center Library at Dallas (Rep. des ) 11975) y (Sen. des.) (pending) East Tennessee St t t t ' U i . .. Mesquite::llesquite Public Library (Itep. des.) (1975) ' a a e e n versity, Sherrod Library (Rep. des.) (1942) Morristo M 6th District-College Station: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University Library (land-grant) (1907) wn: orristown College, Carnegie Library (Rep. des.) (1970) 1 Corsicana: Navarro Junior College Library (Rep. des.) (1965) District-Knoxville: Dallas: Dallas Baptist College Library (Rep. di-s.) (1967) Public Lib Forth Worth: Texas Christian University Mar Cout B rary of Knoxville and Knox M Gh , s y urnett Library (Rep. des ) (1916) c ee Library (Ren des) (1973 University of Tennessee Law Library ) (Iran. d (1971) University of Tennes Lib 71h . 1)istriet.---llouslon: Uuuslon lt;aptist. University Library (Rep. des.) (prwdinq) see rar District-Chattanooga: Y (land-grant) (1907) One Representative vacancy Chatt P 8th District-Baytown: Lee College Librar (R d anooga ublic Library (Itep. des.) (1908 ) y ep. es.) (1970) Houston: North Ilarris County College, Learning Resource Cleveland: Cl l n e om e Center (Itop, d(s.) (1074) eve a d Sat C munity College Library (Rep, des.) (1973) 9th District-Beaumont: Lamar University Library (Rep. des.) (1957) Galveston: Rosenberg Library (Rep. des,) (1909) Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 12th 13th 17th 18th 21st 22d 23d Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036 Texas State Law Library (law; Court) (1972) Texas State Library (law; State) (unknown)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY University of Texas at Austin Library (Rep. des.) (1884) University of Texas, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs Library (Rep. des.) (1966) University of Texas, School of Law Library (Rep. des.) (1965) Marcos: Southwest Texas State University Library (Sen. des.) (1955) District-Brownwood: Howard Payne College, Walker Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Waco: Baylor University Library (Rep. des.) (1905) District-Fort Worth: Fort Worth Public Library (Rep. des.) (1905) One Representative vacancy District-Canyon: West Texas State University Library (Rep. des.) (1928) Wichita Falls: Midwestern University, Moffett Library (Rep.des.) (1963) District-Victoria: University of Houston, des.) (1973) One Representative vacancy District-Edinburg: Pan American University Library (Rep. des.) (1959) Kingsville: Texas Arts and Industries University Library (Rep. des.) (1944) District-El Paso: ElPaso Public Library (Rep. des.) (1906) University of Texas at El Paso Library (Rep. des.) (1966) District-Abilene: Hardin-Simmons University Library (Rep. des.) (1940) One Representative vacancy District-Houston: Houston Public Library (Rep. des.) (1884) University of Houston Library (Rep. des.) (1957) District-Lubbock: Texas Tech University Library (Rep. des.) (1935)- REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Plainview: Wayland Baptist College, Van Howeling Memorial Library.(Rep. des.) (1963) District-San Antonio: San Antonio College Library (Rep. des.) (1972) San Antonio Public Library, Business and Science ment (Rep. des.) (1899) St. Mary's University Library (Re . des.) (1964) District-San Angelo: Angelo State University, Porter Henderson (Rep. des.) (1964) San Antonio: Trinity University Library (Sen. des.) (1964) University of Texas at San Antonio Library (Rep. des.) (1973) District-Houston: Rice University, Fondren Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Lake Jackson: Brazosport College Library (Rep. des.) (1969) District-Laredo: Laredo Junior College, Harold R. Yeary Library (Rep. des.) (1970) Se uin: Texas Lutheran College, Blumberg Memorial Library fRep. des.) (1970) District-Arlington: Arlington Public Library (Rep. des.) (1970) University of Texas at Arlington Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Dallas: Bishop College, Zale Library (Rep. des.) (1966) 2d District-Cedar City: Southern Utah State College Library (Sen. des.) (1964) Salt Lake City: University of Utah, Law Library (Rep. des.) (1966) University of Utah, Marriott Library (Rep. des.) (1893) University of Utah, Eccles Medical Sciences Library (Sen. des.) (1970) Utah State Library Commission, Documents Library (law; State) (unknown) Utah State Supreme Court Law Library (law; Court) (1975) VERMONT Burlington: University of Vermont, Bailey Library (land-grant) (1907) Castleton: Castleton State College, Calvin Coolidge Library (Sen. des.) (1969) Johnson: Johnson State College, John Dewey Library (Sen. des.) (1955) Lyndonville: Lyndon State College, Samuel Reed Hall Library (Sen. des.) (1969) Middlebury: Middlebury College Library (Rep. des.) (1884) Montpelier: Vermont Department of Libraries (law; State) (Before 1895 under discretionary powers vested in the Secretary of Interior) Northfield: Norwich University Library (Rep. des.) (1908) Putney: Windham College, Dorothy Culbertson Marvin Memorial Library (Sen. VIRGIN IBLANDB St. Croix: Christiansted Public Library (law) (1974) St. Thomas: College of the Virgin Islands, Ralph M. Paiewonsky Library (land-grant) (1973) St. Thomas Public Library (law) (1968) VIRGINIA 1st District-Williamsburg: College of William and Mary, Swem Library (Rep. des.) (1936) One Representative vacancy 2d District-Norfolk: Armed Forces Staff College Library (law) (1963) Norfolk Public Library (Rep. des.) (1895) Old Dominion University, Hughes Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1963) 3d District-Richmond: State Law Library (law; Court) (1973) University of Richmond, Boatright Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1900) U.S. Court of Appeals for Fourth Circuit Library (law) (1973) Virginia Commonwealth University, James Branch Cabell Library (Rep. des.) (1971) Virginia State Library (law; State) (unknown) 4th District-Chesapeake: Chesapeake Public Library System (Rep. des.) (1970) Petersburg: Virginia State College, Johnston Memorial Library (land-grant) 1907) One Representative vacancy 5th District-Danville: Danville Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1969) Hampden-Sydney: Hampden-Sydney College, Eggleston Library (Rep. des.) (1891) Martinsville: Patrick Henry Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1971) 6th District---Hollins College: Hollins College, Fishburn Library (Sen. des.) (1067) 18t District--Ephraim: Snow College, Lucy A. Phillips Library (Rep, des.) Lexlnston' (1963) virginia Military Institute, Preston Library (Rep. des.) Logan: Utah State University, Merrill Library and Learning (1874) Resources Center (laud-grant) (1970)-REGIONAL DEPOSI- Washington and Lee University, Cyrus Hall McCormick TORY Library (Sen. des.) (1910) Ogden; Weber State College Library (Sen. des.) (1962) Roanoke: Roanoke Public Library (Rep. des.) (1964) Salem: Roanoke College Library (Rep. des.) (1886) Provo: p tc - e Brid ewater College, Alexander Mack Memorial Brigham Young University, T brary ? riS~'i ge? 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP8!QM069 0W q ( P J4002) Brigham Young University Librar R en., ca.) 9 Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 Charlottesville: University of Virginia, Alderman Library (Rep. des.) (1910)- REGIONAL DEPOSITORY University of Virginia Law Library (Sen. des.) (1964) Fredericksbur ? Mary Washington College, E. Lee Trinkle Library (Rep. des.) g(1940) Harrisonburg: Madison College, Madison Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1973) 8th District--Quantico: Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy Library (law) (1970) Marine Corps Schools, James Carson Breckinridge Library (law) (1967) Two Representative vacancies 9th District-Blacksburg: Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Newman Library (land-grant) (1907) Emory: Emory and Henry College Library (Rep. des.) (1884) Wise: Clinch Valley College, John Cook Wyllie Library (Rep. des.) (1971) 10th Distract-Fairfax: George Mason College of the University of Virginia, Fenwick Library (Rep. des.) (1900) Reston: Geological Survey Library, National Center (law) (1962) One Representative vacancy WASHINGTON 1st District-Seattle: Seattle Public Library (Rep. des.) (1908) University of Washington, School of Law Library (Rep. des.) (1969) University of Washington Library (Sen. des.) (1890) 2d District-Bellingham: Western Washington State College, Wilson Library (Sen. des.) (1963) Everett: Everett Public Library (Rep. des.) (1914) One Representative vacancy 3d District-Olympia: Evergreen State College Library (Rep des) (1972) Washington State Library (law; State) (1966)-RI4,GIONAL DEPOSITORY Port Angeles: Port Angeles Public Library (Rep des ) (1965) . . 4th District-Ellensburg: Central Washington State College Library (Rep. des.) (1962) Vancouver: Fort Vancouver Regional Library (Rep. des.) (1962) 5th District-Cheney: Eastern Washington State College Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Pullman: Washington State University Library (land-grant) (1907) Spokane: Spokane Public Library (Rep. des.) (1910) Walla Walla: Whitman College, Penrose Memorial Library (Rep. des.) (1890) 6th District-Tacoma: Tacoma Public Library (Rep. des.) (1894) University of Puget Sound, Collins Memorial Library (Sen. des.) (1938) One Representative vacancy 7th District-Two Representative vacancies Senatorial-One vacancy (Class III). See note on page 5. 1 WEPT VIRGINIA let District-Fairmont: Fairmont State College Library (Rep, des.) (1884) Salem: Salem College Library (Rep. des. (192 Wierton: Mary H. Weir Public Library ?Sen. des.) (1963) 2d District-Elkins: Davis and Elkins College Library (Rep. des.) (1913) Morgantown: West Vir inia Universit Libra, (land- ant) Glenville: Glenville des.) (1966) Institute: West Virginia State College Library (land-grant) (1907) West Virginia College of Graduate Studies (Rep. des.) (pending) One Representative vacancy District-Athens: Concord College Library (Sen. des.) (1924) Bluefield: Bluefield State College Library (Rep. des.) (1972) Huntington: Marshall University Library (Rep. des.) (1925) WISCONSIN District-Beloit: Beloit College Libraries (Sen. des.) (1888) Racine: Racine Public Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Whitewater: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Harold Ander- sen Library (Rep. des.) (1963) District-Madison: Department of Public Instruction, Division for Libra, Services Reference and Loan Library (Sen. des.) (1965 Madison Public Library (Rep. des.) (1965) State Historical Society Library (Rep. des.) (1870)-RE- GIONAL DEPOSITORY ? University of Wisconsin, Memorial Library (land-grant) (1939) Wisconsin State Libraaw; State) (unknown) District-Eau Claire: University .70 Wisconsin-Eau Claire, William D. McIntyre Library (Rep. des.) (1951) La Crosse: LaCrosse Public Library (Rep. des.) (1883) University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Murphy Library (Sen. des.) (1965) Platteville: University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Karrmann Library (Rep. des.) (1964) River Falls: University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Chalmer Davee Library (Rep. des.) (1962) District-Milwaukee: Alverno College Library (Rep. des.) (1971) One Representative vacancy District-Milwaukee: Milwaukee County Law Library (Rep. des.) (1934) Milwaukee Public Library (Rep. des.) (1861)-REGIONAL DEPOSITORY Mount Mary College Library (Rep. des.) (1964) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Library (Rep. des.) (1960) District-Fond du Lac: Fond du Lac Public Library (Rep. des.) (1966) Oshkosh: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Forrest R. Polk Library (Rep. des.) (1956) District-Stevens Point: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Learning Resources Center (Rep. des.) (1951) Superior: Superior Public Library (Rep. des.) (1908) University of Wisconsin-Superior, Jim Dan Hill Library (Sen. des.) (1935) Wausau; Marathon County Public Library (Rep. des.) (1971) District-AppTeton: Lawrence University, Seeley G. Mudd Library (Rep, riles,) (1889) Green Bay: University of Wisconsin at Green Bay Library (Rep. des.) (1908) District Waukesha; Waukesha Public Library (Rep. des.) (1966) One Representative vacancy (1907)-REGIONAL DEPOSITQRX,Y,e.4 r=.,~ D-1 )nnjz/n z14 A ? I-1A _DF1DQ1 MAA9QADAA190009003C_A WYOMING -- --- uu uu~ncv^-'uganestiPn: Kanawha County Public Library (Sen. doe.) (1952) Cheyenne: Wyoming State Library (law; State) (unknown)-REGIONAL PE- What. Virni~in r.:a,-.,.. POSITOItY Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDP81 M00980R001900090036-4 Laramie: University of Wyomingg,, Coe Library (land-grant) (1907) Powell: Northwest Community College Library (Rep. des.) (1967) Riverton: Central Wyoming College Library (Sen. des.) (1969) Rock Springs: Western Wyoming College Library (Sen. des.) (1969) Sheridan: Sheridan College Mares Brown Kooi Library (Rep. des.) (1963) Senatorial-One vacancy (class I1). See note on page 5. APPENDIX LAWS IN FORCE RELATING TO GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY LIBRARIES (EXTRACT FROM PUBLIC LAW 90-620) 90TH CONGRESS, H.R. 18612 October 22, 1968 To enact title 44, United States Code, "Public Printing and Documents", codifying the general and permanent laws relating to public printing and documents. Chapter 19-DEPOSITORY LIBRARY PROGRAM ? 1901. Definition of Government publication "Government publication" as used in this chapter, means informational matter which is published as an individual document at Government expense, or as required by law. ? 1902. Availability of Government publications through Superintendent of Documents; lists of publications not ordered from Government Printing Office Government publications, except those determined by their issuing components to be re uiresj j~S_nffirtint ~~.~ Y..AI or strictly a~ipjipis't~aive or` operational purposes w ieh have moo _llublic interest oi-educational value and publications ci'assi irid "for libraries reasons of nationalsecurity, shall be made available to depository the facilities of the Superintendent of Documents for public information. Each component of the Government shall furnish the Superintendent of Documents a list of such publications it issued during the previous month, that were obtained from sources other than the Government Printing Office.; ? 1903. Distribution of publications to depositories; notice to Government com- ponents; cost of printing and binding Upon request of the Superintendent of Documents, components of the Govern- ment ordering the printing of publications shall either increase or decrease the number of copies of publications furnished for distribution to designated de Iository libraries and State libraries so that the number of copies delivered to the Superin- tendent of l)ocumcnts is equal to the number of libraries on the list. The number thus delivered may not be restricted by any statutory limitation in force on August 9, 1962, Copies of publications furnished the Superintendent of Documents for distribution to designated depository libraries shall include- the journal of the Senutt, and House of Representatives; all publications, not confidential in character, printed upon the requisition of it congressional committee; .Senate end liouio anbiic hills} and resolutions; and reports on private bills, concurrent or simple resolutions; but not so-culled cooperative publications which must necessarily ho .sold in order to be self Rsu;itainin~s. The Superintendent Of Documents shall currently inform the components of the Government ordering printing of publications as to the number of eopie;i of their publications required for distribution to depository libraries. The exist of printing and binding those ublications distributed to depository libraries ob- tained elsewhere than from I G. vernment Printing Ofice, shall he borne by Approved For Release 2005/03/14: CIA-RDR8f1li i6(~880Rt~019 ; i i 6c on ihlc for their issuance; those requisitioned from the Government Printing Office chilli 1)o charged to appropriations provided the superintendent of cuts for shot purpose.