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December 15, 2016
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June 16, 2004
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November 3, 1978
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Approved For Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Friday - 3 November 1978 5. ~ LIAISON Delivered to Senator John Glenn . , io a consTff ent's letter for his district office. I explained to the receptionist that the constituent had written a letter about why he was not being accepted for a job by the Agency. I further explained that the constituent's qualifications were not what the Agency was-looking for. I asked her if she would relay this message to the district office and she said she would. 25X1 6. LIAISON Accompanied 25X1 ORPA/NFAC, ONEn NFAC, to a briefing on People's Republic of China for John Carbaugh, of Senator Jesse Helms' (R., N.C.) staff. The briefing covered the current political climate, a fraction of the Soviet threat, Taiwan issues, and Sino-Soviet border problems.' Mr. Carbau h a reciated the in-depth approach to this subject by He said that he would be calling on us for a briefing on Soviet particle beams and other exotic weapons. I also delivered to Mr. Carbaugh several documents to a follow-up his recent briefing on Soviet research in weather modifications. 7.1 I LIAISON Called Don Sarff, of Senator Howard Metzenbaum's (D., Ohio) staff, in response to his inquiry fora constituent which had been referred to us by the Aif Force Liaison. The constituent, Ohio, requested an'"investigative report" concerning Francis Gary Powers- I advised Mr. Sarf.that the Senate Foreign Relations and House Armed Services Committees held hearings on the subject. I also provided him with the dates of the hearings and the testimonies. Mr. Powers` book Overflight might be of help to the constituent. Mr. Sarf appreciated our oral response and no written one would be necessary. 25X1 8. LIAISON Per her request, sent is mail to Suzanne Boiscleir, Office of Technology Assessment, vlva copy of "The Scope of Poland's Economic Dilemma." 9. ~ LIAISON Per his request of 1 November 1976, sent o John, in the office of Representative Thomas F. Railsback (R., Ill.), copies of two documents: "National Basic Intelligence Factbook" and "Research Aid - Handbook of Economic Statistics, 1977." 10. 1 1 BRIEFING Judy Smith, in the office of Representative William V. Alexander (D., Ark.), called to ask if we could move his requested briefing on China from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on 7 November. We confirmed the change. Approved For ReI4 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel" Tuesday 21 November 1978 ~0R0019001000104f //q 25X1 18. LIAISON Per the request of Marilyn Nelson, Congressional esearch Service, Library of Congress, I sent to Cindy Ahwinona, in the office of Senator Mike Gravel (D., Alaska), the publication entitled "The Inter- national Energy Situation: Outlook to 1985." 19. I I LIAISON Per her request, I sent to Linda Roscoe, in the office of Re resentative Robert S. Walker (R., Pa.), information concerning Representative the possibility of a constituent being put on a mailing list to receive their publications. GJ/\I 20. 1 I LIAISON Per her request, I sent to Suzanne Boisclair, OTA, the following publications: "The Soviet Economy in 1976-77 and`Took.for 1978" .(two copies), and "Relating Climate Change to its Effects" (three copies). 25X1 21. I 1 LIAISON Per his request, I sent to Emery 5_[7tty ongress2 nai Budget Office, the publication entitled "The Role of the LDCs in the US Balance of Payments." 25X1 22. LIAISON Per his request, I sent to Richard ay, on the., sta of the House Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs Committee, the publication entitled "The Soviet Economy in 1976-77 and Outlook for 1978." 25X1 23. LIAISON Saw Diane LaVoy, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence staff. Ms. LaVoy wished to know whether the NFAC publication entitled "Iran in the 1980s" is or is.not an NFAC finished product and if not, exactly what is it. 25X1 After checking with NFAC/CSS, I informed Ms. LaVoy that the publication is indeed a 'finished document albeit a rather cumber- 25X1some one. Ms. LaVoy asked whether was the NIO when the draft NIE on Iran was pre ared. She also asked who is the present 25X1NIO. After checking witht 1 I informed Ms. LaVoy that Mr. was indeed the NIO and that Bob Ames is the current NIO. Ms. LaVoy also asked about the 15 November New York Times article. This article alleged that CIA had been asked to prepare a --study on the impact of Moslem traditionalists on Near Eastern countries such as Turkey and Pakistan. According to the article the Agency reportedly said that no one could be found to make this study. Ms. LaVoy's questions were: (a) Was the request made of CIA?, (b) Who made the request, and (c) What action was taken. After checking with I informed Ms. LaVoy that the article is completely inaccurate; that no such request was ever made. Approved For Release 2004107108 m - 80R001900100010-0