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December 16, 2016
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October 4, 2004
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March 2, 1978
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KRTICLE AP? AP::.D WASHINGTON WEEKLY ON PAGE /~ A.ppcoved For Release 22GO41dfl/'CI2)7CIA-RDP81 M00980R002000090086-7 Did Carter Cover-up Allende's Downfall?. By Jeffrey St. John WASHINGTON - "The tale of the United States in Chile," asserts former U.S. Ambassador to Chile, Edward M. Korry, "would reveal how our political system has been converted into an insiders' monopoly for the ac- cumulation of power, wealth, and status. That's why Carter himself has had to lie to the.public about this case." Korry wrote those words in the March issue of Penthouse magazine, insisting that President Carter last November engaged in covering up the real story of how Vice President Walter Mondale and other ? powerful Democrats sought to place all of the blame for the overthrow of Chilean Marxist President Salvadore Allende on the Central Intelligence Agency and Richard Nixon while concealing their own involvement in Chile and that of powerful multi-nationals and banks headed by men like David Rockefeller. In doing so, according to Korry, senators like Frank Church, Democrat of Idaho and head of the Senate CIA investigating committee, engaged in the obstruction of justice! There are several remarkable aspects of Korry's allegations. First, he is a former newspaper editor who, until the CIA probe by the. Church committee, was a liberal in good standing before alledging that Sen. Church, Vice President Mondale and President Carter had news media help in covering up the real story of Chile. Second, Korry was first appointed to a diplomatic post with rank of am- bassador by Presidents Kennedy and : Johnson and had become a respected and highly regarded member of the liberal establishment. Yet, today he is shunned and smeared by . that very establishment and has been reduced to trying to tell the real story of what happened in Chile and why in a semi- pornographic magazine like Pen- thouse. .. _..-_1 . ` ._ This columnist interviewed former Ambassador Korry and drew from his revelations not contained in the March Penthouse piece. For example, Korry contends that despite the contention of the Church CIA committee, the press and others, the CIA did not engage in a systematic campaign to destabilize the Allende regime. This exchange bet- ween Korry and this columnist on Mutual's "Reporter's Roundup" program. KORRY: "In- my judgement there was no great destabilizing role carried out by the CIA in Chile." ST. JOHN "Are you saying that the Church committee fabricated a myth about the CIA? The headlines led us to believe that the CIA mounted this monstrous campaign to overthrow this democratically elected Marxist!" KORRY: "They have peddled that to the whole world. . . On the contrary, what brought down Allende was his insane printing of money that led Chile into committing -economic suicide. If you read the Soviet press today about 'The Lessons of Child' they will tell you that one of the main things they were concerned with was why Allende listened to the extremists in his government and insisted on those crazy economic policies." . ST. JOHN: "So Allende brought himself down, not the CIA?" KORRY: "That's right. But you have to also get on the record the unquestioned fact that we interferred in their affairs for twenty years." KORRY contends that this aspect of the Chile story was covered up by the Church committee because it involved the administrations of John F. Ken- nedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Korry maintains three allegations: 1) The Democrats illegally used in :Chile for political purposes funds from the Agency for International Development. Korry provided documentation of this to the Church committee. 2) Multi-nationals, such. as International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT), worked with the CIA to prevent Allende's election, but Church chose to cover up this documented fact by refusing to call ITT officials as wit- messes 3) When the Ford administration's Justice Department investigated Korry's charges, the Church com- mittee staff and the Idaho Democrat, himself deliberately withheld evidence from the Justice Department because of what it would reveal "about the heroes of the Democratic Party. All this was hidden to advance their (Church and Mondale) respective J political careers. They preferred to have the United States smeared rather than give the truth to the American public." Korry also maintains that the Church committee refused to reveal to the public the secret negotiations con- ducted by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger with the Soviets on Chile. As a consequence of this and the Church committee's coverup, Korry contends, i the CIA "in terms of human resources has been effectively destroyed." Korry also charges that the Carter ad- ministration's plea bargaining with former CIA Director Richard Helms last November was part of a continuing effort on the part of the Democrats to conceal their role in Chile while putting all the blame on Richard Nixon and the ('IA. Yet; Mr. Carter has publicly claimed he is reforming the agency! "It is perfectly obvious," insisted Korry, "with all the political at- tachments- he (Carter) has and the multi-national attachments he has in his capacity as the leader of the Democratic Party - because that is what he is.- he was not the one that was going to open Pandora's box and say that Senator Church and Sen. Mondale, after all the Vice President of the United States, had done these things. ! The liberal establishment, of which Korry was once a member in good standing, sought to ruin both his private and public career by suggesting he was mentally un-,1 balanced and committed perjury. This: same establishment bribed media people with promises. of special con-j sideration for future news. stories if they dropped stories on Lorry's, charges against - Church, Vicei President Mondale and President! Approved For Release 2004/10/12 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R002000090086-7