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Approved For Release 2006/12/12 : CAA-RDR81 M00980R002200010019-7 b. Chairman Hathaway asked where the additional posi- tions being added to the IC Staff were coming from and what activities were being reduced. The Director responded. by saying he was basically picking up a few positions from various locations in the CIA. Mr. Potts responded for the Department of Defense saying the precise areas from whence positions would be taken had not yet been identified but that this would be done as part of the 1978 budget exercise. The Chairman said don't we need to know that now, and again repeated his question. Mr. Potts responded that he could not give a precise answer but would supply something for the record. c. Chairman Hathaway asked how the Community perfor- mance would improve under this reorganization, and the Director responded by describing improvements in the coordination of collection tasking and in the carrying out of new budget 25x1 responsibilities. d. Chairman Hathaway asked the Director if he had considered other alternative reor aniz 'on 'rector responded saying that he and and had 25x1 looked at a number of ways o reorganizing an =a decided this was the most appropriate. e. Chairman Hathaway asked about the need for three evaluation units, and the Director explained what the different functions would be for each of the units in the National Foreign Assessment Center, the Collection Tasking Staff, and the Resource Management Staff. The Chairman asked if these units could not be merged, and the Director responded that they could be, but it would not result in a savings in personnel and might conceivably be less efficient in the long run. The Chairman asked if these units might be performing overlapping functions. The Director indicated that there would be some overlap, but it would be desirable. He also indicated that there would also be non- Government people invited into the process from time to time to help in the development of intelligence studies. f. Chairman Hathaway asked how the National Intelligence Tasking Center would interface with existing Community functions. The Director responded saying that the NITC would be colocated with the combined collection facility of'the Department of Defense, and that this would provide for an interface between tactical and national intelligence tasking. Approved For Release 2006/12/12 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R002200010019-7 Approved For Release 2006/12/12 : CIAFRflP1 M00980R002200010019-7 g. Chairman Hathaway asked if there were any plans for further expansion of the IC Staff beyond what was being requested. The Director responded saying he did not plan any further expan- sion, but that at this point he could not be absolutely certain as to how many people would be needed and would have to wait and see whether the numbers currently being requested were right. h. Chairman Hathaway asked the Director to indicate what the Committee might look to in evaluating this new staff concept, and the Director responded saying that next year the Committee should look to the progress the Collection Tasking Staff had made in developing collection plans and the progress the Resource Management Staff would make in presenting better budget justifications. i. Chairman Hathaway asked the Director to confirm that ization ld wou not require any additional f d un s. I I responded saying that the require additional funds but that the Dirrectorzwould hoped too have some flexibility in terms of 4 ere the reprogramming changes 25x1 might take place. indicated that the original plan might require some or adjustment if circumstances indicated more efficient uses of resources. The n asked that an impact statement be provided, and agreed to do so. 25X1 j. ;Senator Wallop asked the Director to assure that he would monitor the future size and budget-of the new Community organization. The Director responded that he would, that he would cut overhead at CIA in order to increase operations, and that he had no desire to have any unnecessary management. How- ever, he said this reorganization plan was called for by the charter legislation. It was needed if he was to have the mechanism to coordinate the Community. Senator Wallop asked how much control this ation would have over the component agencies. 25x1 tohave and such controlrasdwasthat necessarywould implementcontrol DCIover andeCongressioua budget policy, indicated that detailed day-to-dav X 11 management rnnt r, 77- _ th e 1`' 0Lalr, Senator Wallop asked how much new war /- '~-'11 the component agencies and nnnlyiS staff would create f4~'x1 be no substantial addition responded that there would oa at the management level. Hlow,rever, there would be some additional financial breakouts required in order to assist in the budget management process. Senator Wallop asked if the component b had been consulted on this 25X1 reorganization and responded affirmatively. Approved For Release 2006/12/12 : CIA-R?P81 M00980R002200010019-7 Approved For Release 2006/12/12 : CIAGft~ M00980R002200010019-7 k. Senator Wallop and the Director then had a discussion on the manner in which intelligence analysts would relate to both the NITC and the collection tasking committees. The Director explained that while the NITC would grow in its role, he had no intention of prohibiting analysts from dealing directly with the functional tasking committees. Chairman Hathaway at one point asked if all analysts would be required to go to the NITC in the future and the Director responded that they would probably not have to do so. He indicated that he wished to maintain as much flexibility as possible in these matters. 'Senator Wallop then asked if this plan was the result of a study the Director had made and the Director responded that it was based on his experience over the past year and a half. 25x1 1. Chairman Hathaway asked what the reorganization would be doing to improve counterintelligence. The Director responded that the Resource Management Staff would be looking at counter- intelligence in its budget role. He explained that under the new Executive Order the Special Coordin ti a ng Committee of the NSC was responsible for overall management of counterintelligence. Chairman Hathaway asked about the role the HTJMTNT count 'ttee i 1 er ntelligence and both and replie ed indicating that the HUMINT Committee would co inue o have a role in tho ma"n"ment d i an gu dance of counterintelligence assets. 25x1 said that he had planned to h v a e one man assigned to this function but was thinking that he might need a second person. The Director then indicated that A-counterintelligence chj.~f was about to retire and would be replacing him. Chairman Hathaway asked'wnat r. rzezinskifs role would be in counterintelligence and the Director replied that he would be responsible for managing the overall Government effort and would not get down into daily operating details. At one point in the conversation the Director indicated that the placement of managed ment responsibility for counterintelligence was a problem because of the close affinity of counterintelligence to law enforcement and that the decision to give this role to the NSC was, in effect, a compromise. 25x1 M. Chairman Hathaway asked whether there were any othM1 personnel involved in the Intellige Committee Staff and the Director responded tha there were people on non-reimbursible details but that of them were about to leave and would not be replaced. The airman then ere were any other 25x1 personal service contracts d an responded with the details. Chairman Hathaway th 1 it would. not to have a ceiling for non-reimbursable details and r responded affirmativel y. The Chairman then for present authority would that do and said gave you said yes. Approved For Release 2006/12/12 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R002200010019-7 Approved For Release 2006/12/12 :t.CIA? R?'81 M00980R002200010019-7 6. (U) Chairman Hathaway ended the meeting by saying that he had no problem with the concept of the reprogramming. Office o Legislative Counsel Attachment: Witness list as stated Distribution: Orig - OLC Subj L - D/DCI/I I - n/nCT/C.T 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1. - OLC Chronic OLC/ELS/mg (5. June 78) Approved For Release 2006/12/12 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R002200010019-7 Approved For Release 2006/12/12 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R002200010019-7 Director of Central Intelligence Deputy to the DCI _:For the 25X1 Intelligence Community. (Designated Deputy to the DCI for Resource Management) Special Assistant to the DCI (Designated Deputy to the DCI for Collection Tasking) Chief, Support Staff, Intelligence Community Staff 25x1 Budget and Fiscal Officer, Intelligence Community Staff Special Assistant tol (Designated Associate Deputy to the DCI for Collection Tasking) Special Assistant tol (Designated Director, Office of Collection Evaluation) Acting Legislative Counsel, Office of the Director of Central Intelligence Associate Legislative Counsel, Office of the Director of Central Intelligenc_- Department of Defense Representative Approved For Release 2006/12/12 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R002200010019-7