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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/0214 Q 2300080072-0 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Friday - 7 April 1978 Page 3 11. 1 11 LIAISON Received a call from Rick Galen, in the office of Representative John N. Erlenborn (R. , Ill. ), who requested a copy of "Appearances and Activities of Leading Personalities of the People's Republic of China during 1975. " After checking with I NFAC/CSS, I called Galen's office and left a message that I would ?orward 25X1 the publication to him. 12. I I LIAISON Received a call from David 25X1 Bushong, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, who asked for help with the trip report he is writing for Senator Barry Goldwater (R., Ariz. ), Committee Vice Chairman, who recently visited South Afrina and ia. 25X1 Specifically, Bushong asked for a study NFAC analyst indicated he had just finished and any other papers on Namibia. CSS/NFAC, provided me this study as well as a list of books on Namibia which I later delivered to Bushong. 13. LIAISON At the request of ,Acting Legislative Counsel, met with Richard Perle and Dorothy Fosdick, on the staff' of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. Perle said he and Fosdick needed a particular compartmented clearance in order to follow SALT developments for Senator Henry Jackson (D., Wash.) and I said I would inquire into the feasibility of getting this clearance. 14. ADMINISTRATIVE DELIVERIES Delivered to Mike Epstein, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, for the review of Bill Miller, Committee Staff Director, DDO reports on contacts with former Agency employee After Miller had reviewed the documents, the three of us met an Mill ey were 25X1 quite concerned about the apparent operational use of hile he was the employee of a U. S. Senator without the Senator's knowledge. 25X1 Miller was also concerned that the file contained material on Chile which had not been shown to the Church Committee. Miller was unsure what steps the Committee would take on this but agreed to get back to me the first of next week on this. 15. LIAISON Met with Mike Epstein, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, at length and discussed the approach he believes the Director should take in his response to the Committee on missing documents and his views on DDO sanitization practices. MORUCIDIF Approved For Release 2 - 002300080072-0 25X1