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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Rele.ase.2.Q.Q6/11/30_: CIA-RDP81 M00980R002400010070-8 CHARLES H. PERCY June 2, 1978 Dear Admiral Turner:_ Senator Percy thought you might be interested in reading the enclosed article, which appeared in the Chicago Tribune following a press conference held in his office on May 30. Sincerely, Kathy Lydon Press Assistant to Senator Charles H. Percy AnnrnvPdl Far RPlPase 2006/11/30: CIA-RDP81M00980R002400010070-8 fa. i rea -Eel' UNITED STATES Sen..Percy rR I11:3 said Tuesday that. govemment yntelb_ Zaire President Mobutu reports fleeing'-' genre reports confirm r__ ~be1s m Car-- assacred more white bostagq; ter's asse ttion thatLCuba ras behind the __and Cuba, in a speech the UN GtneraI ni titans invasion in Zaire. = - . . - , . Assembly denies - ~f' c f cago office, said that chile the new Zaire. Page 14. evidence supports Carter's charges that., Cuban Premier Fidel Castro's troops my word, on my honor, that our forces were behind the African Jli asion, be does not agree with Carter's related had nothing to do with the Katanga op- complaint that Congress has "`tied" his era_ion. - bands in dealings with Zaire and other "1 THLNK THE evidence will show illegitimate invasions in African coun. that . Sen_ McGovern. was misled," tries. -- . _ . Percy said ipa ng. directly ' t, Percy, at a news conference in his or indirectly -in the rebel invasion of _ esiaent in ioreiga aiaus-~ IN ADDITION, Percy said members Duruig a new; conference in Chicano: Of iris staff in Washitor were snow last week. Carter did not call for a r, evidence-presumably intenicence - P--al re~ ` al Of an amendment forbidding in- ports from the French Foreign Legion volvemest in COMMunist-held kn=+ola cores f ng Cuban involvement.:;'- without legislative approval, but did say "I come down on the side of the Pre-si- = f.hat the amendment limits iris options in dent in this case," said Percy deal-in. with African co'.; ---. ? Of the ;~?` Carter ad ' ist ation's charge that So- -ERCY DEFENDED the coup ession- viet-trained Cuban advisers led the rebel al amendment, saying the President had soldiers. "There is s-fficien. evid~ Percy said that Adm. Stan s`?ield Turn,-. Percy said that while there appears to - er, dire`tor of the Central Intelligence' be no doubt of Cuba's involvement in - Agency, told bbn in a panne con4Prsa- ? the invasion of Zaire, there is no j,,istifi- tion last we..kend that "solid evidence". catian fcr Carter's charge that recent exists Ii king Cuba-to the bloody inva- `. - congressional : actio?s -have tied : the- lion of Zaire by Kantangan rebels.. - - ..hands of the Pr ' that the Cubans trained the rebel sol- sufficient options in the Zaire matter Biers" and if be trams to t in , ge volved is kngo_ la by aiding, anti-co mn:unist factions op. foweaer, the senator said he disa- erati b in that country, he. 1jas o uy; to ` i grees with the defense of Cuba by U.S. zsl; Congress for ap rovaL?_; Sen. George McGovern ED., S. D.), who" _ "' President had sufficient author- said that Cuban Vice President Carlos - ty in the Zaire situation that he chose Rafael Rodriguez told him: "I gibe you, . wisely 'not to me," Percy_ said, -- { CHICAGO TRIBUNE MaY 31, 1978 Pg.5