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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Thursday - 2 November 1978 12. BRIEFING Jim Fellenbaum, Senate Appropriations Committee staff, relayed a request from GeorgFla.) Patten, Legislative Assistant to Senator Lawton Chiles (D., for a briefing of the Senator on the recent newspaper storyyn about Soviet MIG-23s in Cuba. The Senator app urgent need for this information. On advice o rovide NF.AC/CSS, I called Patten and told him we would be happy to p any information there is to the Senator and. asked if it was urgent enough to consider sending someone down to Florida. He said he 25X1 would call back. 13. LIAISON Received a call from Duane Andrews, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence staff, who requested a briefing for himself and Martin Faga, also of the Committee staff, on the numbers of supergrades in the Intelligence Community. They are commencing a study of this subject as a result of the 1979 budget hearings. The meeting is set for 9 November with representatives from the Office of Personnel and the Comptroller's office. 14. LIAISON DIA, called to alert us to e ac y Smith, se Services 25X1 Subcommittee on Research and Development staff, is no longer on that Subcommittee staff and is now on the personal staff of Senator Gary W. Hart (D., Colo.). LIAISON Met with Tom Latime and Loch Johnson, House Permanent o5lect Committee on Intelligence staff, in response to their follow up request in connection with some of the basic essentials relating to the 1 November 1978 Presidential Finding. Latimer is not confident that they could obtain approval of a reprogramming request in the near future because of the absence of Members. 4'2i. I LIAISON Met with Jack Brady, Chief of Staff, House Internationa Relations Committee, in response: to his request in connection with some of the basic essentials relating to the 1 November 1978 Presidential Finding. He foresaw no probiwns. LIAISON Met with Jim 7. Fellenbaum, Senate Appropriationsommittee staff, in response to his requ with some of the basic essentials .relating to He seriously questioned the reprogram ina asnec s oi -Litt: proposal. Deputy . nno Approved For Release 200 700120020-8 "25X1