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December 15, 2016
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April 14, 2004
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November 3, 1978
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25X1 Approved For Releas4 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 3 November 1978 tills cl~t 1. 1 1 Per her request, I sent to Sandy Auman, on the staff of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the publication entitled "A Handbook of Tutorials From the Office of Scientific Intelligence." This material is to be used by Mr. Grenville Garside, Committee Staff Director, who asked for this material to supplement his knowledge on nuclear energy. 2. 1 LIAISON Herb Romerstein, House Permanent be ect committee on Intelligence staff, called to inform me that Representative John Ashbrook (R., Ohio) will be traveling as planned to Europe between 11 and 22 November 1978. I have prepared a draft cable to the appropriate European Stations. 3. LIAISON Received a call from Jean Evans, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, who informed me Senator Charles M. Mathias (R., Md.) will be taking two trigs abroad in the next month- He will he traveling from Evans left open the possibilities of pre-trip briefings for each trip. I strongly recommend one for the Aloscow trip. Evans also indicated that the Senator's personal staff member Casimir Yost would be traveling with him and that he had asked to review any relevant NFAC publications of the last six months on these countries prior to the trip. 4. I I LIAISON Received a call from Audrey Hatry, C erc, Senate e ect committee on Intelligence, who said the Committee could use wall size maps of Africa and Asia. I said I would see if I could get them for her. 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP81 M00980FJ003000070034-5 Approved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R003000070034-5 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Thursday - 2 November 1978 12. 1 1 BRIEFING Jim Fellenbaum, Senate Appropriations Committee staff, relayed a request from George Patten, Legislative Assistant to Senator Lawton Chiles (D., Fla.), for a briefing of the Senator on the recent newspaper story about Soviet MIG-23s in Cuba. The Senator apparently has an urgent need for this information. On advice of I- I 25X1 NFAC/CSS, I called Patten and told hint ivc would be happy to provide any information there is to the Senator and asked if it was urgent enough to consider sending someone down to Florida. He said he would call back. 13. I LIAISON Received a call from Duane Andrews, House Permanent Select Committee on Inteilince staff, who reques e a 'or1'eflii ims an Martin Taga, also of the Committee staff, on the numbers of supergrades in the Intelligence Community. They are commencing a study of this subject as a result of the 1979 budget hearings. The meeting is set for 9 November with representatives from the Office of Personnel and the Comptroller's office. 14. LIAISON DIA, called 25X1 to alert us to the fact that Larry Smith, Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Research and Development staff, is no longer on that Subcommittee staff and is now on the personal staff of Senator Gary W. Hart (D., Colo.). 16'. LIAISON Met with Tom Latimer and Loch Johnson, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence staff, in response to their follow up request in connection with some of the basic essentials relating to the 1 November 1978 Presidential Finding. Latimer is not confident that they could obtain approval of a reprogramming request in the near future because of the absence of Members. I-'. I ILIAISON Met with Jack Brady, Chief of Sta. ouse International Relations Committee, in response to his request in connection with some of the basic essentials relating to the 1 November 1978 Presidential Finding. He foresaw no problems. III ?I I LIAISON Met with Jim Fellenbaum, e Appropriations mmittee staff, in response to his request in connection with some of the basic essentials relating to the 1 November 1978 Presidential Finding. He seriously questioned the reprogramming aspects of the proposal. Deputy Legislative ounsel 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release-1004/05/05 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R0030g0070034-5 Approved For Rele JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Thursday - 2 November 1978 1. I IBRIEFING Mike Glennon, Legal Counsel, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, visited headquarters for a briefing on the Agency's liaison relationships with foreign intelligence services. The briefing was given by John Stain I Also present throughout the briefing were PCS/LOC, and myself. 2. I I LIAISON Jack Ticer, Senate Armed Servri CarI2 called concerning the listing of Agency classified documents which our.records indicate were provided to the Committee during this year and which were sent at his request. Ticer is reviewing intelligence documents in Committee files to determine which should be returned to CIA and other agencies. It was agreed that he will let me know which CIA documents are no longer needed by the Committee and we will have them picked up. 25X1 3. I I LIAISON Accompanied 25X1 of our oitice, to the ouse_ermanent Select Committee on intelligence, where I introduced him to the following Committee staffers, Herbert Romerstein and Dick Anderson. I also introduced him to Thomas Latimer, Staff Director. 4. I I LIAISON Talked to Thomas Latimer, Staff Director, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, about his 31 October letter to Frederick P. Ilitz, Legislative Counsel, regarding the Career Trainee program. I told Mr. Latimer that it would take at least two weeks to do the research necessitated by the letter and asked him how serious he was about it. He told me that he regarded this information as critical to the needs of the Committee, with regard to charter legislation as well as other matters. I assured him that we would fill his needs and have passed the substance of his interests on to Chief of 25X1 Operational Training, OTR. Approved For Release 2004/05105 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R003000070034-5 Approved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R00,000070034-5 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Wednesday - 1 November'1978 Page 2 5. I I EMPLOYMENT REQUEST Received a call from Bob Rozanski, in the Norwich, Connecticut, office of Representative Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.), who requested a professional. employment application for a constituent. I told him one would be sent to him. OLC Registry was advised. 6. I I LIAISON Received a call from John, in the office of Representative Thomas F. Ra.i.lsbacr: (R. , I1 I . who requested a copy of the "National Basic Intelligence Factbooh" and a copy of "The Handbook of Economic Statistics." 7? I LIAISON Saw Dick Anderson, Iouse PQx~7S tLommittee on Intelligence staff, who asked that I check into his clearances and ensure that they are appropriately registered in the computer run. I have and they are. errorism Group, and NFAC/ORPA, uring their briefing of Louis Zanardi and Bob Parsons GAO , , on the security of U.S. Navy nuclear weapons from international terrorist attacks. The briefing was thorough and Messrs. Zanardi and Parsons were fully satisfied with it. 9. I LIAISON Called Jeannie McNally, House PeTT[fgnen' _ Select committee on Intelligence clerk, and -confirmed 1400 hours on Thursday,16 November, for a meeting between.John McMahon, DDO, and Tom Latimer, Staff Director, to discuss the adequacy of Career Trainees to replace those with specialized talents who have left the Agency either through retirement or pink slips. 10. LIAISON Called Loch Johnson, House Perhianenr e ec m Intelligence staff, to arrange -for his meetings with Chief, Covert Action Staff, and Bob Gambino, Director, Office of Security, for 1400 hours and 1000 hours on Tuesday, 7 November 1978. 11. ADMINISTRATIVE DELIVERY Delivered a personal o e rom Deputy Legislative Counsel, to Frank Sullivan, Staff Director, Senate Armed Services Committee. 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP81 M00980R003000070034-5