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December 16, 2016
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September 7, 2004
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June 2, 1961
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Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R00320001000 N THIS GO TO LEGISLATION? OR DE PILED? Sharon C( Approved For Release 2004/6irCIA-RDP81M00980R00320001000 a ? ApproCcOADIMMIKT24FDREGIERIEEtio HEARING BEFORE THE 200010001-5 SUBCOMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE INTERNAL SECURITY ACT AND OTHER INTERNAL SECURITY LAWS OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY UNITED STATES SENATE TESTIMONY OF RICHARD HELMS, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY JUNE 2, 1961 Printed for the use of the Committee on the Judiciary U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE 70691 0 WASHINGTON : 1901 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ? COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY JAMES 0. EASTLAND, Mississippi, Chairman ALEXANDER WILEY, Wisconsin EVERETT McKINLEY DIRKSEN, Illinois ROMAN L. HRUSKA, Nebraska KENNETH B. KEATING, New York NORRIS COTTON, New Hampshire ESTES KEPAUVER, Tennessee OLIN D. JOHNSTON, South Carolina JOHN L. McCLELLAN, Arkansas SAM J. ERVIN, Jit., North Carolina JOHN A. CARROLL, Colorado THOMAS J. DODD, Connecticut PHILIP A. HART, Michigan EDWARD V. LONG, Missouri WM. A. BLAKLEY, Texas SUBCOMMITTEE To INVESTIGATE THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE INTERNAL SECURITY ACT AND OTHER INTERNAL SECURITY LAWS JAMES 0. EASTLAND, Mississippi, Chairman THOMAS J. DODD, Connecticut, Vice Chairman OLIN D. JOHNSTON, South Carolina JOHN L. McCLELLAN, Arkansas SAM .T. ERVIN, JR., North Carolina ROMAN L. HRUSKA, Nebraska EVERETT McKINLEY, DIRKSEN, Illinois KENNETH B. KEATING, New York NORRIS COTTON, New Hampshire J. G. SOURWINE, Counsel BENJAMIN MANDEL, Director Of Research RESOLUTION Resolved, by the Internal Security Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary, that the testimony of Richard Helms, taken in executive session on June 2, 1981, and dealing with Communist forgeries, be printed and made public. JAMES 0. EASTLAND, Chairman. THOMAS J. DODD, Vice Chairman. OLIN J. JOHNSTON. JOHN L. MCCLELLAN. SAM J. ERVIN, Jr. ROMAN L. HRUSKA. EVERETT MCKINLEY MEISSEN. KENNETH IL KEATING. NORRIS COTTON. Dated June 7, 1981. II Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ? Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 COMMUNIST FORGERIES FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 19131 U.S. SENATE, SUBCOMMITTEE To INVESTIGATE THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE INTERNAL SECURITY ACT AND OTHER INTERNAL SECURITY LAWS, OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY' Washing ton,D.0 D.C. The subcommittee met, pursuant to call, at 10:30 fL.M., in room 2300, New Senate Office Building, Senator Kenneth B. Keating presiding. Also present.: J. 0. Sourwine, chief counsel of the subcommittee; Benjamin Mandel, research director, and Frank Schroeder, chief investigator. Senator KEATING. The subcommittee will come to order. Mr. Sourwine, call the witness. Mr. SOURWINE. Mr. Helms? Senator KEATING. Would you rise and raise you right hand? Do you solemnly swear the evidence yOu give in this proceeding will be the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Mr. HELMS. 1 do. TESTIMONY OF RICHARD HELMS, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Mr. SOURWINE. What is your full name? Mr. HELMS. Richard Helms. Mr. SOURWINE. Address? Mr. HELMS. 3901 Fessenden Street NW., Washington 16, D.C. Mr. SOURWINE. And your business or profession? Mr. HELMS. I am with the Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. SOURW INE. You are here by request of the committee this morn- ing and we hope to learn from you something about the Communist forgery of documents in the cold war. I believe you have prepared a presentation to inform the committee, is that right? Mr. HELMS. I have. Mr. SOURWINE. Would you just go ahead in your own words with whatever you have to give us? Would you prefer, if there is a ques- tion to be interrupted or should we wait until the end? Air. HELMS. I would be delighted to be interrupted. Senator, I do have a presentation here. I imagine it will take about an. hour. We have some charts which we will present as I go along. We also have photostats of some of the forgeries that I am going to speak about if you care to look at them. 1 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 2 COMMUNIST FORGERIES Approved For,Release 2004/09/24 ? CIA-RDP81M0I3980R003200010001-5 r OURWINE.ZSenator' these charts that lie is going to show us, are they in such form that they can be reproduced for our record? Mr. Mums. Yes, they can be reproduced. The title of this presentation is "Communist Forgeries." The Soviet propaganda campaign against the West grows daily more intense. It focuses on the United States, our Government., and our diplomatic, military, and intelligence services. Even before the U-2, but particularly afterwards, the Soviets began to train heavy artillery on the Director of Central Intelligence and the CIA. We have had an intimate view of their tactics. One of the devices used by the Communists is the documentary . fraud. Of these there are several kinds, and I propose to present examples of each : The false news article, the forgery, the fabricated. intelligence report, the distortion of a genuine document, and the false or true account. attributed to a. nonexistent organization. In recent days we have seen an excellent example of how the Com- munists use the false news story. In late April rumors began to cir- culate in Europe, rumors charging that the Algerian-based generals who had plotted the overthrow of President. De Gaulle had enjoyed support, from NATO, the Pentagon, or CIA. Although this fable could have been started by supporters of General Challe, it bears all the earmarks of having been invented within the bloc. In Western Europe this lie was first printed on the 23d of April by a Rome daily called Il Paese. Senator 1.-EATIlsni. Is Il Paese a Communist paper? Mr. HELMS. it is not a. Communist paper, as such. We believe it to be a crypto-Communist paper but it is not. fike Unita, the large Com- munist daily in Rome. It, purports to be an independent newspaper, but obviously it serves COMMUllist ends. The story charged? It is not by chance that some people hi Paris are accusing the American secret service beaded by Allen Dulles of having participated in the plot of the four "ultra" generals * * ? Franco, Salazar, Allen Dulles are the figures who hide themselves behind the pronunchimentos of the "ultras"; they are the pillars of an international conspiracy that, basing itself on the Iberian dictatorships, on the residue of the most fierce and blind colonialism, on the intrigues of the C.I.A. * " reacts furiously to the advance of progress and democracy * * *. We found it interesting that Il Paese, was the starting point for a lie that the Soviets spread around the world. This paper and its evening edition, Paese Sera, belong to a small group of journals pub- lished in the free world but used as outlets for disguised Soviet prop- aganda. These newspapers consistently release and replay anti-Amer- ican, anti-Western, pro-Soviet bloc stories, distorted or wholly false. Mario Mallon', director of both E Paese and. Paese Sera, has been a member of the World Peace Council since 1958. The World Peace Council is a. bloc-directed Communist front. On the next, day Pravda published in Moscow a long article about the generals' revolt. Senator KEATING. May I interrupt, there? Did Pravda pick it up as purportedly from Il Paese? Did they quote the other paper, the Italian paper, as a source of that information? Mr. Hums. Pravda did not cite II Paese. But instead of having this originate in Moscow, where everybody would pinpoint it, they Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 a Approved For Release 2684,04*,: g4MWEL81 M00980R0032000j 0001-5 planted the story first in Italy and picked it up from Italy and this is the way it. actually went out in point, of time. Senator KF,Armro. Yes. Mr. Timms. These quotations are taken from the Soviet version: Taking part in the war against the Algerian people is not only the France of arms manufacturers * * *. The war in Algeria is a war of NATO. This was openly and cynically stated by American General Norstad, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Atlantic Bloc. U.S. reactionary quarters are help- ing the French colonialists * * ". The traces of the plotters lead to Madrid and Lisbon, these hotbeds of fascism preserved intact with the money of Ameri- can reactionaries and with direct assistance of top NATO circles. The traces from Spain and Portugal lead across the ocean to the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S. * * *. The article was repeated that, same day by a TaSS dispatch prepared in English and sent from Moscow to Europe. On April 25 and 26 Radio Moscow relayed the fable to the Middle East in Arabic. The next day the London Daily Worker carried a front-page story headlined "U.S. Spy Agency Encouraged Revolt, Counted on Big Rising?Why Algiers Plot Failed." This version of the myth appor- tioned blame .for the revolt, about equally between the government of President De Gaulle and the Central Intelligence Agency. The Parisian Communist daily, l'Humanite, printed much the same story, but this issue was confiscated by the Government. That same Thursday, April 27, a version with a new twist appeared in a non-Communist Parisian newspaper. The writer who planted it was Genevieve Tabouis, a French journalist who is markedly anti- American and probloc. The plant itself was a nonexistent letter, alleged by Madam Tabouis to have been written by British Prime Minister Macmillan to President Kennedy. Her column said: The American government did not wait for de Gaulle's victory over the rebel generals to show ostentatiously that it favored de Gaulle against Algiers. Ken- nedy deserves all the more credit for this because everyone knew by that time that in doing so he was going against the powerful American services, which lie has not yet brought to their senses and which were deeply involved, in secret, with the plotters. Macmillan played a part in Kennedy's adoption of this posi- tion * * *. Last Saturday the British Prime Minister secretly sent a letter to the President of the United States (In which) he warned Kennedy. "The rebel generals," he wrote, "are no more capable of keeping the promises they have made to certain of their American or Atlantic colleagues than were Phoumi in Laos or Cardona in Cuba " * On Friday Madame Tabouis continued the attack in an article head- lined "The Strategy of Allen Dulles." She assured her readers that? the fact that the effort of ChaIle was encouraged, if not suPported, by the most Atlantic of American services, is from now on a secret everyone knows. On the very same day a TASS dispatch quoted from her article and from other French press accounts. Naturally, TASS dropped all Western warnings that the rumors were questionable. At the same time the Polish Embassy in Paris was doing its bit for the cause by busily spreading false details about support allegedly provided to the Algerian plotters by the American intelligence services. By Saturday 'Radio Moscow got around to this country. A broad- cast directed toward eastern North America proclaimed? General ChaIle has admitted that he attempted the seditious uprising only when he was assured support by influential officials in the U.S. Department of Defense. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Apprved For Release 2a4,101912ztr GIA4111DR181M00980R003200010001-5 The same day Pravda carried the TASS quotation of Madame Ta- bouis' contribution, while she rushed into print with yet a third canard. This one informed Parisians? In the Algerian affair and the Challe group, the American services and NATO are now almost openly discussed ? ". The Central Intelligence Agency of Allen Dulles ? " "caps" not only all the American services, even those of the Penta- gon, the Air Force and the Navy, but all the Atlantic special services (except the British) and those within the various alliances to which America belongs in the Middle East and in Asia (CENTO and SEATO) * ". The result is false esti- mates of national and local conditions, as in the Algiers group ? ". On Sunday, April 30, Radio Moscow again broadcast the tale to i North America in English and to Latin America n Spanish, while TASS repeated it to Europe. In May the game continued, with Radio Moscow broadcasting the lie all over again to Europe, Latin America the Middle East, and this country, while TASS once more echoed die story to its European readers. Radio Moscow broadcast it to the Soviet Union and Radio Sofia to listeners in Bulgaria. At this point the Soviets added a new twist to the act. During the past 2 months we have noted three calls directly from Radio Moscow to American newspapers and one to a U.S. police station. The alleged purpose is to check factual details picked by the Soviets from the American press. The real purpose is to record the conversation on tape. During the call the Soviet voice reads into the record a para- graph or two of selected propaganda. The edited tape, including the propaganda message and the preceding American comment, is then used in Radio Moscow broadcasts and TASS dispatches to make the propaganda sound like truth. This gambit was also used in support of the fraudulent claim that CIA supported Challe and his colleagues. Radio Moscow recently telephoned to the Washington Post and asked about a reference to the rumors 'in the. Post's "Letters to the Editor." On the 5th of May an embellished version of the call was broadcast by Radio Moscow to Soviet listeners. The Soviets had perverted to their own purposes the standard Western practice of checking local sources. Senator ICI:Arm). Are you gping into that more fully? I want to ask you a question or two about (.bat. Mr. HELMS. Yes. Senator KEATING. In other words, the letter to the editor was pre- sumably planted by Communist sources? Mr. HELMS. It turned out, sir, in this case, that the letter apparently was a bona fide letter to the editor, but the caller simply took this letter, read it back over the telephone and added a couple of para- graphs of what the Soviets wanted to say about the letter. Now the man on the other end of the line was talking at length, and when they got. the whole conversation together on the tape, they had what they wanted. They could add their insertion while trans- lating into Russian the American's quotation of the letter. Senator KEATING. When they reproduced it., they put in their own additions as to what was in the letter in the Post and those additions were not in fact, in the letter? Mr. Timms. It wasn't quite that way, Senator. ?As I understand it, this was a question of the correspondent for Radio Moscow calling someone at the Post. . Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ? Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 COMMUNIST FORGERIES 5 Senator KEATING. Was it, the local correspondent or did the call come from Moscow? Mr. IIELms. It was it telephone call from Radio Moscow. This is as I understand it: They got hold of a man on the Post whose name is Gritz. He has to do with their world affairs section., and they simply said "Did this letter?" you know, they read it. back?"appear in the Post?" The Post's man, "Yes" and "What is this all about ?" and they had a, conversation. In the course of the conversation, the Radio Moscow man began to put in his propaganda twist, so that when this whole thing was recorded on a tape riu had a fellow on the Past who was taken advantage of and he didn't know what the object of this exercise was. Senator KEATING. He didn't know his conversation was being recorded? Mr. HELMS. He didn't. And when actually they broadcast, they said his name was Green, whereas I am told it is Gritz. He was a perfectly decent fellow being made a fall guy. Senator KEATING. Proceed, Mr, Helms. Mr. Timms. The Challe slander shows four of the tricks used by the Soviets to nurse a little plant into a big lie. One is to print a local or planted rumor as a news article, using both bloc and free world papers as outlets. Another is to lend the tale a seeming au- thenticity by replaying through bloc media stories attributed to the Western press. A third device is the allegation that the current Soviet, charges are proven by secret Western documents?documents that do not even exist as forgeries. The fourth trick is the tape-recorded, telephone call. The Soviets dare not allege too frequently that fictitious Western documents exist. without offering seeming proof now and then. Con- sequently they attempt to back up some major frauds with forgeries. Mr. SouawiNE. Mr. Chairman, if I may interrupt, to go back for just a moment. to this point of tape recording: It is true, isn't. it, that, a tape recording is proof of nothing at all unless there is creditable testimony that the tape has not been doctored in any way? Mr. HELMS. Well, that the?I would not want, to pose as an expert on that, sir, but I would think that, that were true. Mr. SOURWINE. it. is perfectly possible to clip and paste up and re- record so that a tape can be a complete fiction. Mr. HELms. I should think so. Mr. SOURWINE. Unless you can identify someone who heard it, initially and he can testify that it hasn't been doctored. Mr. I.IELms. That, is correct. The Russians have a long tradition in the art of forgery. More than 60 years ago the czarist intelligence service concocted and peddled a confection called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. As late as 1958 this item was still being pushed by psychological warfare organi- zations specializing in anti-Semitism. In the 1930's and 1940's Hitler's propagandists "borrowed" it, and added it. to some counter- feiting of their own. Long before 1957 the Communists were as skillful as the Nazis in the production and exploitation of forgeries. But in that year they first began to aim them frequently against American targets, to turn them out in voklue and ,19? eJutoSpem ? Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-KuP81MOuu8uK uuu10001-5 Approved For Release 2094/WeilsigekalaiTs 1M00980R003200010001-5 through a wide-flung international network, Then CIA put these fakes under the in We found that each Soviet forgery is manufactured and spread according to a plan. Each is devised and timed to mesh with other techniques of psychological warfare in support, of Soviet strategy. Our analysis shows three main purposes: The first is to discredit the West generally, and the United States and its Government specifically, in the eyes of the rest of the world. Bloc audiences are often presented with forgeries seemingly vali- dated by the West-to-East replay technique that. "appeared in the Challe hoax. The second purpose is to sow suspicion and discord among the Western allies, and especially between this country and our friends. The third purpose is to drive a wedge between the peoples of non- bloc countries and their governments by fostering the line that these governments do not represent. their citizens because they are the pup- pets of the United States. Campaigns to sell these three themes to the world are planned by the leaders of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Staff units of the party's central committee work out the details. If the plan includes forgeries, they are prepared by a Soviet or satellite intelligence service. During the past, 4 years we have discovered no fewer than 32 forged documents designed to look as though they had been written by or to officials of the American Government. We are investigating others. Here are the 32, in alphabetical order. Not all of these fictions were published in facsimile or translation. Mr. SOURWINE. Pardon me. Do you mean 32 forgeries which can be attributed to the Communist conspiracy? Mr. Hums. Yes, sir. Can you see that all right, Senator, or would you like it brought down here a little closer? Senator KEATING. A little closer, if you can. . Mr. SOITIIWINE. Mr. Chairman, might the Chair wish to request that each of these charts be photographed and the committee fur- nished with a photograph for the record? Senator KEATING. I would so request it if that is feasible. Mr. REIMS. We would be glad to do that., sir. (The chart to which the witness referred is reproduced on a follow- ing page; illustrations of the items mentioned on the chart, where they are not printed in the testimony, may be found at the end as appendix matter.) , Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ? 6, Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 L.S. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. ALLISON CABLE 957. 1991. 12. 'JOHN HI LETTER. 1956. 22. SAM SARNI LETTER. 1960. ALLISON CABLE (2m). 1957. AAA ? A 13. KISHFOULLES PACT. 1957. 23. WAMSUCIDIN LETTER. 956. BERRY LETTER. 1951. 14. MURPHY LETTER. 1959. ...... vo 24 STATE CABLE ON SEATO. 1957. ........ .... BISHOP DIRECTIVE. 1957. 15. NIXON REPORT. 1957 25. STATE DEPARTMENT AIRURAM. 060. o s BRUCE LETTER. 1991. 16. OISHAUGHNESSY LEITER. 1997. 26. STATE DIRECTIVE ON SUMMIT. 1951. CHAP1,9_LETTER. 1956. AA.. 001*70_LAL..-9WEIX _LETTER. 1951. MILLER MEMORANDUM. 1957. 17. PCWER ORDER. u s ???a.n. 27. TIMBERLAKE LETTER. 1960. ..... vo 28. USIS MEMORANDUM 1960. 18. RANKIN CABLE (1s./. 1957. 19. RANKIN CABLE (b..). 1957. 22 U.S. PILOT LETTER 11s.). 1956. EAMIENS-11AwARTHU0 MEMORANDUM. 30. v. S. PILOT LETTER (2...). rout. FROST LETTER. 1958. 20. ROCKEFELLER LETTER, 1957. 21. ROUNTREE CIRCULAR. 1951. HOOVER LETTER. 1951. 31. U. S. PILOT LETTER 13...4 1950 32 U. S. PILOT LETTER 14..1. 1959. - ? - -? e 'v. ?? Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 S3I1129110A.ISIIWIMNOD App?oved For Release 29814/1p/a; mmago M00980R003200010001-5 Mr. Hums. Some of them did not even exist on paper, but merely as published or broadcasted allegations that proof did exist in the form of American documents. Other myths were put into writing but were not publicized. Instead they were mailed anonymously to officials in non-Communist governments or were submitted to their intelligence services as secret reports on newly discovered U.S. papers. Only 11 of the 32 were openly launched by the Communist bloc. The remaining 21, like cowbirds' eggs slipped into other nests, were hatched in places that had no visible ties to the Communist world. An example of documentary deception surfaced by a known Com- munist organ is a forgery attributed by its authors to Nelson Rocke- feller. In February 1957 an East German Communist newspaper, Neues 'Deutschland, published several pages of what purported to be a facsimile of a letter in the "original" English from Mr. Rockefeller to President Eisenhower. The letter spelled out a cynical plan for American manipulation of military and economic aid in order to gain domination of the world. It is an example of the first category, the forgery designed to damage the reputation of the United States. Mr. SOURWINE. This is item No. 20 on your chart? Mr. HELMS. Yes. (The Rockefeller letter, as printed in the Neues Deutschland is re- produced on following pages:) Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 t kir Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 COMMUNIST FORGERIES 9 THE FORGED ROCKEFELLER LETTER. Neues Deutschland, 15 FEBRUARY 1957 NEUES DEUTSCH LAND ORGAN DES ZENTRAIXOMITEES DER SOZIAUSTISCHEN EINHEITSPARTEI DELITSCHLANDS Inalnen 661... Pr.. IS. P.. 11.7 116. / 661.1 57 lI/I57571). III Geheimdokument Rockefellers Vertrauliches Schreiben des Standard-Oil-KOnigs an Pritsident Eisenhower Zynischer Plan der USA-Weltherrsehaftsziele Das Rezept: ?Wirtschaft sh ilfe" - wirtschaf Riche A bhfingigkei t - politische Beherrschung -Militfirpakte-Blutzoll der Volker fiir die USA Ungeheuerliehes Zeugnis imperialistischer Unmenschlichkeit 11.6.1,r1 Arriwp, bere menes Va. 1611?16.1.11 dee *raw. .6.1 awn *on as1611. s? 6.166 61.? des 616.? .? UMW It,. .0 ??? 611?16. 6.4. 141.0 norrnIs IIID. 6.....61.1 ns1 7577.51)- en la Appfred For Release 282104M4: col&M's81M00980R003200010001-5 ? Rockefeller gibt Direktive fiir Superkolonialismus der USA Nachstehend veraffentlichen wir den Wortlaut des nut Seite 1 behandelten vertraulichen Schreibens von Nelson A. Rockefeller an Priisident D. Eisenhower von: Januar 1956: 1.1?1? - - aca r.tig Acarrikeolarbee Procaine kelestropiel ant-waken ARO,. caa,aoala.ilaal? 2:41. a... a. accc.e,sctz demo breurbi es unarm ?Hato" t,..?a-=, =am, D?A Zeit Maltlrbicadaieee " "74.4?:7=== "trIcAta".:7 remises ..i.?114,....rsautZ.4. Jiro tam se. rows ??? vorearli: USA?AuDearainialerium " A. ? ...... 1??? ? .1.0 X.* Ow* L'Irt t:Fttr-, Dor weagelle Fisch brava, =it' dmok. VA Um so 'X. "1St Ith st.a?ti Oil kt, :Lt.= La Ow. ????4 ??????? ki rd laa MA ..ctuflenpolilik des Iona """ "1.? ...serer Coolirollo" "":".""t? ? ""....crat===a. Neutral; Sluies une Woo nielk Dakar trr." ta=""'Ill ? cr.* kat "=".1V= tulrak dereku% ter .04 ???? K r?r?????????? *M1 ? ":".1 1:7:=1 1"1: Wirleelkerdiche ?thue it""a:="412121:= allaal,aaall,a? aaaa jn'crtral.c"rraZATE ..accaa="aaa""a Die Eatelchuageneeehlehle ted,, dee NATO...It IMO cia! 1,7". SAVA, ' r.== ?""""" "*"'" cnncrracasattntsMsa&aatstnaCnMDPArockmula?van 24.." Tat Si' r:141.1" r ?"" ?"". =.":= """;:nr.r.,":"..rtnrr. .=.1*".7.?1" ;:taam?-r..-r-r.==== xr ra?arZa Ftattt----Lit Magoloka? om Om. saw.= Ildor???? IINO.??? 6??????? Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 e_ a, Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 viutgvue urrucues 1.4 eugui unperutum ILI Earl n. ?Roues Dentsehbuni" 1st in der Lage, bent. unsex= Volke mid der Weltaffentliclakeit den authentischen Text eines geheinten Schreibens rue Kenntnis zu bringen, das der Erbe des graliten amerika- nimben Ohms* Standard Oil Corporation, Nelson A. Rockefeller, ins Januar 1956 an den Prisidenten der Vereinigten Stoat.. von Nord- amerika, Dwight D. Eisenhower, geriehtet hat. Der Text, der uns in engllscher OriginalfassImg and in voile.. Wortlant verities; stammt aus einer unbedingt zuverlassigen \ \\ ?ss\ t .. s I aS relooteSt to Mart to tact leastbr ma Ur... elm:melon \*blab Soft plamt LS Cum barte /a oomesattaa eltb far proposal regarelas 0 boa.? PrMorem Of isle to mmter-earelapee we . U . recent Oelltieel eorelossestat Maya alum tit. Oct lleouestam ea* cats sterile ate awl 'Met 40 time tea pm ease waeo 1 aboola state dome relate teat lava 0...4 to am oaten Smug> Its, ao eat pre.. ta ba orioles& may all In eam0beof some was is eppreeettlaa ate Of Ito wet importeat problems of our fseelso pallor. Firet of all 1 meal lies to expreme 08 .m0 eeetersottam o1S6 the teur bill leareaolag tee a/least/Pa far tie to ustaertevelopea Goma LLLLL . if I am not ateiates tee 8111 obtaltse6 leer "prom./ lalloalag Otr Mt..., ..eett?? .1.11 50 eaablessoa. The Sill wee sell tinge. Perttoulary is tea llgat of baber.euict Cooper, reoees roper. empeastelaa tee eateetropkto trap in erne.* preastse to Latta eapeetell. utterer. Lean* stater.% trot POrSuast seetaa asep Gas. I me serrr Sollars to motet eat that k N reotttet of''"*g7 l: I tiztcrzele Isi.43 fusresardStsrossyslSO the ueloistsil. es \ \ :s.g:o7o:rset::it laq:sgsr oft:tra: !dial:9,4%3st I Lie:: \ ksL S so tss. 4. sosUl=s aitss ctst goys::: rass,gortiltsSliSseu_ ?MktVa'aft%kM % . S ilumehnitt aus dem vertraidiehen Sdweiben Rockefeller, an Eisenhower Bonn farchtet Wiedervereinigungs- programm der SED Been (ND). In surehmendem Matt wird in westdeutschen bilr- gerlichen wet adenauertreuen Zei- tungen gefordert. rn Wahll.ntof .012.1 die Frage der Wiedervereini- sung at. behandeln. Das Stichwort fee dle CDU-Zeitungen gab das 1Clerue-Blett .Christ und Wel am 9. Februar. In einem ausfUhrlichen !Commenter . den Deutachlandvoraddegen dee Zen- eralkaniteee der SSD ver gran= ter die Sickening deer friallichen Elamite Dentsdilands and die detnekrallsehe Wiederver- dnigung been.. Des ist inrwischen auch emu Ausland her bestetigt atonic., nidit =let= durch die Botschaft Bulgankw arc Adertauer. Gerald thuds die Konfrontlerung des Programme der SED mit der rue gleidten Zeit im Bundestag forNetralptnen egtresairop Ko.ep- Der amerikanische Olmilliardlir Rockefeller gibt in Praridenten der USA Empfehlangeze, wie die an. der ganzen Welt sowie die Kolonien der alien Ko britalmien, Frankreich, Portugal, Belgien und Holland oar .1 hilts", wirtschaftliche Abhangigkeit, politische Abhangigkett lung :lurch Militirpakte unter amerikanische KontroKe gebes Kriege f?r amerikaniscite Interessen gestiirrt warden kaftan. Rockefeller lent in dem Geheimdolcument dar, ante dies.. in Westeuropa Hllfe des Marshattplans ?unter An Art von Drude? rue Schaffamg des NATO-Kriegspaktes gefUhr sationell 1st die offenherrige Schilderung des amerikanisches berren, daft das amerikanische AuBenministerium unter der L John Foster Dulles mit Hilfe des SEATO-Pakten beabsidet Krieg gegen die Volksrepublik China zoo provorleren. Das Dot:unseat enthallt die Herrschaft des amerikanischaa kapitals in: Iran. Darn bemerkt Rockefeller: ?Gegenwartig Schah ouch nicht einmal wagen, irgendwelche Verand Kabinett durchzufahren, ohne unseren Botschafter an konsul Al. Politik gegenaber Rgypten empfiehlt Rockefeller, dem kanisehe ?Hilfe" bei der Durchfiihrung soldier Hauvorhaben die seine Kraftc abersteigeo oral es dialuath in emerikantacke keit zoo bringen. Rockefeller fahrt low ?Ich erudite es als I Art der Zusammenarbeit ant andere Lander auszudebnen." die Tarkei, die bereits zuverlassige ?antikommunistische N rungen Minn, sullen bel der Kreditgebung nods dem warden: ?Dm geangelte Fisch braucht keinen Rader." In den Kolonien der alien Kolonialmichte sollen die nail Offensive gegen Milit Beratung des Praskilums des Nationalrats Erklarting elnus Berlin (ND). D. Presidium des Nationalrats der Nationale. Front fuhrte am 13. Februar unter Vor- site von Prof. Dr. Dr. C o rr e n s eine Beratung Ober die Lege in Deutschland trod die Aufgaben der Nationale,. Front durdt. Prof. Al- bert Norden madite in einem einleitenden Referat erundsiitzliche Loch. Erich Meekenbergert kratinett Wilhehn K oene n, Kari N,- ?matt.0 mokel cod Dr. Dr. Gericke eller des Wort ergriffen. der Deu R. Mem bletnanfeatestaaoth ef- lab Ski% die eisurtetige Anthem., daft dile dumb tile 341. Tailmot dr, .".`kt.' ZeutralkomMteoa der SED eater- hung breiteten Vorsch guten Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 SHI1111491103 LSINLThIWOC Appriayed For Release apymi,i, %gni M00980R003200010001-5 40../MW400:446%;(02710ISOMFAMORPOSIUMPFOTINOVOIMAMA0.0000000 ,.woxill to pat the problems In o nutshell . our policy oust be both ?global. ! 0 ? embroils every port of the world ano also ',total" 1.o. inoluee d ? 0 political, psychologioal, economic, military and special Betimes inte4ra..$ ? o tad into one whole, In other words the task is to 'Utah all our horses ?d $ In a single team. TO illustrate my point of vies bettor I want to atteags3 0, same analtsis - alma If it is a super:101AI one . of soae sepeots of our 0 ? foreign polio/ ae it hos beim conducted in suropo sad Asia. ? ? 0 ? A In mimeos we started with oconomio ail. /t Is quite possible that 7p i 0 without the oarshall Plan wo would have found it snob more diffioult to $ ? 0 foro hATO. that In foot happened in this case was that a 000rdinstod $ ? 41foreign policy, usinaLeverm k o assure, resultod in the oreation $ of what we. boost -its a solid Lary union. /yea critics within MATO ed $ itself say that it suffers from undue *aphasia on the allitary aspects p at the expease of the soonomic faotors Waco played such a big role in 111$ / formation. . I , 0 , d In Asia our efforts were far less suocesetul. The principal , 0 a'reason for this can, I believe, be cienriy stated: the _oonception of Il , , Larce was too nakedly sopo e....too mach stress was laid on the mIllliTy .0 $ its. efflIirii Iiikely-luinored the Laportanee of preliminary economic do oe Ipreparation for, the allianoos we wished to make. i Pais underostimatioa of to. vital economic aspects on tho part of 9,-tbo Utato uopartment has led to the creation of uu:ATO ane the asahdad I pact qn a foundation of sone. And I souls prefer to we. the sand Oumented. The American tradition has been that ?the Flag follows trade.. 0 spite of this wise tradition all our energy max directed to building :lap the military aids of .i4ATO. It la aural/ plausible, howevJr? that ../ :the membors of pLATO,voulo wvat to Owliavolved to s war ugaior-t coOnnue+-4c% :China, with the U.; bactiag Cniong mai-shook. Yet this apparently vas the e, eetate Dopartment's celculation. ti P..f1,.."})'}',,,,.}.7ZY,7* ' ? ' -...0:0' ..,,,Y;4,Ww.../.72zowlA ).1tNiSS)IN 2. Lu ?tsar to etrengthen and, if possible, to broaden these \ alliances we must draw up a program of soononlo development oxtensive inougp for us to have in Asia, Atria& and other underdeveloped areas a pOlieloar ape military influence as great or greater toan that we obtained tarougn the Marshall Plan in muropo. That is why the main :los . of or dlonyaki. uilo.lotlua.. :or uneerdeveloped countries should be ,channelled through bodies set up to servo our military alliances. This ishould.sorve to mate the alliances themeless more attractive. It -. necessary, oertain connote IA the form of these si4anoes should be 1 k considered. In other words, sh rrrrrr possible we should, emphasise the economic asps's:its of our allisacee. do should widely end wisely make use of economic aid to those countries which wo intend to draw into alliaace el 'us, but we ohould to it more flexibly lane carefully than hitherto. In Os past we nave Oaaetielea tied up the provision of eoonomio ail with \ , demands to join ono or ether of our alliancos in such a sonde Manner \ that Walip potential allies were allenatod. It is nec rrrrr y for us to act enrofully ant padeatly, and in the early stages confine ',aureoles* k-k to assuring very moaeot political conceeaions in exchange, for our scononia aid (in some exceptional cases - oven without any concessions in return.) \ * The way will than be open to us, but at a later stage, to step up both 1 our political price anu our military demands . You seemed to be ruled bi these considerations when you agreed to A'offer economic QUI to egypt to help it with the construction of the iNlAssan uam. If the Masser Oovernment accepts this aid a situation will.-011 \ crested in whicn e ypt will inevitably become bogged down in over - k ambitious construction ace will need our support for a long period of \time. I think it logical UJ eXtenfi this type of co-operation to other N countries. Ana in particular never to forget tne theory of cumulative- rather tuna immediate political eemanne on whioh it is based. ). In line with this l suggest that those countries to which e, economic aid is to he extended, shoule bo divided into three Croups, different aethods analbrms of economic co-operation being applied to soon of these groups. first of all, we snoula plod out the countries witn anti-Communist \ \lovernments friendly to us, whion are already hound to the U.S. through stable loog-tiero militor, agreoments. La this case Governmental. subsidise Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 4. 5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 COMMUNIST FORGERIES 13 1 of ow. 4*WIAML" "1.03M[143. .or 41111111111T111Thire-musmw mimic cm ' 0 Obannelled through bodies set up to servo our military allianoos. This 1 !tsbould to mate the alliances themselves more. attraotive. If :neosesary? certain changes in the form of these alliances should be ?oonoldered. . 1 t In Other words, eh possible we should, emphasise the economic % napeots of our alliance*. gel should widely and wisely mate use of t economic aid to those countries which we intend to drew into alliance wit \ % us, but we should do it more flexibly and carefully than hitherto. In \ % tne past we nave sometimes tied up the provision of eoonomio aid with 1 deuands to join one or Other of our alliances in such a sande Manner that many potential allies were allmnated. It Is necessary for us to act cnrefuily and palently, and in the early stages confine ,oeraelville % to assuring very modest political concescions in exchange for our sconoml % uome exceptional cases - even without any concessione in return.) ct % The way will then be open to tie, but at s later stage, to step up oath ? Our political price auu our wintery neunnds . % %. You seemed to be ruled 0, these considerations when you agreed to N Offer economic aid to 4gypt to nelp it with the construction of the Vassan .am. If the Nasser Uovernmout accepts tble aid a sttJation will, be ? Created in ahicn ..,gypt sill inevitably become bogged down in over - Vembitioua conutrucilon and will need our support for a long period of . time. I think it logical to exteno this type or co-operation to other k'countries. And in particular never to forget the theory of cumuletive rather titan immediate political newtons on which it is based. \ N ). In line with this I suggest that those Countries to 'bleb ziou economic aid is to be extended, anoulo be divided into three groups, different methods ad n/brms of 00000mi0 co-operation being applied to k\eno(' of these groups. \ \ ? \ N fired of all, we snout& plot Out the countries with anti-dommuniat \ A3ovornmente friendly to us, whiOn are already bound to the U.S. through \stable long-term militar, agree...Alta. in LIAO ease ,:oveynosatai subsidise and entails may taxa tie form metal: of 'sultry epproplatione. Tho ooted fish need no bait. Mere I agree with the Jiate b tm eparent. twit i s he allotment of extennire economic ald,suj, to rune:, might under . ortom bring results eztotly tbo opposite of t,ose intended, might, tout is, utrengthen Lt a tendency to innependenoe ana , to 00000 aiog IL. saluting milit.r, ali1ne008. ?WOO countries may be 1% s.' . ,...,..v....,o.N.,???????????????,..N.w...xv.s.,0......N.N...w.,.????????????".?.,-..z....."...?,,,,,xsz.,"ww, .?? C I 1 il 1 i 'll Ii a nationalism so atruci as to esoape not only ins the contra& of the old Colonial powers but also from our own oontrol. lete-Aive ..ca401111c sit to ell taree groups of couatries should always be presented we the expression of a siooera nod disictoo 4 desire On the part of the US to help and cooperate with them. de eannot afford, to soonomise in ramming home by 00000 propaganda means available to us the dicta nature of UJ policy as regards aid to underdeveloped b.* countries. We do not lioonomIse on our anti-communist wort. Meanwhile our i our technical exports, and other specialists should make s, it their business to penetrate every branch of the national "clones: of backward oountries, and to develop them with due respeot for our own men whose political loyalty 1.11 Male doubt. Interests and encouraging the national ambitions of those native business.. It seeme to ma that provided all these recommendations are carried out the result should be not only to strengthen the international , position of the U. eatn whole but would also considerably facilitate the( q fulfillment of an/ military tasks that-erq confront us in the future by . St % strengthening existing military arrangements and breathing new life tato s; ? ? them. %. Si I foul? not boys written this letter and I certainly would not hero. Ag written at such len,Ab. if I had not been confident of your sympathy with.Nt N% ; the ideas expressos here, and if I .iiath not hope at these ideas would help us In ehspinG our policy a-ont sound linen. t il ???? AueschnItte aus dem vertraulichen Schreiben Rockefellers an Eisenhower Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Apprgyed For Release 201n9prill:, ?alrER1M00980R003200010001-5 Mr. HELMS. During the next 3 weeks oilier Communist publications reprinted the fraud in a campaign of propaganda reinforcement. When Neues Deutschland reverted to the Rockefeller letter in early March it linked that forgery to another, a fraudulent memorandum .from Ate Secretary of State, Mr. Dulles, to the President. Senator KEATING. Was this a photographed forgery or did they say it existed? Mr. HEEms. Would you like to see a COPY? Senator KEATiNG. Yes. Mr. HELMS. Would you pass the gentleman a copy? Senator 'KEATING. And this is of such a character that it can be shown in the record? Mr. IIELMS. Yes, it appeared in Neues Deutschland. Senat or KEATING. And in German, I see. Mr. HELAIS. Yes. And as a matter of fact, the German is right there with the English. Senator KEATiNG. But in the German text was inserted, in English, the purported letter. AM I correct about that? Mr. HEEms. Yes, that is right. Senator KEATING. It doesn't purport to show a signature. Mr. HELMS. No, it doesn't have any signature. Senator KEATING. rrhallk Mr. HELNts. The second fabrication adapted the jingoistic Rocke- feller theme to the Middle East. It informed the President that the true goal of our policy toward the Middle East was to scuttle na- ,-ional independence movements there and to replace European co- lonialism with American domination. This time the Neues Deutsch- land avoided forged facsimiles and printed only a "summary," adding an editorial comment : It is clear that the memorandum met with the agreement of the National Security Council and served as a basis for the so-called Eisenhower Doctrine. Senator KEATiNG. Is not the memorandum one of the 32 documents? Mr. HELMS. Yes, it is. It is No. 8. Nos. 8 and 20 are the two under discussion. . Senator KEATING. Eight is the Dulles memo. I think at the conclusion of your description of that we should put No. 8 in the record. (On the following pages are reproduced the Dulles memorandum as published by the Neues Deutschland and in lieu of a translation, a description of the memorandum :) Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 204111019124T GIANRID1181M00980R0032000119001-5 THE FALSE DULLES MEMORANDUM. Neues Deutschland, 10 MARCH 1957 In lieu of a translation of the Neues Deutschland article of 10 March 1957 which described the "secret memorandum"-df Mr. John Foster tulles to President Eisenhower, the following description of the memorandum is presented. This was taken from a manual published for the use of Soviet propagandists; "Dulles reasoned that England and France could never again become masters of the situation in the Near and Middle East... that Egypt and other Arab countries were beginning to understand' that they could decide their own affairs...Proceeding from this, Dulles planned the course of American policy. The main problem, he declared, was the overcoming of Arab nationalism (that is, the movement for freedom from the colonizers), and the filling up of the 'vacuum' which formed. Dulles proposed to accomplish the .overcoming of 'Arab nationalism' by the formation in this region of aggressive military blocs. He wanted to fill up the vacuum with American military bases and by sending into this region American military units designated for 'special purposes' on 'the Formosa pattern'... "To seize these positions (the former iMperialistic posi? tions of England and France), the memorandum said, it is necessary to strengthen the military positions of the US in the Near East. To expand the program of the creation of air bases, to place in certain places American military forces equipped with atomic weapons, to achieve the consciousness of 'an African military pastel: Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ? Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980Ii603200610001-5 NEUES DEUTSCH LAND ORGAN DES ZENTRALICOMITEES DER SOZIALISTISCHEN EINHEITSPARTEI DEUTSCHLANDS I. A.110. Dem. Doman, In men utn ..(1111.I0b1.1. / Mr. 1110,IPI Unsere lusben eine g Bauer?' esidterte Zukunft 11. Sown De ue dererneedGenner i.e. Re- la Ammoved For ReleasegRatiom :Fm5g81M00980R003200010001-5 Mr. HELins. We have with us these two forgeries as they first ap- peared in the Communist paper. Although they were prepared by a Soviet bloc intelligence service, they are not very good. Several dis- crepancies give them away. I might. add that later, when Soviet sleight of hand improved, one of our problems was demonstrating that the act was a fake without providing the magician with free tips on how to perfect his performance. Senator KEATING. I don't want to get, into any questioning which will interfere with your techniques, of course, and you are at liberty to say that this should not be answered, but. when you said it was a sloppy job did you refer to the typing or the spelling or what? Mr. HELMS. The spelling and internal evidence. In other words, sir, I believe that when you read those carefully as an educated Amer- ican, you will immediately see that this is not. the kind of letter that Nelson Rockefeller would have written. He wouldn't have cast them in this way and wouldn't, have used certain terminology. This is what we are getting at. Senator KEATING. I see. I doubt. if Nelson Rockefeller would say to the President that he was reluctant to refer to a tiresome discussion that took place at Camp David. Mr. HELms. That is right.. Senator KEATING. That strikes me as not exactly the way you ad- dress the President of the United States. Mr. SOURWINE. It makes it internal evidence of forgery. Mr. HELMS. This chart shows samples of several bloc. propaganda themes falsely validated by forgeries. Of the 32 documents packaged to look like communications to or from American officials? 22 were meant to demonstrate imperialist American plans and ambitions. Of these, 17 asserted U.S. interference in the affairs of Communist- selected free world countries. The charge of imperialism is the first of the two major canards spread by the Soviet, bloc in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and wherever else they command suit- able outlets. Eleven of the forgeries charged U.S. intervention. in the private business of Asian nations. One was a faked secret agreement be- tween our Secretary of State and Japanese Premier Kishi "to permit, use of Japanese troops anywhere in Asia." Another alleged that American policy in southeast, .Asia called for U.S. control of the armed forces of all SEATO .nations. Four more were supposed to make the Indonesian Government view us as a dangerous enemy. Of these, two offered forged proof that the Americans were plotting the overthrow of President Sukarno. The other two were supposed to demonstrate that the U.S. Government, despite official disclaimers, was secretly supplying the anti-Sukarno rebels with military aid. The, takes care of 6 of the 11 forgeries. Of the remaining five, two announced that the Americans were plotting to assassinate Chiang Kai-shek. Another had the American Embassy in Phnom Penh deeply involved in a conspiracy with a Cambodian dissident., Sam Sary, to overthrow the government of Prince Sihanouk. The fourth fable told the world about a State Department order that American intelligence agencies were to "screen the loyalty" of the King of Thailand and the members of his government. The fifth recited that the U.S. Informa- tion Service was directing the press of one Asian country in attacks ApftliVidalf4PIRelease 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 5 4 ? Approved For Release MAWR* tAalag81 M00980R00320any1 0001-5 Five of the 32 shell games were played in the Middle East. The first, in 1958, was a letter. supposedly written by the Secretary of State to .Ambassador Chapin in Iran. This example of poison pen- manship, containing insults to the Shah, was not. published. Instead, it was channeled directly into the Iranian Government. Another hoax elaborated American plans to suppress all mit ional independence movements in the Middle East, to uproot French and British in- terests there, and to install the United States as the new master of the house. Two spurious orders directed American diplomatic missions to help in overthrowing the United Arab Republic. The fifth forgery was keyed to the landing of American troops in Lebanon in 1958. Concocted to "prove" that U.S. troops would occupy Lebanon "for 15 months," it added that their purpose was installing atomic and other military bases and "wiping out millions of Arabs." Senator KEATING. Are you going to .discuss at all what happens or what they do when these lies catch up with them like the Lebanese lie, for instance? How do they get any credence after that among those who do not want to believe that and who are not a part of it? Mr. HELMS. Sir, these things do catch up with them, but people's memories are somewhat short,. 'What you read one day, a week later you tend to forget. Most of this campaign is less effective in those parts of the world where the people have been exposed over and over to bloc propaganda campaigns and have become sophisticated and wary. But in other areas the people have not had much experience with this kind of trickery. So they tend to take it at face value, even if the line shifts later. Senator KEATING. But in Lebanon they said the purpose was to stay there for 15 months. I forget how long our Marines were there, but it was a matter of days, as I remember. I would think that was a pretty tangible lie that would catch up with them. Mr. HELMS. Well, I just don't think it does, because nobody makes an issue of it. If some Lebanese read this, he probably would have shrugged his shoulders. Mr. SOURWINE. Might it also be a conditioning of the attitudes and atmosphere at a particular time and this purpose is served even if subsequently proved to be a forgery or a false statement? Mr. HELMS. You are quite correct. The Soviets don't care. Once they have been able to get. their story across on the particular day, as the counsel says, then after that, if it is a lie it is a lie, and who are you going to blame for it? The newspaper was caught; it printed the wrong information. Our newspapers are occasionally in the same predicament themselves. Mr. SOURWINE. This is not too different, Mr. Chairman. To use analogy, from the old racket run by racetrack touts who had a list of suckers and would take a race with eight horses in it and split them up and send out, each horse as a winner to a certain group and the ones that got the actual winner would remember it and swear by the source. The others expect to lose and they forget about it, anyhow. Senator KEATING. Yes; that. is a good analogy. Mr. HELMS. The first bloc forgery attributed to the U.S. Govern- ment and surfaced in Africa appeared last August in the guise of a letter from the State Department to Ambassador Timberlake in Leopoldville. It represented Premier Tshombe as a paid and probably Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Apprimed For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 COMMUNIST FORGERIES reliable agent of the U.S. Government. And it added a dash of racist venom with the words "but God knows what these blacks will do." The bloc hopes to fan English and French distrust Of American intentions toward formerly colonial areas by assertions of American ambitions to dominate the Middle East and Africa. In addition, the Communists have aimed three forgeries directly at Europe. These are the Bruce, Hoover, and. O'Shaughnessy letters. Intended to cre- ate suspicion among Western allies, and especially in France, all three forgeries repeat the line of American interference in other peo- ple's affairs. Mr. SOURWINE. Who are Bruce, Hoover, and O'Shaughnessy? ? Mr. HELMS. This is Ambassador David Bruce; Elim O'Shaugh- nessy is a Foreign Service officer who at this particular time was serv- ing in Bonn, Germany; and Hoover is Herbert Hoover? Jr., who was Undersecretary of State. Bloc forgeries have supported two anti-American charges -on a global basis. The Rockefeller letter that you saw was concocted to buttress theme No. 1: imperialistic Uncle Sam means to rule the world. This line is -intended to arouse anger and fear in newer, smaller countries as well as distrust in present or former colonial powers. The charge was repeated some months later in a "secret Nixon report," floated without support of forgery a few months after the Rockefeller letter. This nonexistent report had the former Vice President, presenting a plan for 1.S. domination of Africa.. (The accompanying chart illustrates the connection of these various propaganda moves:) Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ?? ? ? Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200b10001-5 FiGn4) ? 01!2. Fnu!'Ag1NAJA SOVIET PROPAGANDA. CLAIM RADIO MOSCOW TO MIDDLE EAST, IN ARABIC, 27 JUNE 1991, ON LEBANON CRISIS: 'IT IS EVIDENT THAT THOSE ENO HINT AT THE USE OF ATOMIC BOMBS. SUCH AS THE AMERICAN DEFENSE SECRETARY, AND WHO THREATEN TO USE THEM AGAINST THE ARABS, WILL NEVER ABANDON THEIR CRIMINAL INTENMONS ... ? " CONE 1 RM ED. BY OPEN LETTER SUPPOSEDLY WRITTEN BY U.S. ARMY OFFICER ?JOHN H. ? IN LEBANON: ?IT IS INTENDED TO CARRY OUT LARGE-SCALE TECHNICAL WORK IN LEBANON FOR TURNING THE RAYAK AND KLEIAT AIRFIELDS INTO BASES FOR ANERICAN PLANES WITH ATOMIC WEAPONS ... IN THE NEAR FUTURE VARIOUS TYPES OF ATOMIC EQUIPMENT WILL BE SENT TO LEBANON ... ALL THESE PREPARATIONS LOLL IN THE FINAL COUNT LEAD TO THE ANNIHILATION OF MILLIONS OF ARABS STRUGGUNG FOR THEIR NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE ...? SURFACED AUGUST MO. SOVIET PROPAGANDA CLAIM RADIO MOSCOW TO AFRICA, IN ENGLISH, 18 JULY 1960: ? TSHOMBE WNIO HAS RISEN TO PROVINCIAL PREMIERSHIP WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF THE MONOPOLISTS' MONEY. HAS RECENTLY DECLARED THE SECESSION OF KATANGA ... THIS PARVENU NATURALLY REPRESENTS NO ONE BUT HIMSELF. AND THE TEXT OF HIS STATEMENT WAS EVIDENTLY DICTATED... SOVIET PROPAGANDA CLAIM ,P1814,84.4????????-?-?, ' BOOK, ABOUT THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST PEACE, PUBLISHED BY THE STATE PUBLISHING HOUSE FOR POLITICAL LITERATURE, MOSCOW. 1957: ....THE POLICY OF THE STATE DEPARTNENT... IS BORN IN THE OFFICES OF STANDARD OIL FROM THERE IT IS TRANSMITTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, WHERE TFIEHEADS OF THE ARMY AND NAVY APPROVE IT. WHEN THIS POLICY GETS TO THE STATE DEPARTMENT. IT BECOMES THE POLICY OF THE GOVERN- MENT AND IS SUPPOSED TO BE CONFIRMED BY CONGRESS QUICKLY AND WITHOUT AM' CHANGES WHATEVER. WHEN AN ORDER FOR LAWS DESIGNED TO PROTECT THE INTERESTS OF THE OIL KINGS CONES FROM THE ROCKEFELLER DYNASTY ITSELF, THE ENTIRE CONGRESS FROM THE SMALL TO THE GREAT COMES TO ATTENTION AND DOES WHAT THE BOSSES ORDER IT TO DO._ HOW MUCH INK HAS BEEN SPILLED BY THE PROPAGANDISTS OF THE AMERICAN MONOPOLIES IN ATTEMPTS TO ASSURE THE ENTIRE WORLD THAT AMERICAN 'AID' IS RENDERED 'UNSELFISHLY' TO THE COUNTRIES RECEIVING IT, WITH THE ONLY PURPOSE BEING THAT OF FACILITATING A RAISE IN THE STANDARD OF LIVING OF THEIR PEOPLES! BUT THEN IN FEBRUARY 1957, A SECRET LETTER OF NELSON ROCKEFELLER... BECAME THE PROPERTY OF WORLD PUBLIC OPINION... IN THIS LETTER, A BROAD PROGRAM IS SET FORTH FOR THE USE OF THE SO-CALLED ECONOMIC 'AID' OF THE USA FOR THE POLITICAL AND MILITARY ENSLAVEMENT OF UNDERDEVEL- OPED COUNTRIES BY AMERICAN IMPERIALISM ... ? ? CO NF IR ME D? BY FORGED LETTER SUPPOSEDLY WRITTEN BY UNDER SECRETARY OF STATE DILLON TO AMBASSADOR TIMBERLAKE, IN LEOPOLDVILLE, 'WE OF COURSE ARE CERTAIN THAT AFTER WHAT HE RECEIVED IN WASHINGTON, TSHOMBE WILL NOT GO BA-C-K. ON US, AT LEAST OF HIS OWN FREE WILL, GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT THESE BLACKS ARE UKELY TO DO. IT WOULD BE DIFFICULT TO FIND MORE MERCENARY CREATURES IN THE MOLE WORLD! (SURFACED BY MAILING TO ADDRESSEES IN THE CONGO, 4 SEPTEMBER 1960. (''''??-????...;'''Sr".r.r.X.:"."'!",,,,?'----...-7,-,217asisAmeenwpoolss,": ? "CONFIRMED " BY FORGED ROOMFELLER LETTER, AS IN QUOTATION ON THE LEFT. QUOTATION IS FROM THE CHAPTER, MIL, BLOOD AND DOLLARS, ? WHICH DEVOTES NINE PAGES TO THEME OF U.S. IMPERIALISM DIRECTED BY THE ROCKEFELLER FAMILY, AND ENDS WITH THE ROCKEFELLER LETTER AS CONVIRMATION OF ALL THAT HAS GONE BEFORE. *9.013009 /011 ELY ,11MIVSTT, Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 S1IIIR9}103 ISINflIAI1\103 Appfflved For Release 2904/491214if cbArgpg?i M00980R003200010001-5 Mr. Hums. Theme No. 2 is that the U.S. Government menaces . world peace. Eight, of the thirty-two forgeries attributed to Ameri- can sources are meant to lend credence to this lie. One is a false State Department, directive ordering all our diplomatic missions abroad to exert all possible efforts to sabotage the negotiations for a conference at the summit. In .1 tine 1958 and later this libel was spread across the earth by press and radio. Another fabrication given worldwide play was a forged memorandum of July 1960. Supposed to have been addressed by U.S. Air Attach?mtnens to Ambassador MacArthur in Tokyo, it was meant to "prove" that the United States was planning to conceal its IT-2's on Okinawa for just a short time and then to slip them into Japan for renewed flights over the Soviet. Union as well as China and all of southeast, Asia. The remaining six vilifications of America as the enemy of peace were all aimed at the Strategic Air Command. Nikita Khruslichev fired the opening round when he was interviewed by two American journalists in November 1957. He said : if would like to express my views with regard to statements made by cer- tain representatives of military circles and published in the press. It was re- ported that, allegedly, a part, of the American bomber force, with hydrogen and atomic bombs, is constantly in the air and always ready to strike against the 'Soviet Union. Reports have it that one-half of the planes are in the air. This is very dangerous. Such a situation serves as an illustration of the extent of the military psychosis in the United States. Mr. SotTawnsm. Who were the two correspondents that got that interview. Mr. HELMS. They were Mr. Robert Considine and Mr. 'Frank Con- niff. Mr. 'William Randolph Hearst, Jr., was also present. Senator KEATING. Was that a television interview? Mr. Huzts. No, it, was a press interview. Mr. Hums. Then he paved the way for the Soviet propagandists by adding: When planes with hydrogen bombs take off, that means that many people will be in the air piloting them. There is always the possibility of a mental, blackout when the pilot may take the slightest signal as a signal for action and fly to the target. * * * Does this not go to show that * * * a war may start as a result of sheer misunderstanding, a derangement in the nortnal psychic state of a person, which may happen to anybody? * * * Even if only one plane with one atomic or one hydrogen bomb were in the air * * * it would be not the Government but the pilot who could. decide the question of war. Mr. SOURWINE. This matter of the possibility of a war by mistake or by misunderstanding is a definite, consistent, part of the Soviet technique in spreading fear, isn't it? Mr. ITELms. That is correct; I believe the next point, here will dem- oiistrate that. Five months after this interview, on May 7, 1958, the Neues Deutschland published a forged letter from Frank Berry, Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health and Medical) to Secretary of Defense. Neil McElroy. We have examples on hand. The forgery asserts that 67.3 percent, of all flight personnel in the U.S. Air Force are psy- choneurotics whose symptoms are phobias, unaccountable animosity, and generally irrational behavior. It also lists excessive drinking, Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 sy Approved For Release 24)94,40/1414 :FehtikalEIR81M00980R0032012210001-5 use of drugs, sexual excesses and perversions, and the capitalistic sin of card playing. It adds that "moral depression is a typical condi- tion of all crew members making flights with atomic and H-bombs." Mr. SOURWINE. This charge is absurd, isn't it, inasmuch as it could only be possible if there were a policy of screening pilots for the pur- pose of securing that kind of personnel? Mr. HELMS. Yes. Senator KEATING. This forgery does not have any signature on it. Mr. HELms. They seldom do, sir. Senator KEATING. Do they make any effort to explain the absence of the signature? Mr. Hsuns. Never that I have seen. Senator KEATING. All right. (The Berry Letter as printed in Neues Deutschland is reproduced on a following page.) Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 24 COMMUNIST FORGERIES THE FORGED BERRY LETTER. Neues Deutschland, 7 MAY 1958 Ph'. SetaSeryt I slab U. infers row tat the nedgeltilhealaglale SWAN ea MS%\%% %%?%%\\W t 1 'tattered oversees end in the Internal tem has beta completed. 2 widen \ 111 eseerdettee with reer lealattatioas et all nu an.. ant aim= herewith the delailed'regett set thle'netterpmpered by a area If ? Malta Spelt of the apeageity I wish to sake stravel Pergoasl- abeervetiene in this renewals-tag grew aur attention to the foliates, Pecerding to the estimates vasty the mamas. 67.) per cat of ' all crew embers that have undersea the examtradas after from pada- aerate. It is OM improseire agars end begat fail to came al. Tb. report indicateu that the sifted= is *greasily adverse Nang to. officers ad airtime Beata menses es well as eneng aces in the --. Strategic Lir Caerad of the Internal use. ()ly f??riaor obesswaTigols will deal only with thv latter ategor7.) 2. Meet "taking in general is the eceditiam of mahatmas Shia in neJority of cease finds its expression in exceeelve impanels's- ell Sate of phobias, particularly law/light phobia' me em hat/Waal ability, in actions inanimately coatralled b7 the ablect's will, Ia syndrome end fits of unaccountable animosity. I. Attar as adalticatal thorough etudy of the date on this problem VS have ascertained that the accidents that have ?aura during the lat. at. gentle as Midwa Island, at the Cooke APS (Calif.) end at the Patuxent River NS (Md.) as well on opening of fire as the civil areal= (Sac.) asi a number of sailer comes have ?eared not so wach for the reasons of technical failures as doe to psychic detiamicy of tbe crew gmbent. L. The study of the cases of the chranie gearstrele of the nervous eaten smog the pilot* ami navigators of the stataic lir Comma indicates that the chief factors eeedmeive to etch a condition are the fallowingu s greet stain particularly due to intercatineutal flighta excessive end systematic use of &Joao' (emit* atm even in MOO. use of narcotic druge (particularly cigarette', containing adom ead steramme), segal excesses lad perveracesi extreme galae dee to comatme cad playing. At the sole Liam meal depression Pm a typical condition of ell crew members aka; flights with ataxic ad 11-bowne. (i.e p.p. 17-24, *pedal section of the emulated apart.) d. 5. Darla, the medical eamminotlen present, MY colleagues Mid consulted a maw of representatives of the lir tercel ragercting the MOM as bow to agree* the arida' condition of plata end narigsisirS. Tb... representatives teats% that the flight pOreembel nest be thereat/4Y reneeed. I believe am will agree. however, that this is prattle-air Impossible to de. Or repeated mamma awe early 195) to mixt the physical .41 requiremeate of parsons setering the OSA? ken eeceentered the reastame X Of the Air Para Command. The AFC !care, mod I believe not without mama. that is that doe the ember of USAF personal woad be far below the neceeeary minima of officers mnd airmen. Moreover the or of yang men entering nein schools, es yoe are mere, bee drastically decreened lately end to. tendency is continuing. 6. I as no OSperi in aviation technique mad engineering. yet I hold that certain meaeuree proposed by expert* i.e. further irprovenent of aircraft equipment, brighter lights of the ground signal oaten, end beacons, installation of additional direction signs, etc, will no doubt decrease to gone extent the amber of accident.. On my pert I would sub for more tine to ttdnk over suggestions on how to improve nwital service in the USAF. I must admit with all sincerity, however, that the proposed engineering measures as well an any possible measures concerning medical service will not solve the problem of radical Improvement of the phygleal condition of the OSAY peroonnel as ? whole which seventies to the eats supplied by the last medical examination is far below the conteeporary requirements. I would deem It expedient to acquaint the OW Chief of Staff, the Camenders of Stretegic end Tactical kir Commands. thy OSAI Coaromders In Europe and the Pacific Zone as well as Cc...enders of the Unite with the report of the experts end particularly with their conclusions end suggestions. Sincerely years, Approvetz Release 2004/09/24 CIA-aela vaum vmmomemem wawa& vum %,\???, 200010001-5 .? Approved For Release RatIAIDI :FME1415081M00980R003208810001-5 ? ? Proletarierallerliinclecvereinigt euch! NEUES DEUTSCHLAND ORGAN DES ZENTRALKOMITEES DER SOZIALISTISGHEN EINHElTSPARTEI DEUTSCHIANDS Sensationelles Eingestandnis des amerikanischen Kriegsministeriums: SprethendeZahlen lkstta.: Zwei Drillel des iliegenden Personals Psyehoneurolker Ursache:lherbeanspruchung,Alkoholismus,Rausagift- genuIS and sexuelle Aussehweifungen ?? ? 116.1/011. ,,Neys Owywyely det Ley. Yew ay. skY /60 ha. dtbeitt maa Wye Lows W *Ws IL ha* 6146 ??? wiweadw1164.6ey Yew Yl Ye leide. ? w OwYrwaY W WiwYeawYe Ca* NM haw wt. 1.156 Vadyewaerley a S a.. VI 11 a ea 01Yrs le. SWOW 1?6 vem MY w ger Pk* Wad. wt. my* 4.7 kar. mar ewshat eal ye rya dly dy OttlYan Weal. W en. Lacy WY Maryut War Yam.* to bay Idla.0?6 YheWe?D. [Yew hel byway WW.* 7.66== .?6.7:1?7????": g. "t= 16????=6 "nrlir grawy 6. ? sy.g.ew Wm. ew. ??? ?Wwwee 11:1,61/ I Win Aar ram OsA Ow. ye ????? mew* we sod Ye. ?????????? ?16.6 ;...6F?.""Tigty"'":171E'????? VSSM.MIMIMUM Aktionseinheit mil DDR-Arbeitern wady. ye ye ym ye Pa.. ow.we 6. yu Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Appromd For Release 20Q.M/r2CICIATINUAM00980R003200010001-5 Wieder Kommunisten vor Geridit gezerrt Ein DrIttnu'ienst Sprethende Zahlen NOM.. di. 141.0.... sal 61? 11.1..3rxhwooparahlge Pi !Wen isinslo.? ie... rt... Deutliche Warnung an Dulles hevadree .1,19 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For ReleasecitidaMeMi4bP81M00980R0032136010001-5 Mr. lintats. Some 5 weeks after this forgery saw print, the So- viets got lucky. An American plane mechanic named Morgan man- aged to get into the air with a nonoperational U.S. Air Force bomber which he was neither authorized nor qualified to fly. It crashed soon after takeoff, killing the would-be pilot. Three days later Radio Moscow announced in foreign news broadcasts this "evidence" that its Berry report had indeed been prophetic. Then a shortage of crashes forced the Soviets to fall back on their own talents. On July the 3d a straight-faced Soviet Embassy in London released to the British Foreign Office and to the Western press copies of a letter which, it claimed, had been written by an unidentified American pilot based in England. Grimly he threatened to drop an atomic bomb in the North Sea, off England's coast, to alert British opinion against the accidental triggering of nuclear war. Within 24 hours Radio Mos- cow was trumpeting this second "proof" of the validity of the Berry thesis. Again their luck held. The Western press had been skep- tical about the letter and its release by a Soviet Embassy. A young Englishman lent the tale a fresh breath of life by a crank confession that he had written the letter. Soon, however, he admitted that he had had nothing to do with it. Undaunted, the Soviet Embassy re- leased two more neurotic pilot letters the next week and a third in mid-September. But by now the theme was threadbare, and the non- Communist press virtually ignored it. In a final followup, the untiring Neues Deutschland published a new variant in October. This article claimed that a U.S. Air Force officer in Kaiserslautern, West Germany, had indiscreetly disclosed a recent secret order from General Power, the SAC chief. It forbade planes carrying atomic or hydrogen bombs to fly over the United States but did not forbid such flights over other countries. It goes without saying that no such order was ever issued. It also goes with- out saying that the bloc press and radio hastened to cite this latest proof of the farsightedness of Assistant Secretary Frank Berry. By this time they had him in danger of rivaling the prophetic powers of Marx and Lenin. Not all the Communist forgeries are attributed to the U.S. Govern- ment. Several have been disguised as official documents of other pro-Western administrations. During the past 4 years seven forged papers have purportedly originated within the Governments of England, France, Israel, Southern Rhodesia, the Sudan, and West Germany. Now that their fabrication mills are working at top speed, the Communists have even had three sets of papers to spare for attri- bution to a Czech emigree organization in West Germany, and one for the Ku Klux Klan. Most of them have the same twin themes: U.S. chauvinism threatens the interests of our allies and the peace of the world. One of the forged West German documents, for ex- ample, served as the prelude to the fabricated State Department direc- tive about sabotaging the conference at the summit. A faked in- ternal policy paper of the British Government, the British Cabinet forgery, was intended to discredit both the United Kingdom and the United States as buccaneers squabbling over the control of Africa. hoax allotted to the Sudanese showed our officials ttraijag ?Weirs A..efrrtrifffortgreffiffilfrarinttliK32Vorefidni'krited Government revealed no discernible pattern. Neither did an analysis Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approva For Release 2004091N-TtligA31581190100980R003200010001- of the frauds imputed to other governments and to unofficial groups. But when we interleafed the two sets chronologically, a clear sched- ule emerged. The forgeries, designed for international distribution, were timed to appear at an average of about one a month. The campaign of subversion which the Communists wage persist- ently against the free world extends to its news outlets. Their pur- pose is not to find news but to pervert it. Good forgeries cost time, money, and brains; they can't, support each fresh slander with a new fabrication. Because their own controlled outlets are suspect in the -West, they often press the war of words through free world publi- cations that have no evident connection with the U.S.S.R., interna- tional or national communism, or even with its multiple fronts. The articles planted in Paris by Genevieve Tabouis are good examples.' Through hidden financial subsidies and other methods the bloc gains sufficient influence to assure the publication of false stories about Western conspiracies, atrocities, and military aggressions. Following their textbook, a bible of libel, they frequently use seemingly hide- pendent media to float fabrications which the Communist outlets then resurface in the guise of untainted proof. By this cheaper trick they try to underwrite their basic propaganda themes, but on it broader scale than the economics of forgery permits. Inventing reports for insertion into Western intelligence channels? reports designed to influence the policies of free world governments? is another minor bloc industry. These fabrications are like the for- geries and false news report s; they pursue the same themes for the same Purposes. The prefabricated reports slipped into foreign intelligence channels are labeled as secret information about American or other Western plans or policies hostile to the government of the recipient service. Sonic of the planted reports are designed to make the re- ceiver distrust. and fear friendly or neighboring governments. The bloc also distributes some of its propaganda forgeries throughl intelligence channels. Sometimes a single free world service is the sole recipient. At other t hues a forgery has been planted on a service in one part of the world while being surfaced in overt news media or spread as a rumor in a different area. The Study 4 campaign launched by the bloc last year illustrates a different technique. Instead of prefabricating their own structure, the promoters of this campaign warped a genuine American document. to their purposes. The document is a background study on U.S. foreign policy in Africa. Prepared at Northwestern University for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, it is one of a series of such studies undertaken for the committee by various nongovernmental research organizations. Senator KEATING. Did they quote accurately from it but take sell- tences out of context? Mr. HELMS. They did not actually change some of the sentences in it?I mean the body of the document was as originally printed, but they lifted certain key sentences and paragraphs out of context. It was published by the Government Printing Office in October 1959. Properly left unclassified, it is not, and was not meant to be, 'int official statement of U.S. foreign policy, although it is a serious analysis of African problems affecting our policy. Such overt ma- Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 COMMUNIST FORGERIES 29 Approved For Release 2004/09/24 CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ' terials are consistently collected in libraries maintained by bloc in- telligence services. Mr. SonawiNE. Just so the record will be clear, you are not saying that this thing that the Foreign Relations Committee published was, in fact, a plan for taking over Africa but only that this is the way it was portrayed by the Soviets? Mr. ITErms. That is correct. Communist editorial writers pulled some of the document's state- ments out of context and distorted others, so that the editorials could be used to support the current line about neocolonialist rivalry be- tween the United States and Western Europe. Th ackage was then ,pAlj.Sliello on Febru ary,1441y),byda1ym? tfinna Innigr6i0fe'TWing-the next few weeks it was WideTy-re- played by the official Chinese Communist news service, which dis- patched it from Peiping to Europe and Asia. Radio Moscow broad- cast it to Africa. Somewhere along the line the Northwestern study, which the London Daily Worker had identified as such, became a "secret document drawn up by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee under the code name of 'Study 4.' ? And what was Study 4? Nothing less than the outline of a U.S. plan to take over Africa. The final step was the creation of the forged British Cabinet paper sonic months later?a fraud which quoted extensively from the bloc propaganda about Study 4. The function of the later hoax was to Provide spurious proof that the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions was really a tool used covertly by the British and American Governments to gain control of the -newborn African states. This forgery was also designed Co show that a widely publicized quarrel within the international confederation was merely the surface reflection of a British-American struggle for lordship over Africa. Its third goal was to discredit various American, European, Asian, and African labor leaders as agents of Western intelligence services. Sometimes the forgeries are attributed not to governments or real persons or groups but rather to plia.ntoms: people and organizations that do not exist. During the past several years 'West. Germany has been flooded with phantom letters and leaflets intended to harass West German soldiers and their families, einigrees, and other segments of the population. The flights of ghostly fancy have included invitations to nonexistent receptions at an American Embassy, love letters sent by amorous but unreal paramours to the homes and wives of German soldiers away on active duty, and a spate of pamphlets signed by spectral organizations and individuals. The bloc has made wide- spread use of the phantom operation for years, but not until the beginning of 1960 did it put p1iititoin and foyger together aa ,tealn? Since that time several forged o -documents have been mailed to newspapers and other recipients as enclosures to letters signed by nonexistent persons and groups. The MfS, the major East German intelligence service, has special- ized in hobgoblins for some time. Between 1956 and mid-1958, for example, it mailed a series of viciously anti-American, anti-British, anti-French, and anti-West German letters and leaflets. The phan- tom originator was the "Kampfverband fuer Unabhaengiges Deutsch- land"?the 'Fighting Group for an Independent Germany." The Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 30 COMM_UNIST FORDERIES Approved For Release 2004/09/24 : CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001- title i a play on the names of two genuine anti-Communist groups in Germany. The shadow group, naturally, is portrayed as neo-Nazi. Its letters are mailed to individual addresses at American military and diplomatic installations in West Germany, to relatives in America of GI's in Germany, to other Americans of German descent, to the de- pendents of British soldiers stationed in Germany, and to private citi- zens and police officials in France. Most of the letters contain threats. 'The terrorism reached its climax in May 1957; a bomb sent by mail ii killed the wife of a high French police official. Evidence discovered during police investigation pointed toward the nonexistent West. Ger- man group as the murderer, precisely as the East German intelligence service had intended. While French publicity about this fact was at its height, the forged IT.S. document appearing on our list as the O'Shaughnessy letter was mailed anonymously to the French and British Ambassadors in West Germany. This fabrication was at- tributed to Elim O'Shaughnessy, who headed the political section of the 'U.S. Embassy in West. Germany. Addressed to the State De- partment, it was designed to convince the French Government. that the United States looked favorably on neo-Nazi organizations in West, Germany. The third and last step was a Radio Moscow broadcast to France in April 1958. This pitch told the French that the leaflets and the murder had been the work of the West German Kampfverband and hinted that it enjoyed covert, support, from the West, German Government. A current phantom is a. leaflet headed "To Our Dear Friends." This poisonous little racist tract is a headache for our diplomatic missions in Africa. Ant horship is attributed to a group of American Negroes dubbed "African Friends Association." The pamphlet, over- flows with horror pictures and atrocity stories about the treatment; of Negroes in America. Truth, distortion, and unalloyed falsehood are intermingled in both the photographs and the narratives. The tract ends? Remember that in the United States of America the Ku Klux Klan is or- ganizing special units of racial killers to be sent to the Congo. The American Government supplies these gangs with money and arms ! Do not allow the American noose to be tightened around the necks of the African peoples! It must not be so ! Do not let Americans deceive you! Fight for the independence of your countries! It is Africans who must be masters in Africa ! The leaflet first appeared in Africa last November, and it; is still being circulated there. Thus far, it has turned up in 18 African countries. A French edition is making the rounds in the French- ? speaking areas. But the bilingual "African Friends Association" is another ghost; it does not, exist. Technical analysis of the pamphlet has shown that, it was printed in Eastern Europe, probably in East Germany. Mr. SOURWINE. Is there such a group in America as the organiza- tion to which this is attributed to? Mr. HEtomrs. To time best of my knowledge, there is not, sir. We have photocopies of both the "Ku Klux Klan" and "Dear Friends" pamphlets. Analysis indicates that both were manufac- tured in East Germany to support the bloc's defamation campaign. The Ku Klux Klan phantom, a minteocrraphed sheet, manages in its eight short paragraphs to list "the Clack Nkrumah, the brown Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 209614196214*Cil&RAMJM00980R003200010001-5 Nehru, the tan Nasser, the yellow Sukarno, the communistic atheist Tito, the anti-Christ Khrushchev, the degenerate French, the Latin nations dominated by the Roman Pope," and the "Jew Slays." it ends in it lerian vituperation: The Ku Klux Klan warns the Black and Yellow "delegates" to stay close to the buildings of the United Nations and the brothels of Harlem, and not to defile the hotels and restaurants of our White City. * * And if you don't like it, GET OUT!. There is no welcome in America for a Black and Yellow United Nations. The East. German intelligence service, I might add, has also been a favorite Soviet instrument in the. continuing campaign of vilifi- cation waged against the Director of Central Intelligence and CIA. The title of one East German book is "Allen's Gangsters in Action." (The "Dear Friends" pamphlet is printed at p. 46.) (The KICK leaflet reads As follows:) Approved Fen Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 AppOciaved For Release 200 k?924 ettAaRIDEW1 M00980R003200010001-5 THE BLOC-MANUFACTURED "Ku KLUX KLAN" LEAFLET, MAILED TO ASIAN AND AFRICAN DELEGATES AT THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY IN NEW YORK, 1960. WHITE AMERICA. RE*JECTS A BASTARDIZED UNITED NATIONS A foul stench spreads out from the East River and hangs over New York like a pall. It is the smell of sweat -- the greasy sweat of the Black Races of ...drica and the Yellow Races of Asia which have invaded the United Nations. It is enough to make every White Protestant American vomit:. These sub?humans have come down from the trees and out of the swamps to lord it over the White Race. Are they going to get away with it? The degenerate French, the Latin nations dominated by the Roma) Pope and the Jew Slays have already yielded, but we say: AMERICA IS WHITE and we shall keep it WHITE. No matter if the rest of the world is mongrelised, we shall keep OUR AMERICA PURE: The KU KLUX KLAN is on guard against the BLACK and YELLOW PERIL sweeping in from across the seas. The present session of the General Assembly of the United Nations is controlled by the INFERIOR RACES. It is a meeting of BLACKS and their BROWN and YELLOW brethren who are plotting to OVERTHROW WHITE PROTESTANT AMERICA. What an insult to the FOUNDING FATHERS OF OUR REPUBLIC for the black Nkrumah, the brown Nehru, the tan Nasser, the yellow Sukarno and the communistic Atheist Tito, a traitor to God and the White Race, to try to force President Eisenhower into a "summit" with the Anti?Christ Khrushchev. These monkeys should have been -----tanned and feathered: The Lord in His Infinite Wisdom created the White Race to rule over the animal kingdom and the lower races. Our Savior Jesus Christ taught us to love and cherish even the Slave, but He did not preach the domination of the Slave over the Master. The KU KLUX KLAN warns the Black and Yellow "delegates" to stay close to the buildings of the United Nations and the brothels of Harlem, and not to defile the hotels and restaurants of our White ' City. Our police will not relax their vigilance against the lawless acts of Africans like the "delegate" from the Cameroon, and other uppity blacks. And if you don't like it, GET OUT1There is no welcome in America for a Black and Yellow United Nations. THE FIERY CROSSES SHALL BURN: Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 I. Approved For Release mcgowiti, gh-gpui M00980R003200M0001-5 Mr. Hums. Covert psychological warfare operations, including those featurinc, fabricated documents, are planned and carried out by the foreign intelligence services of the bloc. "The Big Three of Fraud" are the Soviet Committee of State Security, the KGB; the East German service, operating through its foreign intelligence branch; and the Czech intelligence service. A number of fraudulent documents have gone directly from the headquarters of a bloc intelli- gence service into free world channels. One example is the Frost letter. It was created in imitation of an official U.S. document and was intended to dupe Indonesia and the East into believing in American intervention and duplicity. In the summer of 1958 the U.S. Government was conducting with the Indo- nesian Government widely publicized negotiations on supplying American arms to that, country. During the process the U.S. Govern- ment announced that it regarded the Sumatra rebellion against Presi- dent Sukarno's government, as an internal Indonesian matter. But as early as May 1958 the bloc had forged "proof" of American support of the rebellion and had published the fake in a little Burmese news- paper called the Mirror, a. KGB-controlled outlet. The forgery was a letter supposedly written by an Indonesian rebel leader, M. Sjamsud- din, to Ambassador MacArthur in Tokyo. To reconcile the American announcement with the Soviet lie, the bloc next charged that the U.S. negotiations with Indonesia were fraudulent. The United States was supposed to be throwing up a smokescreen. This line called for a new forgery, a letter duly printed by the Mirror on June 8. The deception was supposed to have been written by Rear Adm. Laurence Frost, then Director of Naval Intelligence, to Indonesian rebel leader Kawilarang. It told him? * * * not to despair just because the United States Issued statements expressing on the surface, "no interference" in the Indonesian civil war. The Communist imitator of the American admiral promised that -U.S. aid would continue. The forgery was forwarded directly from KGB headquarters in Moscow to the secret KGB component of the Soviet Embassy in Ran- goon. There it was translated into English and handed to the Mirror. The staff of the paper translated the document into Burmese and pub- lished it, as an unattributed news article. The KGB translator in Ran- goon then compared the article with the Russian-language original and reported on its accuracy to Moscow. We know these details be- cause he. defected the next year and told his story. He added that he had also translated Russian texts of slanderous charges against Asian leaders whom the bloc considered pro-West. Mr. SOURWINE. The chairman will remember we . developed testi- mony about that. Mr. HELms. Yes ? that was the Kitznacheyev testimony. Mr. SounwENE. Mr. ITELms. Similarly, a defector from the East German MfS was shown exemplars of the Kampfverband forgeries. He immediately recognized one in the series as a? leaflet for which he had helped to address envelopes, and he supplied more information about the project. . The preparation of a bloc forgery demands a different ldll than ApprOONtrkrIteffeathatirdima kiestei vobxab iqu'Abtobilo 01-5 Appoyed For Release Nimipintri, chkgpimi M00980R003200010001-5 to produce a variant which veers .from true north to Communist north by just as many degrees as world credulity will allow. The raw material is an invention or a perverted truth designed to support a bloc propaganda theme. Sometimes very little raw material is used. For example, the bloc publishes a mere fragment of a false State Department cable or a bit of innocuous documentary text and then depends upon editorial elaboration to make the sale. More frequently it interlards a concocted text with several fat layers of propaganda. . If the forgery is longer than a few lines?and one of the most recent ran 19 pages?it is also spliced with a few thin strips of truth, al- though these are sometimes added with a heavy hand. In the Rocke- feller letter, for example, the forger did not even bother to change ? the word order in a paragraph lifted from the New York Times. The British Cabinet paper contains almost verbatim extracts from articles printed in the London Times and the Copenhagen Aktuelt. The bloc also uses the llitlerian technique of the big lie. One fraudulent. document quotes or repeats parts of another, in the hope that readers who recognize the text will believe it. The British Cabinet paper incorporated several paragraphs from the Study 4 fraud, as well as long quotations from the faked secret Nixon report. This report, incidentally, was not a forgery but another unsupported libel. In March 1957, just before Vice President Nixon returned from Africa, Radio Moscow broadcast that the purpose of his trip had been "to seize control of the resources of Africa, and draw it into the sphere of American influence." After he came home, the line was embellished with references to "the secret Nixon report to President Eisenhower." The campaign ran its course, and for a time we heard no more about it. But when the forged British Cabinet paper turned up in 1960, it contained several pages attributed to the secret Nixon report. (See app. XXI at p. 42.) Mr. HELMS. Whatever the raw materials, the finished product must be reasonably well packaged. A. forged State Department cable must look enough like the real thing to fool most readers. Each bloc forgery that we have seen has in fact been prepared with enough care to pass a lay inspection. Their experts know very well that they cannot deceive the governments that they mean to victimize, and so they do not take infinite pains or pursue perfection. (Two charts published on following pages illustrate the testimony below:) Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 LWRONG USAF USAGE I ? Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 (TECHNICAL INVESTIGATION SHOWS THAT THE DOCUMENT WAS TYPED ON EITHER AN UNKNOWN FOREIGN MACHINE OR A REBUILT COMBINATION OF DIFFERENT TYPEWRITER PARTS. POSSIBLY OF AMERICAN ORIGIN. MISTAKES IN THE BERRY LETTER " " \" \ " \""\ %"" \ " I 'I 7.1.,....: .. \................?,..?.?........?....,....?.?:?...?... WRONG USAF FORMAT ......................_ ................ .\....:....... 4...:... .....-_:-....... k SALUTATION PARAGRAPH NUMBERING z ?,?.??, ..,,,,.,.....w...,..,.. .... ....,:......""..7r:: r..?"',.........."."....... .................."A?????.^0 AND CLOSING WRONG IN USAF PRACTICE. !FACTUAL ERRORS NO SUCH EXAMINATION GIVEN. DR. BERRY WAS OUT OF TOWN ON DAY WHEN NEUES DEUTSCHLAND SAYS HE SIGNED THE LETTER. ?? .????? offa La aa ta? any OW mama. en? arm maw Mar a Aaar. y. eae. rem A law, III?aa????????0 %N.NUNVAM\ SHOULD BE "ZONE OF INTERIOR.. "GROUP OF EXPERTS. WOULD BE IDENTIFIED IN REPORT TO SECRETARY. ^PSYCHOSTENIA" IS AN OBSOLETE PSYCHIATRIC TERM NOT COMMONLY USED BY U. S. MEDICAL PERSONNEL USAF WOULD NOT USE "THE" HERE. SHOULD BE "PATUXENT RIVER NAVAL AIR STATION." USAF WOULD NOT PUT STATE ABBREVIATION IN PARENTHESES. SAME 3 ERRORS AS ABOVE. "AIR FORCE COMMAND* IS NOT USAF TERM. VAGUE GENERALITIES. WHICH WOULD NOT BE USED IN REPORT TO THE SECRETARY ON PROPOSALS "BY EXPERTS.' Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 S3D15101103 ISINIHAITATOD CJA OBSOLETE CABLE FORM I I WRONG NOMENCLATURE I Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 MISTAKES IN THE ROUNTREE CIRCULAR THIS PRINTED FORM WAS USED UNTIL AUGUST 1955, BUT NOT THEREAFTER. FORMS USED IN 1955 CARRIED HEADING ? THE FOREIGN SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. EMBASSY LOCATION WAS TYPED. NOT PRINTED, ON FORMS USED IN 1958. I OBSOLETE CLASSIFICATION THIS CLASSIFICATION WAS USED UNTIL NOVEMBER 1953, BUT NOT THEREAFTER. IWRONG DATE FOR ?CIRCULAR THERE WAS A REAL CIRCULAR IL BUT IT WAS SENT ON 20 JULY B57 AND NOT ON 17 APRIL 1958. AND WAS NOT ON THIS SUBJECT. THERE IS NO CIRCULAR LETTER" IN STATE DEPARTMENT NOMENCLATURE. IBAD ENGLISH 'INTERFERE INTO ANY POSSIBLE EVENTS' 'THE FEAR TO BE SWALLOWED UP' IWRONG SIGNATURE A CABLE TO AN EMBASSY WOULD BE SIGNED IN NAME OF SECRETARY OF STATE. MR. ROUNTREE WAS AN ASSISTANT SECRETARY, AND HIS NAME WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN USED. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 200441.9624giC4A.REARe1M00980R003200030001-5 Mr. Ilimms. This chart shows some a the errors in format and in the use of the English language that have cropped up in bloc forgeries. Please note that though these errors are readily spotted by anyone within the U.S. Government, they are very likely to slip past the casual reader, especially if English is not his nativatongue. Even the best of young forgeries must be presented to the world by a method calculated to conceal its origins. The simplest kind of coming-out party is staged at home, and the Moe used to introduce its frauds in its own press. But this practice gave rise to embarrassing questions about the legitimacy of the offspring, and during the past 4 years the Soviet and satellite intelligence services have increasingly surfaced their fraudulent documents and rumors through free world newspapers. Two standard techniques are known. The first entails the photo- graphing of the forgery?usually on microfilm?by the intelligence service that, produced it. Prints are inserted in envelopes purchased in the area selected for surfacing and are mailed to logical recipients culled from directories. The addressees are usually newspapers and individual journalists, as well as political and other groups and or- ganizations. If the forgery imitates an official document, the mailing list is likely to be small. The names are chosen at random?except for one, that of the bloc-controlled asset whose job it is to get the forgery into print. A principal reason for the addition of other names is, of course to conceal the clandestine relationship with the agent. A secondary reason is the Chance that recipients who are uncontrolled but naive may choose to print, the item as authentic. Sometimes they do, though with encouraging infrequency, and then the piece can be replayed by Communist-controlled media as having originated in the West. If the target country is near, the letters are carried into it by couriers and dropped into public mailboxes. If the fraud is a news- paper article, usually with accompanying editorial propaganda, it is sent in this form to the residency of a bloc intelligence service in the target area and transmitted to a controlled press outlet for surfacing. The controlled free world newspapers have much in common. They have no evident, connections with local or international com- munism. Their circulations are low. They carry nonideological bloc stories (charges of Western plots and atrocities, defamatory attacks on pm-Western governments and individuals). Their number is small; probably there are fewer than 20 at this moment. But they are scattered widely enough throughout the world to permit the bloc to launch a fabrication on any continent cliosenJor the purpose. Sooner or later most; of these "Charley McCarthys" are closed down for slander or like offenses. But, some of them manage to stay just far enough inside the law to permit years of continuing manipulation in support of Soviet psychological warfare. When these papers print a planted article, they do not normally identify the source, except perhaps to credit our correspondent abroad." Once in a while, however, the claim is made that the "original" was picked up at an American diplomatic installation dur- ing a riot or violent demonstration. An example is a series of five fraudulent State Department cables : the two Rankin cables, the two Allison messages, and the State Department cable on SEATO. As you Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Applbved For Release 213041139/84?:XMARE*81M00960R003200010001-5 may recall, there were anti-American riots in Taipei in May 1957, and some of the rioters invaded the American Embassy. Four months later a Bombay newspaper, Blitz, published the fabrication that Am- bassador Rankin was in serious trouble with the State Department because classified Embassy documents had been lost in the riots. This paper is consistently used as an outlet for Communist, propaganda. (The Blitz article is reproduced below:) Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 COMMUNIST FORGERIES 39 A PRELUDE TO FIVE FORGERIES. FALSE NEWS ARTICLE IN Blitz OF 14 SEPTEMBER 1957. Tuns WAS FOLLOWED BY PUBLICATION OF THE FORGED RANKIN, ALLISON AND SEATO CABLES. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Appriked For Release 2004039-104a e1likalliR81M00980R003200010001-5 Mr. IInnalis. A week thereafter Blitz printed the two forged Rankin cables, which not only provided spurious confirmation for the initial story but added the fillip that the State Department and the Embassy were plotting the assassination of Chiang Kai-shek. During the next few weeks Blitz presented its readers with three more forgeries pur- portedly acquired at the U.S. Embassy during the May riots. All of the forgeries .were picked up in bloc radio broadcasts as reports from a non-Communist newspaper in a nonorbit country. A similar technique appeared in the handling of the forged Roun- tree circular, although this time the handlers blundered. In Leipzig, East Germany, there is a clandestine transmitter which calls itself Bizim Radio (Our Radio) and pretends to be located inside Turkey. It broadcasts only in Turkish. In April 1958 Bizim Radio told its lis- teners about the contents of an alleged U.S. State Department docu- ment which, it claimed, had just come to light. In mid-July of 1958 the Iraqi Government was overthrown by a coup d'etat. Twelve days later a Cairo newspaper, Al Ahram, printed the forged Rountree cir- cular and hinted that the document had been found in Baghdad during the revolt. The hint became a flat assertion in later replay. But the contents of the Rountree forgery were substantially identical with those of the Bizim Radio account, broadcast 3 months before the coup. (See app. XIV.) Mr. linnms. Sometimes a forgery is never presented to the public at all, and such deceptions can be the most dangerous. The forged letter from the Secretary of State to the Ambassador of Iran is an example. This poison-pen missile had done its work when its insults to the Shah came into his- bands. Similarly, the O'Shaughnessy forgery, meant to deflect toward the United States the French repugnance aroused by the East German Kampfverband operation, reached its target when it was delivered to the French Ambassador in West Germany. Other campaigns must reach the widest, possible audience to be effective. The Rockefeller letter, which I showed you earlier, is an example. As this chart shows, every effort was made to reach the worldwide audi- ence from the launching of February 1957 to the time when we last heard of it, July 1960. (Charts 4 and 5 are explained in the testimony which follows:) Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Appriked For Release 2004039-104a e1likalliR81M00980R003200010001-5 Mr. IInnalis. A week thereafter Blitz printed the two forged Rankin cables, which not only provided spurious confirmation for the initial story but added the fillip that the State Department and the Embassy were plotting the assassination of Chiang Kai-shek. During the next few weeks Blitz presented its readers with three more forgeries pur- portedly acquired at the U.S. Embassy during the May riots. All of the forgeries .were picked up in bloc radio broadcasts as reports from a non-Communist newspaper in a nonorbit country. A similar technique appeared in the handling of the forged Roun- tree circular, although this time the handlers blundered. In Leipzig, East Germany, there is a clandestine transmitter which calls itself Bizim Radio (Our Radio) and pretends to be located inside Turkey. It broadcasts only in Turkish. In April 1958 Bizim Radio told its lis- teners about the contents of an alleged U.S. State Department docu- ment which, it claimed, had just come to light. In mid-July of 1958 the Iraqi Government was overthrown by a coup d'etat. Twelve days later a Cairo newspaper, Al Ahram, printed the forged Rountree cir- cular and hinted that the document had been found in Baghdad during the revolt. The hint became a flat assertion in later replay. But the contents of the Rountree forgery were substantially identical with those of the Bizim Radio account, broadcast 3 months before the coup. (See app. XIV.) Mr. linnms. Sometimes a forgery is never presented to the public at all, and such deceptions can be the most dangerous. The forged letter from the Secretary of State to the Ambassador of Iran is an example. This poison-pen missile had done its work when its insults to the Shah came into his- bands. Similarly, the O'Shaughnessy forgery, meant to deflect toward the United States the French repugnance aroused by the East German Kampfverband operation, reached its target when it was delivered to the French Ambassador in West Germany. Other campaigns must reach the widest, possible audience to be effective. The Rockefeller letter, which I showed you earlier, is an example. As this chart shows, every effort was made to reach the worldwide audi- ence from the launching of February 1957 to the time when we last heard of it, July 1960. (Charts 4 and 5 are explained in the testimony which follows:) Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 AlfallatgE? r CHPMV UNITED STATES ...--- .- :.--j----.----_, -----3,- 'r'"--"L.-- ----f--7; :4-:- : 7,1_,,,,r?---t-,---sc_,-,___? ?L-1.---::.-,-:-:,-, :_-.2.,--- --------t '...z.?.,?, ? ? - t,,,3 LACI3=3, 800000(317000 .00.*0032.0J00 cr.0701L'00? Coa0 0000.,vag 0EG, CM:DV?. Q0Z0VCdD 07000 00Z:., 0 o0000000. A=Amingt co0c0oCreucc0 c:00,C1CC60' a00070er0C4D?9=r0 00.00 q?-0000,0...0, ? GZEIG02E 'wean@ ov 0,0;.00 ,palocoota enocm eaccarao oovcc0.0000 ,70 0a/ca.G ,POO*CIV.02:Z@OO cfc,cmvc000p. 0.x0730. 0020c0, Oc200. c320:74:0 a;;LtO 01, eCGOOV001 0?,0C, ?00000:00' COO 07, GLI2= CC:5 0:4C30z, OIC)c3CPXG0.7C0 02 .00 .0 0000.0mr.o.07 000.00 Gzo.4.*'4, 0:00000 co cge 0,:c0 '00W0000::P CDOZn..17% ?!, . ti MaGZIZNY=CMCEOPy [DO Gri:Z9C) 00,5D0 C0(115,0 CCM Z),. a:37009003 o.:0 `km 0o0.' ClEcOe 0 0?. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 a fr ? Approved For Release 20.14194241 gAtliERg1 M 00980R003200C110001 -5 Mr. Timms. We have attempted to identify on this chart, chart 4, the method of launching and replay to show as clearly as we can the fact that it does fan out all over the world in successive waves. Mr. SOURWINE. You use a phrase there that is interesting, "of- ficial propaganda." Just what, is meant by that? I was looking at your chart. There is then, in addition to what is shown here, the distribution through official propaganda, and there was, I take it, also distribution through clandestine channels. Mr. Huzis. That is right. That chart would have been much bet- ter if it had been bigger but you will notice up there at 1, which. is just beside ?the word. "Turkey," there is an area, in which we were. getting clandestine distribution but the official Egyptian news agency picked it up and put it on Radio Cairo and it got play from official Cairo radio sources. In other words, the Soviets push psychological warfare at two levels, through official media and by unofficial and clandestine methods. Mr. SOURIVINE. If it gets into channels of this distribution, it has all the face of accuracy and honesty. Senator KEATING. May I inquire, Mr. Helms? How much longer do you think your presentation will take? Mr. HELMS. Sir, I have a few minutes more to go. Senator KEATING. Very well. I have an appointment at 12 noon. Mr. All right, sir, I will move right along. Here is another diagram illustrating the broadest possible replay of a basic propaganda theme. Though attributed to the British Gov- eminent., this forgery is a sequel to the fraudulent Rockefeller letter. The Soviets realize that the charge of colonialism is growing more and more tarnished as more and more new nations emerge into inde- pendence. During recent years, accordingly, they have shifted their emphasis to the newer accusation of "neocolonialism." This theme has it that the United States and other Western nations are trying to get or keep de facto control of areas formerly under direct colonial rule. The length of the paper, the large number of countries that it mentions, and the spectacular exploitation given it all suggest that it is a prototype forgery on neocolonialism just as the Rockefeller letter is a fundamental fraud in support of the theme of American economic imperialism. Both the Rockefeller letter and the British Cabinet paper are for- geries in the literal sense. A more recent Soviet fraud illustrates the trick of claiming that a document. exists without going to the trouble of forging it. The star in this play is the same Genevieve Tabouis whom I mentioned at the beginning as the French journalist whose byline headed the lie that the Algerian rebels had been supported by the United States. In the middle of April Madame Tabouis plant- ed on a Parisian newspaper two articles which alleged that Ambassa- dor Gavin, in Paris, had reported to President Kennedy his pro- posals for the policy of the new administration toward the so-called European sector. The Tabouis articles also alleged that the report recommended that NATO be "downgraded to a simple means ? for technical liaison." Next, the report?which of course never exist- ed?was alleged to have recommended that the United States under- take direct bilateral negotiations with European countries for new, Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Applgved For Release 20411/19a4r: felk-Rea1M00980R003200010001-5 conventional military arrangements.. The fourth prong of the lie had the Ambassador urging the President to withhold strategic nu- clear protection from 'Western Europe and to negotiate with the So- viets for the "retirement of all strategic U.S. bases. These articles served the standard Soviet purpose of creating dis- trust among our allies. Readers who believe that the Gavin report. exists may also believe that the United States is about to walk out on NATO, deprive Europe of atomic protection, and make a secret deal with the Soviets. Some of Madame Tabouis' readers may even remember the Gavin report in the same vivid detail with which by- standers described the Emperor's nonexistent clothes. The theme that America is striving to dominate and exploit Africa is growing louder and louder in the Communist cacophony these days. On the 16th of March Radio Moscow beamed to Africa an English- language broadcast that combined some of the elements of the British Cabinet paper, the secret Nixon report, Study 4, and other bloc frauds that deal with Africa. This time the target was the fledgling U.S. Peace Corps. A typical ruse was citing, but not quoting, the New York Herald Tribune and the "U.S. Daily News," which Moscow did not bother to assign to any city. The typical epithets also appeared : "monopolists," "racists and misanthropes," "this new plan of the nn- perialists," and other standard items of COMM1111 ist billingsgate. The ragbag also held the familiar charges : ? * * the Nigerian Daily Telegraph ? 4' ? says that the idea of the Peace Corps indicates the intention of the Americans to send their spies all over Africa. Yes? - said the announcer? the actual aim of ,this plan is to organize the collection of espionage information for Allen Dulles' agency * * *. But this is not all. Tt-xlity one of these new missionaries of the Peace Corps might appear in the heart of seething Africa; and tomorrow, under the pretext of protecting his life, American airborne troops might land or the ships of the U.S. 6th Fleet might be called in. On May 11, 1961, a Tass report to Europe, also in English, and a Radio Moscow broadcast to Burma in Burmese expanded the theme. The Tass dispatch was headlined "Peace Corps Head Schriver CIA Agent," a lie attributed to an unidentified "Indian Press Agency." Radio Moscow asserted that CIA, set up the Peace Corps as "a volun- teer organization that would implement American imperialism ill Asia" and called it a corps of American agents. Every one of these examples, from the forged Rockefeller letter of 1957 to the latest. Moscow broadcast, reveals how the Soviet bloc uses forgery, fraud, and slander in its covert campaign to destroy the opponents of Communist domination of the world. The Communist attack by lies has focused with growing intensity on the West and particularly on the United States. It is not diffi- cult, for us in the U.S. Government to understand the aims of the Soviet bloc or the tricks by which they are trying to reach their (*coal. But it is harder for most citizens of the United States and other free countries to recognize these ruses and to distinguish truth from expert deception in all the flood of printed and spoken releases. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 4, Approved For Release 2414/09,16. ctAtINFO1M00980R003200q0001-5 It may be that in the long run the tactics of fraud are self-defeating. Perhaps Truth crushed to earth will rise again. But, after the com- mies have worked her over, she's likely to need a little help in getting back to her feet. That's where the free press of the free world comes in. She's also likely to want to know how she can defend herself in the future. And that's where analysis and exposure come in. As long as the bloc can invent lies and buy people to tell them, it will have an audience. But the more lies we skin and nail to the door for all the world to see, the more aware the audience will be that the bloc lies, how it, lies, and why it lies. The last is already clear. As the bloc's chief propagandist told us not long ago, they expect, to bury us?in forgeries, apparently. But like the con men whose photographs ap- pear on the post office walls, the bloc's swindlers are likely to find the going getting tougher and tougher. Senator KEATING. This has certainly been a very revealing pres- entation and has lessons in it, as you say, not only for the American press but for a lot, of patriotic people that may be gullible in this country and other countries. Mr. ITELMS. This is the first time, sir, that, a really comprehensive study of this matter has ever been presented. There have been ref- erences in newspaper and magazine articles about. individual forgeries and so forth. This is the first time so much material has been brought together in one place. Mr. SOURIVINE. I think in making this study for the committee, the agency has performed a very fine service. Senator KEATING. A very great service. Some of it, we may well want to follow up on in more detail, particularly as it might affect areas outside your immediate concern, but involving action in this country. We are certainly grateful to you. It is an illustration of some of the fine work done by the CIA which is presently and at other times subject. to widespread attack and a concentrated effort to destroy it, and we simply cannot allow our intelligence-gathering forces, whether they are engaged in international investigation or investigation in our own country, to be destroyed. They are part of the defense of our country, and we are certainly very grateful to you. Mr. Mums. Thank you. Mr. SOURIVINE. Mr. Chairman, it might be appropriate for this record to offer the disclosure of another forgery and I offer for the record the text of a note from Philip W. Bonsal,.U.S. interim repre- sentative of the Council of the Organization of the American States, addressed to Jose A. Mora., OAS Secretary General. It is dated May 2'2, 1961. Senator SOURWINE. This has to do with another forgery? Mr. SotrawiNE. This has to do with the forgery of a paper purported to have been written in 1897 or 1898, but used for its propaganda im- pact today. Mr. Bonsai's letter explains it in detail. Senator KEATING. It will be received. (See Appendix XXII.) Senator KEATING. Thank you very much, gentlemen. (Whereupon, at 12 noon, the subcommittee was adjourned, subject to the call of the chair.) Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 APPENDIX APPENDIXES I.?THE FORGED ALLISON CABLES. Mit, 28 SEPTEMBER 1957 American Plot To Overthrow Sukarno? non rt tIrs Sir Mobs. de against surpassed nesty anti ladasielotte ? people of young boys victim. by ei Emmht at oar land grabbed and PI. they as the petv and *hoot. it arreets have beea day. The me la men- condetnued thin (46. urily by the TOLL ?Inaar from wrote goveromeata on this tee- the time the somlLed ladle. Humbug risy mu is hype. . Tb. media. Paklate? are I, of ores. arid yet they military OS. pollttre what to aggrandise Those who eau succeed I. Asolutely Nom M. ii Approved For Release 20040YIAN:I5441515?111M00980R00320001001-5 SATURDAY, IIIIPTEMBER 111, 1?11 BLITZ Newunagmlne PAHA WEYER American Plot To Overthrow Sukarno N080011 ever Soused SI. Serer Rhea Noon of Ike political balltionre end legal acumen Sir Melo- Ined Saone. Rh.... Slorrerer P. hit14 tirade a.. .1114 I. Ilot Sertirlty Coat. Illes tort hos mrpeuel blet peertme peetertnentes lo .110.1 alettenoty Old Oder gr.* le fieltehotis Taro wahlo so la Ib W. one . brook. 0.o. eh5,0 IS.. marle oat ore.. ow Sb, otoroce of tete .1so, Iteroals Tee wor Oro rho MOI14. Oran, woo. troy re. me Ole O.. m teme mt. hollor of Muer. rao. bee. woo. boll, No elte bolt. el oar 1.1 ilte to. Nor et lot. .11, at, boo Trod. stra Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 APPENDIX II.?THE "DEAR FRIENDS" LEAFLET, DISTRIBUTED IN AFRICA BY THE PHANTOM "AFRICAN FRIENDS ASSOCIATION," 1960 AND 1961 TO OUR DEAR FRIENDS DEAR BRETHREN We members of African Friends Association living in the United States and related to you by ties of blood ? we wish to express our admiration for your achievements in your struggle for the independence of Africa. We want you to be free and happy but we want to warn you that your fight is not over yet. We feel you must be on your guard against the new danger which threatens you: the greedy hand of American imperialism is reaching out to grab the Arlie, of your countries. The U. S. Government is trying to deceive you with words of praise and promises, pretending to be a friend of the African people. There are still many among you who still believe those pro- mises. It is understandable because the United States is far away from you and you don't know the Americans as well as you do the Belgians, the French, and the British. We, Negroes living in the United Stints of America, are going to reveal the truth to you about the way the Americans, really treat people with dark skin. We appeal especially to the people of the Republic of the Congo who have just thrown off the yoke of Belgian oppression and may now get under the iron heel of the Americans. Four hundred years ago our forefathers were forcild) brought from Africa to America and were sold into slavery. Since then 16 million Negroes in the United States,-it is more than the whole population of the Congo,-have experienced the most unspeakable suffering and torment. 3 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 COMMUNIST FORGERIES I6901, ? ? , 6 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ? II hit \ .11it .1 %N I. 1001 I \ 1 111.- 1 \I t.lItI t Itt III III tIttl. III I{ \LI; MI I Ii In the idoirt period id lise sears- from 19 4. In 197:1 ? M., than three thousand Negroes uere.killed in Ow I nits-d ol insr rim:, according to dUla compiled bs the Cis it Hight, 4 ongress, t\ III, I \ FEED s't ES 411 AAllitICA t sPECI 11. It MST to10.1117.1110 THE Kt Kit X KEAN. WAS ESTA111.1- "-MED THE NEGRO PONTA- ION OF AMERICA. Ili?re the, are dad in gowns and masks, these killers ol the Kis Klux Klan. There are 8 million of then, in the lined Stat., of A Merlea. Th.. Associated Pres, reported that on March 7, Pl(ith the seized a Negro. Felton Turner to name, tied lion to a tree. 'Will /tho and aith their knives carved the -KKK- on his limis. in the tout" of Ihosson. ti Negro, Bracirrr- flan.% ?vas murdered It the Matunien fof an attempt to Iris' his, sick lather isle. bail been harnessed to a isogon like a horse, i- another sietirn of the Istaouiieil %thei Negro. 111 1,1 off hi- finger- to ke,14 11-1,?11, Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 1 P.ieln,in !!11t4 tiorica.- !midi dtod in Itt4t moil of the tdotrelio. of Christ in the U.S.. ?tatod that in the f in of Birmingham., Ala_ a Negro. lad L hod beet/ abducted Itt the Klzatronen. severely }Watt,. Mid ? a,trat.,,,L rh,hiiMIIN: Klan atnicith, are not punished in the United Stat.,. of America. Moreover, the Ameriean police al,. porse. tiles tb Negno,. The WaMlingt0/1 PO6t and Tintes Herald reported that in the town of Dawson, Ga., .a police ollioer, B. Cherry. shot three Negroes within a period of two week-. 'rho t. hitt, judges acquitted hint in court. Still IS THE. F TE t* NEGRO IN AMERICA!. EN FRI CONGto.EsE. EVERY AFRICAN 311.Y BE F4. 4 TVG 'I s tHE F tIE. IF THE PEOPLES OF YOUR (OL TRIES F1111. INTO THE CLUTCHES OF THE %MERU' Otts hi IN: TM; Nn Eo s-rtTES OF 111TR14. 1. tI.lUt litt ITUIES To TA It E P 11-cr i. ELEcno.N. i DOI )1111) DEATH. 11111111 ST 1TES THE NEGROEs till, OTPRI- VET) or nu; foGol"ro 14oTE .turoGETtwit This Negro was burned in the city of Omaha. Nebt.,he named to enjoy- his right to vote. But the Negroes in the United States of Anieriea have only one right - the right to die. Before election in the town of Fitzgerald. the white racists posted the following warning at the gates of the tirgr? churches: ...The first Negro who votes in the State of Georgia will be a dead Negro." In the town of Lloort, according to the American press. a Negro, Robert Millar, was killed in broad de fight in his wife's and ehildrett's presence tnercly for going to the poll., Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 7 COMMUNIST FORGERIES Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R6032000610001-5 In t"0:1:. to the hcto ii Mint.. Harr tattoo op . Oh 4vnamiti in t rititt. for NelfrOVn. Alonrt atul hi 1.1n4 be. titMe in thh photo. you sec a Nero child bitten -by rats - a victim of the Hariem?SIUMS, the Negro ghetto in New York. This is how the American racists treat Negroes oho %mild think of marryng white women. The placard runs -Nigger. this could he ;tom- 9 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 IN THE I NITED STATES OF A3ER1C 1 1 NEGRO 111S NO incur TO LIVE IN "CHE SAME PLACE WHERE THE II1TES LIVE In the towns and cities of the United States of America Negro. arcpermitted to live only in special areas. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People declares that all over America the Negroes are incarcerated in slums like prisoners. In the city of Baltimore the Negroes, who constitute about 20 per cent of the population, occupy only 2 per cent a the living quarters. The Negroes must pay for their shanties twice as much as the whites do for their apartments. IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A NEGRO HAS NO RIGHT TO SIT, EAT AND DRINK TOGETHER WITH THE WHITES. In the State of Louisiana the law forbids Negroes to drink from the same wells from which the whites drink. The former American President Harry Truman, a s the United Press International reported, declared: ,,If a Negro had come to my bar and taken a seat at the table I would have thrown him out." In 14 States Negroes are forbidden by law to travel in trains together with the whites. In B States, they are not allowed to ride in buses with the whites. 10 In the eity of Nashville. Tenn.. according to i he U Press International dispatch of March 2, MO. over si?o Negroes were thrown into jail by the police only bee:lose they were protesting against race discrimination at the bus stop. According to a dispatch by the Associated Press, a bond, was thrown into the house of the Negro Clergyman Rev. Martin Luther King who spoke against the segregation of Negroes on buses. IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. NEGROES ARE FORBIDDEN TO MARRY WHITE WOMEN ON PAIN OF DEATH In 29 States Negroes, according to the law, have no right to marry white women and to have children by them. In 1953 in the town of Raleigh, N. C., the Negroes Clyde Brown and Roily Speller were executed in the gas chamber. They were charged with raping a white woman although their guilt was not proved in court. IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 13 MILLION NEGROES OUT OF A TOTAL Of 16 MILLION ARE ILLITERATE. Negro schoolchildren are not admitted into any school attended by white children. The Chairman of the Health Commitee in the State of Virginia, Honker by name, said that he would rather see the schools closed than to allow whites and Negroes to attend together. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 11 ,1.$,;IN111411103 ? Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ???? Mo. OM. ..dra ????? tom's. Zoi..00 ? 10 On.Will hen Negrov. %anted to enroll in the Mansfield High Sehool. the ohne loos..., hung a Negro Man of straw at the sehmil entraul, and said that .0041 a late awaited every Abide' *A h. tried to cr.., the threshold of the school. 12 itt ???i sin tin cull, !lit" tratlt-flit in Little Ads_ sit, I, ,010111111. 001111' to .111,10 01 111e ,11"ftli ttl t ttppo,,d itt the 4c,i, erniir f 11111,01. 111.10 callo01 in 110010 1, ? prevent the Negro children from Cliterint? +4.itItili, 1 hi Negri. .ehisilehildren acre violent!, neated lii is hio mete and the their parent's Ionises nen- horned. Torture and death ,,ueh is the fate of the Ni ame- ii, tht United State, of America. keep it in mind, out 1friean bets. The saute may happen to on if you allot,. the 1iiierieans and their henehmen ii, gain cont rid over frie.. lien are lest II,.' whip with which the bireian oppressors lashed 1,01r for innitireds of years fall into the hands of the 1ineeleans and attain be raised user !vow head-. REMEMBER THAT IN THE I .NITED STATES OF %MERU THE Kt KIT,: KLAN IS ORG IZING SPECIAL I NIT* OE RACIST KILLERS TO BE SENT To THE CONGO. THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Si PPLIES THESE t; ANCs wrnt MONEY AND ARMS Do not allow the Ameriean to lie tightened aromol the 11114,, 01 the African peoples! IT MUST NOT BE SO? DO NOT LET AMERICANS DECEIVE YOU ! EIGHT FOR THE INDEPENDENCE OF YthI R COUNTRIES? IT IS AFRICANS WHO MUST BE ti4'I-itsi INU RIC A! African Friends 4,mi-tattoo Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 In V't? owl i..ol !,?akint; .1 th,,? 'ad% that lit- named Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ? Approved For Release 29Skinntr: RAJIAR111M00980R00320110001-5 APPENDIX III.?THE FALSE BISHOP DIRECTIVE. Blitz, 13 JULY 1957 SATURDAY JULY 13 1967 'asGBRISIS OiraNKMERICAN COLONIALISM U. L Ambassador OrderedTo screen LoyaltiesOf Taipeh Fires Spread Par Thai King & Government And Wide. Across Asia nANGKOK : Reliable aour- ?Preet BIATZ's Spada! C.erreopootheit .. cm here Marlow that NTIOT TORS i Irene developments le Fannon. caught lb* U. & State hlito Bishop, US Anthem- An'ijimmeoe' M.""stookitotineo"niutoty. .. Department by surprise. American officials are penanked In regard ts dor In Thailand, recently lie International tomorrows di Om antiAnterlean raking and It. influ- received ? confidential inat P.v.the ..... . ewe ea ether countries of Asia, whk b ray demand that U.N. ahauld invent- direcuve from the State r., plo the Aserkaa Military Conniewod's aortas in Taipeb aod the violation Department to utilise all moms. Mot and 0th.. _,Im 04atte comasmir severeigaty by Americas troops ad orb runnier r Japan, truth Viet- American Intelligence men :....67,...:4%!. CiV,Si 412:9 Mar Seeth Karr , Thailand and le Teaudolfeat Ada. ' According to fresh Information amilsble from ...0.1..0171,:i404'0s...y.t...0040: lernbassfy10th:SEL, oneA7. ia:0 Elsomirtans...g . 11.1red maces close to UN, Mr. Hammarskloeld, Secretary- bodk. or .....,? OM.. of the UN, took an evasive pontion an this quer Amer... in el.. every the activities of the mem- CI.... I. I. SEATO Ceutie don and did not go into the ponibilities of ? diectission ..r. %country rnere I. fume .. ? :U.. moon., to sun berm of political and social vg..., t,....,;:,.....;:: Ol the Forman uprising' and arm at American mill- AtooTo0 o"'="L'. oroonloolkom of Thailand Dun. mionmo or.mdionno? tiny forces on the territories of other Asian connote* nope lei. the eltuetton . r mem Wore ....let ... With lb. WO.. " .n."1.1 ton,"":oito:iia. tr'Mo'r.Zom."' their loyalties. . by the Security Owned. VrotTermoiriertn= = rzn.,...........10x, .o.,. ,. %In...7. mom.. name n i Mr moms ihiluestea nallanaltel Cerro Of Asir Notions Marled ion....rdr= hoop ?Ist.. l? Dorms May reitutentLell.? AM adadtted, bow.. th. . .....ri ....=,?..../wr. Otrery 'on. OIL Al lb . -:_v_ advaithedur:. iih.'llnIFs,VES:LF:tr Wit. la . UM bed ...ea As hint men ohes w.o1.,1t1 e 3.A. eb.a1y. ethVheoti n ls.ihleo.Tiun t OAd.nmd b:.? ?u is.d7 ye. t7m.inZ 00007 .:o?uA,7t.n m7"7 a.'w:..000 00 ....wt..,e,, =:.t .4thi.:.r.w. to., W?wv,..h.w.e.h .a4hin..r...,. zleader .. the ommenItttio eero=ns r. ,........,-,.m.u.,t....o.a-..,,i .t'.tc,l.....:.. .:t...,r.....,t..tbh..rerm mmm . e... e. 4: 1 h0 ht. m phu ,..,..0., dor. he Command e th,.?? Call To UNO .."..' US. Troops Stationed 2,,..a.r.. In 72 Cowrie' AM here eito.. toy tielutter IbutelandA.I.nent tm re. US hem.. 0 ., me A.. . hi... WW . . h. For Action! ::; o d ,...2.,,E....?=?..p...r.!......V.: lomenytiv? a, Ma hew b. aelhativee et US Mai CIA. of ..... tr....... ..1( BACKEDtZ;CA.11 otoottle of doing=tgLd It couut I ed i. Nee. degree al bitterne, .isted in ? WRY then eroriting th the IMAM .r . them nip.. af hoer Alice r ?V 0 1 t ? mairt? Cu.. and nutted li to Bur. tt,?... A on r le ? n oe o u p a- ....L0.... lir, ................. bi. isim Get ahead- Ga... Mr At* ol U. ll l .......1. Ju...stesilowev. ?the prOA lion. BLITinstituteZ invites the Me gimp fit heeded by Yu E. ... h. Trot WA., emu. no the future ut A '11. Ind mom to moot military interventions In UNO to an . . 1100 010.1. Into the, US databenund Idr. IN.. Nth.. The T. M.. le anclied Us tea. hind Cyr mt he err AO Me. In der C... mon Formosa ?nd WA. cou. ter I. ti.... oldie. end ? pew ttr h. sad 41...... the UN dew. NY as . ea. . hurros lo Th... Lat. t.a. Wore. ear*. la ..??? of deol. eh.. .10 4.100 in violation of their oh.. ed the oat... 000e. a.. they hill Ite tent to Forma= for yeeforatues sod evehothe. mu or of .Aint.e. oh.. 00vOrthdrity. h. he* ? mutt taattle1 p01.. 46. ... Pad Ord. ? Menne4 warns it se Ms Illarigill?VANC. A AY irrismossru?As Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 54 COMMUNI ST I'OI((EHI E APPENDIX IV.?THE FORGED BRUCE LETTER. DISTRIBUTED BY MAIL FEBRUARY-MARCH 1958 Copy of letter, dated 10 November 1957, mailed in February-March 1958 to small number of individual addressees in France and England. Supposedly written by David K. E. Bruce, American Ambassador to West Germany, to Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. (This is a verbatim copy but not a facsimile) Strictly confidential Sir: Talks with the leaders of the Federal Republic as well as unofficial information in my possession show that the concern over the negotiations between the President and the British Premier, of which I informed you in detail in my' letter of October 28, persists here. As I reported earlier, this concern boils down to a fear that the U.S. - British talks will lead to a change in U.S. policy toward Germany. Although I have given the explanations you instructed me to put forward I fear that the highest quarters here are not entirely satisfied with them. In view of this, would you not consider it important, Sir, to supply the Germans with a more detailed statement along the lines of the secret information that has been sent to me personally for my guidance? I think that Adenauer and Brentano at least might be acquainted strictly confidentially with certain points which up till now I have not, on your instructions, communicated to them. I suggest that we should tell them the actual results of the President's and your discussions with Mr. Macmillan in order to remove the suspicions which undoubtedly exist. To put it concretely, would you not think it advisable, Sir, that the Germans should be informed of Point 2 of your letter about the talks and also of Points 2 and 3 of the Conclusions? It might be emphasized that the coordination of U.S.-British actions in North Africa by no means signifies the establishment of some sort of exclusive arrangement between the two countries but is only evidence of British recognition of our interest in this area. To dissipate any doubts as regards the implications of the talks and to re-enforce the confidence of the German leaders in our favorable attitude towards Germany it would be highly useful, to my mind, also to inform the two persons mentioned of our latest decisions on Germany. (I refer to your telegram regarding the discussion on the German issue in the National Security Council). In the first place we might once again reassure the Chancellor and Foreign Minister that our alliance with Germany continues to be the basis of our policy in Europe and that our current efforts to build up NATO are opening up vast prospects for Germany. In so doing we must realize that Adenauer and Brentano are fully aware that our policy elsewhere is intimately connected with the situation in Europe, especially with the role of the colonial powers in European affairs. At any rate, it is no secret for the Germans that our policy in Europe is based on the principle: the more pressure Germany brings on Britain and France in Europe, the more resonable they become in Asia and Africa. As to other aspects of the reaction here to the Anglo-American talks, the attitude of the German leaders to our policy in North Africa is on the whole favor- able, as I have already reported. They share our view that the sick woman of the Seine is no longer capable of being a good housewife. However, it is possible to discern a certain anxiety in the business comannity here as to whether whether German banks will have the future opportunity to expand their exports of capital to French Africa, particularly to the Sahara. I believe that on this question there is no reason for any concealment of the real facts set out by you. Do you not therefore consider it expedient for us, Sir, to give the Germans emphatic assurances that we will continue to help them in the matter of the Sahara, as in other matters, since only a common effort will make it possible for us to consolidate our own positions in this area in particular and build up the German-American alliance in general. I very much hope that the views I have outlined in this letter on the need to reassure the German leaders by giving them the information and assurances I have suggested will meet with your approval. I look forward to receiving instructions on the issues raised in this letter. Approved For Release 2004/09/24 kegATEpRalkn0980R0032o0010001-5 David K. E. Bruce Approved For Release 204/09124 :FCiAdRE1R81M00980R003208810001-5 , APPENDIX V.?THE FALSE CHIANG KAI-SHEK LETTER TO PRESIDENT EISENHOWER, BIiLe., 13 DECEMBER 1958 (verbatim copy - not facsimile) Blitz (weekly newspaper, published in Bombay, India) TAIWAN BECOMING AMERICAN "GIBRALTAR OF TO EAST" CHIANG WARNS IKE AGAINST LOYALTY OF HIS TROOPS From a Correspondent 13 December 1958 Washington - Commenting on the Sino -American talks in Warsaw, an authoritative source said that Washington's assent to these talks was apparently motivated by a recent ? ? unofficial letter from Chiang Kai-shek to President Eisenhower. The content of the letter is kept secret; but many State Department officials know about this dramatic communication by the Chinese Nationalist President. It is believed that, in his letter, Chiang Kai -ahek warned Eisenhower that when taking any dedision on the crisis in the Formosan Straits, the U.S. must take into consideration the fact that he, Chiang Kai-shek, cannot be absolutely sure of the loyalty either of his officers and soldiers or of even people close to him. ? Every Third Soldier Disloyal! Chiang Kai-shek wrote that the immediate c.uac his message to the President was the belligerent declarations by Mr. Foster Dulles, Secretary of State, who seemed to be prepared to start an armed clash with Peking right now. Chiang Kai-shek allegedly said that Dulles set too high an estimate upon the Nationalist Army, while Taiwan did not at all feel itself prepared for a big war. Estimating the situation in his army, Chiang Kai-shek cited in the letter inspection data on the morale of his officers and soldiers gathered in the department headed by Chiang Ching-kuo, the President's elder son and Chief of the Military Secret Police. These data indicated that every third soldier was disloyal. The only remedy, according to Chiang, would be renovation of the army by 80-90 percent. This was, however, not feasible as the local population was utterly unfriendly towards the Nationalist Government and unwilling to join the army. Besides, it was risky to let a great many Formosans into the army. Many Close Friends Support Peking Chiang also wrote that he could hardly trust many of the leaders of his Goverment and the NKT party. He said that a great many people in his environment took the Communist view on the Taiwan question and believed that but for U.S. concern regarding Taiwan, the problem would have been solved by the Chinese themselves without foreign intervention And bloodshed. This sentiment was hard to fight against, Chiang Kai-shek confessed, because it was widespread in the island. On the other hand, the growth of this sentiment might lead to an outburst more terrible than the one of May 24, 1957. U.S. Must Rely on Her Own Forces Chiang Kai-shek could not think of a way out. He only wrote that the American ? President must have a general picture of the situation in Taiwan, as he might be unaware of how serious this situation was and that any decision to be taken should be very carefully weighed. Consequently, Chiang Kai-shek warned President Eisenhower that he must bear in mind that the U.S. would have to rely mainly on her own armed forces. Long before any decision on military action was taken, strong forces of U.S. Marine and other American troops must be brought to the island to carry out operations against the Communists. It is highly possible, this source said, that while the Warsaw talks are proceeding along their tortuous path the Pentagon is following Chiang Kai-shek's recommendations and building up Taiwan into "The American Gibraltar of the East." Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Apprued For Release 20I:11/19( j211.:TCIIATiRDBF:8;1M00980R003200010001-5 APPENDIX VI.?THE FORGED EMMENS-MACARTHUR MEMORANDUM MAILED IN TOKYO, 20 JULY 1960 THE fORrai SEtT UNITED PATES Or ANT Offlook of tbo U.D. Air Tokyok japan r 0 RA 3 D 10: ambaroador Dou lae maekr FROE: Colonel Robert Oaftmdflig In oonneltion with the re oor0117.. I an pleased to coilPli written Sureary or the informal'', Japanese military quarter* eith r reactions of the Xishi Government on the Lockheed U-2 incident. - AconrOln6 to our sources. the 004mraisentar greatly concerned about Ihrmahchov7a state:sant th USSR Is prepare:I to Unook out allitarY halo* from U-2's operate The reaeon, A. rot* 15101?141,141r.t,c." based st Al.u1 amd raehibmwe in aaalaiOn ta,0a004. oral. Vlot Rao, Cambodia, lame an Tbal1im4. Wert Osi5t-41, over Important military .r-d induitrIal.,000,20,,Cmou420 tho GOviet rar last Mod Northon Karia A00214 A4 t result, Mil:amiss 01110104 or, of ebill aignioA,4ptAa,, Three:tat DoViat retaliattol. rapeemantS4 01020,4 ? , rapani 4arrarat,th0,4411pan**. Oovarna 1ar pressure 4.100e,AbrprDat1On 00taernin5 our .0-, has became* wid44110sOwn. Ciller or ahlik Riltioaallis ha a diroatialaurattinOlau,SO:tial fact that imatRar, 2 Ot:lait ys.f ROalaiiii Alinikty :009 a autumn?. at a: 14, ' f. TolITIT-10WIr Ouili01411,L the 0-2 aerial hotors.j of. **AIX 1440 in OM .A !Iberia. Then aRatn no 14: 04ot *hill .. . _ t.lootio0 woof oticholittlipou tba.02/Aufistati-01:.144 uatod.ln drawine.ap tar DU 4r4Darta lOrlolaa 40 NItIcima 82foty aeanoy, Xr 1Iciel M6.-.tatm ifiroram tbe Jape:lee* opposition it leanah * mere*: isid hrdevaor igfi ,InsI. 1m i1 ths Ilehiregi , .. . , _ Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ? ? Approved For Release 2904109/24r: folittiRDEt81M00980R0032009710001-5 : colt -- 4 - t ho proll zb' fblt 4144 , td. * deOxonat,r041..4,A4 aZat 9. eParad. '%0 "140411 ? ..9 t141.111 1, i',A.ur, rhavo ta tLa IOU; Or thu 4 iD. ia.t.arr.t..04tLdw ela ra,00141.14440.11c I ...S Lori. If ouch defraud I. pada. It ad urAbrciat VA' ( IA o acul would alsa cot ..ottoo In otti, or a ad :ountrI. ea . .1 otactdor it ay duty to etro:e t, .:.....7111 belAc: prwiontod ,to real 1.1,noo 1Khu 4W eel, vary molt roaro he ue7 0 ahd.e.. For thie 'swoon. I b vIlivi 1 t. public opinion Cron troo .11.01.14 by e )0),.. our U-2 flie;zta rros lepaneee t uo p14r.oa aro ho 1,)ri4or located at the ALti ehtlt.4* ct. At tho fume t.1.1zi, wo shouliA ?4.? ? paa..4 ';.. plums* trod the voila lollies to orb W'i 4 0 U1 our operation& ouch kettgae, itt-kisi onnitiona 41* tioa-n, we oott.14 *tj ., lona. to Jnn roper In line with our goo 1,,trat...e1 c s To pravent cligaovar ot thi* 4bIla, At Headqurterv iii V.P.Vred 1101. to ? 0?W U-2 10o4tIon altei, and to strenetla urea. Our odittary awthorittee will alio comaamiaations lotween 011.1nowe and, At, thie, I should 1.10 to ot.41?14 bxletly nint., the &it...Aston qn OkIrvoaa Itaelt.,. A7Cxhtn 10 1ntor.i1onfro* the 1s1nd, h Oe! r ur 01 n :ttl at t4.ur .up*ry 4 tu low rental fa 4,,CArtoOt 4,1)(61OP into bl s.O our Usu0,iis3Ur up piano, o Jp,An. In Orda or Ilirthor tr9 tlist b.., e,,,00)4 doa abler our . . , ti,,,o yrtpam.s. w Zd o wuch laseojctIo to :, 1' ,01: 1.1.? '14 , Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ApprAved For Release 2infoni,,; cmom1M00980R003200010001-5 At the sans tiLe we O&in,Wi by pointing ou b4000 will st t rti, p.d1cl otootsrs, t. rkitine rnollitlos illi t)I tivoS -- in other worbil, WI ro Oars to enin then t4011* thi ditatttc* t kw U.O. Alr !Porno 11 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2M/9W; ca-Rp/FET1M00980R003200%0001-5 APPENDIX VII.?THE FORGED FROST LETTER. The Mirror, 8 JUNE 1958 (translation) AMERICAN INTERFERENCE IN INDONESIAN INTEANAL ArYAIRS Letter from anlmerican military officer to a rebel leader. (tranrlation) [Following is copy of letter of the original sent by an American military authority to an Indonesian rebel leader showing clearly American interference.] May e, 1958. Dear Col. Kawilarang, With reference to your letter to Mr. Dulles, I an directed to reply as followsr 1. It is agreed that your revolutionary fcrces, having met with great difficulty, have very little chance for success. If the internal strife continues, under the present circumstance, it is true, as you have estimated, that the communists, who have successfully obtained a foothold, will benefit by it. For this reason, the fact that the leaders of your organization have decided to lay down arms, as you have indicated in your letter, is of deep concern to us. 2. To lay down arms by the revolutionary forces would mean defeat both militarily and politically. Obviously, the position of the central government will become much stronger by your surrender. The Nationalist Party, which is responsible for government's policy, and such leaders as Sukarno, Djuanda, and Nasution, stand to gain more by your surrender than by the communists themselves. We shall then have to confront Sukarno, who by then will have strengthened his position and shall be operating on his guided democracy policy. Therefore the main task to perform is to prevent the revolutionary forces from defeat. The forces and the organization must be maintained. Your activities should not be hampered by often published statements of 'hands off' policy in Indonesian internal strife. Continued aid will be given from Nationalist China, Philippines and such other places as you know. You should, however, be aware of the fact that we cannot any longer use the Clark Air Field. This does not mean that [aid] will be stopped forever. It has to stop because we cannot openly do so from there.. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 60 COMMUNIST FORGERIES If not, there will be grave international complications. 3. We are aware that there is no way for immediate success. For that reason, we are trying to persuade Sukarno and Djuanda to affect a change. As you are also aware, we are trying to persuade to discuss the matter with you and stop this long range fighting. When we know that our efforts are fruitful, we shall then offer our services as a mediator between the central government and the revolutionary forces. At, that time you will be permitted to explain your position on equal terms. Such a mediation is often viewed by the public as political victory for the revolutionary forces and you will become a force able to shape the destiny of the country. 4. Sunning up, you must maintain the morale of your leaders. We believe that sacrifice never goes unrewarded. Very truly yours, Lawrence H. Frost Lt. Comdr. U.S.Navy. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2L.0)04440n4:1%-gilaps81M00980R00320%10001-5 .9.1.1 M4..9,6 5 IA .1"1 10; 6.50 01(84 4Gcs 0?Ecr,6:Efq 0 ovecogsicoS gO?21:6 ? I Fs.s.ZI ?PPP O .onikit-fx.E.6 uxn.Ext.... 0'0?1 WO.01[400ap,(0-41./1 0 Tv, --e-?,...e ....?.,,ii ?t*Ty.. - ?zol %.. . ei.sernAaia. Q4E1146LE t'ili "t?4E ..10.t l't*I2 .Vit:alt,t4 4,..,.i.t.46. '''''',";?"4.iii...r.:y`-'s ki./,,,,t,..-,,,, i i.4is. ?????.???1?,901 ?? k Le.. li.3. ,?.?,,,,6 ,,,,,i? gii s..4,..;,,,:r.,:t,...r....6,0,%; ,,,,E ?A????,61?Bi ...14.1,11 ?????,???egi.S.6 i 4:?;ta: ' 1 . V174.1 ...4i...? ctbixe oL, ii,f, ii-?ii,l;b i,,? 4, , I g. GO o0or? a3 5..C1 7, 1 rtt..14,QP-1197-':;fi i 59'i'f.ltlf1;.;," .4 mii-f!" (i'E ! otatcsi 19 L'',O.t'a,s Ganiltkv .., I,/ : ,,,,t ,,,,,,,c:A.? eZ;i, . ,...,, ? .7 ..,...,, 7', ,.., ..,, ?,,.,,?, ocr....4.014.?ak,,... 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GT, manEpaBE aacip:m oc?ncoSima$1,c) mo6cv?69.a a)Gopocooli: q8:c? 3,36 ? 8a12.5M 3.)43coomm (48:66e4 (m*Etpo,) c?a411 6498g8:336 a) p:A6F,J8g??capo g2892?D: ? old) 8oSc.66,8.1 q6Ear3961 pzi494coEsio:go oloS go un:ct*?: 6&01 mttlio? g?$,; coE:co6: 9o2A moDE3.163.18c?GZ1EIGg018 60.1,rg? 80S6pgn . arD:d?':atS 86oloSc?c8$: COI 119(7-05.0486mo18:48 sg6 tEp568:a4aacift: a64a4cava OompmoT Ia?96:5,?:(468o?cSc ank83)611 (4go13,3611 pfico6cE:g?ao:6? w8c? 1133-3,8-)W 94 sa2oEgEG?i$ coS:a)::;,? aco-3164364j0?.6 33641Nli6c?39134n 4 7-16il1S GO?? N?745,? 2IPcf mcvrecico6 Approved FIK:F4,109011334/05#24 : CIA-RPa. 70691, 0-- 61) -- Amyoved For ReleasecZIMMARC:oGIAROP81M00980R003200010001-5 APPENDIX VIII.?THE FORGED HOOVER LETTER. Neues Deutschland 22 JANUARY 1958 LJA-Illonopole greife] 11 vigor and Inetesd acquire ? conotantly gruabling eoquainteace who would call on es only to complain eboat his luanago or to sorolp nbout the latent events in VI vacs y ye or Paaepoda. frankly I enould hot* to lose ? friend ec full ot lite and Ig deer friend, tour was certainly ? dleappoint.en% to ma. 1,/' 0000 ? p oaa , 1 you a s . ? p,y us on * ? .ste far ahead. He innieted that we need a truly expartanced man for this ,roj?cn, an expert 4.1 in a Went tor ai,inittrution, Belisle ae. I would never have bothered you had I not known your true calling. 4/ recent (ran:. tala with tue Secretary convinced se that he "ill retains nin ahtlity to see ,,,,,,,,,,,,mao,,,,,, / qualitiem in your 701000 000014 no doubt serve our cos?on interests. / roe ea to your doubt. on Os political elde of this aatter end primarily the attitude at tha /Tench to all tbla bastes.. I oust erg Uses they proved tar .or. vacillator: than *,m expected a* regard. our partloipation in exploiting Sonora oil. ?hough the row that *coursed las% tall, boosuse %toy managed to este@ aoist documents oomprosleing Araaco, aade Furl* sore oapricious ** **tenting partners, it didn't, ho ,,,,, . ale. the Sahara to on. It mesas only natural. You can't spend billtooe on leer In *Awl& and espeot to bare enough free sonny to develop halo*. Sinclair end Newton% amine ere a11ee47 sertIti in partnership with three drench forme there. not boa tor ? etart. 80 047004 bendan. 00 .010 eure tAat it was only ? start. Tammy Natio to at wometning from the prelieloart talks witl Snell started on ay with tne puree** or enquiring It? ahares la the Petrol* /*kiwi* and Petrol* de Sahara, there le awe heel* to your apprehension that made. the Dean% of Aummia's Ispreealve tentacled10el maven. Umt Freda, 0.1001 tat, et the expense or attantte 001 17, to hel?nne their relation0 with the gee% 00 015 Wort to rid %teasels** of the derdan nightmare and settle their &dratrs in north Atrice. Similar conoern ealete la the State Department a* well. Sten I lent sae 100i40 se *mad with Ile usual abruptness Wet evoh Oswelopsents night have ea unto/Potable bearing on US oolioy lat !arose. Oar nee labaseedor in Paris also report1 that he Me feriae* grounds to worry about ? tendency in certain 110504 qu?rters to (oll*, ? ftore Independent comma.. 00011100 our Ambassador's apprehenalone and is 00003104 such Additional intonation received Ire* our friends In Earle confi ii anxiety bort. the Qual d*Oreily say have dwelled 0 rat and learned about put DIU.* negotialicia wish the Cbancellor. sine provide. vino for evade. It theme slog..:. aft blipped ' Dillon le ridht, of course., He once tOld re that North Ar /9 the Gdallo senate! will always ,,,,,, to get May. Thee* say he harsh word.. 10% PM Galway the 00000011 00 001 diplomacy 000011100illlen le about to arrive le Vaehindton. 7054eill 1 may es 'sell tell 7054 that Poster ie rather bum, these lay.. rather accurately. anderatmusl, at enure., that I Yen* le It pealtion to tell yea / 11/ :111:0:;1::14::41 In:W. :17: ig:;47.01,04:alginN "*".". I oen alma eater* iattIhnit eitiseepl nnrtInehaenoenti rpi;olttahenelI let glrpaglonee it'itp*icaa cikadtie ul*o 1pthaooth,s wasilit aobl lsdl suteh iritbihn?i ag* i t rttyahom aet otlUf yeod sraaet ihlncr?eott anadagiyencg oi North 111100 .511 be dieouseed pn detail. Tou say ohnol **uorna d eit doIseor d ma wotini *at ot cr polio' yu heselepaconsiderableIA?iiiiiiiiit/DAOn of the problea besides four I AufsehluThreicher Brief ?Neues Deutsdiland? lot bout, in nischen Illmonopole in die von den zu Algerien geharende Sahara doku vertiftentlichen wit den Wortlaut ei vertretende USA-A ulienminister tux Washington, D. C. 18. Oktober 1057 Mein Heber Freund, ' Ihr Brier war ja eine Enttituschung tar midst Wirklich, ich warde nicht cern einen so lebendigen und energisehen Freund verlieren end datilr elnen twig norgeinden Bekannten eintauschen, der sich nor an mich wenden wiirde, um !Libor seinen Heirenschull za lamentleren oder urn noir den neuesten Klatsch ant Mi vac* y yo oder aus PasaPoSIM Olauben Ste risk., lob hatte Sin nlemals behelligt, wenn kb nicht gewuat Witte, was Ihre wahre flerufung lot. Das ?Rene Gesprtich, das Id. neultch mit dem Mini- ater7) halts, hat midi libern-ust, don or framer nods seine Fahigkeit zu welter Voraussida besitd. Er bestand dared., dati stir tiir theses Projekt einen wirklich ertahrenen Mann brauchen, einen Koper- ten mit organisatorischer Begabun& einen Diplomaten sogar, wenn Ste wollen. Die glitddithe Vereinlgung all dieser Camilla- ten in lhrer Person wUrde Tweltellos un- seren gerneinsamen Interessen dienlids sein. Ste werden mtr niernals einreden, doll wir jemand Sesser. Itir die Arbelt an dent Projekt Anden kormten. Glauben Ste erratlich, dal on jemand gibt, der to wit Ste verstAnde, die tote alte Waste Sahara Oo greiten und festzuhalten? Man hilt viol von Ihnen In Washington und schatzt Ihre Flihigketten hods cin. Al. ich Foster von Dawn Spleen er- sagte Cr: 0Sls haben noch Zeit, versuchen Ste, him dna auszutretben. Sa- gen Si, thou apes, was Ste Our slang hal- ten.* Ich brauche Ihnen Aber die Whit- tigkeit afrikaniuhen Ols 010 sagen. Wir haben viel darilber gesprochen, ale id. int AuaenmIntsterium tang war. lots ktinnte nod. Isinzutilgen, doll lest, wo intolge der russischen Intrigen die u.s. No- hoot Oaten verworren ist, unser tuteresse daran nods vriichst. Nun zu Ulcers Bethink= wagon der Pir? litiachen Belle dieser Angelegenbelt und tor allem ilber dl, Haltung der Fran- Tosen to dieser ganzen Sadie. Id, mull sagen, daa ale sich hinsichtlich unserer Beteiligung an der Ausbeutung del SaharaiSla welt konialanter gezeigt ha- ben, ala stir on erwartet batten. Zwar sind Sie in Paris sett dem Krach tom vo- rigen Herbst, als ole ein poor DOkurnente ? sdmappten, die dIn Aramco kompromIt-,,, Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 COMMUNIST FORGERIES 65 ?? USA-Monopole greifen nach dein Sahara-01 ?MO/ Antmehlollireleher Brief $1/11 Herbed Hoover jun. an den anterikankchrn Groninpilslioen Curlioa At I* I. AI *OAT MI. le mnutn ??? ? lb**. .11. von, IAA Imnl?Aalom Il.1.1? Yon., 1A/AA. llevArri neever Ao. ham.- g? 1 R... %AN .lsonerA.1?41.1.4wel?A? Now4.1../nAl 111.14?? r./. Hower 1?4?.?41.? NA/ r.A.4. .7.17 sieb /rimely. IA IAA...4! owlA1/11. lloswArnuel..11 lAwAi mtLar` F.A.7?-7.1.4tEr-Mar Er74:21;4:41"."1." :: ziZLE.Telt,", '17 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Apprned For Release 20M2As;rCitlapRIMM00980R003200010001-5 APPENDIX IX.?THE FORGED "JOHN H" LETTER. Beirut al Masaa 25 AUGUST 1958 Beirut al Massa August 25, 1958 THE AGGRESSORS INTEND TO STAY 15 MONTHS (translation) Here is a very serious document which BEIRUT AL MASSA places today before the eyes of the Lebanese, indeed before the eyes of the Arabs and the peoples of the whole world, for it unmasks the hypocritical intentions which the United States harbors for the Lebanon in particular and the Arab world in general. It also indicates that the Americans have no intention of withdrawing from Lebanon UNLESS compelled to do so by world public opinion. The document ih question is a message which an American officer, John H., of the 79th Engineers Regiment now in Beirut, has distributed secretly among his comrades. BEIRUT AL MASSA has been able to lay its hands on a copy and is publishing the text thereof with full reservations hoping that it will reach American ears. Following is a literal translation of this most serious of documents; American Officers and Other Ranks; I arrived from Munich July 27 by Globemaster with a group of other American officers. Before our departure from Western Germany we held a meeting with representatives of the United States High Co:inland in Europe who told us that the American Government and President Eisenhower himself had decided to send 'us to Lebanon to assist this friendly stale. They tried to convince us that the American forces had been called to ensure safeguard the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon threatened with armed aggression by a foreign power. They also assured us that our forces would be withdrawn from Lebanon as soon as the Cairo and Baghdad aggression were stopped. However, my stay in Lebanon and my personal observation of the situation have convinced me that the American intervention has nothing whatsoever to do with the prevention of the alleged aggression. A few days ago we received instructions to the effect that we were going to remain 15 months in order to safeguard the peace and security of the United States. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 20304/49/24,;TO1GRDP111M00980R00320001b001-5 There are also plans to undertake large scale works with the object of. transforming the airfields of Rayack and Kolelatt into American Atomic laWiohilig 0440 will he ?r?cthd along the Moro Atomic wenpone will be dinphtched noon to AIS ulrut hArbor will be transformed into America's principal naval base for its Near Eastern fleet. One cannot fail to realize that the object of all these preparations is to wipe out the millions of Arabs who are struggling for their national independence. I am certain that the majority of American officers and troops are convinced that the continued presence of American forces in Lebanon is silly (sic) and unjustified and will have dangerous repercussions on the peace not only in the area but throughout the world. That is why I am asking you, my comrades, to demand that we be withdrawn from Lebanon to the United States quickly, and if we truly love our country we should return there without further delay. American officers and troops: Don't allow yourselves to be fooled; don't allow yourselves to become involved in a military adventure for the benefit of any of the warmongering factions! sgd John H. 79th Engineering Regiment Beirut Thus ran the text of the document, and now we ask prompt clarification of the matter by the responsibles, whether Lebanese or American, and hope to hear their answer promptly and unhesitantly. The document in question is in the possession of BEIRUT AL MASSA for inspection by whoever wishes to see it. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Appcigved For Release 240V0619/124T: ditilkID1-131M00980R003200010001-5 APPENDIX X.?THE FALSE KISHI?DULLES PACT. Blit, 12 OcTonER 1957 (Note forged State Department cable, on same page) SATURDAY OCTOBER 12. lOttf BLITZ Newamagard. PAGE SEM * Honourable Double I alk, Double Deal .11? Double Cross 1Kishi Coos Of Peace To Nehru, Signs War Pact With Dulles ?Freati BLITre Seal PAULA WINING ? TELEGRAM RECEIVED' P. Metadddr Solie me. n. ts. se.o.. .1.1011 meit . griewes Me. Y. LI atm IMIll. MS.' . MIMI 1nrie. me. is. urn sa. mg PPP IP. Pmlla 0 IP M.. Seselida lbe meet a.. of pi typti at um smite met Sir epeele? ? me.. se Ye pert ef e. twi ate firmrton'er;toMrera.s" " ottter":: :: :reo: 4.r. Proot 01 Subversion In I Week Document T ONDON: SWAIM& lido. ? mad. it ? g marked Load. tImil Jape.. Pm. Naar Wald aad U.S. Seem. tary el SM. Dull. signed ? gamnl allitary aginieramat daring Mr. IOW* Nall Is Waslibagnia la Ian Jaen ma mast nein.. to aunt mat Me agreement m. see ley man. mom in Mr ann. forme In Palmy ma= la ay part ?I Tlw US. ha returs tPew ? ma . rep.. Government gr Copal. bix sp.. PM. asoperat. Punt. The mt. otga. . yew. Ptorerm Ihalm M to. pl. es les Approved For Release 201M9Y246.ICTAIR1P81M00980R003200046001-5 IWO WONT 11111111boa 11101111111KT MOM 111 *** INDIAN MASTERPIECES ON SNOW AT PEKING. Ig rad throngs Of people waiting to see the Exhibition. Inset: Mrs. R. K. Neil, (wife of the human Ambasaasho sspishm finer pilots-of Indian textile* to Premier Chou En-lot and yiescheiespen Cho Tek The biggrat evei.Indian Exhibition to be held abroad was opened In Peking not fleptember 10 by VIee-fltairman of People'. China Chu Teti in the prerenee of Vlee-PresIdent fladhakriahnan. Covering ? floor arm of 10,400 serfs", metres, 413,000 'exhibits, tang- le. (non heavy Industrial m ryachine, to handicrafts, are on show In five sections pie no left shows the hemming Idilmturewhieh houses the Exhibition. Plc on rischt 1410??? ?irMehalymno Teh cutting du. elhbon to declare open while VIewPreeldent Radhakrishnan, Premier Chou Enilal, Viee-Premid Ho Lung and other diatingtished chines. end Indian guests spplasel. harped What is a Capstan? 'A Careen. Rye the bee ainght , tined 17 'pokes se es and , rpm II ? eablo which &Kw mosedni. the anchor on bead ship'. Not a word about the elprette I ) To most people today. the fame of Capstan cigarettes has overruled the &dear, and the `uptight machine' Is familiar became It appeas es every tin rod packet of Capstan cigarette.. It sand. for emoltIng plasm. at Its aery best. Dens Ins Copan. they're blended Wen US Stooges To Get More Military Less Economic Aid ? enabled ?rem rege T ? ...- There le an ohyleros etembe on the Ma ate MM. th? Mote. meat.: with Mains Moos. limy try to conceal Mee fact. im how "ret Irr:me relemetee retunne melee slOrememel MASI00 countries as ? remit et rzr..forttre SolieliMic?nt be It In slew et Mom Inedommy et Me Moses merle be check them tenetencleo dema? So Imbed Mio. Among other things Mielehr engaged In mectel emcees *re not helm" enefacletthr energetic mrmIst out Minertmental Mussel. So.. AM 17. IBM We MAK =Ann" ".; greeVnro.rot =7Ver??=1"Telre 4.4 more cerry out Me Yob fectos SetATO Wm energy roust elm be 00000 10 Implementlof Merle. Ineeructlor? on Me importance of strenstMnins contacts 0100 Mbenttlon milks she Mow onattretamlIng of the = Zsrbe"..o0Z.17?1;41 peva moo tame In poser IMS theetr melt., dermal, Semmes on tholr loyalty So Me MIMS Military AM it The Only Al.. Cont., Mer ferteMS Itertem of the Ashen members II SEATO remoter our pram Mils, Nothing moot M left us Sone. therefore. la Meek elevers Appimved For Release 20041.89241: C.4AcROP81M00980R003200010001-5 TELEGRAM RECEIVED Vs... DIPWWWW. Diw ItaeeO PI. 19D Th11011 WAUL0011011 Carr IntS0 01110 23. II The. 4111111b18111111/33D no,, town XL. PM pm. seam yee !Walla Past, InThIto of Si,.Canberra en ieen. The recent seewea en we Co.cti of the Muhl. Pact has resented ? tendency ee.t.h? part et saw We ateliers Than aa ettatiend. refuel...4 the PhLlippinew *00.. Win brawl aaaaa o pet...1y . ea eddittanst seer. pi' economic "'root 01 Subversion In 7 uipeh Doeume.n( MIMI% sateahis aarlirillIMMII when be told at ? motios has reached Landes that Japanese Pro- Wm Kehl and U.S Sects- tory M Stela Dulles epee a secret military agreemeat shoring Mr. Kishi's visit to Washiagise is Iasi Juan. I can reveal exclusively IS aurrz that the agrwment allows We 'by mutual consent. of Japa- nese twined forces In Military operatlona .111 any part of the Far East'. The US.. In return. Ihre a 3.p to the Japanese Coveret ts nt ?o by agreeing to the eablieb ent of a U.S.-Japanese Joint Security Committee to supervise military - co-operation between the two countries. The actual signing of The ask rowneal between /Ir. Dulles and Mr. Illski Wok place on Jae* 2545. het I understand discuseksw ea web a pact had been 'Wag us aunty wooths Probably this agreement is one. Than .toe Mr. that rewind et The *lunch mere tbmi owned In the Joint me Japan's recent *DOW United Nation+ Seen tinder AmericAn violation ot the agreement. by whida Centlol haer=r Ain Anwriean reined good behaviour. ' Any eueb fleet ? parallel for lbiwnhower Doctrine lie East, bringing Threat to the entire. nen/ It Is oleo an he current ffmeri substitute ha own Thitein's coat. The recent WWI to the JapaneBe Forel 'Fugyama got e very here, In spite of his lithe purpow of the to frost AngiThla ship and co-operallon. Seeping a wary eye ,proteeladlowe ad shook( Imila. International Gangsteris 01 American Embassies fl 0NO KONG: "We Irina strengthen the pOSi- Oons of our friends in local governments and support. Moose who are being less ?f fected by nationalist Ideas" directs a telegram from the State Department of the United States to its embassies in Asian coun- tries. The ropy of ads telegram leo. 1110) dated hlarell 21. width Was keti Ihe Efolhonsy during the riots Ill Taipei! lest flay. eltowe the extent to which thillooldlia privilege le being abused. Military Natur? Of Treaty The oilier four intporiant polo, the instructionn make are: 1 I. .the *Seeped...Thug el one- Il? carte with leaders of the npensitioa pawnen who show ue. lierslaadirg et the buthe facing The free world," e. vioupree? Then Mune I. power The that Their position direelly ea their loyalty to The Stolen'. IF RAMESH SANGHVI Otire's FOPElt, COMINFNTATOW THE SOVIET BABY MOON, revolving round our earth at nine hundred kilometers la the virgin, spare and completing each! revolution in approximately ninety-six minutes heralds ? new age is the history of human race. With the Sting of the rocket which sent the Baby Moon in the out4r space, an epoch ended. A long, long age when bunt4nn wore bound to the earth has passed away. The glory et thin eporbell Pleat, isruietee ha. Woken echlevewcni Awe WwwallY the chains binding It to the imams head and kusa.:4 beyond is now *Wilds Its Me y1151115 and elgour earth. The unknown epees mind. lionever, partirelarl mach. We boos weeelated I. to the ...crud credit o abet.* The commie world. Wee. the Soviet wiener wed e.gI.nj Theint to The Thrion? pimento ering,, of the eountiew o.,Ol wad, o. Ow heals el weave and woolen le the newletlas and Indirect evidence, fennel Iliss this draws WI the V eertalsi WIWI. AD WAD ad/ Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 ? Is ? Approved For Release 2004/49124:101AHRADR81M00980R00320CRI10001-5 APPENDIX XI.?THE FORGED MURPHY LETTER. DISTRIBUTED BY MAIL IN MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES, MARCH 1959 (forged letterhead) DEPARTMENT OF STATE Washington, D. C. December 4, 1958 Dear Mr. McClintock, At first I had decided not to write this letter in order to avail Hr. Rountree of the opportunity to consider on the spot the proposals made in your letter of November 16th.. However upon reflection I decided to write after all. Your suggestions to some extent seem to be based on the assumption that my actions during my tour of the Middle East were determined solely by my personal approach to the problems of this region. This is a grave misapprehension. The course I pursued in the Middle East had the previous approval of Mr. Dulles. We took into account that the Colonel, not unlike a capricious maiden is fond of delicate treatment! I am under the impression that you are going to extremes. in attempting to find discrepancy between the Secretary of State's orders and the last instructions sent to you under my signature. We hold you in high regard as a diplomat but one should not cling too much to outworn ideas and methods. In my opinion goals should remain constant but the means of attaining them should vary depending on the circumstances. Of course you remember Europe of the firet post?war years. Are we using the same means today to carry out our policies? The answer is obviously no. Tour fears that we might somehow enhance the spirit of Easseriam among the Arabs are groundless. I assure you that Nasser is not the man we shall support. You are right to note that we have nothing in common with Nasser and his kind. I fully agree with you. However I disagree with you that swords should be drawn ahead of time, particularly when our goals can be ttained without resorting to arms. Tou certainly are aware of what I have in mind when I ay that after the snakes devour each other, the jungle becomes safer! I hope I convinced you in realising that you have made hasty conclusions. Hi. Rountree, on behalf of the Secretary of State will be on hand to help you overcome the doubts that assail you. Thank you for bringing the matter to my attention. As you know all Middle East problems are of the utmost importance to me. I hope to have the pleasure of continuing our correspondence in the future. Sincerely yours, Robert Murphy P.S. Thank you for your good wishes on the occasion of my birthday. I regret that I did not reply immediately. Accept my personal regards. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-ROP81M00980R003200010001-5 Apprined For Release 2004a9v24s:rCi4ttBIERee1 M00980R003200010001-5 APPENDIX XII.?THE FALSE POWER ORDER. iVelieS DMA/and 2 OCTOBER 1958 "Secret Order to All U.S. Pilots" (translated from Neues Deutschland of 2 October 1958) Bonn (ND). U.S. pilots are forbidden to fly over U.S. territory with atomic and hydrogen bombs aboard. This sensational disclosure was made by an American pilot formerly stationed at Barksdale Air Base in Louisiana, who is now at Kaiserslautern. The pilot said in a con- versation that General Thomas Powers, commander of the Strategic Air Command of the United States, has issued a special order Whereby bombers with A or H bombs aboard must not fly over their own homeland. Such flights were forbidden in May of this year. Planes stationed in the U.S. which are under orders to carry out death flights over Europe and Africa receive their bomb loads at air bases outside the American border. They also receive special markings. On the return flight they must off load their bombs at the same bases, where the markings are removed. On1y then are they allowed to fly over U.S. territory. The pilot said that each air squadron had been assigned certain transit bases. The Second Squadron, reportedly flying to Sidi Slimane and Nouasseur Bases in Morocco and to Zaragoza, Moron and Torrejon Bases ' in Spain, take on their A and H bombs at Kindley Fields Bases in Bermuda and Lages Base in the Azores. The Eighth Squadron, flying to Greenham Common, Fairford Mildenhall and Brine Norton bases in England, take on their bombs at Loring, Maine in the U.S. and at Goose Bey, Labrador. Here also the planes which operate in northern areas? take on their bomb loads. The pilot would not discuss the reasons for General Power's order. It is easy to see, however, that the purpose is to protect the popula- tion of the United States from the dangerous consequences of possible "accidental" crashes or collisions between aircraft carrying atomic or hydrogen bombs. Concerning the secrecy of the order, it is feared in the U.S. that the "unwanted" reaction in Western Europe, produced by the revelation of this order, would force the cessation by the U.S. of these death flights. Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 comm ST FOR? ERI ES 73 ........ gerade eine niche Machlkonzentration nut dem }Continent, unit awn dein schOrf- sten Illvalen GrogbrItannlens, den dent. schen Monopolen. Sich dein (Mittelman-Inn Markt anzuschllegen Unit beisplelsweIse mit den franzinischen Monopolen eine Front gegen die deutschen Monopole Innerhalb dieser Organisation nu bilden, 1st GroBbritannlen nicht gewIllt, do dun den Verzicht mit elle Sonderrechle (unit Profile) 1m Commonwealth bedeuten Die britische Regierung cleftt slch also oar die Alternative gestellt, entweder elnen ?Gegenbleele mit den abrigen, nicht dem GM angehorenden OEFC-Liin- dern zu blIden oder diesen dumb die Geheimbefehl an Fliige mit Atombomhen nue ether ?verb Bonn (ND). Den USA-Piloien 1st es ver- boten, mit Atom- and Wasserstnirbonthen an Bard din Territortum der VereinIglen Slaaten nu aberfliegen. Dine sensatinnelle Enthallung mantle em n amerikanischer Pilot, der nut dem Luftstiltznunkt Barks- dale (Louisiana) seinen fiend versah and gegenwartIg bel Kaiserslautern stollonlert 1st. Der Pilot erkliirle In einem Gesprtich, der Kominandeur der strategischen Lutt- flotte der USA, Ceneral Thomas Powers, babe einen speziellen Mehl gegeben, wonach Atninbomber snit A- oder II- Bornben an Bond don elgene Mutteriand nicht berghren Chien. Solcho Flap, selen Belton nit Mal rinses Johres ver- boten. Flugzeuge, die in den USA statin- fin slnd. and (Wren Aufgabe es 1st, Todesflage Ober Europa and AfrIka durchniftihren, erhiellen Owe Bomben? last erst nut Statzpunkten augerhalb der amerikanischen Grenzen. Sin wilrden dann besonders gekennzelehnet. Awl dem Rackflug miigten tie oaf dem gleithen Stillzpunkt ihre Bomben wieder entladen, worauf das Zelchen entfernt wird. Etst dann &hien ale amerikanist:tes Terri- torlum tiberfllegen. Der Pilot gab bekannt, deg far JnIes Luftwaffengesthwader bostImmte Transit- , ............ Tell Europas nod urn nine Formicrung gegen dos sozialislische Lager handelt. Mit den zahlreichen Publikationen. die In iler westlIchyn Preen zu diesem Thema erschelnen and die die Vortelle dines ?orogen Marbles", des irelen Itandels", seiner ?unpolitischen ? Konzeption. woe, usw. hervorheben. sUllen lediglich der' wahre Charnkler der Frelhandelszone draplert unit die Volker irregefahrt wer- den. Die Kris? wird zwelfellos die Gegen- nitre zwischen den ImperiallstIschen Stas- ten node erheblidt versUirken, and wenn In diesem Mona! die Vcrhandlungen weltergehen, werden ale urn nichts freundlicher geworden seln. , alle USA-Pito ten Ondelen" Slanten ? nicht Ober Amerika bonen feslgelegt sled. Das 2. (intim:Icier, des bekanntlIch Marokko iSlillzpunkte Sidi Slimane nod Notiasseur) and Spanlen IStalzpunitte Zaragoza, Moran und Torre- 16n) anfliegt, erhalt seine A- and II- Bomben au( den Statzpunkten Kindley Fields (Bermudas) and Lens (Azoren). Das 8. Geschwader, de.usen Zlel England at (Statzpunkie Greenham Common, Fabler& MIldentiall and Brine Norton) erhill) die Domben erst In Loring Int USA. SinaiMaine and au( Goose Bay (Labra- dor). tiler erhaIten auch die Flugzeuge, die In den niirdlichen Breiten operleren. Ihre Bonlbenlast. Au( die Grande, die General Power Cu dlesern Defehl veranlailten, wollte der Pilot nicht eingehen. Es tat jedoch schwer nu erkennen, dug man die Be- volkerung der USA nor den geffihrlichen Folgen eventueller AbstUrze bzw. Zusammenstlige von Flugzeugcn mit A. und II-Bomben bewahren mochte. Was die Gehelmhaltung dines Belch's angeht, no Direhtet 111311 In den USA mit Becht die ?unerwanschte Reaktion In West- europa, die das Bekanntwerden diens Befehls dart ohne Zweifel .hervorrufen ward?, zurnal die USA nicht gewilit .Ind, litre Todesflage einzustellen. NEUFS DEUT;CHLAND, 2 October 1958 Dinar beiracen. Die Gesarntsurnme Pielsethohungen soil sink out 18 Milliar den Dinar belaufen, Stark A m gestrigen Miltwoth begingen dr 850-MillIonen.Volk Chinn unit no thea elle sozIalistischen Lander unit all ganze antlImperialistIsche Welt de a. Jahrestag der Grandong der rnlichlfge Volksrepublik Int Fernen Osten. Jedc Tag noch der historischen Wiedyrgebts des chinesischen Volken unter Fahrun seiner KommunIstischen Partel hat di neue Wahrheit bestallgt, doll die GDR dung der Volintrepublik China dun grii01 Ereignis nit der frolics Sozialbillsche Oktoberrevolullon In Rugland 1st. S feierten wIr mit der Befrelting Ching con inmerialistischer und hall.feurinlr Kneehtschaft zugtelth den zweiten en) seheldenden Schrilt der Mensehheit I Richtung des Sozlnilsmus unit Kommunli mos, deem n unaufhaltsamer Sieg unarm Jahrhundert Mind' unit Zlel Grandiose Erfolge els Ergebnine fp wonkier, vIele hundert MillInnen Myr schen umfasitender Massenbewegunge liegen die burn, ditch so ereIgnisre,ch Geschichte Volkschlnas go einer ununtei brochenen Kette zielstrebiger Aufbat arbelt unit revolutionlirer Umwalzunge werden, die mehr and mchr fahlbar di Wellgeschehen beelnflussen. Aber sells: 1m Licht? diens ruhmvollen /nastier mat doe MUM Jahr mit 'einem behiple losen Aufschwung and tiernelfende VerAnderungen auf alien Gebleten da gesellschaftlichen Lebens als die busk( erfolgreichste Periede der Volksrepuhil heraus. So stand der dlesitihrige Nations felertag Chinas im Zetchcn der vet VIII. Parteltag der KP Chinas veritar dete,n GenerallInle: ,alio Kraft flu en fatten, urn den Oberlaut des Flusses z errelehen., also die AufwfirtsentwIdtlun so stark ale liar legend maglich so ta schleunliten. ,s,?, gen. Stahlwerker 1m- and Kohlebergl uzErz r. .se }sows Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Appnwed For Release 2t0)9A4ift9gs41':I.WRIal?s81M00980R003200010001-5 APPENDIX XIII.?THE FORGED RANKIN CABLES. Blitz 21 SEPTEMBER 1957 Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Approved For Release 29prium,i; cA5pRpiM00980R0032009p001-5 RETIT1W1OBR PI. 11414 se *wow Iow realia NMI& Pa ? OW ASIA'S FOREMOST NEWSMAGAZINE MeRYINVADAY PRICE (ppm TELEGRAM SENT OUPrn VERSION 3: Murder By Accident 1.10NG KONG: Further to Ow new. (BLITZ, September 14, Page 7) Olaf Mr. Karl Rankin, U.S. Ambassador In Formosa, was its. crisis following the loss at highly important States documents by the U.S. Embassy in Taipei. during the May riots. BLITZ to now In a position to expose some of Ida documents of a sensationally conspirational character. The Aral of the.. documents ? photocopies of which are published alsive ? are the official US Embamy ropier: of Telegrams Mo. .5118 and rod which apparently refer to an American pint to liquidate t;enemlionimo Chiang Kal.shek. President of "Nations- allot" China, either by oleo. of a palace coup (?Veisine No rl or by murder camouflaged ar an accident I''Version No. .1,' I. Throe durum... lnylurlInIt wen, maIrrlat fronl Ihohrr 1..? M. forluird 11114101 My Kolb., Amorlalonl Pe,. of hinftlty In ? dimolch Juno M. IOW. wroullIrrl Ihr Oat doting the rly, enruhrr/Ing * enverth Gangster-Olplomacy Of USA A Z.= Min .41 document+ 'Nei, found INSIDE PAKISTAN ?SEE PAGR PLAN TO BRING GOA INTO SEATO ?Frota BLITZ'. Intelligence In Geo MARGAO (Goa): Accord- ing to the pi enrol plans of the Portuguew Government. Gott will be- rotor a full-fledged member of SEATO in Match slid. Thr ohm Mot le nor Wog lye tw. .;ft At TM E:. g .1hytdly.._..19, .7Z.Z: ?V,',':: ....?,?? ......?__ oat ea se saw. maim, awl only lour exrdlirlo Iloirrrna YrIntrYnt a III make "?? ? IRS NAM $ Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 Appnved For Release 2p 4L9: p414GRIR81M00980R003200010001-5 APPENDIX XIV.?TDE FORGED ROUNTREE CIRCULAR. Al Ahram 26 JULY 1958 ...... \ 0:LA AdiaLsJaaJa a.t.r. 0.# win ? i4A4 ken ,itian taa * Co4,???11 410141 .06.; 4+I uP 1) W1 J:613 Joan ?2.;APaiy ?;:.$4sai WI Lac %idiom...A 6 weld 4,44141.1 ,FAAJ ? ikaAtal ur..4411 Aeltist ,111 641 Ari teJ til-L?.7 6 tiall to46. tej '44.0 . ktuMI ara 4-01 Quuti .12.1 od,jj,A J J"tal 4.0-11 aptri,;..41 to:A fou Q. tor cso Ws ,='-zo. ittat jilmit 4 aa,4,-.4. 04. ss51.4.4 elVss4 ss1411siill as ottlla jb-s?z st.:4411 Qat s 3,..411 11.1 ?Ay ii,LArt Gist!UI noly 6.0,01 at peatLaI .;41i.ry Nat...:..'?pio Q.11.1 trail .3.1.1 ?By JilstJje 1.3,A1 sass as AiJsQL..14:A/ I..411 41.,..4 Jag ,,b is44411 tastri 4.4-1A.ktsci 4.resli -L-41 as; 41110 teiriIa.J4,11 4A,21111 4.? 4f..3.9b JI ,16,1 on Q1114. Am J Jo, 642.1,11 ? Meal I. &mot" 44,0 OS 44J-14.21 j'*" 4'1 ING TELEGRAM . JIhj owl: 4..14 Akan Pi : Moo Opat +r?al ja, ? 4.04.s. Jed] 4als usg".10 41 4044 4.104 44I - 44,3 eke. 4 imL.41 ..1.? toA 4.0:-.1.21 ritw-II J611 :01?:: 016.4 ..11 us" tilk. en Os son gar jojjjsais .+14 04U i:sir a "so .11:4 aleplA Jkon r-isn dap Us 01.4 I Mita f 4.1M...? 4.041 ??? 02e, irLII *A.m. Sjt tilmA,??A sAmiliteb J.24WW .? '0011.4?00 44,4111?-.13 ? -4.0 44' sa .411 101. 0-4%1 ail AR. ?j3141 4'441.?? 44X4414 41?1114.44 'Pt-A .40,1 a?um 0rhat 0 a Atom jiLell arsV 45.Aa_a_a AMERICAN EMBASSY. BAGHDAD CONFIDENTIAL 52101.211 INFORMATION. .11P ????? 70LAPP (2) COIMIOL 2279 IMCD. Asell 1.11, 1950 10 40 Ail MaiiINGTON . ? 101Is DAGHInD, CIRCUIAll 11 AOril IT, 3 30 IV, this circular letter to being sent by the State Department to all U.S. dipleastin representatives In Mir Middle kat on the muh:eot of the United Statee,polloy In regard to the United Arab Republlo. The State Department reefflras that the bselo ()bleating of the U.S. polioy In relation to the V.h.R. reaain unottanged. It sire***. one thst?empanelon.of laypt?e sphere of influence Is counter to the Joint Resolution of the Congress on the Diddle feet, strengthens Arab nationalism, encourages anti-Cistern and particularly anti-Arserloan tender.cles in the Middle East and Africa, undermine, the Baghdad Foot, an important 1144. In toe strategic netoork of the free world, and Impair. the pooltion of Israel the Interests of which the U.S. ash In AO ..y lenoros 2. The 4501 thut actual control over the transportutl om of Fiddle Fleet oil to Europe bath through the Sues Canal sonednoVulthtten pipelines tothe Mediterranean is now ously endangers American ttermaia_lo_this area. The 0-.1.R. le nee'in-11 poaltiOn ?t0 rrrrr pre...tire upon the U.2. and other emote= power*. This possibility can become a formidabfe weapon In the lands Of Prewidait Nasser if he happens to fall boo. on the Soviet blot> In the future. +1.01tJ 4.???? 4228., Approved For Release 2004/09/24: CIA-RDP81M00980R003200010001-5 4 ? ? Approved For Release 201g/LI9J/N2111: (1))hlgilip1M00980R003200930001-5 - 1S?A/S0/Y1 -0,41 commorm - 110RITY I:101 Allen . . . ilitpl, Clrouleir 11 April 17; I YO 111 CONTROL 2279 4. Under present oirounetanoe. itontinmallon of'tb. former sour.. tOsards the U.A.R. can only oo r the Arab. end throw this Into the arme of the Spoleto. Thle neceseltatee wirtein.changee in the methods ef pursuing our policy. . The queetina is of to.. "liberallnatiOno of our relations wtth the U.4.11. no funduental *********** of sue pony , i Is implied. ef.couree; It is ? temporary, teatieel i . deviation proapted by neoeselly. A000rdingly, rollout ? Of Ilaptlen'runds bloated In the U.S.. ? elnotening of . reetriotions On trade 4ththe 0.4.1., end other twee aro oeIng contemplated at the primes; time. V.willitig.Letif::einpltiPirl!ilf:Chrit...viltSbIthieler.tgUiniwitelld ft es ire on ? se o ? ? en ? now S off of the 0.4.5.-e relatione.with the Communist ' blot,. That sash I developsent Is possible is evident / frog the many statesents eade In Eqpt (even by Ease. blmeelf) no the effect that the *lose contact. between . Egypt sot Russia bets their 00000 in the refusal Of the Nest to so-operate with Egypt en Egyptian terms. An _ .1aproveeent in the relations between the United States Ind the U.4.11. le bound to ceuRe ettepialen In the Kremlin end von. ID the long run, weaken fir. even completely --. disrupt the U.A.R..Sovist relations. ? d. It Is isperatIVe tnat the effort. to dieoredit the idea ler the IIrlan-Edyptian union with 0 view to driving ? wedge between the tat. countries enould continue unabated, for separation of 3yrie fro, Egypt remelhe our chief oh:motive In the area. Petit the internal fornee ehich *hare the astern Ideate and the external fcrise which can, at a. i :goritAr. ..., ;.1111rfretz Into any poleible event. In I 1 .ly consolidated. It .0ould be rossehered that dietntegraiion of the U.A.R. will not only weal the fate of Career.. tgrpt tut 4,111 al.* make it easier to fight haat /rob nationslism, whetever skeptic ,fora It iney tate in tne riddle-Suet. 7. CAW efforts mill obviously be sore suceeseful if the 0.4.1. is Violated free the vat of the Arab world. In vie.. of this the tat. of the U.S. diplomat!. and Pree.sawide enmities In the Ars# countriee if to sorted ?the general tmlief that the U.A.1. constitute. ? direct threat to the.prement Arab replete. In the sonarcnies it suet be feroefully expleined that tee strengthening ef the U.A.R. sap Fesult In a downfall of the reigning dynamlitel in the republics, the tear torwellowed up ty the Cairo ,unta suet be streamed by all itemns. Pinelli. tibiae% advantnne.must be taken of *yea opportunity to eft the Irapl,qorthinlien fedcrotlOn. that .111 hove oontiouca. I.e. support, aglinsf %h. Syrian -lidEPtion union. O. 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