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December 15, 2016
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January 6, 2003
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August 31, 1960
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STATINTL Approved Foelease 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP81R005000100040011-6 31 Ault 1,3E Gordon H. Scherer, 1. We have investigated this with the Air Force and find that ice. Golden telegraphed the ia--cretWy of State along the Mme lines. has been c ing on oorm -e with the Air ?crce for quite G Olden.) The Stag: Deportment referred t b* teale to the Air Force who, in ttwn, answered Mrs. Gm n to the effect that the U.S. lval Attach *valuation indicates that the pictures wus false- The Photo was tam by a free lance photographer noted f developed or his trick photograpty-. it was not, as Dh*s. Gad,en states, in the senft cr arVow. 2. 1 do not believe we should cow o :saves with quest in Mrs. Golden's letter that do not concern CIA; therefore, have co ed only those question. The Air P ce is responsible and is doing a very good job of public info eticn in this field and it has been t, cedto refer all aatters to th~m- when it does not # 1icate CIA.. 3. I think a w Naval ett&che's final c+tsammr on the whole affair sump it up vexT veil: "It is the reporting ofi"irear's private opinion that a flying saucer S ting would be a 1iksly at the very barren i xd of Trindede, as everyoee knows Martians are ext sly contort loving crags." request. Attached is a draft reply DIA and NAVY review(s) completed. Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R0001 00040011-6 Approved Forpease 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP81 R0056r00100040011-6 STATINTL 31 August 1960 Reply to your Note Regarding Gordon H. Scherer 1. We have investigated this with the Air Force and find that Mrs. Golden tele raphed the Secretary of State along the same lines. She has been carrying on correspondence with the Air Force for quite some time on the general subject of UFO's. (Attached is their reply to Mrs. Golden.) The State Department referred the telegram to the Air Force who, in turn, answered Mrs. Golden to the effect that the U. S. Naval Attache evaluation indicates that the picture was false. The photo was taken by a free lance photographer noted for his trick photography. It was not, as Mrs. Golden states, developed in the presence of anyone. 2. 1 do not believe we should concern ourselves with questions in Mrs. Golden's letter that do not concern CIA, therefore, we have covered only those questions. The Air Force is responsible and is doing a very good job of public information in this field and it has been our past procedure to refer all matters to them when it does not implicate CIA. 3. I think our Naval attache's final cos ent on the whole affair sums it up very ve ,: "It is the reporting officer's private opinion that a flying saucer sighting would be unlikely at the very barren Island of Trindade, as everyone knows Martians are extremely comfort loving creatures." 4. Attached is a draft reply for Congressman Scherer per your request. STATINTL Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R0001 00040011-6 STATINTL Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100040011-6 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100040011-6 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100040011-6 Available S1 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100040011-6 STATINTL Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100040011-6 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100040011-6 TATINTL Approved 10 Release 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP81 R0 3d4P1 ocher/ahb/T2291 29 August 1960 Your telegram of 16 August 1960, addressed to the Secretary of State, concerning a Brazilian UFO picture has been referred to this Office. For your information, the U. S. Nary evaluated this picture as a hoax and official records indicate this was trick photography. No witnesses were present while the photographer developed the negatives. Sincerely, LAIr mcz J. TACJCiR Lt. Colonel, UBA) Public Information Divistat Offioe of Inforaatien Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81ROO56OR000100040011-6 STATINTL Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100040011-6 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100040011-6 INFORMATION REPORT OFFICE OF NAVAL. INTELLIGENCE DATE OF IN FO-IATION EPpRRT 21-27 Feb 1958 Q.NAV .Q.M ,.,o., I... i EMp~arRC 1958 - - --- --- - ----- Naval Attache Rio Os OURC s VALUATION REQUEST NO s ~'ane .ro Press -3 1250, lens opening 8, and were developed in a laboratory in ALT?IFANTF 'ALPA?'HA, This gentleman has a long history of photographic trickshots and is well known for such items as false pictures of treasure on th- oc--ir floor. Another time he prepared a rurposely humorous article, r ' 1isaed in a ragazine, entitled "A Flying Saucer Hunted "e at 'Tome", using trick photography, Barauna, after the release of his latest ''flying -aucer" photographs, told the press that the Navy secret service interrogated him for four hours concerning his photos. "The negatives were projected in large size on a screen. If there was any trick, the ?i ;ic projection rould have revealed it. After questioning by officers of t , ?!,stado-Maior, the Chief of the Secret Service, the senior officer pr-sal:t said to me, 'I am going to ask you a few 'uestions. 'on't be 1. Announcement. On 21 February 1958, two of the leading newspapers in Rio fe Janeirr printed photographs showing alleged flying saucer photographed fro'! Prazilian naval ship, ALTTIRANPE SALDANHA, at approxi- mately midday on 16 January 1958 while the ship was anchored off Trindade Island some 600 miles east of Rio c'e Janeiro. The ship at the time was engaged in research as part of Brazilian Navy participation in the Inter- national Geophysical Year. ~. Photographer, The photographs themselves were taken by a free lance rhotograoher Almiro Barauna using his Rolleiflex camera set at spend SUEF- FRAZTL - Navy - Flying Saucer Photographed from ALTTTRAPTTT' SALPANHA BRIEF ..N --.T. 1E MD. AN ON EASE. ENTD. 11L IFI NQ 9600. Encl: (1) Set of 11 Brazilian Navy photographs of subject =FA PWr(S BY ONI M. 1=108 4BRII ]3~2511e-- _ 11EEP0A-Dk- UNPPOOESSED INFORMATION. PLANS ANLOR PCLIE- SHOULD NOT BE EVOLVED OH MOEIE.LD CI?!CLAJ1TFLT - COY 15 'AIR JTION-RY ONI I. I, Ih dd....... 1,1 b. umh- Clu _ CmCPac Flt CemSubPac_ I NRL SIA.E CmCLantFlt ComS hlant ONA {~ DI USAF CinCNelm COMSTS PIC G2. USA FiCelm_ ComALSeaFron 1 OP25 G2. USMC ComTOC1 ComCaribSeafron OP30 USIA ComNavFe i ComEastSeaFron OM 1 `)Si. USAF_ ComNavGer ComliawS03Fron OP33 FBI ComNavMadanas ComWestSeaFron OP34 ICA ComMidEastFor JAB 0P36 Commerce ComNav Phil BuSandA OP31 AEC Com1STFlt BuShitS FOP-40 USCG Com2NDFIt _I BuAer 0P41 Com6THFIt IBullocks (OP50 SecNav ComServ6Flt BuMed 0P55 Secoef Com1THFIt I BuOrd 1OP69 ASPPA_ _ CamMinPac BuPers 10P61 DASD ComMinlant NOL IOP62 NEL 0P63 J NIS OP Y1 I LO_SUPE ' Y1Z M? Y2 or Y3 921E tF1G { 6 ,_ FIE AW F1W CC,wnNg F2r~h}tr 1F3 F I ~,c V931 / J N1 Gf HL I H3M H3T N1 N2 1 N3 I.R. 5043078 Approved I- 'Kelease 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP81R00WR000100040011-6 ,U.S. Naval Attache, Rio Toned offended because I don't doubt the authenticity of Your photos appear to hear from you. If you were going to make a flying saucer a negative, how would you proceed?' Comandante, I am an able photo- grapher specialized in trick photography-bet---not one wva.d,.wIthst4rAd close and accurate examination." 3. Brazilian Navy Stand. immediately after the photographs of the flying saucer were publicized, the Brazilian Navy refused to make any official statement confirming or denying the incident. However, proofs from the original negatives were sent to the other armed forces and to the President via an officer-messenger who related the complete story. Accord4_ng to the press, the narration so impressed? W. Kubitschek that he became convinced of the veracity of the happening. On Zit February, three days after the photos were first published in the press, the Navy Ministry final ~e the official reference to the reports appearing press alas o the a Navynge is opposed to divulge the facts concerning the appearance object over Trindade Island, this Cabinet declares that ormation has no basis. This Ministry has no motive to impede the who photographs of the referred to object taken by W. Almiro Bars n, and in the who was at Trindade Island at the invitation of the Navy, of a large number of the crew of ALMIRANPL SALDANHA from whose deck the -,hotographs were taken. Clearly, this Ministry will not be able to make any pronouncement concerning the object seen because the photo- graphs do not constitute sufficient proof for such purpose." 4. Statements of SALDANHA Pe al. On the morning after the photos of the f[y ng saucer were publisnoa in the press ( February 22), the ALMIRANTE SALDANHA departed Rio to continue its mission in connection with the IGY. Two days later however, the ship docked at Santos (February 24) for voyage repairs and this was the first chance that newspapermen had an opportgnity to interview officers and men aboard. The Assistant Naval Attache was in Santos at this time 10 ?* co~ ion USC a with the ortunity to v wsAi abooard. TThe coommtanding3 of officer8 Capitao-de- had er Mar-a -Guerra (CAPT) Jose Santos Saldanha da Gams, had not seen the object and was noncommittal. The executive officer also had not seen it but, arriving shortly thereafter, had formed the opinion that those on deck had seen it. The captain had reported that hcretary, da iscuss DR, had seen it but this officer when personally questioned a her was ing the matter. Later, it was learned that the Mpneographere the door accompanied to the dark room by while Barauna developed the negatives alone. At the time of the official visiS of t h e cesmandin froffoffice erg of WESTWIND to ALMIRANTE SALDANHA, Captalp cussed the flying saucer and showed the original proofs to the callers but again did not commit himself. M MTI11EMITI191 5. Publicity. The press reports after the publication of the photo- graphs covered a great deal of newspaper space for about a week, tending to prove or disprove the authenticity of Barauna's photographs. DIARIO CARICCA reported that personnel of SALDANHA were under rigid orders of silence. 0 GLOBO published a story with photographs by photographer, Jean Manzon, of flying saucers (china) taken at Cabo Frio. Federal Deputy Sergio Magalhees sent a note to the Navy Ministry on 27 February protesting the Navy's failure to secure sworn statements of witnesses. "For the first time in flying saucer history, the phenomenon was attended by large numbers of persons belonging to a military force which give these latest photographs an official stamp. Threats to national security require greater official attention and action," said the Deputy. In the middle-of,all.the publielty, other M "flying saucer" sighting reports came out including a naval officer who saw a fly_iug saucer a month before sighting from SALDANHA off the coast of rsp -ito Santo. CO and crew of ATA T'IPENTE saw flying sauce" several days before S4LDANHA sighting but kept information secret. am CLASSIFICATION U.S. Naval Attache, Rio 1. Most flying saucer stories are not worth wasting much time or effort, but this story apparently substanti*ted by official Navy photographs taken in the presence of large number of Navy personnel under closely controlled and almost ideal circumstances should have absolutely proved the existence of an unidentified flying object. Unfortunately, further investigation provided only frustration at every turning. A number of Brazilian Navy officers profess to believe the story implicitly but whether they have more information than we is unknown. - 2. There appear to be only two explanations for this peculiar Incident: (a) Some overwhleming power has told the Brazilian Navy not to officially verify this incident (which they should easily be able to do, if it occurred) nor to deny it (which they should easily be able to do, if it is a fake). I personally do not believe that anyone has told the Brazilian Navy to keep quiet abooit it because there has been no hint of such suppreesior: in either Brazilian or U.S. circles; and also because I dqubt their control of the individual officers and men is good enough. to hold the line. (b) the whole thing is a fake publicity stunt put on by a Brooked photographer and the Brazilian Navy fell for it. This seems like the most likely considering Brazilian's love for sensationalism end gossip, their well known propensity for never lett&the truth stand in the way of a good story, and general bureaucratic inefficiency. ' 3. In addition, the photographs furnished by the Brazilian Navy are unconvincing. Details of the land are extremely sharp but the dise Is hazy and has little contrast and shows no shadow effect. It also appears that the object was inverted in photograph 2 compared to 1 and 3. Also the papers have mentioned extremely high velocities and there appears to be no lateral blurring as would occur with any reasonable shutter speed. 1t. It is the reporting officer's private opinion that a flying saucer sighting would be unlikely at the very barren island of Trindade, as everyone knows Martians are extremely comfort 'Loving creatures.