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December 12, 2016
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June 10, 2002
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August 1, 1968
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4?4 111 NOTE: This document contains informa? don affecting the national defense of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws. Tide 18. U.S.C.. Sec. 793 and 794. The transmission or the re- uelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by , 00100 Q04,00X140- tAl1){ f I AI? This report contains unprocessed infonaut-. don. Plans and/or, policies should not I), evolved or modified egiely On the boats of this report (Classification and Control Markings) I. COLiNTRY: 2. SUBJECT: 3. isc. NUMBER: 4. DATE OF INFORMATION: 5. PLACE AND DATE OF ACO: 8. EVALUATION: SOURCE ARGENTINA 8. REPORT NUMBER: 1,801+ 0121 68 (U) Alleged Activities of USAF, 841 cAtkoF REPORT: '1 August 1968 Regarding UFOS 7. SOURCE: 2 July 1968 1 USAFSO Msg 312155Z JUL 68 & DIEM 6B7, 12. ORIGINATOR: USDAO, Buenos .4dres Argentina Buenos Aires; .Arg. 2 July 1968 INFORMATION 2 ' 13. PREPARED BY: La Razon, local newspaper of Buenos Aires , USAF ir A he H9,Ftrry: , CHARLES V. iCZT.t14,Ako{,-:::F S. DEFENSE ATTACH .? U. ri Zi2C' 47) (Leave Blank) 5. SUMMARY: (C) In accordance with USAFSO message 312155Z July 1968, attachment (1) on alleged activities of USAF and CIA regarding UFO' s is forwarded herewith.. A copy of attachment (2) is forwarded for DIA information. ? ttTURN TO Econs CENT IMMEDUTPLY krTTAI 'USE '19412742i 110X__ 16. DISTRIBUTION BY ORIGINATOR: ? HQ USAF(ATIN:SAF-OICC) USAFSO Wattach. USCINCSO w/attach. 17. DOWNGRADING DATA: tach. GROUP 3- Downgraded at 12 year intervals; not automatically declassified. I18. ATTACHMENT DATA: 2 Attachments: 1. (U) Copy of newspaper article on s . 2. (U) Copy of USAFSO msg 312155Z JUL 68, ' ;DIA REVIEW COMPLETED REQUESI FitGIVI liikAR-10k D ,TERp1:2 1 3 9 6 (Classification and Control Markings) vesestssamssisestassammesseassat REPLACES DA FORM 1048. I 4.4.G 60., OPNAV FORM 3820 (Rev. 10-614. AF FORM 112, JUL 61, WHICH MAYBE USED UNTIL I JAN 63. ,Approved For Release 2002/08/21.:CIA-RDP81R00560R0001000700.19-5 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100070019-5 Available Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100070019-5 Approved For Release 2002/021 : CIA-RDP81R00560R000100070019-5 Ur A nnIrrcn _ L U R AZ ON ?/EaTartes 2 de Julio do 1969 iloto en des. de campos 'e el idionza. los vehicu- 'os modos, ibles. En viene re- a pareci6 ovedades 7retando: ? a perder !Ida la po- ndimiento. se sonrIen Ia existen- res: deben e los quo lileo y de nestamen- para creer ? seres en para no to nos ha tencia de os en CA- 4. Es mu- ?0 ins ha- ' millones ? rodean. ,vienen do 3encionan ? da mitad obvlo qua Igen pals Ac- tares, Ca- tidoe hart