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December 12, 2016
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April 8, 2002
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March 7, 1970
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Approved For Release 2002/05/23 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R000100070 ?IbtII+.$ es.,.. .: ?I?.w.l `8 .i i1 M. UMIN IIa ?? pins.. Mw aN?.?..s II.e w.la.... fra. a, t a. e., rti . n>, rw n.. ft. r.wwuw/r .l . .1 it. w/.1(- U SIGHTING OF UIRTm jy= TLYZI(G 0=CTS (URA) BTAWATmJ OF I= NEW IS D 1. (C-1j) This s>tport oonosrns .sported sidet~ of UJO. an the an out oust and north of the Rare= DMilitarisod k ~1? 2. (u) Deemose of the sensitivity at eoaroe. 00 inforwation in this rsport is not nelsesabl to lessig aatioaats. (c-NDPDu) On 10 ana 11 ww X970 a :.stix of an oo?,amiag offios~rs OD) of BOX Air lbw" (RQYAT) 3ssnslity Units (sI) thMayhoiat the 1 vas Mad t 1X)XA? Bsadgnarto=s in =O 1L, WK. At that nest the MW Chief it staff a olasstfiod briotins oonosrnisworst si~t- those i attendance KANM ~, 4kf um L32 ti (C-xmu) sine the bssinnind of 1970 10&$J radar stations slops th* eas coast, of the BDX in KAWJD14o haw been aishting (dotsotiny) no e*s of fticials are asswiinX to be dirigibles beowas of their chaps and speed, balls I n aflltrated any "T. Mfuna_ t~sled in . traitar1_ d -_1 -_ ~. 2 CjJCPAC e ac.~, t~+c 15 c!. a 1T 503d )aa Bs 1 5th AD" 1 6499th SAG 2 506th USASA 1 0SI Do 45 2 PACAF I Chief, I3(AG 1 PACFLT t 7th PSYOPS Gp 1 7th PSYOPS Dot Xorea w D T OP601M."136 DIA review(s) completed. &M RI 3 1 03 DAO 3 02, 2d IIQ+ Div 2 02, 7th IN Div 1 02, I DS Carps 1 J2 1 AAD 1 OCMVPc& 1 J;, JOT WAR i 357th Lira C6I DO 45 ;x *t- i%wn" BD IOMM Del rr tl a- tt. na a..rew ver debris ?ubeeduorr tba -i.,_ n..~ iuxs n vu peen uneuuuebtiiL. (C-NUFURN ) The B.) F C %ue of ?peculeted that t CYr2'eaL n ho has been reporting On en trrrgvlas oasis fvjr the :-s: fear ceases. S (C-FWOliJ) The i.-3for t1 oa is this report +aa turnialN a diva-level seaber of a HOK intelligence app is kw p a d Approved For Release"2x02/05/23 : lA-RDP81 R0056 740'26-