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December 12, 2016
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March 26, 2002
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October 14, 1968
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Approved For Release 2002/ 25X1 DIA DIA 25X6 r .1 IA. Una1N :tea. S+N. I.. U.S.C d... 79,, L:,,,k t"`. NATIONALIST r TTr ; A a +ura~c*i (iT} t'IV@Stigati'r U}0 .~1ghti1;gS Ov.>r Off-Sill,;., Isla: ds a;j:, TAIWAN S, 1A.MC"tr4$rL1t: 16i, 000.x662. 000, 662.1() 4. *AYR OF IAVC ATIOM' Jul - Aug 68 sighted over TAIWAN Strait and the Offshore Islands since 17 Jul 68 and concluded DIA 25X6 2 27 27 nC (Uc37V 14 Ui;T '91 6i (C) A_ technical investigation team composed of three Chinese Nationalist officers Investigated reports of numerous unidentified flying objects (UFOs) -- ,__........b ......vane, va cholo ical warfare bal ns. The team was assisted in its investigy, ip by n KINME iemoy} Island (2427N/U823E). (.Idvaauation Roports, DD Forms 1480, prepared on this IR will be classified at Max t`:O~IAL. ) (C) A technical team composed of three sated of unidentified flying nb e s s Intormatian is the substance o the report, w ictl was a. Starting on 17 Jul 68, UFOs have been sighted flyir over W TM11-T 17. OOgUMgUAOI>O OATA: M ~,I4- RtTAGM 4t4! 0* *' EXCLUDED FROM AUTOMATIC; I DUWNGRADING I I AND DECLASSIFICATION 6 P HKE I c nue DIA rev,wos4 coaglee~1 p r o r e ease 2002/05/23 : CIA-RDP81 R0056OR000100070028-5 # er 4400 sad.0500 bwrs. They flew anostly from eabt to west and sometimes (Quemoy) Island (24$7N/11823E) da 'y between 1915 and 2130 hours aid sometimes Approved For Release 2002/05/23 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R000100070028-5 Available Approved For Release 2002/05/23 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R000100070028-5 Approved For Release 2002/05/23 : CIA-RD ti .~5X6DIA ten n.~ f, :,, T. .k ~ N: una 1ec ed F ~: i; > ve?loclt ie8. (2609N/ll9;; n:' .~.JE.'i. d. On the basib of the :ivestigatlou, the team expressed the belief that the U possibly were aatel:3.,:es. ''ying saucers, " electronic jamming dev4ce:s, j. y141ca1 warfare balloons. The UMs sighted on 13 Aug were referred to as Comaspt s[ C The above informat..n forms the : Lance of a report on the ut the as embers have made their own - Of the tsvest~. The term "man-made satellite" appears in the rift as ,ien?Taaao-Wei-ffslsg (8TC 0086/6644/5898/2502) and :ten one gee I the report ft eras stated that these UFOs were flying "a little faster" t a "ntisn-made satellite. " For an earlier report on the UFOs see 500th MI Gp M"sge DML-OT 2078, bM 192200 Aug 68 (NOTAL). subject. UFO Sfghtini_ Ie+ geY2002/05/23--: RCIA-RDP81 R00560R000100070028-5