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December 9, 2016
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March 20, 2001
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February 9, 1956
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ri Approved For Rele 2001104102,,,qlA cIA-RDP8I R005 000100080034-7 9 February 1956 Reespenhibility for "Uniraentitted Flying objects" 1. AD/S2 Memorandum for bile Record, 9 January 19,=6, "Office Responoibilitiee for Non-r? onveationa1 Types of Air Vehicles" 2. Special Report #14-i lysi of Wports of Unidentified Aerial objects (Project : a Soak ) by ATIG, dated 5 ay 15 1. In accordance wit i Reference 1, this Division has assumed responsibility within 0-8I for an-Conventional. Types of Air Ve' icles. 2. This Division proposes to handle this responsibility in the following manners a. Alas will be maintained in ASD on incoming raw reports Mere, in our wigement, the subject ratter may provide informatidn bearing ore a weapons' item research or development, b. Those reports which fit under a. above and also could conceivably provide information on foreign fundamental science developments, will be forwarded to , 'undamental Sciences Aroa for review irith a request for return to A, "D for filing. c. Those reports w=iich dD. not it a. above and wsiieu could conceivably provide in of ation on foreign fundamental science developments will be forwarded to the Fundamental Science Area for retention or destruction, d. sports which fit under none of the above will be destroyed, a. A chronolo>,ical file of all 031 correspondence and action taken in connection with the United States U.F.O. program: will be maintained in ASU, f. A file of finished intelligence reports published by members of the United States inteiLi. nee comawuity on U. .O. will be maintained in AI). Approved For Release 2001/04/02-?: -RDP81 R00560R000100080034-7 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R000100080034-7 Available Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP81 R00560R000100080034-7 Approved For Relea,2001/04/02: CIA-RDP81RO05s000100080034-7 f- . SU ECT: Responsibility or "Unidentified hying Objects" 3. The procedure stated in 2 a., b., c., and ds will prevent the aee uaulation of reports which experience and x' a Terence 2 have shown cs not be analyzed in a manner uselui to US1 in carrying, out its mission. L. It has been recoead that tit obsolete finished reports on U.F`.{o. goa Division be destroyed. 25X1A OSI/ASD,g1 Distribution: Orig and 1 - AD/SI 1 - Elec SI 1 FSA/SI 1 - DAD/P/SI 1 - CS//SI 1 GM/SI 1 - ASD/W/A 2 - ASD raw intelligence and the led in 4lectronics 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/04 7A-RDP81 R00560R000100080034-7