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November 16, 2016
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November 18, 1999
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September 30, 1962
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Approved For Release 200QJ84418: ~ gffl S00991 R000200100006-5 NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE SURVEY QUARTERLY PRODUCTION STATUS 30 September 1962 This report is an inventory of all NIS published during the first Quarter of Fiscal Year 1963. It supplements the Annual Production Status report, dated 30 June 1962, and is to be used in connection therewith. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Office of Basic Intelligence Washington, D. C. CONFIDENTIAL O RE N DISSEM Approved For Release 2000/04/1 8 : A-RDP81 S00991 R000200100006-5 Approved For Release 20Q0d(4L11 D CIA- RDP81 S00991 R000200100006-5 Chapte;? II-MILITARY GEOGRAPHY Section 20-Introduction ection 21-Military Geographic Regions Section 22-Coasts and Landing Beaches ection 23-Weather and Climate ection 24-Topography ection 25-Urban Areas apter III-TRANSPORTATION AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS Section 30-Introduction ection 31-Railway ection 32-Highway ection 33-Inland Waterway ection 34-Petroleum Pipeline (Discontinued; see See ection 35-Ports and Naval Facilities ection 36-Merchant Marine ection 37-Civil Air ection 38-Telecommunications Chapter IV-SOCIOLOGICAL ?ectio T 43-Religion, Education, and Public Information ectio.1 44-Manpower ection 45-Health and Sanitation ection 46-Welfare ection 40-Introduction ection 41-Population ection 42-Characteristics of the People Section 70-Introduction Section 71-Electronics Section 72-Air, Ground and Naval Weapons Section 73-Atomic Energy Section 74-Biological Warfare Section 75-Chemical Warfare Section 76=--Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Medicine Section 80-Introduction Section 81-Ground Forces Section 82-Naval Forces Section 83-Air Forces Chapter IX-MAP AND CHART APPRAISAL KEY PERSONALITIES Supplement I-PORTS AND NAVAL FACILITIES Section 1-Introduction Section 2-Principal Ports Section 3-Secondary Ports Section 4-Minor Ports Section 5-Naval Facilities Section 6-Shipyards Supplement II-COASTS AND LANDING BEACHES Section 1-Sector 1 Section 2-Sector 2 ection 50-Introducti on Section 3-Sector 3 S ection 51-The Const itutional System S ection 52-Structure of the Government Supplement III-TELECOMMUNICATIONS S ection 53-Political D ynamics S ection 54-Public Ord er and Safety Supplement IV-URBAN AREAS S ection 55-National P olicies S ection 56-Intelligenc e and Security S ction 57-Subversion Supplement V-PETROLEUM S ection 58-Propagand a S i ection 59-Biographie s of Key Section 1-Exploration and Development Section 2-Production Cha pter VI-ECONOMIC Section 3-Refining and Processing Section 4-Transportation S ction 60-Introduction Section 5-Equipment and Materials S ection 61-Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry Section 6-Requirements and Supply S ection 62-Fuels and Power Section 7-Economic and Political S ectior 63-Minerals and Metals Section 8-Natural Gas Se ction 64-Manufacturing and Construction S ctior. 65-Trade and Finance WARNING This document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States, within the meaning of Title 18, Sections 793 and 794, of the U. S. Code, as amended. Its trans- mission or revelation of its contents to or receipt by an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. CONFIDENTIAL EXCLUDED FR M AR?ADMOMOd or Release ZQDWML* N Cry P81500991 R000200100006-5 AN DECLASSI IC TION Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP81S00991 R000200100006-5 CONFIDENTIAL PUBLICATION *CLASS./ PUBLICATION CLASS./ PUBLICATION CLASS./ UNIT DATE CONTROL UN IT DATE CONTROL UNIT DATE CONTROL NIS 4 NIS 21 NIS 36 NETHERLANDS YUGOSLAVIA PAKISTAN CHAP I FEB 62 S/C SEC. 63 JUN 61 C GAZ AUG 62 U/OU NIS 9 NIS 22 NIS 398 SPAIN RUMANIA NATIONALIST CHI NA SEC. 56 FEB 62 S/C SEC. 33 MAR 62 5 SEC. 52 DEC 61 C NIS 11 NIS 23 NIS 41A SWEDEN BULGARIA NORTH KOREA CHAP I JAN 62 S/C SEC. 35 NOV 61 S SEC. 63 DEC 61 S/C SEC. 64 JUN 61 S/C NIS 26 NIS 42 U.S.S.R. THAILAND NIS 12 PART I EU ROPEAN U.S.S.R. AND FINLAND TH E CAUCASUS CHAP I APR 62 S/C SEC. 24 JAN 62 C CHAP IX DEC 61 S/C GAZ U J N 62 U/OU PART III WESTERN SIBERIA SEC. 23 JAN 62 C NIS 44A MALAYA AND SINGAPORE NIS 14 POLAND NIS 29 SEC. 56 JUN 62 S/C JORDAN SEC. 60 FEB 62 C SEC. 63 NOV 61 S/C SEC. 56 MAR 62 S/C NIS 50D SIERRA LEONE, GAMBIA AND PORTUGUESE GUINEA NIS 32 ARABIAN PENINSULA SEC. 25 SEP 61 C/C NIS 16 AUSTRIA SEC. 56 APR 62 S/C GAZ JUL 62 U/OU NIS 52A CHAD NIS 33 IRAN NIS 18 GAZ JUL 62 U/OU CZ ECHOSLOVAKIA SEC. 38 DEC 61 C CHAP VII FEB 62 S/C SEC. 57 MAR 62 S/C SEC. 61 APR 62 C NIS 528 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC GAZ JUN 62 U/OU * Abbreviations used in this column: C - Confidential, S - Secret, TS - Top Secret, U - Unclassified/, c - Controlled, ou - For Official Use Only CONFIDENTIAL NO FOREIGN DISSEM Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP81S00991 R000200100006-5 Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP81 S00991 R000200100006-5 CONFIDENTIAL PUBIT ATION CLASS./ PUBLICATION CLASS I PUBLICATION CLASS./ DATE DATE DATE UNJ IT CONTROL UN IT CONTROL UNIT CONTROL NIS 52F NIS 61 NIS 93 SPAN ISH GUINEA SOU TH AFRICA BOLIVIA GAZ JUN 62 U/OU CHAP I MAR 62 S/C SEC. 25 FEB 62 C/C NIS 53 EGYPT NIS 72 NIS 94 BRITI SH HONDURAS BRAZIL SEC. 55 JAN 62 C SEC. 57 JUN 62 S/C SEC. 23 FEB 62 C/C SEC. 81 MAR 62 S/C NIS 54 SUDAN NIS 78 NIS 104 ATLANTIC BASIN CUBA SEC. 32 FEB 62 C PART IV EQUATORIAL ATLANTIC SEC 61 DEC 61 C/C . SEC. 64 JUN 61 S/C SEC. 1 JAN 62 C NIS 56A KENYA AND ZANZIBAR PRO TECTORATE NIS 86 VENEZUELA SEC. 1 65 MAY 61 C/C SEC. 44 MAY 62 C/C NIS 59 NIS 89 ANGOLA CHILE SEC. 1 22 MAR 62 C SEC. 38 MAR 62 C SEC. 62 DEC 61 C/C CONFIDENTIAL PAGE 2 NO FOREIGN DISSEM Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP81 S00991 R000200100006-5 Approved For Relea?e02gg0/p4JV i Cl - gP81 S00991 R000200100006-5 C O N F I D E N T I A L Approved For Release 2OD0' :ICIARDP81 S00991 R000200100006-5