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Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5 PAl) 68/62 28 May 1962 NDD40RAND M TO: Executive Director, NPIC FROM: Chief, CIA/PAD(EPIC) SUBJECT: Overtime Payment 1. At the present time overtime payment is made to those CIA/PAD(NPIC) personnel who work overtime on the KH OAK or mel. No payment for work performed in other categories is made unless one is a GS-10 or less or works both Saturday and Sunday or works more than eight hours of overtime a week and then only time over eight hours is paid. 2. There are several categories of reporting similar to OAK's and KH MCI's that have not been included for overtime payment. These are IPIR's, Sitsums, and non-KK MI's. 3. Generally speaking, assignments or staffings of the latter cate- gory of reporting are made on a specialization basis. These would be specialists on a particular geographic area rather than a functional specialist. Thus those people who usually work the OAK's are not normally assigned to IPIR's or Sitsums and visa versa. Therefore one group gets paid and the other does not. 4. In the coming months it is probable that an OAK or KH MCI is operating overtime concurrently with an IPIRi Sitsum, or non-KH MCI. Therefore under current policy two people can be working side by side with one paid and one not paid. 5. At present there are not enough analysts graded GO-10 or less to adequately staff IPIR's and Sitsuma. 6. It is recomended that the current overtime payment policy be re- vised to pay for work performed on all immediate phase reporting. This would include OAK'S, IPTR's, Sitsuma, and other first phase readouts done on a prin..'lty basis. All MCI work should also be included in that cate- gory to be paid. In addition, there should be some degree of flexibility to allow for payment of special works e.g. deadline work for NIE produc- tion, and other priority mandatory work where the worker is ordered to be on the job. Ldowngrading and declassifioiion Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5 Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5 0 Records - Destruction Receipts 1957,58 & 59 SS Support Requests and TI Support Requests 1959 Chronos - MSD/MB & MSD/SB 1958 MSD/S and MSD/M Other 1958 Monthly Reports 1957 and 1958 PROJECTS 1956: DI-D-DI Paramount HTA-I-Pl SAM Launching Sites in the Moscow Area HTA-I-P2 SAM Assembly and Storage Area - Golytsyno HTA-I-PS Moscow/Fili Airframe Plant No. 23 Photos from P6 - Scan of Leningrad.Kaliningrad and Riga HTA-I-PlO HTA-I-P11 HTA-I-P12 HTA-I-P13 HTA-I-P14 HTA-I-P15 HTA-I-P16 HTA-I-P17 HTA-I-P18 HTA-I-P19 HTA-I-P20 HTA-I-P21 HTA-I-P22 HTA-I-P23 Leningrad Naval Test Basin Soviet Baltic Oil Shale Industry Unidentified Installation Near Mozhaysk-Possibly Missile or AF Sea Test Range at Riga Mielec Aircraft Factory Kolpino Heavy Equipment Plant, Ishora/Kuybyshev Kubinka Kerch-Feodosiya Missile Test Range Site South of Sevastopol SAM Yalta Kaliningrad Shipyard Vsetin-Scan for V-2 Missile Elint Scan HTA-I-P24-30 Elint Scan HTA-I-P31 USSR and Satellite JOINT PROJECTS 1957 Moscow Communications JP 9-57 Rustavi Antenna Farm - USSR JP 6-69 (Formally P 512-58) 1957 - Cancelled Requirements Tashkent Communications JP 15-57 Uozrozhdeniya Isl. JP 16-57 Kapustin Yar Missile Instrumentation JP 17-57 Miscellaneous Temporary Changes Completion of KY Report TS - CHESS Material TS - TALENT Material Valday Area Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5 Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5 BOX 2. Project Information - Novaza Mezinovka (Kolosovo Complex) HTA/SI/R30/57 Jaeic Consultants' Papers Semipalatinsk N.E. Proving Grounds Kapustin Yar - Zones 1-22 Consultant's Working Papers (Graphics) Jaeic Project JP 19-57 HTA-PI-57 Mozhaysk Mozhaysk Meeting - 3 Jan 1957 PROJECTS 1957 JP 19-57 Jaec Committee Study HTA-I-P3 Ostrov Airfield HTA-I-P4 Limanskoye Airfield HTA-I-P5 Briyeni Airfield HTA-I-P6 Sahl Es Sahra Airfield HTA-I-P7 Djerah Airfield HTA-I-P8 Mozhaysk HTA-I-PlO; P11; P12 Syria HTA-I-P13 Suez Canal HTA-I-P9 and P14 Mozhaysk HTA-I-P15 Karangit Feodosiya Area HTA-I-P16 Damascus Airfield HTA-I-P17 Target Check-Middle East HTA-I-P18 Valday Joint PI Report (J-1-57) HTA-I-Pl9 Moscow "SAM" Sites HTA-I-P20 M E Airfields HTA-I-P21 Moscow Antenna Search HTA-I-P22 Domadedova Antenna Farm HTA-I-P23 Lenmetallurgstroj HTA-I-P24 Laboratory II HTA-I-P25 NII-400 HTA-I-P28 Trench Check HTA-I-P29 Baker Area P-26 and P-27 HTA-I-P30 Paramount Committee HTA-I-P32 Aue and Oberschlema Mining HTA-I-P33 Six Czech GM Sites HTA-I-P34 Three Albanian GM Sites HTA-I-P35 Gliwice-Sosnowiec Rockets HTA-I-P36 Isachenko Island Radar HTA-I-P37 Moscow Phy. Tech. Inst. HTA-I-P38 Moscow Brest Microwave HTA-I-P39 Arnsdorf HTA-I-P40 Fuzfogyartelp HTA-I-P4l Radium Institute HTA-I-P42 Vanino Airfield Project 43-57 Novaya Mezinovka HTA-I-P44 Airfield Identification HTA-I-P45 Port Construction Activity, Minet El Beinda, Syria HTA-I-P46 Crimea Area Study GP-I-P47 Possible Missile Carrying Submarine-Vladivostok si-I-P48 Novaya Zemlya GP-I-P49 Syrian Airfields GP-I-P50 Minet El Beida Harbor Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5 Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5 I SI-I-P51 Possible Missile Launching Site, Nelson Island SI-I-P52 Graphic Use at Consultants' Meeting SI-I-P53 Mozhaysk Area SI-I-P54 Mys Shmidta A/F P55 Mozhaysk Consultants' Briefing Boards HTA-SI-I-P56 Leningrad Area CI-I-P57 Latakia Harbor DCI-I-P58 Klyucki, USSR SI-I-P59 Balaklava, USSR Probable Missile Launching Install. SI-I-P60 Valday P61 Possible Surface-to-Air GM Test Range Area (Kuban Bay) GP-I-P62 Varna GP-I-P63 Possible Underground A/C Hangars Fb5 aSpassk any as RR/I/P66 GP-I-P57 P68 P70 GP-I-P71 GP-I-P72 SI-I-P73 SI-I-P74 SI-I-P-74 RR-I-P75 SI-I-P76 GP-I-P77 GP-I-P78 GP-I-P79 GP-I-P80 GP-I-P81 GP-I-P82 RR-E-I-P83 SI-I-P84 GP-I-P85 sI-I-P86 GP-I-P87 RR-E-I-P88 CI-I-P89 RR-I-P9l RR-I-P92 SI-I-P93 GP-I-P95 SI-I-P96 Moskva Airframe Plant No. 23, Fili P.I. Study, Klyuchi Area Istra Area Vladivostok, Voroshilov and Vicinity Mission 4035 Mission 1+036 Vozrozhdeniya Kug-Aral, Barsa-Kel'Mets Islands Suspected Missile Range Tyura-Tam Suspected Missile Test Range Launching Fac. Tyura Tam Area Aircraft Plant No. 30, Moscow Mayli Say Mission 1+01+5 Mission 4048 Mission 4039 Mission 4049 Mission 4050 Mission 4051 Vladivostok to Voroshilov Lugovoye Graphics for JCS Briefing Tomsk AE Facility Mission 4058 Tashkent "M" Class Submarines at Latakia Harbor Urumchi (TI-Hua) Area Sary-Tash Tashkent Sanatized PI Report on CSDB 3632927 Mozhaysk Vladivostok, Samenovka Coastal Areas Slavvanka - Kraskino RR-I-P99 Ramenskoye and Fili Airfields A/C Count P101 JAM Session Projects DP-I-P102 Location and Measurement of Moscow Inner Missile Ring Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5 Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5 S SI-I-P103 Pl04 P105 CI-I-P107 GP-I-Pl08 SI-I-P109 SI-I-P110 Krasnovodsk Antenna ACS/IM 200-62 Review of Guided Missile Systems Key Mission 2040 Syria-Scan for Aircraft Crates Evaluation of Exceptionally Long Airfield Runways in the USSR List of in USSR OMSK Approved For Release 2007/07/25: CIA-RDP81T00990R000100050011-5