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December 22, 2016
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April 25, 2012
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April 4, 1952
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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 r, "~J~~: ~ r. 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Marhi~ir~; bar m~ta~ cut~~xra~ fox .w.,...?.......,.~...,~..,..?...~.,..:.,..,,.~,..,,.,.,,,,.,,,,,,,...,~.~....? ~ha pb~~~.~za~.i~z~ of ~rt~?~~~, ch~.p far the imt7redi~,te matau~~ctu,r~~ of ~.rticle~ ~.,~ r1o1~ cornn~~rci~~.~.y fe~sib~.c. Only tht~ u~i1:~~~~~.c~n `af r~iet~~l ch~.~ ~~ ~ ~ra~t~ ~ product ~.v~~.1~.ble in tha r~~~~ul~,r flo~~ cif rho ~r~~t~~,l cu~t~~,rr~ ~.nd.~ us~txy, fc~r the subsegaeri~ rcduction ~.n ,;;:i. r.~ ccc?rn~~lx~hed a.n b~.l~.- h~,znmar~, ar rni.ll~~ r.Che ste~~. end law~s~.;~icc~n ~emap~~csl (up ~0 1..~ perecra~ psi } chip, h~.v~.n~ a par~ic ~.~ ~~.~t5 cif ~~bc~ut 1 mil ~ ,, la.m~,~cr (cb~~~.ned from drilling: t~~.11i~t~, ~.nd som~~.~.r;,cs ~.~rrJr~r finish-fur ,? n, . n~.21~; C~p~rG~~~~.~~$~ may be u~~d. d~.roctly far rnanufac?~l~xi~.n~ pu~'po~o~ ~r~.~hou~ re ~ . _ p la,ma.r~~ry reduction ~.n ,~a ~e`. Thy raca~ac~it~r~ in '~i~e in c~,nven~a.o~~.l ball rn~.ll~, h~arnc~; mi~.~.~~, ~:tc.' c~,r~;bs usod in th ~ casc of br~.t~1~ me~tal,~ an1~ ~f~rra-al~.ays, ~om~ alla s ~hit~ i ~~ Y ~ r n, ~.nd Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Tab7.e I 1~ttlal - _ .; ~a~erlal -_ [2] ~iZe `of _ - _ ~, ~a~ticles FG~i os ~ ~ 1 ~w ZiSi~~i/I. L7 itL ~.1e ~~L... Syi Part cl P~o~zuct - ...~- ~ ~ ~. ~ 5 3 ~ ~ ? a? ~atez~ial for further ~ 10tTJ -initl _ lay- ,,C1Ctzla~~ ~. ? ~ lion steel,... ~ ; , eCh~:l'Il~~~ Y'ed~G ~142~ ,1~1 ~1Ze s _e: etalk ~ i~ i '~ `~ ~.0~ a".~sG Gi ,, _ ~ ~J ~~~ u~~e~'3`Lat s c' c',.St 1~~~1 Curled9 ' ~ ? , .~ ~ c s - t ~ach~.n~.n b c a ~~~rg ~ ~a~.o s 1. _. ~ Y - ~. a ~ ; raus beari~ s. ? ? etc.. - ~ ~ brass bronze, etc. - . - ~ ~ , ? :metal cutt~.n the cep he_ ~~ ~te f ram ~ _ In a T - ~ -~ __ ri~a~icn ~ or sub~..e env ul~re i., u..ed f ~ ~' sol~.d : ,_ _ ~ ~; aa~c - al? m~.ll~. In c,~ cl lnta uo~rder In b s 11'.~E.. ~? 12e Ct1133: ?~~~' IQ11~S fl.nd tie 3_ u ~. i~ bill ,~s,~11~., Cru 2. Red c e~- - etc.: rill r~-~- , .~ ~ t e r1etals 2nd Z'1i1d1~1 Qf ~~1t ~. a ~1an Wiese C~].1"G~lui~ls_ 1 ~:~re~a3~r ~. t3.Ixef~ bis::uth oly~.edx~~rs~ an s ~ .~ o ~ ~hite_ ferro~ll ~ ~ iron. ,. ` gin' f cr che~~c~.l ea~~ ~.r eaul~` went Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 [4] r ? iJ - I~i1 1nduCLlt~n Col ~O~fi~ - n rel~t3on 1 -. I ? .~ ~ ? , ~f 1~eax a:r~~.-- ir4~n redueti~n In ..i ~e P b .. ~ ~ 'fr~.ble ~lect~~- ~ uc~il.e ~ret~l.. t cle~ofd ed irt:an u ?n~e ~ 1 ,~ed:~~ent~ ~ Qd z~ P ~ 9 X13 s burin ~ and the to theferm ~ ~ .~ , , ~.ike 1 tine c~ar- ~;1.~~.C'.S ~E~-rid r~d~aced. in s iti .~ ,. ,_ 1G " `tit3 '~'~ nc t1C 313a~",eTly v ~. ~ ~ ~ .~ Irregular cl~"- ~ T~- n sL ~ erm~l~.o ~ ~' _ 4 ec~.l ~llo~.y, w~:~ - ., r.~, ,1~ hedran~ -r a d~.~ian 4f ~d~ ti ~ i,~p~.rted b d ~_ Y s vial; ~~e~t:~nt l~s ous bear.n ~ steel Z or ~ s ._ 1 c ~' J~~ 2I'tG~ EbC? c~r.~~ etce ~g P ~ f c~lln aid the ~ _. ~ ~et~een-::the rains , ~) zt ~ea.~en~d band ~ ~ h - ~--~ ~ sire ~? ~r le~let~, ? ~ta~Erl~.I~: vt~CEly b_au-~9 _ ^ ~ lndzn of: ?zuetlle d co~.r~e ~r ~ ~~ ~ ~ r ~+ L +~ ~a.s~ ~~ ~n ,,~ reducing Irons iron- (}j~ rtzeltF-r~u..ll r~.nd~r~ G w - ~? _. 1~~ y n ~ ~ y kel -c~ per ben over rlttle ~ s1C r:~et~.lw n C ~ ~~ yy{{ ~~.~e -~ of d~ ctlle b ~.nd ~ 1.Ivye ed e~ ~~.I~er alu~tt~ ~ 9 ? jt ul~.veY`- lLil1.'t y r ~ t~.t!1' dnCt 'tI rS Qt ~' ....... - G. i7~ i -_~.l tA77~i:i L Ll~ a. ~OIfit~l3t g Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 f11 ~~ ~1C4-C~eIf31 ~ ' ~ Cal redtlC~lfl7'_ In . ~1~~ , !~ _ ~ -.: e~u.c~I reduction ' ~.n s~2e I~terc sty Hine e ~ - - 4 c rre..~.c~n of L~tain les~ steel 18 ~lectr~-e reslo~. B, ~~eta~l~ Gr ~ ,.. ~u~.atlo~ ana ~. ? ~zon .~.. - ally ~pged~mi- nand fu~~,b le i~ li ld; state 1, _~ur~n~ late water. ~ ~ , a te~~.x~.n~ ~f :the -~ ~~ ~ , Ile s e.,~.r-~7~ S0 ~.~.~1~1C G~IGI1 D?~~.V~rlZatl~11 ~ r- ~, .~ ~ air, and stea~~i ~tanZes;, -., Irre ulcer ~~ steel' ~a~'i~us fie taZL a~3d ? polyhedrons iflo Lead ~r ct - ~ -~ .. -. z ~ ,~pher~.e~l ,_ 1c~ ~QJ c~ r ~; FPe , _1~er d,.,..~.,~; a vs a.l.lti~i.f.?~ .lrre~t~.E~r ~ ~ s ~~'ai~~~ci'>Je{~ t' :~ Zr~ a_ld. ~~nc, ~ ca~.~e~, >Irre iron drips 4 250 ~tainleLs stee ~~~_,,,~, ~_c.i i~$ I~ its rese~rcr~ "sta e g p~~~ be~,.ri s r ~ ,,. Cer~.=~td~eP. brushs~ fib ter~~ . ~a ~etl ~ ~- r~~teri~ s ~-: ~~.. cen~,a ~ - ~ ct~, etc. ~a~re as "4~ove 2{~-~ cep ~ far ~e a,.:. a~;3~e Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 1 G: pletal Va~,ors Metal C ompou 2a r ~a~~~n ~~lth ~ ~ .. tz1~Cl~eous .~ru~i, 'act ~3e~~._ ~~~ crs C-A~rs ~rre~ul~.r ce . c f ~ _ ~r~ _, are 2.~ .~~ ~. r,3ekel alu~~~~ ~ .. s ' - r~rcps ~~h ~:r~anze b~'~. s u, e~~m ~znc con~ple~!= ?~~f~.3 p e ~p~'IC?'1C~ ~ c.l - 30 ~'~ SL pay ~~s ~~'~ a~Ao _~ d '- 3 ~teductio~. ~. ~d1~~Ct~en f a ~ e r ~r. ~,ol~~ coy. ~~:~r .~ d 0~z..~ ~ y e re ~ O r 2~2~ f ~l, ~ ~?0 ,, Cn C ~:r ~ 1 pound, ii~~ ~ ~tC~. I~1C .~ _ _ , , ~ I~ ~ ~, ~. ~ ~ ~e .,eke C~CT3LL~'~ s l~Yty 111G.~2~ s ca jeer e ~ _ s alt dame asa~o~ C hEI?~1 C 3 ~. 2 r~t'i.'- uS~ .~.. Hf Electri c u~b u~u~t re- ,q ~3 ~' ~uTII~.Ce ~3~ ~ G~l~t~'~ et~, .~..r~: al?v ~~- ~ ~~- .~~ ~~~1~t3C ~naior ~~ ~ , ~tC nea~~tz~~ _ ira~~ ~ ? A fi ~- l~ u~.e ~al {~l~~ion~ Gold s ~ 1T~e r ~ ~ ~.~er, cus~~ ta~let~ ~~ r? n, s~~ckel c~~alt _ ~ ~ like ~~ ~ ~ _~edron _s jo ~e~lr~ctien ~r~r~ xuse~ salts ~~it~~ ~'antal~~ ~' e ~ ~ b~.u~n ~ax~Q us 71C~. ~~k'~ Z~ e~ T't~l ~ ` ~ '~,~'~',di1111i~ ~s~Z4r~. ~ ~ LLB .{~Qi~Y'sZ2~ t~eal'1.I1 ~ '- ~ s CC7l~aC;,~ 3 hard a ~~ ~ , ` t ~ , e c? ~.1 e l~ ~ fi pr air Ia.te4 ~ u p , c ~ ab rates .. L cner~ zcallr~~ti~ ~ z'J~ d tie _ li - ke, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 [3) cerium, var~adi. 9 LLr~.niLU~~ T~zer~al `dissaci~~ari 57 ~~~ln~e :r~tiQn o~ ~~.r'ccn l~ ; - V ~~~e~el ; zren . ~ herzca ~ ' _ ~A ? ., s ~ Z ~o l .13 _Ae ~. ~ ,~ ~ ~, i~dtierla 1~., ~acuu~ a~3~3~.I'a'~aa ~~~~' a~.10 .. ~~ and :; t,~le Z I.~G' El~ctrc~. s~:s ~~rater ~olu-~iuns irLn~ co}~~~cr _:r ~ le~.d ~z r ~end~~l~ic 3u Per~ue`.bearin cc~~u- Bator ~.~-ush~ s 1 c, nta~ts, ~a~ne~ic ~ i~c 3 ~l1Sed ;' ~e{~3,.a Tantalum ~~- Leu~.r~.~z s C 9 ~~lC:i~ilL~ri ., 9 Cer3.1.t,~f j ~Gi1d.~~.L~It'i J l.Z~'~T:.s~1;i 1G ~ra~' ; l~ ~e~ gacuu~r~ s a~~ar~ ~a cj~emzcal ~nd~ _ ~S~r~; CSC. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ,~, :I~e~al .ion of orders zx~r~ Mod 1 Px~ ar ~ F ~ ~ o - ~.nd n n ~ pion coy ands and a~.lo w ~~ d.~ffu ~o ~ .rid pride ~ ?~~rwde.., :metal. ' ~. t~.ons ~: ~~? to r~e~~zn ~ chemical; re c ;-, ak s csl~.c~d...,~ ~.~ F cwd~r P _ __ t e c? l - l~iCi ~a~~d a~.lo , ,~e~'~~c~ory o~: ~~. ~ non-ferrous - c ou d , alto ,roduct.., e c ~~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ~~ ~,h~ ~ ;~~ ~;h~ ~a~~ cf c~uat~.l~ rne~~~.~~ th~.~ rne~~hG~d rc~u~.t~ gat ~,n ~~s bret~.~~n~ u~ ~.~~~~? ~:~,zas ~~~'~~a?c ~8 ~. s ~u~ ~~ ~h~ lam~.n~r?~~.on of ~ha ~.~,~~c~r. ~ ~~, a.~ ~h~r~fUx~a u~~d tan~~ ~r~at:~n: (~) ~a~^.~.'~~;;~u ~.rrc1 ~.o~x~ ~~,r~~~{~~k~. car~~~.~ar~1~:r,?t~w a~:' rn~~~~a1. ~~r~rt~a~c~~s ar~~ ~r~a die r,~~- ~,ilc~ad a.n k~~.~~~ ~.~ ~h~ f'a..zaa~, c,~~r~,~;,r~x.r .x~~ oil-}.x~~~ ~cn~rc.~:t~~rrc~rl~a~'~~~ur ~.n me~~I~od~aq such ~,,~ ~.,u~..vex?~,~~~~.cr7 dt' raduc~c~ a.xYc~xr ~~or~~~ ~~ncl 1~rtic r~~n prec:~.z~:i.~a~,~~-~~~ (b) riuc~~.~.e n~ct~.~.w~ w.~.~h ~~, bc~t~cl ~c~~~~:nd ~,r~~ ~c~ ~>~~ rcc~ud~~ ~:~.r~,~;s? (~~) c1uc~~~.1.~ t~-r~~~~~.~ ~~r6 ar~if'it;'~.~1~.~' m~c~~ br~.~'tl~ (a~, fc~r ~.ri~~~a,~t;a~ ~h~ ~~u.~.v~r~.z,a~~.c~.~ off' ~aex~~na,:l:lr~~~ 4~~ ~~~.~~. v~ G~r~d ;..~;.c~~~~., .~~ r~~~l~ ea~:i.ex~ b~ ~~c~d:%rr ",(I~ ~.~. e Itiq't1T~~,~f c~~' ~u~.~`ur) 'Shy ci.ef:~c~,~rir,~' -i~a .l~h~ ~~ul~rFax~a.~a~a.c~n ~-f tn.+~~a~. 4,,~~.~h ~k~~ ,ai' the'd.e~c~:ibed ~~~u~.j~,ir~e~~ ~~,>>~~~:l.~tM~ ~n t~1a~ the '~owdc~r,~ sc~~~~i~~,i.~~;e~ i~~e~;a~~~c~ ~~ira~~ ~.l,i~t~,ec~ ~r~.~h t1~c ~t~~~~r:i~~.c~ra prcc~u.c'~~ a~ ~,~~~ ete~7.. ~? in v~r~:ic,a.t,~ r~1~.;~.:1.~, A ~r~r~ic~.~~~ ~}~~.~.:~. (~+':~~~ur~ M..., ~ . ~..... ~.,........ ~.... w. ~... _ M.,.......... w.. ~ ~... ~,..., ,~. ~.,.,.. ~. ~,,.... ~.. ~..... ~.,. ;~) r~cri~~.~~;r~ a;~` ~~~~1 (1) (~~;.n~~l ~~:~.'~Yr. ~~~x~~.~~~.ra~~~ta.`~~ rrG~,n~~ne~~ ~te~1.)8 ~ir~ r~~~~~, ~,~ h~.~h ~pc~r.;d (~~U(J(~ ~~~~1.uti~n~ per rain7ate) ~;:~ ~ n mu~ua7.~.~ o ~~'~~a.~~ d~.r. ~c'~iU~~~, ' ~~ra ~r+~~~ ~.~.~rs (~ ) ~~~~ ~'r~l~ rn~r~~~~~~r~ ~~t~el. Thy ~n~~er~.a~.. ~ kr~ ~a~x~.~rer~~~d a.~ c'r~a~~~ ~;~d. irr~r~ b~~ (~.) a:r~ ?f1h~ .'arm ~.~ c~a~~r~r~ ~.~un~~ (cup ~~a.r~, rri~~~l a 'ch~.~~ Q~,c.) ~ t,~ ~~ t~~ r~x~~.F,d abcata~~ b~ uh~ vart~.c~.ty curr~~.~s, c~~.,lidin~ with each ~-~her ~ ~x?~~-~~ '~;~a~rd.~, ~~~ cr~~.x~c~ 'r~zcee,~ ~~ b~~~an up :i.n~t~ ~+a,rt ~c1.~ ~ ~ .~~~ur~~~ a ~~ t~ c~.~. m~.~.1.~alxe~ers ~.~~ si~~ p Thy ~ni~.~. ~.~ ec~u;p~ped a dev~.r~~ (3) fir ~h~ G~a.x~~sor~a.n~ c:~ pa~rder~ `~~~.~ ~~~~~1~ off' the ~~~ill i ~ ~;c~u~.p~~c~;with ~, w~~er~~a~k~~ ~~~.~h run~~.~; weer c~.r~ula~~.r~ ~hr~u~h i~ ~o ~arev~t~~ ~h~ ~'c~r~~~~.~~ ~r~der~ ~x~am. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 }?'..~~~.x~"~ ~.? ~'~~.~~x~rr~ cad' va~~~ ~c.~ty rr~~~.~. ~.~ c~~~x~ra~d by ~'ac~~hu~ avcrh~at:~n~;a :~pec~,a~. ~~ov~~~an ~.~ m~d~ ~"ar ~,~~.v~~~~a~a.c~n ~.~ ~n atrno~~~he~ o~ '~~ ~~ra? ~;~~? 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'~ ~ ' '; Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 a~~+~ , Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ~k~,e~e c~~un~k~ u~u~.1,1.;y~ ,~~.~:i.:~l;e~z~~~.~1?~r;; a.r~~a` t~~er cca~~~3r~r~c~nt p~r~~.c~.e~+' ~~~~.lzxi,~ 'tx~.~ a~~~:rK~,t~.c~n ct ~~x~~-:~~. ~~ ~,~,~x~-~a,~w~. ~'k~e ~3lea~ra~.y~a~~ at w~,~e~r su~~t~ ~~ the methar~ ma~~t w~.dely ~~~~~.a.~;d in thy; ;~~~~r.c~?h~:~.cax?~ a~' co~a~~ex? ~acawcler~~~ ~n the ~~~ctrc:J.;~r~,~~ 'a~" cc~~~~jer~ the ~~rec,~.~:~~.~~,~~e :le cir~~~aeited an 1~he c~.tha~e c~ ~,react~.~r ~r~~ the t`~ar~n at ~~a~dex~ 'The ~~~hr~dic ~e~o~it~.ox~ a~ the t~d~r~~.ik~ e.~;l~ ~?erc~av~b1.e d~-~cr~~,art ~]rr~c~.}.,~~ct~; ~.~ ~rr~mo~ad byM ~h~he :I.~~ ian:ic cancerltr~,t~,o~?~ a~' ?~ho metr~,1 a.x~ the in~t?ir~.1 so~.L1? b~ ~th~ :lc~~r temper~K~tL1re, ~nci bar the .?~:i~k~ c?~n~ ?Lv off' ~h~ curre?~t. cara~rolla.n~ the~~e co:~~;d7.ta.c~r,s~ send, ra~.~~o the circul~a?~~.crn a~' the e~~~~,x^o:l.,y~c~ ~r~.~h ~h~ ~~c~~,ar~~t;i.crn ca:~' ca.rcU1~ ~h~ disper~ian off' the ~,awder :~s reduaed,~ a ~x?cadL~ct o~ the de~::~rable char~cterlst.ti.c a may be obtaa.riede Ater rer~aval tram ~~be c~,t~~cde~ the.. ~olrrder ~,~ ~rstshed, t:i1- tarac~:, ~.nd c~.e ~;..~cc~~~~~d. 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In order to e;~axate the powdsre a.ntti frr~ct~,one by part~ic~.e sa.:ze, the cpnventior~al type of ~quipr~rer~t~ ern~l.o;~e~ in the chemical a.ndu~try ~r_d ~.n ~~~~ a~~~e_dr~ee~in~ proce~~~~s ~.~ ' ut~ed rS'c~ se~re~ate the oaar,~e f~?~;etion;~ > the'c~etsr of p~.rt~.o~.e~ in oxcess Qf ,~~ microns, thy; ~owde~?~ .ire ~as~ed throta~h wire ~hra~~~, l:}rcanz~, ao~~~er~s car ~iz~ ecneen~.` tJf x,11. the variatiA~ .~re#'e>~ence is to be ~.ven to .the ~ s r ~ encla,~~d t~rpe de~i,~aa, e~,~xr~in~.te dust 'd,i~per~ic~n. Figure 1C ehowe a screen cif the encl.oeed-type, de~~.~;n~d. bar '~'s~JII'ASh. - Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ` t Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 c~.ased sc~~t/n des^ nsd ~'s~1;~:~~M~wh. ~,; uxe 1Q. ~n ,. char~i.n~ bin3 2 ~- ~.~.d; ,~ -cradle with scxeen; 1i - d3,sch~x~c b~.n; ,~ ~ txu,c~C. ~lectroms.~na~~.c ~creen~~ :which require n~ elect~~ic motors and, c:~.r~ives, ~r~r~ ~x?~c oper~tecl c~:~.x~~tly from the li~h.t:i.ra~ rietwark, axe d^stin~~.7is~~sd by ~ high c~e~;ree of portability, ~,ow cost, s.nd r~ high ~~~atput. ~~r~wever, the sifter tissue in ~;lectrams.~r~eta.c screens r~~,p?idl~ ~'.~ca~~e- clv~~ed up with powder s,nd ~~oe~~ out of.' commis icon, ~'or the screening of chex~~s cbntaina n~~ ~lu:tn~; ax lubri- cs;tin~ substances, it is `sometir~les' nec~usary ~~o' Force the ~nsteri through' the sii'tex bGr hsnd ar~ by 1r,~;cl~s,xi:ica~. ~nedns~ 'the sep~,r~~tion of powd~~?s into f r~~ctir~ns by ` sc~ryeen~.~~~; ` is only for part^cle s1.~cs c~clz~rn tra 2~~J-3uU ~t-esha G~hen pa~~t~.cle s:i~es ire clown to !~U - 5~ rnicxans, it becozrles nece,~, sary to resort to a.i.r separs.tion, :Aix ~~para.tars `axe `so~~Getiz~a~s paxt of the' ` equipr~~ent' 9.n the rrcanufmct;r? df powders (~~e ~'i~u~e l M- [~~~orticity mill] ~. ~r~wder b~.enr~in~. ` ~- blending; twn or se~rersl in3.tial paw~er~ of various cheniic~al composition ox degree df dispersion, a c~ie.r~~e of ~irsdetertnined coznpositir~n and physic,]. pa~opert:le~ is abt~~a.ned Tie e~.ist3,n~ metho~,s of blending are a,s fol~.c~ws ~ Mending in,,..drums`with edcentxic xot~,tion sxis. ~'he sux.. al~auntiri~ of fr~.~tion between the particles end the ntexmi~in~ of the latter attained at the expense ' of the ~ribxa~tc~n of the . a . ,Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 , , ,,, ~ ~ ,. ~' '~~4~s Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 char e .in ~.t~ rcat~,t~,cn aba~x~- the sccentz~~.c ax~,~? ~i1~.s w~,th ~tee~, ba~.~.e ~ 'She suz~nal~nt:~n~ ` ~, ~,~ cf the p~.~~t~.d~,es ;1.~,ined throu~;ka caf fzry~.ct~.c~n ~,n the ~,nterm ~ ~~ ~ ~" lti ~ At the a~ me, rec~uc~,~.r~n ~.~ a~~e,' the a.;r~pact cif the -atee~. b., ~. n the cured we~,~ht of the powdery taks~ inc~.~e ;i.n h~ardne~~ ~.nd ~ ~ attritive bn.ll.e f l1~at~,~~ss the place ~' the we~.~ht n~' the ~)' ercent of the weight of the powr~er cha,~~:o? r~n~;e cf f ram ~~ to ~d p ' ~.endi~~ in bal]. mi~.~.e? ~r~.ct~.on bet~esn the. partic7.e~ ,~ wet b ~,~ akened b theef~eot of the liguld ~watcr, be~.n~ ~.nterm.~xed ~.~ we Y d' ~; more psr~ect b~.end~.n~~ as carrtpax~ed tQ ~~~.Cc~ho1, i ~.n the dry n1et11Qd, lw abtaa.n~;d b~.c~a~dir~ in d.r~uns is ecvr~~~m~.c~.l in the fc~~.lnwin~; c~eesd ,~)~' raft metal, ~ub,~ect to h~..~h def t~rm,atinn ~.n (a,), fc~r powdery of txnont~ b)...for met~l~~;raphite c'~~a,r,~e:4~, since, the ba~.l~rn~.l1 trey. r ( '~.ted a~n ball ''rai~.le, the ~ra~~h~.i~e particles e~,h when these ark tre ~ , lets/' en~e~.op the meta. pr~.:~ticles~, t~~~e~eby red~~.cin~ the c ~x ~p ~' ~ th of the end productsq (c) .when the nec~4 s .ter to stre~ ~reactin between ~~p~e dolnponents a~ the m~.,xture; ~,:~m~.t the ~.nter ~ '~ ,: , ~ ~; ~ when nn pa,rt~.cuZarly thorou~!~~' blending ie re- (d) ~.n t},~~~we cage , r~u~.i^ec1. ~~~hen a ha.her degree of ~,nte~~react~:n~; bet~,reen the Gang- ~.ed ~~ in the preparation off' herd allure, o~? when. ~aanents ~.s s~aecif ~ the articles f'oa:~ the, abtainin~; of a thc~rou~h rieces~ary to plzlverire p ~e bal~.wmil~, treatment` 3.s pre~'erable~ ~a at~,ai,n '~ p~.r~ -blend, , t~ h blind, as requa:red ~.n the preparation of tung~ t~,culsrly ~ha~ou~ .~ ium hard a~.loys, wit-blend.~ng lr~ ball aver a etent t3.tan Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ~e~~~.od c~ ,~ days ~21~ haaa:f:~~; a d~~'} ~~ ~~~sar~ed tc. ' ~n axder ?Gca ~~, d,uae th~t~ ].one attx~.ta vn perir~d, bat~~t~tary m~.~~.a ~x~ emp~.o ~d in ~, Y a which c~,~e ~ ~ a~+~r~ttic~a~ ~.~ ~~at dawn tc~ ~e~s than ~~ l~c~urs. ~n eom~ aa~eax,, ac~d~.t~.on~.~. cctnzac~n~~,ts ~x~e, ~,ntrc~duc~d ~.n~a the c~ar~~, u~ua~,1y ~.n ?~he ~'c~rr~ a,~ ra~c:~d~~ ~x ~a"~i~i ~a~.?~ta.ane ~I~~xt~~u~~r~. ~' ~n the c;a~~ of ' c~ucta.~.e m~ta,~.a pre~~~era~ vn~.y ~.n ~rii~,~~, .~n tl~e ari :~na~. c~~1~,r ~ ~ ~~ r N ~; ~) ~~ametinae~ ~.~ bGc~arne~ nece~~~.ry to b~.and ,.od~.fyin~ tll~ir ~7hys~.cs,l prc~pertxe~ ~d~~r~e a~' d,a.~~a~~sian$ ~r~r~~~aress~b~.1`~.~GYa and the:. ~a.I~e} e such treatment ~aay be t~cz~d~~cted in c?r~b:~~~ata,an wa.~h tl~e bJ.~ndi~,7 nr ~,he ~cre~;~,.n~ aper~~.t~.on. ~'rwquentl~ pre~.~,rr~:irra.r~ anl~teal.i.n~ of the pa~ac~~rs ~s a~esor~,ad to air order to ~:ncr~ase thea.r pl~~st~.cit~ rind ec~i~tpr~'~;sib~:la.t~r (~,t the ~~rpense of ~h~ redo ' o ctn. n of axades ~11d ~ha rerna~s;~, of the cc,ld?h~z~c~en~~.rr~- eff~et}. ~nrleali ng ~s sameti~n~s am~a~.r~~ed to ' obt~,an horiio~eneaus solid scalutians -~ horn/ z~y~ a~st:~an of the ma.x~u:~?e (the anneal~~.~~ af' +~np~,e~?~?~a,na chaz~ ~e~a tun,~tsn carb~,de and titat~~.urn mixtures, etc). ~' anneal~.n~ ~s ac~ndueted ~.n a proteatave or rep Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 !, ,: y , , ~~ _ ~,, _ __ __ __ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 duc~,n,~ atr~a~~~~a~~~, at -tezr>,~~ra~;u~es r~ra~n,@; ~~~~~~ruac~.xna~e~.y w~th~.n the ~an~;c of ~~ ~? ~.OQ p~r~cgnt of ~~h~ b~l~~.n~; tcm~acr~ture ion `xax~ ~,vns~ ~ r~mewhat h~.~~~ar th~,~l ~~kre b~.ka~r ~tem~r~.ture}, ~~uch an- ac~a~ :~~ usu~].J.y c~rrdu~tt"id ~n ~th~ ba.kin~ ~urna:oas~ car~>pr~~w~,n~ the ;.~,owdcrs ~.ratU br~.qu~~;te~ s~f~~i~?~'i.n~.shed ~a~^o- d~.LCt~ arc ob~,~a.ned,, 'fin d:~.m~n~i~~ns caxres~,~c~nd.~.n~ to ~h~ requrerrlent~ n~ the sand ~~rcaducts to tae rr~anu~ao'tt~red and 'ta~~.n~ ~.ritc~ account the de~'urrnati~~~.~s, to ~~~' ~~he br~quc~tes Farb subject :gin sl~bsec~uent opexy~~.ti.ans (b~ak~.n~~ cal~.brr~t~n~~ end the ;1~.kG}, ~~he s~tz~~n~~~h of trae b~~ique~~Les must ~~e c~dcqua~tc .~Q absorb ~h~ stx~a~.n off' cr~.r~?yxn~ nd pac~c~n~ pr~.a~ to the ba.~C~n~; o~e~?, ;~rir~uat~~n~; ccamp~?a:~~s ~ha ~'c~1lo~rir7~ e~~er~t.ians m (a j p~o~- pax?t~.c~nin~~ ~~r~v~~~~tr~,c ar ~v~,';~1ur~ct~r?ic~ and.. the z~ir~u~~.n~, ~;h~,r~e n~a the pros ~mo~.ds3 fib} pre~~ii~~ a~era.'c~.o~a9 a~ br. ~ ~u:~st~tee f rca~n the molds ? the {c) rer~aval Cxr~`v~.rrr~t~ic ~x~opar~i~~ of the chore is am~~~layed ~'~r nan~ ala,tc~m~tic 'pressing, vc~l~;7metr:~c ~~rc~pdrtzc~n~.h~; p~ess:i:r~~. for autamat~.c ~1~~ ~eurin~ a~ the ch~~?~~ ~.~ `~o b dine ~.n a u~i.fcarm nn~x~ aar~ be~.r~ ~~a~e~ ~ta' m~inta~.n .the hari~anta,~. level cif tine ,pa~rder a. the pries ~c~~.d? Thl.s a.t~~.`,ned by v,~ric~us r~ethddsr ~y hand~sh~,~~a:h;~ c~:' ?~1~a ~~~re~~,-mald (tap,~in~ it a w~oodcn n~ral~,et~ car by ~~F~w mechttn:ical v~a.bra~~.nn, by ~si~~ ~r~sf~~ triuld~ c~~ pr~dQ~errt~ned valurn~9 d~s~,~nsd pr~c~.s~~.y t~ n,c~~a~t~adate a; ~~.~~n ~e.L~ht , c~ cha.~~~a ~th~~ rrt~thod is r~ca~.r~~nded ~a.rticular3.y Shen a.utama~:ic px~es~n~ i~ used); and ~",lly b~ the use a~' spacial. le~r~lers, 271 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 u~ ~m nip ~re~s ar,a~c~s, P~,he pa^s~e moxd (F~.~ur~' ~.~.} ''aon~;~~~~ a~' ,~ ma~.n .. paxts~ ' (~} the ~u>r~bler (matra~}, w~~ch s~r?v~s far ~~ce~,r~n~ the ~~owd~r and for the o~ the ~,~t~~?~~, surf~.~t~ of the aor~- ~~,resr:~d }'n~.e~; ('~ } ~tla~ ~alun~er, wh,a.ak~ ~,~ ~h~ r~~b~.~.e p~,r~ far the farrnat~iun of the ~o~a ~uxfac~ ~.nd fr~r the rcar~p~^~~,~3.c~n ?f t~~a pawd~r; (.~J rho #~wnb:~er ~upprar?~~.n~ ~aa~~ for ~~he ~'ox~r~,fi~.c~r~ of the bc~~ttorrt cur f~,~~' ~~` ~h~ bx~.qua~;~e~ and fr~x? ~~rev~;nt Ln~ ~~~re pawd~r f r~arrr ~~o~~rin~ out of? tha pr~~~ mc~~~G~, In ~dda~tion to t)~o a b~.~i~ u~.r~~;~' ?~hw pr~~s mold ~.~ ~~u.~.ppoci wa.t1~ aula.~x~y ~aarts, ~~rh.:~ah px?c~?~~.d~ for the affec?~iv~ ~ ject~.nx, of ~Lhe ~x~.q~a,e~~t~ ~'rorr~ ;~~he mu~cl~ ~?r~r the rr~a~a.nt~n~nco a~' pr~Cis~.c~n a.x1 ~~1e s~.r,~ c]~' the lari~ue~,?~~, for ~1~~ un~.form cumpre~~~.on ~?~ bath ~nd~, end tho 1.ik~. ~r t~~~ r~;thod for'th~ rc~~cnav~:l a~' the la~qu~~~e~ ~h~ pz?a~~ ~'io1.d~ Caro c~?~s~~.f~od :into two t~r.~a~~s `(1) bx?i.~;u~tt~ `fc~rc~d out off' ~,h~ .~c~,c~ by px~o~~>urc~ (~'~.~ruz~os ~,~., ~3, ~C., ~:c, l~~, 17) ~ Ana (~~ bxi~u~t~~e x~~emov~d frx~m ~ro~.c~ u~:cam tho d~.s~~4~r~iblin~ pf the l~ttor (F~.~ur~e l~}. (b) ~'a,~;ur~ '1~c ~~.r~,~a~.~~t, pr~~u tr~a~,d de~i~ned w~$h a~rll~dria~l end p~'o du.ct~ ~.n v~~.Pws ~ ~? cc~mpl~es~~.~n pasit~,pn; ~~ ~ fc~roin~ br~.quu~~a Uut of tll~` r~cald: l .~ turr,; ~ ~ plunder; ' 3?? ~urri~a.~,~~' . upport~.rr~ ba~e~ ~~ ~ ao~pxe~~a.n the powder; ,~ ~ ~.~re~win~-out b~~e .~ ~~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 1 ~x~as~ ~I~a~d ~~w~+; ~~ ~~uner ads J~ _ cbc~cl~, ,~ -~ ba~.~~~; f~ ~ oozn}~x~as~~.~n ~o~il;ion. ~ "" p y ~'~;~urs ~,~? C;~~~.~ap~~.b1a px~~~~ ma~.d. ~~~ ~ ~, ~ ~ra~~ rnald ~'ar brr~sl~ b~~rw~.npw: 1 ~- ~a~a A~~~r~ 2 w I ~.~;ur ~ bo~-ta~n ~,uri~~;r; ~ - ~~~?~~~; ~-~l~~v~ ~umb~.~r; 3 ~- rock; ~. ~ ~ a~~~~;.r~~a.n~; dev~.cs ); "r ~ ~s~~.~~.on. ~~~.pu~'~ ~, I~ra~~ 1~1~~a~d~ for up~ri~~r~c,.:i~an. +' ~~ ~. A Pr~s~ rr~o~.d '~'c~r, 2-d~.x~~c~~.ran~~, aam~~x~ar~~a.+.:~n c~~ ~'sN~:~~"i~~.~h ~'~, ~Ll ~b ~, w ~tlambl~r ~ ~ ~ 'rod9 3 - r~.n; ~ ~- top d~ s~. ~r~ b>r~~Y~ ~~~ ~ ra.n~,~ ,~ r; ,~ bc~t~,c~in ~~.~~r>,~~r; ~ ,~ ~~d; "~ - `b~~~ ~uP~art? ~]a~n~~t , . , i urn 1~. ~'resM i~,nld ~~.~~ ~~rin~ far two-da.rea~ianal aom~z~ssian. ~`_~_ 2g Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 {~) (b) ~~re ~.'~ ? ~riquett~.n~ for erad pra~ua~~ a~' comp~,ex ~ha~a~ ~ aMwith any p~.ura~;~~?, b~w~'th twa ~~a~,un~er~ (~ ~anc~ ~) . ~n hanr~~c~p~~?~.~~~d pa~e~~ ri~~~,ds with the e~scta.un a;~ the product (~ e~ ~":~~ur~ 1~.~ 'b) ~ the twr>,bl~x ba~o a:~ r~;mo~r~d~ ~h~ s~~ on ~ s~~;~ia~, bass, end tYie ~r~duct ~.~, s~e~~ed by pre~~ur app~, tv ~~he ~;lun~;ez?? ~hc ~m,aurit a~ ~~ec~a.n~ ~re~.4~ure u~ual.~,y f~.uctuate~ w:i~;hir~ the r~in~;e of a t? ~(a percent of the; pre~.~.~t~,re. ~~n riatxa to the height end. ero~~ section of thc~ br~.~:;uette ar~d the lu~r~.can~~) ? ~ n press rnalds ~r~c~un~,ed an~x'os?~ss the e jectia~ is t~nrie from below with .the aa.d a:~ ~pF;a1.a~. e~~~tc~~~s, replac~.n~ the base suppar~s (see ~'x~ure 13) ? :Cn the `prow'' ce.~s of e~ec~;xan the bra,quette ~.~ ;aubject to exp~a~as~.on8 sa 'r reQl~lt of ~~he c~.~~~tir" ~.f~'~ex-ef:~'ect (~~3 pc~cer~t %r: ~ c~:~.~netrcal cl~.roC~-an a;nr~ U.`~ p~:resri~~ zip he~.~;~'~~ b ~n ~~rder to pre~~rF~zx~- ~.a.rl~.ra~~.~y cr~c?~:i.n~, ~. ~;r~~d.u~~. ~aidcna.n~~ of the e~~scti~~n ~i~;~~.e (a t~.p~:r off' ~~. ~ .. 1 de~xee ref tc~ the ax~.s of campress~,an) ~.~ to be pra~ vir~ec3 . 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(~s per E~.lent~~r (~.3) ~. and. 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Fcyr rne~a~.~ :~arr~,~,n~; ~1~.~?~"i~~1.~y1y ~~~uc~1a~.~ ax~,ds~, ~rk~~.~h inh~b:i.~ ~h~ ~~.ze ir~Gr~a ~~ of ohs p~rtiC ].e ~ Ouch a~; alur~i;~num }, tkx~ b~kin~ hem ~r~ p lure i~ higher and apprax~.rrrat~ ~ ~~l~r~ .me ~.~:ir p o~.n~, ~,'ha penex~a~, p~orros~.~y off' di~per~~.on pcawde~~~s, ^~ir~wi~~ sl7x~a.~~~k- ~~~ ih b~,~in~~ ~.~ r~duaed'~i~h ~h~ incre~. ~ ~.n ~~~trtpez~a~~ure? ~ur~.n this ~~rgc~,s ~p,~r? wa.~h the be~; o~ the ~raw~h in ~~.ze o~ ~h~e paxtzc~,ss)a p~,r~ a~ ~h~ exp~as~d pax~~~ ~.~ ~r~nsarrrr~d info c~.osed 'ones, ~~nd ~. pare a~' i;h~ iriter~x~anul~.n ~~ax~~;~ ~-~ ~.rztn :inta~~,- ; cryat~ll.inq ~uc~res'. I~~wav~r, the decrsa~e z~ ~~;ner~~.; ~ac~ra~i~ now Y tY~e s~.~e 'off' ndividu~~. po~~ n~ty becc~rne a.ncrc~~wed :i.n the prbce~~? 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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ~~~.~~,~~~ ~~ eh~s xaph~.c~,~.:~.y hc~r ~~~~ r~~hanlc;~,~. tou~;h~ne~~~ 'att~~.~~~ ~.~~ rn~~~rt~.m v~~ua~ ~n r~ r~l~t~,ve~.;~ ~k~a~~t time, ~rh~.~,e ~h~ ~le~'o~rnat~.~sn :i.n~e~e~ ~e~.ox~;a,~~.nn~ ~a~e a ~-ame ~n x~a.a~.n~ wl~th the ~n~re~~e ~,ta b~,k~n~ t~rne~ ~'xracta,c~l~~.y~,~ the t:i..~~s ~~,uc~ tua~e~ ~'rola ~.,~ z~~.zaute~ ~c~~ ~r~~;~~. chi ~~~e~ ~.nd ~rrt~~~.. ~~.~~~ a~" end ~~pdixct~ tc ~?~ hours ~rac~ ~..~iove ~:'nx~ hQ~3~ ola~l~,rf~~, ~.~~~~~ ~?,~~~~, p , co~n.~~.~~x sl~d,~yes ~~~' ~:hu, prc~duc~~, ~:n~1 ~.c;~a ~a.n~~r~.n~ ab:il~.ty o~ 'the ra~tcr~.~~. 1~~,~mm~ ~ou~hz~e~~ Ll~~n~a~~.~n ~+".i.~ur~ ;~~. 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(~'~r tur~~s~en:M~opper} is ~'rec~u~ntly a~cornpanied b~? con~s:iderab~,s dif~'%cu1.t~.e s (the lJ.c~ua~~.Qn of mo~,?ten copper} . In such case a, ~.?~ bec?mes necessary' to resor?~ soi~netir~~s ~e ~rariant methods' in inetal~.ocer~na.c' tecn~~a~.o~y' __ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ~~ " ~c'~~, ,~,n ~fJ~{~~,~ ~... r~r.~,M.ea.M+.,r~.r. ~a.1~~.n ~,~ any; c~~' ~h~ f~.n~~~.' ~apex~~~tion~, ' ~x~.n~ ~o 'the au.~~'acc nod ~n~y ~h~ c~e~'cc~s c~u~~c~ by ~x~ ~.m~~~a~7~r' prQG~d~ax~A but ax~~ ~h~ ~~~e~t~ wh~.~h ir~a,~ht h~v~ been a~.u~~d by ~ha px~-c~din~ ~n ~;ha laz?~par~~~.~r of ~~ah~ ~~a~~der~. ~?'he mast m~~oxta.n~ ~Ys a~ ~'~,aws ~r~ ~ ~ ~o ~.~,c~~rs w the f'cy~rrt~~~;ioh cif smaJ~~. ara.ckk, Y~c~~~ v~.s~.b~.r~ ~,a ~~~ ~~;:~d ~;~re. 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Preventive rite?sures e,arftp~ise more gradual he~;tin~ a.nd the. prap~r ~~lect~.on of the preventi~re a,tr~osphere. 66. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ~'h~ ba~~c ?~nd t~h~ imas~ `~r~de~.~ used ~rethcad ~.n rrl+~~a~.~.c~ee~?~rn~.a produe~~.on is ~k~o ~~e~;h~o~,a~~.aa~. p~,'o~~:~~ compx,a.~~.n~ the ap~;rat~.ons cf m.~.n~f ~ px~es W~.~;~;, and ba,~c~n~. '.~h~ numerc~u~ a~her va, differ from the above bca w~:~~ riacr~hod as fol. ~i ows (~,) ~'' ~:pec~.i'i~ ~~ecu~.~.a~~ite~ in the b~~ pit; apera~~.ons of ~r-:lxin~;, px~ew~:~.n~, and baka.n~, and ~~ b~ the ~.n~rcaductif~n of ac~di~~.rrna~. ~.ntez?nied~.ate proc~ssea bettaeen pre~~~~.n~, ~~nd bc~l~in~. (2 } the el~.mina,t~.on ref the `~are~ti a~~r~~ion~ (3 ~ ' ~y the alin~a.r~a.`~ior~ of the baking cap~rrti~~.ext. ~~} ~3~ cnznbir~.r~~ rho c~per~~ir~r,~ of ~~re akain~; and bts,~c~~ a.nto cane (hc~~~p~1e~~ a.n~;~. product;. (~') ~uppletnen~ta~~' ~iecha,n~ca.~. a.nd he~~~~rP~~ment of the bak,~d "~~ecifid p~cu~.i~.riti~;~ ref '~h~ basic , ~ap~r~tir~n~ may b~ ~.~ .,,,,~..,...,._,.~, .,....,,.,w,~...~.....~?... f~~l'lo~rs m j the pxe~s~~.n~ and b~k~.n~ of n~..~tuxes cos~si.5tin~; ~.n park a;r a.n `fu~..l of ~xa.d~s ta:r n~et~.~. compounids, ~x~e reduc~.b~.e ` ib baking. a..s vari~n~ m~t]~od is used ~a some c~~~c~~ pexc~~~ (:~rQm ~ ~~a :1.,~ p~~c~ri~), ~ ~aorou~ m~~~,1.~, ~l~lrt~ u~.~i.raa.t~ ~a~ri~~x~~~~,3.~n ~~~~z~~ ~~ ~~nsicl~x~.b~.y (;~~,~ ~ ~. ~~.~n~s~} ~r~a~~:r ~h~ha~; ~hc: ``~~.or~ ~~~x~n~~k~, and the ~.a~~~sxy ~~~ a.~~ i~ta.x^n, ~i.~ ~..,~' ~ ~.~ ~~:lm~~ ~;x~~~ex ~h~,r~ ~f~,t~ ~~.i~.rn~~~ ~~~n,~+1.~'~ s~~r~~~;~~h~ ~t7 ,R~caarou~ m~~a~- ~.~ a.nsi~n~~'~.Gan~. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ~~~~,~~C.~C7.I~~ A ~~~~~J~~~~ ~3a~, ~ ~h~:i.ix, I~, ~u ~~"M~t~~.J,a~wa~~m~ c~'t (1~c~wr~~r ' ~~~t~:l.~.u~?~~'~~A ~~~~'" ~rx~~.~d~a~, ~.9~~ ~~ ~~~.~ ~k~~~.n, ~~;. ~~1 .~~: C~ii~~~~~ ~~ r~ I'c~wd~r ~~~~ra~11u~~ Y~ TN:~:~~~A~I~, 3. S)zhc~~~~9 ~l'~ v, .~.~ ~~`~~e ~'ii~a~.~n~nta~.w of Fawde~ Meta~.~.ur~y~', ' ~~t~,11- 1~.., F,. ~ .~.~ +r~c~~.~~,~x~r~ ~:Cx~on-~~r~,I~ht~ ~oax~.n~;~, ~~ ~~ ~'~S~'~:LN, ~~. ~,.9~+.G. I~udr~~.nt~~v, ~:P V'. '~w4ir.L'e~~~a.~,~ ~"rah "~t~~~;~~~~~li o~ Ga~~ ~~on ~f the W~~.~a I~r~t; ~u~?a ~~`~~~,ha~9 ~I~.~l~~.~, 1~~.1: ,~ ~} ~ ~ea.l 'i'm ~;;~`ba.~,g c1~.~r~ltio, Ni. K. ~~ As~~r~~.c~.n '~n~:i.~~e~~~.~~;~~~n~.:~x~iclu~~~r~ Octvb~r ~,~~.5 ~,nd Ja~u~x~r ~~~C~. rr r u. A~,'t~, ,~C)~.onc~rn and ~c1~~.^b~~r ~~ l~. ~"~clira, P~kys:, ">1'c~~~r~. ~~ ~. .~~... ~a~~ ~ art ts~?~e ~I~,~dn~~s rah ~Ie~~~.~",~ M~~~~.~.u~~izc~~t~ ~.~~.~~ w~f~~s~S Apr~i'~, ~~~5 ~.1, t~rG.i~e, ~. ~. and, ~axe~.u G.. "P~~~~~~os ~.nd '~'ro~~s~e~ ~'or ~1~t,~1 Fo~rdc~~?'~'r~ac~,u;ctsf?~ iron ~~, V 1.i.~rrte 153, ~a ~ ~ pa,~~ 3 6 1~t~ 5: 12. D~.t~~~~, S~~~hl urid ~i~~n, ~ul~'r~~ 6:1. gage ~ a~, 1~~.;.~. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/04/25 :CIA-RDP82-000398000100270007-5 ~,:~~ ~~,~.~nc3.~~~ ~~riGl ~ck~w~,~.bc ~~ .~z~ru~~ ~? ~;.~~r~al~i~~t~~E1'1wW~~c~xi, V' ~~,' ~~~~~ ~~7' ~~,~~/~.y~of ~p C,~a~~~a~.. ~nc~ ~ ch~rar~kcap~' ~~ ~~ ~, V~~um~` ~~a, p~~ J~7 ~,gl~~,: ~.~. 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