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December 22, 2016
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August 22, 2012
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April 4, 1955
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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Next 18 Page(s) In Document Denied Q Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012J08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 t .?' . as?~ AMMETERS MILLIAMMETERS VOLTMETERS STATIONARY Type M-5 STAT VSC50JUZNOJC OB,IEbiNL'?Ni3~ "Tir~i-iNOi~iZOMiMho12T" STAT Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 AMMETERS, MIL~IAMMETERS, VOLTMETERS, VOLTAMMETERS STATIONARY Type M?6 Dirccl Currant ~ ~lccurrlay Class ~,5'a IZr1n~'c{9 mellsuranianls; Currant 1 m~1 lu 1UU A; Volln~e JV irr~ kl' I. ~Pf~LIC~TlON, ~RlNClPLC 0~ 0l~CR~1TION AND 0l~C[~A'1'ING CON?!TlONS '1'l1e M?5 stlltioll~u'y small size lnstruluents (~11I1metcrs, Millialll? meters, Voltnlelers, Voltanlnleters) are used for direct reaclin6 nlcas? urements of current or voltage iI1 D.C. circuits, Tl1e M?5 are pernlanent?mabllet I1lovin~?coll Instruments, 'i'!1e princiJ~lL c1i operation of these instruments is as stated heI'eunder, ~i1en the i11Stl'UI11e11t I5 COn1leCtetl iI1 file CIrCUIt for CuI'rent or voll? arc nlcastu?e111ents, acurrent proportiollai to the value of the ~uan? lily t~~ he I1lcasurerl i'lows tllrou~h thecoil of t1~el11easurin~ nleehanlsln, The current in file coil produces a n1a~Iletic field ~vhich 1rlteracts wit11 the stationary field of a peI'mallent nla~net and thus causes t11e nloVln~; System Of tl~le fneasllrill~ InechaniS111 t? (1t;fiCCt,1'hisdeflection is opposed try t11e torque of t~vo spiral sprill~s, t11c torque increasing proportionately to the ankle of cohnpression of the sprln6s, The ankle of deflectloll of t11e moving systerll allcl of t11e pointer attached to it increases tvllh file current flowhl~; throu~ll the coil, and t11e poillt? er thus indicates on the scale t11e value of the quantity to 1je nleas? urecl, ` The instruments are. s~lltable (or operation in either a horizontal or vertical position, The M?5 11n1n1eters, Millianlrlleters, Voltmeters, Vo1taI11lneters, as regards accuracy, belong to the Class 2,5 group of. industrial in? strunlents. T11e inherent accuracy of the instrument readings does not exceed ~2,5n~a of.the fuil?scale deflection, provided the following conditir~Ils are complied with; a) The illstrumellt is Dither ii1 a horizontal or vertical position; b) "Chc anlbiellt te~llperature is -~-~0 ~'6?C (norl11a1); c) Where are no external I11agn~tic fields except terrestrial illagnet? iS111 ~'i~e mnvin~ paI?ts of the instruments and sr~ balanced that when t11eposition of the instrument deviates by ion, frorn~ the horizontal ar vertical pnsition iiY any direction, the readings of the instrument in ci~?cuit do~ not vary by more than ~ 2;~n~n of the full?scale deflec?~ tin1~; The instrume~lts are designed for aperation at a temperature from illinus ~0? C td p1us~GOnC at~d al a relative air humidity up to 0~5~~%. T11c supplldmentary correction to file Instrument reudln~s rile to vnrlntlon a# the ami~ient tcmpcrature ivitllln tiic rnn~;c from minus aO~C plus 00?C does not e~ccerl ~i,2pJp for every t0? tcmperAturc variation, The coa'reetion d~~e to the effect of an e~ternnl magnetic llelci havln~ an intensity of ~ ?orsterls LAOS not e~~eed ~~,SAJe~ `l'i1r~ hlstruments ire capable of wlthstandln~ Per two hours s shsl~? ink (jolting) test Ott an rlccelerution of 70 n1 secA snd ~ 1're~uency ~v cr minute also ~ vlhrnt~on test at II fre uelley of ~0 strobes (l~lo s) ~ , of 000 vll:~r~ltions per I11111utC end ran a111plltucle u to 0 n1111, t! a cor? 1 recti~an after such tests not e~eeedin~ ~2,601~ of ull?scale deflection, II, RANGES 01' Mc~1SUf~~MENTS 'i'l~e ranges of measurements of the M?5 instrul~lents and scab divisions are as liven in file `l'~11j1e 1, f~ANGCS U~ MLJISURCMf:NTS ?F TILL' M?~ INSTItUMCNTS 11NL~ SCALD DIVISIONS Iti'illl letl?11un~ zero Scralc Scnlc ~ivlslon Scr11c Scale clivisicn Noses Milllunlnle~ers L)-I, In~~ U,IIi~ 111~~ ~,-U-~ 11U1 U~~fi r11~~ u-,~ c,~ ,, ' -U-rj " r~ 1 ~,6 ? y1r 1 rr ~ U-GU ~ ~ ,~ 50-0-50 6 ? , U- LU U ? ~ ,, 100-0-iC)0 " G U-5UU 50~~-0-~UU " 30 ? ? U-GOU ~~ a GOU-U-GUO " nlmeiers GO ? n-L ~t o,us n i ~-v-~, ~ u,u~ ~~ 0-G 0.2 r~-U-6 U,ii +~ U,G ? `Vllli exlernnl ` U-2U ~~ 1 20?U-~0 1 1 shoal 76.11 ~~ ~~ i~ sr r~d?-~--?~~ ,~ ~ " U-6U ,~ ~ GU-U-6U ~~ 6 ~~ n n n-7~j i~ ~6?U~76 ,, ~ ~~ ,, ~~ ,~ U?~1UU ? C~ 1UU~?0-10U ? 6 ~~ U-16U ? 6 ,~ 1i~U~U~1.6U ? 1U ~~ ~~ . ? U -~ wUU ii ? ~UU-Ij.., 2 JU ,, 1U ~, ? , 1 U""dUU ? ry I C~UV?"?~""'ODU ,~ ~U ~~ !1 H (1-G'1U ? WJ ? 6'IU-U-GUU ? 60 ? ,~ ~~ U~7GU ? 6U 76U~-U~?76U ? ~'~ ~~ ,~ U~? I U(1'I ? ~~ ,~ ~o7o-n-~tUOn? ~o U????1G`)U ? 6U 16UU~U--?1GUU? 1UU - -;'-- -- -.-- " " - '775 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 1VIlh eenlre zero Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 in nccordunce ~~-ith the ~l;Iovc steles the lnstruniei~ts he~u' the io]? lo~~~in~ des(~n~~tlons; 1. Ins{rumen{~ rletc~silel~e~, ~~~!{I~ easct tear lltrsh n>Atat~tlt~~ , , l~I~b~l 2. Ins{rumer-{s shleJrled, ~i~lllr ease !ar lluslt mc~rrniln~ , , 1~1~6--~=b ,~, Ins{rutu~~nls nAn~shieldecl, i~~l{ir ease !er sallen{ morn{Ind , I~1?~==~~ ~I, Ins{rumenls sbiel~ocl, ~~~I{h ease !er salient meuntlai~ , , 1`9?G~~ `i'lac n~eeh~~nlsn~ of t1~e (l~strlu~~ent is n~ol,u~ted on ~ circular ~lasti~ , h~~se i~~~rl cravered by ~~ ~iristic c~~se, ~1 ~if~ss window is provided in the c~~se to chew the seclle and t1~c poi~~ter of the instrul~nent, The nie~is~u'!n~ i~lech~~nisi~l of tl~e instru~~~ent cons(sts of ~ ~ern~a? Went mu~net, n fri~n~c ~~~~ll n ~novin~ a~~ste~n, ~ t i~~~n?l()(n6 ~! the (~jstrunients is (jrovicle~l by the e~(~osin6 ucti?I~ of e~(dy e~u're~~ts indueed i? the nlun~(niui~~ lorn~er on which the eoil~ is wound, The ~I~~nai~in~ time does not e~eeed ~! seconds, 5efale len nth ?~1i,~ n~i~~, Len~tl~ o~ ~ol~~ter ?~7 n~ii~; full?seale deflection nn~lc is ~~?, AVGItALI, UIMCNSIONS 01' M?G lNSTIZUh11;NT FOR PLUS!?I MOUNTING 36,5~c~, (IVEIZALL UIMLNSIdNS OF M~6 INSTItUML,N1' F01~ SALICNT MUUNTIN Y.i ~. ~ ~: 4,5 - ~ ~5 ~ ~?-ZI?oz .36,y:.t~~ ,70 '1'h~ atlf aster for zero setting; of the painter is arranged an the lace of the itlstrui~ent, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 IVllh lc!{?hand zere Seale U~~ ~~ {~~~~,r, I)?IG o~~~o ~~GO o~tGn 1~-~(1~ ~-~i0p 0-~ 1(30 O~IiUO Seale cllvlslnn Seale fan{irncallnn ra! 'fable Seale cllvlslnn Vnltmcters, sln~l~?ran ro,oG ~,OG n,~ Volinictcrs, duublc?rrt Vol{antnceters t),G V~mU rnA -~- o,o v~o,~~ n ..~.. 2 V ~2 A .,_ o~u~ A~~oo v n,~r7 ~~ioo v tiVl{h e~lcrncil shun{ 1i~ 1~1?I iii, DCSIGN bCTA1LS, ~I~CCirlcArloNS, VI~1/iG~iT AND OVERALL DIMEN~1dN5 7'he tllstl'ulnents sre available with a dust?proof and dre~~?(~rodl, case, 50 mm diameter, ~'lYC case is made in two patterns; for !lush rnounlil~~ or far sa? /lent nlountin~, Each pattern is arranged either fnr ~ instru~~~ents yvith an outside iron shield dr for t7on?shielded i?strurnents, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 . ;The lnstrement klas an Atltsi~le cylinclrleal Iron slllel~ `~~hich is ~ttaehecl to tlae l~~se, The table 2 sh?wcthe currents that give f~~ll?scale ~cflectlon when the v?ltl~eter~ is eonnecte~l ~ ~n~ete~~stis 7~ n~V, Tlje voltage ~lr?p In all The insulation resistance of all current?earryiijg harts of tl~c in? strument to the~ease is not lass tl~al~ 20 Me~ohn~s at a ten~heraturL 20?C and a relative air l~un~i~Ity uh to ~00~0, alj~ not ahhlo~i~j~atcly less than 2 Megol~n~s at a relative air hunji~lity Oa ~~oJo, The M?5 ammeters are cahal~le of ~vithstaajclln~ a cl~rrent overlc~acl 120010 of the rated value f?r 2 !lours, In a~iclttion tl~e i,~str~~ments arri e~hable of ~vithstancllnt; sllorl?time (momentary) overloads hj tl~e following se~luenee a) Nine shocks ley a current 10 ti~~es the rated value, 0.5 sec ~~~? ration each, will] I njInui,e intervals hel~veen thcnl; h) One shock by a current 10 times the?ratcd c~i~~rent for ~ seconds. 1'he ten~herature rlsc of the current ca~ryu~~ instrument harts above the ambient temherature, with tlje rated eurrcilt flowing con? tinuously, sloes not e~ceetl; a) 55?C ley thermo?~eter for the Volln'lekcr ~nultlhlier windings; b) 80~C for the Mates ant! blochsolherecurre~t~carrving harts; c) ~0 C by they mometer foi all d) ~5?C by resistance n~etl~ocl, T,he iSlSlilati0l~ I~etweell all Ohel'Ating CirctlitS C?t1tleCted tOgethC'1' and the instrument case is cahable of withstanding a 2000 V test pressure far I minute, ~11Strt~mentS tiVItl11'~11g1',5 Of illedSlll'en]entS above ~~o V Ire deslgne(1 for rnounting on eternal insulators only, Tl~e M?6 instrument without a shiclcl weighs ai~prorimately I~0 grans, and an instrument with a shield-220 gra~l~s, OVERALL, nIMCNSIONS Or SI~IEL~ FOIL M~G INSTItUMGNT `~'klt)i9 ~ FULL?SCA(,~ DGFL(;CTIQN CURRANTS OF h1~5 lNSTRUMCNTs U-~13 V (~-7.G o ?~G ns~o 0-50 e~i5o ll-?50 o~?~oo ~.,~~o o~aoo I9 -~ 1cV 0-~,6 o~~ u-~I~o v 0~1~6~800 0--?1G~G00 0~~30~G00 VQoltmetors, ?tG (tlA S,5 a.6 8.5 s.6 S,G 9.6 9.6 9.6 S~G G Volimetcrs, ~ouul~?rango S,6 mA 3,6 S,5 9,6 Valtnmmeters 0-16 V ~50U mA 7,5 kt~l1 0-15 Vj5 A 7.6 ? d ~50 v ~5a ? 7.5 ? I) ~GO V ~6U ? 7.5 ? 0-~ A~~000 V 4,7.5,6 0~~.1. A J~SCn ? 4,7?g,5 eln~le~raan~a GO-~ V 7,50-7.6 ~G-o?~5 450-0-150 t~tl~ ~,5 ~~ ~,5 ~~ IV. IJX~'>r1~NAL S~IUNTS The following eXternal slyunts aro furnished with the M?5 amirte? tors; shunt 75?~hI f or 20 to ~0 ,~ ranges of measurements; shunt 75?~1C for 100 ~ ranges of measurements, n Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012108J22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08122 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 IZANgP,~ Q~ MI;A~UR~M~NTS 01~ Mv~TIP1,i~R~ Tho 76?~~] exterl~al shunt 1s ~ ealll~rated niai~~ilnli~ sti'11a niaurilod air ~ pliistlc i~~se, Tiro 7a?1~1~ shui~t ~v`l,~hs 1;?0 ~riinis, `rho ?b?I~C oxtori~al shunt 1s a ii~an~iinln strlli selclerecl tra two hri~ss I~1oel-s~ '~I~o 15?~lC shunt woi~hs 2~0 ~ran~s' are as shown Cis tho ~ 1~o ran~os of meas>:u oments ?f tho shunts `]'able ~~ Tl~e ratocl voltage drop in tho shunts is i51j~1~, Tlje neeuraey of eallhrated sl~tii~ls cori'cspoi~cls to Criss 0,5, `l'he leads for c?ni~oclh~~ tljo il~stl'ulllel~t to tl~e sliunl should lie 1 ni ~ 0,1 nj lon~,l~eads 0,~5 ni a~ 0.07 1n 10tjt; or 1.5 ni ~? O, l~ n~ 1?n~ ri~ay also lie used, '1'lle resistanee of a pair of loads is 0035 olii~j~10?~a, Tnhic i~ I~ANGLS ?f MhASUIZCM~NTS Ur Tf~IE ~IIUNTS 'i'YhL of shun! 17anges ?i nieusurci~j~ilts, A 76.1~1~ ,,U 76.17I`I ~0 i6?I11~ GO ,~.~~ Boa V. MULTII~LIERS (EXTERNAL, RESISTORS) 'fhe i~iultipliers (external resistors) are used to extent] the ranges of measurements of M?5 ~valtri~ieters, '~ a) I~? 105 for ranges of i~ieasurem~nts up td ~~0 V; b) I~?10~ fnr i'an~;es of measurements up to 000 V; 1000 V; 100 V, ']'lie 1,?105 multiplier is a coil of mal7~anin wire wound nn a plas? tiC f1'ianle~ 'rhe 1.105 multiplier wei~;lls 20 ~r~ms, The 1??10~ multlpliei' is a sectiolYed plastic frame wound with ri~an~anin wire. `1'he multiplier is enclosed in a perforated iron case. ~'he i~?103 nlultlpller WC1~115 ~d0 gams, a Tyiac A! l1111lIl~ ~ l~iin~cs ~I incii~ pllcr s~rcnictils, ~' tE~l~ 300 0~~0 1100 100 ~I~iO l{I)O Il~ou 1 fi00 'Che iusulriti0i~ cif the multipliers is capiil~le cif willistiindinb a toll vcilla~e equal to l~vice the vr~lla~e clrup in the 11?iulliplier 1~1us 100 V f c~i' l n'll Iltlle, 7'l~ie temp~rattire rise 0f flit wiuclin~ o[ in~liviciiial il~ultlpliers caused liy the rated current does nol e~~ceed ~0 C. UI, OPCRATION AND MAINTENANCE 'Clie M?~ instruiiiei~ts iire t0 he connected in I~,C, circuits in ~wl~iich the current 0r vnlttitc does 1101 exceed the lii~her range of uieas? iiren7ents for the piirticul~~r instrument, `l~he 1115t1'i1111L'111s ]]]List lie 1tLi)t ill eli,cl?secl 1'OU111s ~1~11CI'C the teiil? pei'atlli'e 1S fi'dlil -}~ l0 td ~~~~?~ a11C1 the 1'e1atlVe hUnlldlty 0f tl1e ialr is up to ~Dt% ,Care milst ho triheri th see that the air cldes not contain tluJiLr`r ~i(aC`rltl~itil Iil)11~Oh~ 1~'11~3 1~X?~~n`i? 1'IiuGl~h Tlllltl i~~11~~, rhy`rJiylh 1i3 I~l~ii~hi.~i, oi~Ji~elilI~iii rh~nirr~Jie>tl, lhc~uc~~t II117'iIIIIISI (~CIlLIJ.I,Cllll~l ~'liS3I1'('CJiS1 1111IiG?h7. ~1111~C1I1~IC Jlil~ll'16~11i11 11I~ (j,3 ~' ~,?~ ll. '1~hld ~rltiilCFIbIC haC'1'Si}1S1{lI, ~1111Ca1iIlL II Cjhr1C311J1~ t10JIb3C~[~r11i1151~ l lflcl~c~h~~, , 111>>16~p~i 11~~1J~ ~~~lJ~yl~llljl ~halui7`i~csl ~ ~aitl?rr~~x 11oRICLI~~iiufl~ III)Il TG~11I1(~Oi1Ty~)C 0'1' `~' IOn lld `~ ~J?C C d'PI~idCI~iTC,ilUildli UJ1~?lt~ ILUC~~'h1O 1403u~~El u~ ~~ ~~tl ~ 13U,~j~YXC 1~C ~~OJIiIiFICI ~Jlii`I`i~ 13htdJl;Ilhi,Y I1~)I~I~~ICCC~~I, C11t~C0611hi1 131~131i7`Pb 1i01)Ij08Ii10, ~~lhrll~l'1'llll[[1~I11 Chilli CJlyiit~-~i 1111Fi~JOh~1,111)1~1 110hi1~IJIbi~Ibl,Y ~~CJI~? l4EiSI;I JIiCIIJl1'~IT~ll,ldid ~ l~ ~1CG5ll~Cl~ Gil ~,1~14I ~`I'fi~hill31t1~1 Cl'd C ~E1~C)~ ~~~1?I-131'C~9'U131I'I'CJIS1,~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08!22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 ~iMNI~T~C~iS AND VO~T1~~T~itS ~LT~~N~,T~NG-CU~~~NT TY~~ 3n~2 Allernnlln~ Current ~ Aceurncy Cinss 1.G ~ IZlingeS WI lne115tn'l'n1e11~5; Current I lu 2Q A; Vnlln~c IG lu X00 V I, API~LICATION, 1~I~INCIPLC OI~ OI~EI~ATION AND UI~Ef~AT? ING CONDITIONS T11e ~tI.2 portable instruillents are used to ?leasure current yr voltage in 95--55 c,p,s, 11,C, circuits, T11e'?n?2 are 111ovil7g?iron instruulents.'I'he principle of gperatio~l of these instruments }s as stater! herelmder, A current proportional to the value of the ~iuaittity (current or voltage) to be nleasurecl flo~vs through the winding of a fired coil, 'nc~ current produces a field the intonslt,y df wilicll is proportig11a1 to the current flow}ng throi.igll the coil winding, I11 the narrgw slit of the coil the flux density is higher, A rotating spindle~is al'rallged outside the cgi1,~ a flat core of forromagnetic ~1latorial, located opposite the slit. of the. coil, being ex? contrically fixed on this spindle, W11~n a field is producetl~ i11 the egil, the core is attracted into the slit of t11e cgil causing tlle,spinrlle to deflect through a certain angle. As the sp}ndle deflects, tho cg111pressinn of a spir7l spl'in6 attacll? ~d tq it increases; this produces an opposing (cnntrnliing) tgrque tl~lat increases with the angle of dcflectioll qf~ tlle.spintlle, balance is ~tta9ned,when t11e acting and:gppgsing.:t~rq~ues aro equpi-?.T11~e ~11gv? ~~ Y illg s1-~tlilll tllgll remcill~s deflCCtecl tlll'O~I~II A e~rtEllll angle COrreSpOnd~ ling to the cucrcnt fln~i~il~g through the coll. !~ poi?tcr attached t? the splndlL trnvels Aver n scale, anc! this all?ws to read the current er voitttge tl~~>t is being measured, `1'lie ~~?2 ail~~l~eters and v?ltmeters, As regards accuraey, l~ele~~g t? the~Class i,~a gro~ip ?f industrial instrlu~nents; they cAmply wltl~ all the reglilrcll~e~~ts for iijstruil~ei~ts of this Class. '1'I~e ir~hercnt accuracy does not e~cced 1,5~/~ of the full?scale de? f lection, within tDL rage ?f the ?l~erath~g Dart ?f t11e scale, provided the f?llowlnr; c?n~l}dons are complied with. ~) `t'he fi~strul~ic~lt is 111 li l~orizdntal position; lj) The anll~icnl tculperr.~ture is ~-20:x:5?C; c) `}'Deco are no eternal mabnetic fields, e,~cept terrestrial nlag~~et? isrll; d) The fre~iuency of the ~,C, circuit to which the 111strunletlt is connected is 50 c,i~,s, 'rile movln6 marls of the instrument are so balanced that ~vhen the position o[ t11c instru~llent deviates ley iU? in any direction Eton/ the horizontal position, the readings of the instrument in circuit dq not vary by nigre tlian?~1,5~/~ of tlje full?scaie deflection, The instruments are dosignccl for operatigil at a temperature from minus 20 to plus 5a?C and a relative air humidity from 30 to ~4 ~/,. The supplementary cgrrccti?c1 to the instru~llent readings due tq V~riatlgn Cif the a111bient tCI11pe1'atLlce within t11e range from minus'20 to plus 50?C dges 11gt e~cood~l,5%fqr every ld" tonlpera? tUl'e Varlatigtl, e15 Cg111pa1'ed ~vltll the read111g5 at n?1'tr1a1 teillpera? tore, 'the correction duo to the effect q{ an external magnetic field 'having an intensity of 5 gersteds does clot exceed :~-3 % of the particu? tar reading, `the cgrrecti?i1 due tq a ~?=10~/~ vat}at}qn of the frequency from t11e rated value (5d c~p.s,) clges not exceed ~!? 1,5n/tl of tho particular reading. 'rl1e instrument is c7p~ble df witllstandillg fqr 2 hqurs a transpgr? tatign jglting w1t11 blows producing an acceleratign of 30 nlJsec~ at a frequency of apprq~, X00 blows per minute, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08!22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 OVERALI, DIh1~NSI0NS 0~' INSTRUh1ENT 3f1~: II, RANGES 0~ MEASUREMENTS The r~ln~es ~t merlsure~nents And tl? sale dlvl~ions of the ~!`I~2 i-~sti~unjea~ts ~~re ~~ ~1??~n in tl~e T~~i~le, Af11111~~~rS (~ ~ I r~ Q~~`? ~t~;(1111(Il[~ IrAtil ~~'~ ~ 0~ ~ A D.( ~, ( A it ~ I (1 A Q, ~~ ~ r1 ~ ,~ ~(.i A 0. ~ ,. ri A Vulimelcrs -----~ ---~ 150 .~~ ~sn ~ z~n~~~,~,l~l `,\ ~~ is \~~~ ~~ ~` .~ IMF' I) ~? I r~ 1' L-?~~ 1' U-7ij 1' U~ 1JO 1' r~ u~, goo v 0,~ be~in~(Il~ frol~ ~i~) ~i i, I ~~ u ~' fr u ~~ n ti Id Ir GV (rJ V ~~U V UV `/ I~0 V `C'he oj~erating part of the scale i~ bet?~een ~0 and 100% of the full?~cale ~leflecl(on, ~, III. SPECIFICATIONS, DESIGN DL?TAILS, WCIG~IT AND OVERALL DIMENSIONS The instrunlenl iliech~ilisitl is arr~in~ed in ~ recian~ular plastic ease; it has ~ plastic cn~~er easily` removable frr~lt~i its hinges, to pro? tect the Mass wincln~v against brealta~e, I"or canvenience of .transportation, the Case of tije instrument has a special leather carrying handle, and the cover is fitted W1th a I~cl~, A rubber gasket is provided between the Case and cover to protect the instrtullent against dust and moisture. 1'he binding posts are arranged on tl~e face o[ the instrumentcasc in its top left?17and corner, 'the binding posts are designed to permit connectintl of either flit (siit~ring nr honlt?sh~ped) or pin type cable terminals, also up to ~ mm size wires. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08!22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 TI~? measuring mechanisiaa of the instrument eonslsts of ~ frame, ~ naovln~ system, operating erail and clataaper, The inavin~ system consists of a splnclle to which tare attaelaed, a soft Iron core, ti tight aluminiuna damper, pointer with holder anti wel~iits, also one end of the spiral sprlta~, The other end of the sprln6 is attached t? the zerA AclJuster arm, A dou>ale?~-ane damper secures/ on tlae spindle and arraia~e~l in a damping air ehaia~laer is >:tsed in the JTt?2 iijstrutaaents for damping the O~Cillations ?f the mOVil1~ systeill, When tla~ maV111~ syStefaa r0? tates, n~?veiaaetat of the vane is opposed by tlae air in the chamlaer, and so the osclllatlons of tlae naovin~ s~-stetn are clamped, ~'he clanjlaln~ tii~je sloes iaot exceed Ei secoiacis, Tlae iiastrt:lljaellt lltl5 t1t1 incliviclual scale; tl~e scale divisions are arran~ecl clia~onally, ~vitla the zero at tl~e lower leit?hand corner of tine instrument, Owln~ to such an arran6ement of the scale, its length Is relatively great !or tlae size of the instrument, Scala letj~tla 13a natr~, 'i'he ~1~I.2 iijstrunjent leas ata aclJuster oij the face of the instruijaent for zero settil~6 of tlje pointer. 'i'he full?seale deflection curretat o[ voltmeters varies front lG5 to 1 t n7A depending on the ran6e of n~teasurements, The temperature rise of the lnstrtunetjt parts above the atnhietat tetnUerature, a~ith the r>atecl current f lowing; eUtttittuously, does no exceed GO?C for the fixed coil, 55?C fot' the resistors aura 80?C for the internal metal pacts not ltl COntaCt a-ith t11e I~~itldinb, The insulation 1~etween all operating Circuits contacted together and. the instrument case is capat~le of withstanding a 2000 V test pressure for 1 minute. .The instrutatent weighs 1,2 1~~, IV, SPECIAL OPERATING CONDI~'IONS Tlae ammeter oi' voltnjeter is connected in ~1~,C, circuits in which tlae current or voltage clogs not exceed the lti~het' limit of measure? iiaents for tl~te particular ltlstrunaent, . The instruments must ue /rapt in an enclosed room where the, ten~? perature ~is fron7 ~ X10 to ~3G?C and therelative humidity of the air is troth SO to g0%, The air in the root~n where the instruments are Dept must notcontain any injurious matter capable of causing corro~ lion, . , alt least once every G months the ltastrument must he examined and its readings eonapared with those o~ a staiadard instrtunent or claeeked on a potentiometer installation, The ~uartlntoo period ai the ~l~i?2 instrumett under normal eon? dltions of set'vlce anti naalntenance is l~ iaaonths from date of despateli h'otrt Malcers' ~Vorlcs~ V, ORDE(~ING DATA 1'Jhen ordering please dive data as shown ita tlae iollowin~ exam? pies; 1, 1~i~ai~jeter, typo ~i~?2, ~ !~, Quantity , , , 2, Voltmeter, type ~>~?2, 150 V, Quantity, , , , , , , Vncsht~rglzdsl, nrdrr No, ~~I41~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08!22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 POTENTIOMETER Type IIiITH-1 STAT VS~SOJU~NOJC OBJCnIN~NMJC "T~CI~NO~ROMIM~OCt~'" STAT Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 LOWRESISTAIVC~ DI~ECT?CUI~RCNT POTCI~TIOMCT~1~ Ty(1~ nT~?l Tyi)e 1-11~T1"1?l l~otentl~1111et~ra al'l1 (1CSl~necl f(~r IC1~115ur111(~ 51111111 ~, m. f~ 1111(1 hoteutlal 1liffcrelu~es ii1(Ih'ect irllrrent circuits, T11ey ~1se a cornhe115ating method lay the ai(1 of wllicll the ~, rn, f. of ~~ stan(larcl cell Is corrlharecl with the unhno~vn ~, n1. ~, or potential difference, These ~?telltionleter5 m:1y also he used for Measuring currents anct resistance by t11e aid ~f voltage (i'?p 111eastn'cn1e11ts ?i1 stalldarcl re? sistances, 'C11e >~?tentioMCters May be use(l at 111ubieut air tenlhera? tu1'e5 fl'9M -}-l~? t8 -~~Jg a11(1 at a I'elatil-e hllMi(llt,y uh to s~~~?, ~~YI)e 1=IhlTI=[?1 I~ntentionlelers 1u'e designe(I to e,~clude errors clue to therrll??eleetrie forces an(I cnnlact resistance. These ~?tenti?nleters 11se 1111 origin111 Unlantzev circuit (Ir;sigil, 111 1~11~T1=1.1 l~olenli?1nCterS the potential (lifference, ~vhich coni? !)enslltes or e(lualizes the >:Ml~nowll voltage drop, is (leterluined by ~l decacle sir-itches ~~'ilh the ai(I of a single series of ni11c lneasuri ng resist? laces, No bruslt contacts 11re use(I in 111e loci-?o1u11 resistance circuit, The c)perating current, which >flo~ti~s tlu'nug11 this conlpensaling branch, is 11ot divided into ol)posilely flowing currents. N1111 vr)11age of t11e potenlialneter is strictly zero because, ~ti'he11 all the switcllcs are on t11ei1' ~,e1'o posiilons, t11e current of the )owi:r source floes not f Ic~w t111'UUg11 t11e 111eaSUl'111g 1'e5i5t11nCCy a11d t~1e ii'll'111~; C01111~cti011ti, The 1~dtent10111Ctel' has a 111CaSlll'111g 1'ringC Cif '~~ 1111111VC)1t5, ~~1111? 1r1u1r1 sc71e division value is e(lual to U. 1 u1ic1'ovc~lls, 'These l~oten? tidnleters-are oC the 1 accuracy elass~ 111 an aMbienl temperature of 2d~ ~ ~~ ~ t11ej- have a basic ac? curacy wllicll is wit11i11 the values detel'rllined by the,forlrlula QU~?(t50U -~?U~~)~10'~ volts, wher`, ?U~?is the crrnr invnlts; U -- 1S t11e pOte11t10111e1e1' reacting in volts; ~~i -~~15 t11e UpOe-' 1111111 Of lnerl5ure111C;11t Of t11e 1)Otenti0111eter lu volts, At an ambient tenlpel'alure in t1~1e range fri~ul ~~- 1~? to ~ ~n? t11C aCldtt1011a1 e-'1'Or 111 read111g5 X11111 nOt C;~CCCCI O,U(~7~n~o Of t11e VO1? tage to be nlea5ured, The insulatidll resistance between various ct.u'rcnt?ccu~rying ele? lnents tal~en separately an(I t11e casing of t11e hdtelltir~nleter, at all ambient tc111perature of -~ 2nd ~ 5`~ C and a 1'tlalivc hu111itlity oat e~rreeding ~On/u, is 11ot less t11an ld~t o11n1s; between x111 t11c currellt? ~arryillg hafts. and t11e casing it is not ld~ver t11an ~ ~~ 10'' nh111s, The In5~11at1n1~ Af these 1n5tru111ents Sh~~ll(I i~~lthstllncl n test ~~nlta~e ~)f oat less than ~0~ volts, These 11~15trun~ent5 contain ~ regulnt111g (ierrarae to eArnhensalc f`or ehnl~ges i11 the e, rn, f. ~~ the Stan(lar(I cG11 In the range fr~111 1,~1~ t~ 1,01~~ ~~~ll~, ~'11e~- also colltalll a 11~1i1t?1n resistance 1)A~- fir regu= lating the nheratil~g current, ~ stQra~e battery titi-1th a ~-alta~e frpr-1 ~,G tra ~,~ i-plts is u5e(1 as a ~~~i~hly sa~u'ce, The nra111inal el)eratin~; current for these 11~strunlents 15 one milliarllp~re, (Two Series?collnecte(1, tyhe ~1-t~?Mgj~=~00, (I1'y batteries are 1'ecommell(le(l,) TY11e 1~~21 J~1 and 1121 Ja low?re5istance, highly-?Sellsltive, reflect= ing galvanometers 111ay be used as nu11 rea(Iln~ instru111ents for tllesr~ 1~?tenti?nleters, ~alvallorrleter ter111i11a1s, lndlcate(1 by the necessars- sy1111)i~ls, are Iclcatell nn the top ~~ the ~otelltiometer, ballast resistances are 111ount? e(1 Ivithill the ~?te11tl0nletel' f'f1r I'C(ltl~in~ the sell~ltivity of the [;111? ~-allorueter ~~~11en lje;r;itjllilj6 a nleasurenlent, These resistances are controlled by hush buttons, o11c ~~ which, when (lehressed, is used t? cut Out tic entire resistance f~,r nla,~inlunl sensitivity of the galva? no111eter, The other hush Hutton, ivhijn usc(I, alloti~'s a ?500 o11n1 re? sistane:e to remain in the circuit with the galvano111eter, ~1~he11 the buttons are not in use the galvlmouleler 1s left in the circuit wilh a resistance of l~~(l0 ohms, A two?hositioll switch i5 hrovi(Ie(1011 the top of the i~otentiolue? te1' fr~r s~~'itehing i11 either tllc standard cell circuit or t11e circuit of the potential (lifference to I)e delel'miile(1, 'f11e hotelltiouleter is also p1'rwl(le(1 with 11 special switch for Si111uIta1leC)USIy chang111g t11C (lil'e(:tiC)11 Of the O1)CI'atlllg Cu1'I'C11t lhrougll 111e corllhi~llsating ruircuil an(1 for changing the 1)alarity of the 1111IZt1Cy1V11 1)C1t011t1111 calf fel'e11CC;, 't'hC OVe1'i111 d1111e11510n5 Of t11e5e 1~OtC1ltldilletel'S C10 11Cjt exceed ~1~ ;; `7~~ X ~~~ 111111 'rhh11' tVClgllt 15 nOt 1110re t11ai1 20 I{~, 'l'11e frylla~~'ing auxiliary al)paratus is rleces57ry for cleternlining potential iliffererlces, currents arul resistances, a) ~ 1Ve5lon standard cell; b) A 51r~r11ge battery, voltage 3,~ to ~t,51r; c) A type M21 Jet or ~~121J~ reflestillg, 1110V111g?ii011 galva110111etC1' co111plete tvitlt scale and 116111 source; d) A set of standlu'(! resistances; c) ~ tllern1or11eter, rank ~f~? to X10? ~~ 'l'yl)e ril?I TI~1.1 l~c~telltic~111etcrs shotll(1 1)e 5larecl in closed roams a1 an1blent te111pCi'atlll'e5 8'0111 1n? tO ~5? ~ anO a i'Clatlve 11Un11(llly 1101 C,1C;eeCl111~ ~0 ?~n, The at111051)hCrO i l1 the 1'OOn1 t11tL5t 1101 be COri'OSive~ ~'hcsc I~ntcrttio111ctcr5 are guarantCC(!for I~ 1110111115 frolll date Of 5hih1rlent frr~rn the 1~VorhS., provided ~111ey are storc(I an(I used under 1101'11171 COn(11tI0n5, V11C5I1tOr~~'Ll~fft, ~t'd~r Ns ~~3n Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 INSTRUMENT CURRENT TRANSFORMERS Type N-54 STAT 'VS~SOJCJZNOJI Oi3JCDINCNIJI~ "TIrCI-INOnnOM1M1~01~T" STAT Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08!22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 1NSTRUM~NT CUI~R~NT TRANSFORMERS, TYKE N?S4 0.2 Aeeurcley clnl,~ ~ f~rln~~try currents /rein 0,~ le ~0 A ~ S~con~nry enrrent ~ A ~ Burden reslslnnce 0,~1 ohms AhhLICATION ~,ND WORKING CONDITCONS Type 1!I.6~1 Itjstr4lmellt ~ur1'ent Transforil~ers nre used for trans? ~?r111t11~ alternathl~ curretlts of 0,6 to 60 aa11i)~res to ~ five?amp~ro soeonclrjry eurrellt for ohtaitlln~ accurate n1el~surenlents in 60 e,p,s, circuits. T11ey are ~1esi~ne~1 for operatiotl inclosed rooms at ambient tetra perattu'es froul x-10? toy-36? C~lijcl ~t ~ relnlive httij~i~lity tlot exeeecl? iu~SO?/?~ Type 1~I?Gtl Current T1'ansforrllers are of t11e 0,2 acctu'acy class. and coilfornl to the requirement of this cl~lss ~vhen under ~ O.~t ohm btu'clen al tulfty or O.S bower fclclor and at currents va1'yi11~ Eton/ l0?/u, to 120v/? Of the 110minal Value, N0111111a1 pl'1111a1'y c~u'retlls are. 0,6,1, 2, 5,10, 20 ant160 curlp`res. Nonlinal seconclaty cttrreill 60 anlp, NQn111'11l voltx~e 600 volts, ~Vef~llt of type I-1.64 transforuler ~~ lc~;, Overall t11111e11~i411s Of type C~1.64 Current Tra~lsforlners are tiveril 011 f01101vif1~; illllstl'1ti0n ~--- !d0 D,S - 2 6 ~0 70 50A DESIGN I~our termta~el~ ~l~cl seve~1111u~?sACl~cts nre n1'r~~j~ccl on t1aA free of the t1'unsformcr, Two te1'mllials ire provl~lecl for prtmar}J clreult co~~nectlo?; tlae Ather two ire for secen~~r etre~lt eQnlaectiol~, The plug socl~rats, wltll the pravl~le~l plus, nre !~?r ol~slti~tij~ t?tl~e ~ro~er pr1l~~ary etatl arral~~eallellt, lip a~1cllllon, A11c sll9rl?eirc~litltl~ l~l~i~ soclcet, for short ch'cu1t111~ the l~rlallnry wlllcllil~, a~jcl tivo share plu~?hol~ilu~ soel~ets are itlsc~ arrall~e~l 011 the face of the trnllsfarnler, Type I~I.6F1 ~urreill Trailsfornlers are clesi~necl for ~ continuous 110/~ z~ot7~l~~nl o~irrot~l 19~~1fa~~, The instllatloll of the see?n~ltiry ~i-1~1~1in~ with respect to the trans? for111e1' case is tested ~vltll ~ ~ 1~~~ voltage, The fnsulatfc~n e~f the pri? 111a~'y ivin~lini wltll respect to I~Qtll the seeonclary ~viil~lin r and the transfor111er case is tested wilh a o11e?nlinute, a0 e,p.s,, S 1,1~ teal vo!? ts6e, OhGi~~ITING CONDITIONS The prfnlary r.Ircuit shnul~l not be chan6e~l or tllc sec~~1~ ?u'y cfr~ coil brol-en ~v1t11 current flowin6, 111 suc11 eases it is necessary to sllort?circull the l~r1i111u'y, tisin~; one of the l~rovi~e~l 1~1u~5 for tltat purpose, 'I'er111it1a1 I~l~ should be ~rountlecl, with the e~ceptioil of eases ~vllere specf7l trallsfor111er circuit xrrxn~ements e,1Clucle ~1=ICh tllea? surer, Type 1~?64~ Current Trlinsfornlers Ire f;uarailteerl for 18 nlontlls Eton/ date of shipn~ient iron/ the 1~~orlts, provi~le~l they are slore~l anal used under 1101'111x1 c?n~11t1011~~ Vneshtorgizclat, Order N~ 2333 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08!22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 ~~EC?F~3HAE QE`~E~E?IH[;I?!ME ~TE~I?l~f1P~MMMTi?PT~ 4RCTOTOMEP CAMOIIN W YL[l,N~l 5TQ' CTAU,NOHRPHbII~ THna H 305 STAT STAT Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08122 :CIA-RDP82-000408000200080005-5 4RCTOTOMEP CAMOIINWYW,N~! CTAL~HOHRPHbIi~ TN11~ H305 M~3MFi~ENNE N TEXf~NNECK~~ XAPRKTEPNCTNK~ ~i(1C'I'O`I'yl11~'i'llal ~I111(111111111'IJ~II~ 1l~'i'~li'I'~1i1110i1 ~II~'I'~Illlil `1'11[111 ]=l HOC n{1~ltlln~llll~l~lllal lt,~lyi n~111~~1011n31 II Iltnn~)~'i)hII)IIOi'I ~Illnll~u tI~{)1111~(III,1111 Ifll ~y~l~r` ~IIII~I~'11113I ~IIIC1'O'rhl 11 IccIIIT~)OJIII~)y~~l(~i'i 1~0111I, ~i)II~O~)I~I Il~1iTJ(IIi1811I1~l~llhl J~JISI ~)EIt~O`I'I~I II~)II'I'~~1lfl~~)il'I'~'~j~' ~lli(11'? ~lilll0l,l~rrl'O 110~1~t~'~II 9'I' `i? {~~ Jt(~ Qia ~)?~ 11~)II O`I'll~)GII'I'G!~-II,IIOII 11dIEli1~~ II~~'ru 11o~~t~~~?I ~t~ s3~) "lu , ~11IC'r~?r~alci)I~I 'runEl 1?I3U~ Il~r~`r()IIJ1311()'resl 1tJi31 ~11~u'r11ilcll IIEI ll.tll'1'rn IIEI Ilf)~111111ElJlhllO~ i)II~0~1~'~ 1lEllli)41il~~llll(; IO0 ~ Jt~113t Ibitdlit:)~Ita? 111131 ~ II,I111~~)II'I'C'JII~IIlil11 'I'~)EIIIC(~)f){)I11EI'I'0~)O11 IIQiI~)31/Iv~111131, EI 'I'EIINII~! IIEI ~~~(~ IIJIII ~~~ ~- ~t,~131 Ilan?ci)e~te'rll~lul~)rr) 1114~1n0~Ieullsl~ 11rr1 ~Ilail(~~u1110 11~~10~)31~~1Oii O~J~IIEIC'rli ~111~'I'trr ~IIIC'r0'rO~IOi)I~I 1=1 ~~~~ 11~1'U'I'UI''J1311U'I'L31 19 Jtlj~~,~ II~I'IOJII-~111141,1~ EI~ ~~~~?==~J~ ~'l{ ~Itc)pt)t'rlj J~1111i1{Cllilfl ~tllEll'pll~l~lll~ii G~~Itlaru ?~, 3d, ~~~, l?(), l~(~ ac;IC~~uIC', dc11011nEISl 110I~i)eu1llo~'rh IIpu~Oi~n I-C ~0~ Iii fli)C131~IU1El(',1' `i~l';;, 9IEI rl~~~~t~Jl~ I13~1~j)~uI131 ~(G~~~ ~1{ II ~; d,b(%u IIEI rlp~~t~Jlc u~~I~~)~? Iil-III ~I~J~~ ( ~I{ 11i)II ~~cJIOEIIUI; 110JIOili~IIIIC I1jjIlCdjifl I)C~)'I'IIItE1JlbI100; 'r~~~lEl~>>rl'I'YI)rl Oltp~~71~E1101I~01'0 13a~~ty,~El 11oi)11EIJIIiIlEl31 (~~?.~~~h~~ 111-10-II11110 ~171'lill'('11b10 114,1151, 1~))0111C IlOJl3l ;1~'~11101'0 111 EI1'lIG'I'll0~lk1, o'rcyr~'rl~yl~'r; IIEI11{)f1il~Cl1110 ~CO'I'll II0111[IIIEIdI1~I100, i~iaftllCll01111C 1101~EI.3E1(1111( l1i)11~0~)EI, I31i1~11EI111100 O'I'ItJ1011G11Ii(~11 11{)11~0OEI 0'I' 13C~)'I'lll(cl~ilhllal'd 110~110ili~llll3l IIEI 5n I) JI10~10~~1 11EI11{)EII~? ~fl01IIIII, 1~IC II~)Cl1bILI1EIG'1' ~ 1 (~U d`I' I~IOJIyC~~M14I1~[ I10~R11C1'0 II 1111111? 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Als nu to do lente de acacia's w lea random - de huizen en straten de om? tt-rose bloescm s roan is al ~-? vol aroma, blauwe hetrtel bogy en do stud lucht en de bargen de Itgg'et7de ebleden tot nleuw leyen gekornen, Zo zide rand ~' Jn Do opperste orgagen van de staaCsmacht en het staatebestuur van de USSR Het o erste or aan van do stnats mach ~~ ~' ~ t tiers de USSR is de Hoge Sow et van de USSR. Alleen dlt or over aan l~esclill{t Duet do wet evendc rnacht in do Sow ct?staat, Dc Hoge Sow et van de USSR bestnat nil twee eli kerocliti de kn? mars, do Sow et van de Unto en de Sow et van d Natl nali lten e o to , De Sow of van do Unic Is hot o11~p erste orgaan chat de a1 omene bella ~ n gars van alto workers van hot land onafhankell k van hun nationailtclt voor- staat. Van elko 300,000 burgers van de USSR wordt ddn of evaardi de In do So~v et van de Unle gekozen. Do SowJ'et van de Natlonalitelten is het opperste or aan dat de niot do nationals bl zonclcrheden van de ~' workers verbonclen belan en voorstaat, In doze nndcre kamer van de f io a Sow et van de USSR warden c1e of ovaardi den door de burgers van do Sow et?slaat o rond van do vol endo norm ekozen; 25 at evanrdl dcn van elks Unie?Re ubllek I1 of evaardl don van elks Autonomo a publiek 5 ofgevaardlgden van loder Autonaom Gabled on l tt~n of evnardi de van ell{ Natlonanl Gewest, De eldi heidsduur van de volmacllt van de I?Io c Sow'et der USSR is vier J'aar, Dc Ilega Sow et van de USSR komt regelmatlg In zit- tin biJ'een. In de hid tusscn doze biJ'eenkontsten is hot Presidium van de ~' i=Io a Sow'et dcr USSR dat door de InIo a Sow et van de USSR in een emeenscha Deli Ice zittin van de belde kamers ekozen wordt het ~er- ntanent handelende orgaan van de staatsnnacht. Voor alto SowJ'ets van Werkersafgevaardlgden warden de laden op do basis van het al'emeno- eliJ'ke on directs klesrecht bt geheime stem- ~' ming door het yolk gekozen. Alle SowJ'et?burgersdle de 18? artg'g e leefti d iebben berelkt enieten het recht oni deal to tiemen aan de verkiezin ~g g van de ofgevaardlgden in de Moe SowJ'et van de USSR. Ieder burger Diet Sow et?land die de 23? arI rlecftl d heeft berelkt, heeft het recht van ~ am tot lid van de Hoge Sow et van de USSR to warden gekozen, Zo 1s het kiesstolsel van de USSR, I dat een s prekende tilting is van het ware dernacratisme. Hot boo ate ultvoerende en beschikkende organn van de staatsmacht g e van Soclalistische Sow et-I apublteken is de Ministerraad van to de UHi ~ de USSR. ne Mt 'niate ~ rraad van do USSR Ia rekeiiing en verantwoording schul- SowJ'et van de USSR en worclt door cleze gevormd in de g aan do Hoge ~ clt vat encie samens~ t ollin ; de Voorzltter van de Ministerraad der USSR , g ~' dtens nlaatsyervangers, de ministers van de USSR en de voorzitters van de Staats CotnIto s blJ ' de Ministerraad van de USSR. li Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Sowje q~1 p 8n van rote rec De b , do USSI do Constltrrtlc" ~ Gr ondwet van erlccnt de Grote rcclalen v wet"lnnd, aan de burgers van lict So ndcert do Sow? Gr ondwct van de stoat gara ar belcl, , , Dc Net reclit o !t en lcwanlltcll. ctntenscn work met belallng an de ancc!cl naar kwnlllc de soelallst1sehc orgnnlsatle van ~clcercl, dot hl Is daardoor ~'c~'arar Dit rce Ilrctlcicrachten de mo= de economic en de v oortclurencle roe/ van do 1 )roc ~ el ~~ ' ~ ? I iclrelcl van crislssen on ~verl~loosheicl voor nlti d hebben bulte?geslo ton'De burger van de , jle Is zelcer van Gi n dg van nor gen, Sow e,t Ur hers drer6 )eid verzelcerd, oecle, 1rer~1 Is ar1 is /-let ~l gtech t o ecn olarrjn~ts ~' - I ancl cler Sow els r - annln , , , Q! c e tiVet van hot 1 de wetlcc ? Id, wanrbl do?e van do orbs ! Iclers en en) )loYS op 8 llrrl ~ ~'sate la i voor her oe )err re ?cler1 tot Op 7 of G en Celts tot O L) oorwnar t ,war a nr bcidsv l 4 tru ri wordt ooh oar vehell hse cln v ~Drell, Beirniv~ cis ~ ~' r ver nllnderd v , ns te weken rlactalin van loon, con vlcarjtie tan mhnste l11-s met rloo ven, 1 oor de wet 's GJn vacanlicsanatorla herstollings? ~ herI achlereen) gegc rusthunzen, . c,rr/tour-I~nlerLrrn, schou?burgeub losco)en I, 1)11)1La- cordon, , , hen en stadions Wig Ysrreht, De SowJet zalenont~)nnni?ps)ar l , thahenlees i ~ , F Jensen vnn de nrberc . e rote or g Voor de rj toot let ? s ~~ ~ Gall (1C cll ~ de Duels cla geval van l g en 1n :.,( ; + recht o1 g ~ Ing op 6 i hr ) mater rLle ver nor , , de \Vet t land is blJ hot 5o~v e? . . ~~n verifies van arlaeidsvcr nio6en, , , In 1 z c sten van de sin1t - fiver hers o) !.o Gekering van do I r JL socials ver ,rernievrr . , in t et?burI 1 CCht o) pensloen an oI) uither g n e So~~ e op in evacrc g I, ~rI eeft d ~ ,? ~ r - clue laeharldclhnrn geval van Lickte en van vcr ?OS1CIUL enee~uhun ~ e ~ ell h t niel ht spook van de , ens bang r , ~ arbeidsvcrmo~.n De SowJet m li,s van , de t?land weet, oven het l rger van het Sow e ~roofd, De lair e bear s+- b le nlet in de hood. er en vci loot hem an Gi n lot ov stoat loot hem nret erwl s, , , In 1 e SowJet land Is do kostelozealb Ile ge- :t toclrt o) and 1 oer ci on wordt overge Wan near de a1? ,:>lr'clit rnev ~ n~ene zev ~ 1 r t en nrr e lee> ~ , . hoof dsteden van de r e oi)lerdlr)g In de ate lienar I e) er~jene n)rciclelb ~ , ~ -r re gr ote slerlen, Dote taak wordt met succes vc vuld1 )ublreh? ?.en en de arlde 1 ' ~ ~ de trenJarlga school 1f i , i1i11en rtte~r ~'e10)ell In , 1954 hebben 7G 1 )rocent lee~ dart in 1053, en, dic, naar behoren e1 alle student ~ Ann de ho escholQn ontvan t 'u betalin In de f abriel~en, t , meeltonten stantssurlrebeurzen Ton ~ ~ , , 'ne cn b 'actor ' enstatrorrs is voor cle wet Icer s de sowcl~aGen en de rrrachu der ter ? Ig , ' wkundl rsch en landbouv g onder wrJ5 .sleloos bee l , irrb on tecl~n - Ir if so)lrrdo J de stoat studeren ~ karl met hulp van 'et bur~ger let SowJ, geor gr/Wisesttl let of ~f rj bent eren en 'verdieI)en, ,i herd van ne SOtVJetX11 OnC1wCt V ors 1)er fection , erleent alle bur~crs van c 1~ vr , ? van ver gadel rrig en meeting, vri~ voor d, JhLrcl vii druh)era, yrr le USS yr r 1 , herd van st 1 ~ heir/ ,. gy ratres, De 1rJet van de Sow et sta1t en demonst r aato)tOCI]tC11 , ,"Jher ~ ~d van J rs, de yr rJheicl am r~? er s yrr cloo{sbell den , arancleet t alle bur ~ ~ lour ~'110nt5Cl l1)1)er1 of groepen van en, , ker ken on 1e1 l !;IeuLC 11 rcurc l , ~ ~ ar andeert deburgers per? ~ i~e 5elcten to e vor men 1 1{e Or)SChel1 ~irondwct vern de USSR arheid van bun waning on 11et onschendba clbaar Herd, de soon/ brief~ehelm, , ~ , rechtsgelr klreid verleend u e ne Sow et?macbt beef t de vro w volledr ~ .~ arbeld en de weten?. ,ouw de wed' open In de ,veral 5taat voor deyr ~ Lcnltigradse selioliereti Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 I~ bl het bestuur van de ! de biding van de vollcslat~lshouding era achela, b ~' So? et stnnt, De \V et hermin will de belnn en van et orzel~ert do hose ~' moeders met vole ant vorleent lal stnncl nnn njoodor en kind, do st l gerse1ia i en nn de lcnderen en allecn5tanndo moeders. Iii zwnn g vnn loon. In hot land Is i bcvallln lcri t do vi ouw \ erlof met cloorbetal n eon uIt ebrolcl s steam van lcrnamint 'Ichtln klndorereltes en kleutor? ~'en ~ Y scholen cor anlseerd, t e1et;de hell/ga en on? Dat i n do in de Granclwet van cle USSR vasg vcrvreemclhare rechlen van de Sow et?burgers, tbtti ers zl n onafse De reehten van dc Sowe ghelcleli k van hun pllch? t mens is ver jilcltt zich nan cle Grondwot van zi n lent/ to (en, De Son e 1dscilsel pllne to bewaron zl n maal? ~ ltouden do wetten ia to /even do arbe I Ialis ? -elan van cle sot I I-e al(cht eerli I~ In acitt to net~en de re~ e! schal~P L s1~ectet cij, /adore Son et?bur er Is ver1plieht hel //ache samenlevlng to re ~ enclorn to sCaren on to verstcvlgen, De soclalistisclie meatsclta yell keelg1 e jlicht van ledere burger van teiligI verdedi !nt~ an het vaclerlancl is do 1 v ~ de USSR. ou iub g van 0 USSR Dc vo ks ups laireii Do voor our1ogee vinreiil~ ~ ~ Na de ? 'et?vollc, Grate Socialisttsclte October I~~volutie hoof t het SowJ under ev 'stische leartiJ', heel de volkshuishoudin biding van cle Communt g grondslagen om ebouwd, ' van het land 01) nieuwe socialtstische ~ trialisatie, De polltiek van de IIet land in de ne p pan de Indus ( ? ~ o unisltsclte 1oatttJ verzehet 'de de ovarwe ende ontwlkkeling van de Comm ~' zwa-e tnclustrie en op clew basis, de vooruitgang van Cle land? talclcen dot' bouw ett de liclhte irndustrie; Hot land verandercle ztendeio en. goon mens ooit eon voet hacf ~ soms nog maar Dort ~ aloe Daar, waa icn amen nu treinen to 10 yen, lConvoolen schepen baanden zich eon ezet1 tw t we g --- de Grote NoordcltJkc IJs- ~ i J ts van de J. Noot de1~ ke IJs ~' door h, wog. raven, Over het Leeen geboren en /canelen Er ~4erden nteuwe 6eb en esponnen. I?Iondei d? land weld con dicht net van electrtcitcitsletdu dui ~' ~' 'r 'et?lancl, zenden f abt teksschoorstenen vet ezen or in het SowJ t eetst to de geschteclents van de mensheid werden doze gran Voo- he ? dioze wei ?ken op van c~cn 1~ rro 'cht en strekten ziJ ' zich tilt over ~ grand lan ve cle ruimten van 1feel het enorme land, 'Calri l.e lacht es In cn or aan in de 1 as ontstane industriesteden -- in ~ de her en on do vlalcten, langs cle t iv icren en abn de kust der oceanen Duet al, vcn bouw? de tivaat wear het chet vollc catsgroeven en mtJnen aanlegde en bedriJ men won en bcwerkte, I , natutu ItJke rtJlcdom e ?beeld ~ ' ~owslt - con st acl binnen de (,oolcirkel to 1 ? Nemen \vi bi Jvoot , Nog in 1920, toes de cerste de Ghtbten?toendra p hetsch' ~ereilandbola, o tie? oondcn or slechts t n families, die zich be o en hterheen kwamen, n eol ieldcn met de ~ risv rendieren en het inzamelen anst, het wculen van zi h ~ wren later vctrees hte al ccn stad Graafmachl? va er, n bessen, Maar ensge J 14 nos vraten ztch in de hellinRen vnn ale Chlbien?bergen in en brnchten het npntlek?orts non het lleljt, wanrvan hlor mtlliarden tonnen verborgen Iig. den, In bedrlJtscornbinnten worclt het erts lot tnesistofPcn vin hole Icwal!? teat vcrwerlct. Ait 1prodecti ~ a met 65 1pr ocent geste1;en. Reeds zi'n waterkrachtcentrales van rote capacitei J g rote exploilatie, enomen; die aan de bovenloo van de Swier' die v ' ~' p an Tslenjl anska a J J + Oest ?Kameno orsk G'oemoes Matkoz'nan en Mien . ~ , J J ets goer en edcel tell k de hvdro?electrische centrale aan de I ama, In . t voile an is de bouw van de rootste waterkrachtcentrales to wereld; die van Koe bYs ew en Stalingrad aan de of a Erword ' ~V en It tiro electrrsche centrale g y s aan cie Angara en aan de Ob' aan ele d. Ais 'on e s ruiten verrl'zen de en na de antler J g' p ~ , nteuwe stollen nieua we centra van de industrie en de cultuur; Niet vor van Eakoe Is aan de kust van de Kasprsche zee de stall Soem ait ontstaan, needs van ver-re is het karakteristleke si ~ lhouet ervan to zien, fabrreksschoorstenert de armen van torenkrarlen ebouwen van vole verdlepingen en de masten van electriciteitslelding ~ en, Doze a1ler on ? ste stall van AzerbaldzJ'an heeft wat het aanta1 inwoners betreft- vole 23 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08122 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Olcl nbrj" veer, stnnl smolt en voor de bel)c en 'nn cie Icnrlcns htrl een van woon xon, scholen on beclt I vet t, hr in gen mnnr korle r e en voorbl of c !e sped be on con n1uw !oven, In 1946 w ~ ns de over scha lcellng vnri de voll~shu Ishoudht o cio vreties trodtr g p ( clfe ~oltoo = ld, Ilet So w etlend ont p1 oolce breed de vre d. rjlische oItbouw, het ~ ~ e zerlle ecorlo (~een G 1 rl ultin voncl In hot ~ vlordo v! f er on tlerj hot ear sle r ! teoorlo se of f aren pre .. ~ n tot beret - ~ .l+elfn I el en orjtr it yolks' ven do hulsl' jotrdirj In do Jar en 104G_ 10r0 Dlt p ' lee bellclt I earude de onor ele li n - ~ er ~ t cie Comm trljistlsclte 1'er ti die erlch .. t Is O j) elzl dige ~ ontwilJ~elln g van alle telclce n van cie zwrlre hjdtrslr le en, 01) de basis hier~- erj op oe , ( n vorder,a onlwi 1c1,e1 f n v nn en heel cie \ollcslj tllshotrclln , De in hot Itlen geste Ida taken , weren roof ~ , Itet trod ( uclie oil ven vadr de oor . ~ to njoest rjiet alleen b ereil~l maar, ? ook met 50 {roffe (proeenl over rt worden on de mnterlcle en c ullurele love nsstanclaard van do war. , 1-er s ntocs t Ivor clergy o p. evoerd, ].n drt (pin - , n war'cl volvoerd, i4Sr r: ea nog, he t titerd bin uen de vast . . ester cie lerml n ~ uit evoerd to . ~ rw11 cie vor ,, J naamste taken va , n het ran b . elarj ir h warden o- ~ ~ er tioffen, In de loolt ? ~ ., van ciit cer'ste na . oor to seen n~ ? ~ ~tuur lr I~ rno . J ellr I,e ~ ~I f ar plan war de ~ . en 1 n resduizend gor estatlreercle of nlcuw geb ouwde industrl . . der nemin a on en in e.~tloltat g en fe erjome ? ~ n de lclerrte or jclernentingen van de ,, staat de coo t I ~~ apes en de 1, ~ olchozen ni et rjjee er oboe ~ cl , De rtjelnlliir . isclte industrie van 6 an het L widen die {1 dens de oor! lje , J o e el vor woes ~ ~ t ?as word op nieuwe techn i iSChe basis 1 ,,, jerstelcl en be nicer rnelnnl to ion Ceveren cinn irj 1090, De mi'nen k J warnen weer o en p gang be ortnen nn ~ derhalf m cal zoveel steenhool to seven, als vddr de o orlo , 0 nreuw a p word olio c pom ~' i t tilt de bror I then van de ipe{r oleuntvelden van niarho en Or . p ozul en or ward ever 1elcer a ponj ~' ~' {clan rr I p - j ltet laatste vooroorlogse Jaar. Ha s[ wel: dubbol zovee 1 electrrsch e straont ward t bans over ebracht langs de Itoogsparjnrn slelclin en, 'Tot O p wel 11 I cast het 2 5.ti-oU ch a stee , ~ de produc - ~' ( ire van de . So? et ntacltrnebouw en ~ J Iii de bedr ven verscltenen 260 nreuwe tYpen njetaalbc .? ?~ warl~uj sbanl,e n on moor dan dtuze , nd verschrlle . . nde tYpen Sped ale weri~ fur bart.h.en, tUe in de loop van het vi?f, , ar e J J rt ran ttr{ge p vonclen en eb ouwcl wdl er1, Tot op br rja lret 1 J vfervotrdi e s tee de nanm ~ ~ aal- van {r actorcn en co bujes, Meer m dan 150 t ypen nreuwe, perfecto land 1 bouwmachl nos verschenen crop de veiden van de lcolchoze n on ele sowchor. alt, Arleen al in de aren 191 1 G_1950 rev errle de SowJet tndustrte aan de landbouw rui , rn con mrlhoen tract ' Oren, ongeveer 100,000 r . ~ aan contbr nes en nagenoe con mllliocn tr ~ ~' actorenp1 oegen, .zaairttachj nes en .e .~tir? tateurs, 1 De workers op 'cie velden le . , C vcrdaj wear d I e {e enpr ~ ~' ~' (esta{tes , ~ oor doze 1tu1 ~ van do I I ndustrle, de , ultzaai o p ,ervlakte war C 1 d r oter en de bruto ~' 0o st aan race et r . g aan katoe n, surl~erbleten en ender a labri - alts e~~ ass StoCbY, ~' en Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 . U eouwenoude steden vnn de ropublick nl irtehnnld en de Azerb I l; nid2 users s reken er met nehti - ~ n inn, Soem nik is do oitger ~ ~- ~ c brooder van Ankoe", In het koude f'ol -ntn~ eb ~ ~ sec! hebben trans ortnrbeld . la crs en ml nwcr kers de stall 7vr nn , n I'a - e~-cst! d, ler? 1 l do ml n? or{ccrs r . ~ k' en de metnlitfrb sehe nrbcidera vnn I nzn ~ chsknrt desteclen 1ISlbaskoez on Termer.knu hcbh en esticht, En dan is or con stud die fen vooriopIg op de ! anclhnnrt niet !!n a cnntreffen, i\tnar Ir! leeft al zlendero efj breicl - t hi zlcit uIt en zl non e sirateu c!rin en de Siberlsc! r ~ a tal n steeds moor ter ~ ug _ , Dee stncl beet An arsk, 1?Ii is z c J 0gnoemr. l Haar de e1 enzinnf e en ntncht! a rivier clc Anbrnra, waaraan c , en rtiou? a ltydro elcckris i~che e entrale ?orcit anitele d. l~oorla i zi n In het land on eveer 70 r icu~ ~ p ~ g t e stet.Jen die in rle n poor to se wren ontston ~ den, De van de st i i , grad eclert is cen ~~ ears pie , elfin van de find ( ~ ~ u,tri~le opbloei van het land, Mon t . i , en moot zich immers even lnclenhen. in J 953, dl- r pas in het midden van het twecclc naoorlo se - ~ iJfJar g enplan, levercie d~ Sow et?industrie J al 2,5 ntaal zoveel rr ocitictie alp in het vooroorla I Jaar 1940, Men kan or zeker van ! , zi n- ~ dat het So?Jet. ? , J olh het t~~ eerie naoorlog / vi f aren pian overtr J ( effon zal. Ook aan de Iandbouw van de S,J'et Unie ziJ ,n ranclioz , o? ? r e iak.rft b c ~ steldl de oo stopbr - ~ en st per ha part alle lar ~ p tdbou~v cultures zal stork mo~? ~ ten worden verhoo d, van de rot ~ td on de machines moot ~ een no1; betcr ebruik emaakt - ~ ~ ?orden in snel tempo moot de veestapcl toenemen art de productiviteit van hot yea worden o j evoerd, cle rol tan de rnaehiit I~ e en tractorenstations -i bi de ontti~ k 1 heiin van de - kolchozbedriJ~ on moot br - 1 roter worden end , e sowchozbedriJv- - en ittoeten ti ercler worden nnt~~ il,? keld, En doze taken ~vorden met st rcces volvoerd. In 1954 heef?t de landbouw or 1531000 tractoreit l IG1000 vrachtautu's, 37.000 raan?c ombin, es 20010 00 tractor?ho , oimachines en hooirnachines met zelfaandr, i vin ~ ~ - y lsool< v eel an der r Eder fechnisch materiel bi1eJ,re enl ~' Aileen al in 1953 v erhuisden ,. , ongeveer 100,000 lancibouwcleskun!ligen , zobtechnicl en in 1 genieurs Haar de kolchozon on machine. en f ractoren? stations. De uitaaai?o 1 ppervlakte worth , uit ebreidl In 1904 ~~ . ~' as de oo sf toe e nomen, niette enstaand -~ e ltet oit cinsti - ~ ge ~ti~er in eon aantal ebieden pan 1 ~ . ly het land. In da t aar word in J H-est Siberie tweemaal, zovecl ra7n i111eon st, a1s in 1953, in hot Altai.obi ~- . ~ ell ~iermaal z oveel. In Februariy...;tih - . art 1954 ~verdeen volfalh . ebr eenl,omst pan het Cen? 1 traaJ Comite van ~? de Cominuni strsche parfi van J de So? et?Unie eJtauden. 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J afscherd t e nomen van de stall van e buss en e familie ende ~ ~e, yre s~ - J J , ~ . eppeit in to trekken. i\ e er dan 100.000 eschoolde nrb eiders. in ert y i . ieurs, lnndbouwd esl,undi rn ~` ~n zooteCltnic ~erheten In het Bebled Tas1'kcnt Katoennlukmnchines nan het work op de veiden van de kolchoz ?ZJdanow" In het district MlorzatsJoel Ontginning van de waeste gronden In het gebied Stalingrad Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 ~ die ec~tlvcnlant~ onbeb?uwd la en to gAnil steclcn om g1 onclel~, do 4 on t g inncll, Octak het l~ clkt doze alenscn. 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In 1950 was tih reele 10011 an( e als in llet vo gate steeg lied vx11 1949 oroorlo seJaar 1940 en in de- ~elf de m tot 1953. )vin van de g ~,le ronnen van de sti laing van het ree belan ri Jl~ste b loon is de q , lolitlek van fan eon 1 r oerin copse uente too v ~ in de USSR v Ze11 der 111 nlls~avel b1 uiks ~ in Van de lclei ,~~ 1111a11te15p11 ~ t erla zevenmaal ver1aagd 1947-1954 zi n daze 111 zen de 1001 van to Jwren 1 1 ikoo~ relvor en in 1954 11 ,den, a1s llet was 11et 1eve11 2,3 illaal zo gnec 1 ~ in 1947 was. . .,acht van t ~ ste1,1~ t e o bevolkin erla in en hebben t koo Ike priJs1 ~ ~ p1~1 , ollcing 2,5 111aa1 7.OVeel vlees, vctten en verhoo d. 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De Voorzlttc , ,sleu .aad van de USSR, N, A. noelganin, i van to It 21n1 r der e verhogIn van de ~' lice ft 1 voi den van ve ft eze t. ,~1955 Zal eon J ~ g ,~ metal lore lvelstand en het culttlrlyle 1eveils1peil van het yolk-,, 40k voor de besche g van de gezontheid van he volt c is in het . raainini ichtingen, So1v 1 min 1huizen, lc t?lant veal e doau, I -let a enter zi~ltel ,den worth met he Je ~ t aar grotor, 1~oliltlinlelten sanatorln en her ate111ngcool , In 1953 warm or . . it. 000 arisen moor, tan in 1952. De sterile in het land 1leemt steilc af. In de loot _52 bedroe e ztrivere be, ,e11 195019 ~ t wJet Uni ~ van to al. e 9,5 rnillloen prsonen, ? olbouw, die in Vol1{111 Saa11wa9 in do So grate , . n van het voll< en de 1 1(1 tot weltiJ l~e vii Je arbe ~ dolst n aar lcennls ge ekende , he ~ el het land jlnnt5V111tt he~be ~ , baai n een on t 57 mlllioen 1set sonen die onderricht k ri Jgen, .t 111 de So1VJe t Unie zi 11 , ~steaarsstu? , a1 in 19541verden als eei i epen. A11een en 111be ~ alle I eercursuss e hogescllolen toe- eis es tot d denten meal tan 450, n00 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 nt ntstann vnn de So~v et~ el en dnl Is het tootste nantnl slncls het o g ho esehool, [let totnal nantal sttularcnden ann de ho eseholen bedroe In dnt amar cen mlllloen 132.000 I~ersonen, Iii nn 200,000 welensehnplpelf ko werkcrs zl n verbonden aan de we' tetlscha111ell Ise en onde(wi sinslclltngen ti nn dc USSR, In de USSR ontwlkkelt de wetenscha zich In nauwe sartlenwerk1n met do beclrl ven, 1?Iet sodallstisehe Sow et?stelsel verleent rote mo cti kheden voor , in van het selle p endc Inillatlei van de volksmnssn's, Dc ce l ofi~ 1 vllIel . g honderddtlzenclen voorstellen van ultvlnders in do beclrl ven de invoerin vnn pro ressleve arbelcismethodes In het roduelie proces on de enomme n~ n cif g In alie Ink- ratlonallserln vlucht die cle bewe In voor ver~1ieu-i ken van c1o Sow et?volkshulshoudln enomen heft' dit altos loon! nan clat het olk nis worker on sc l he j ter zI !1 nrbeicl veer zi n eigen welzi n ~ I evonde on ekende successes bereikt, De S~ ovet? eleerdcn schr! ven nleuwe hoofdstukken In het ouden ~' book yi-1n do S~ ovet?\vetenscllaI) die vr1 en onvervaard de weg baant kencle ebieden van de keilnis, De Sow et?weteuschnj client do door onbe I s jrekend voorbeeld an de onversehrokken ver? ra ak -an de vrcde Een l ti ' . do Sow ct?~velonscllap is de In 1954 in de USSR in u? In s eest van nte CXl)IOItEttIC enomen eerste electrische cenlrale van de ~verelcl, (lie O j) a100111k1 aclIt wcrkt, Dcze atoomccntrale heeft con vernlogen van 5,000 k1V, 1r worden oniwer1pen enlaakt voor atootneentrales met con vernlo en ~' ~' van 50,000 lot 100,000 k1V, am van de wnterkrachtccntrale Hot 11 rolga?i)on?kflnsal ,Lenin". De spuid van Tsiem1lans1Sfia ne Maskouse ondergrondse spoorwe De hoofdzaal van het Metro?statian f ?I(amsatnoIJsknJn?l(olltscwd &' ' enscha eli'ke techtj~sch wet pp J isle verleent andere landen Dc Sowjet U nden, dzame doelel hul , 1n d pan de atounjenergle voor vree ~ bi J /jot benutten ~ ~? tuur. en voorllcl~tings,nstel nee woidt het assts/ cc I lin en e SowJet U ,othelcen n cultuur alei o p arljeiderscltlbs, bib!( -- muses, theaters, Len pan jar tot JTar roter, a e Oc~l~ c ~' , de p ~ le SuwJet?hteraluur ontwihkelt z(ch stormachtig, J aaro l aan boel~ ,ll,ard exempLaren, d, w z, het dubbele /roe ~' in 1953 eon ml .en bec ~ v an die in 1940. van die 11kdom van de cle en culturele rt J z~ ~ch de mater Lo v ernjcn, ~ , ~ t ~'vuld~ ~ SowJ'et?mens, 29 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012!08122 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 economic van de USSR is ecu `Vrc esecouorni? De cconoinlc van do USSR is colt economic van vrccdzamc opbortw Do workers van c1 o v cl? S ~ Unlc hobbcn vitae! Bolan bi c du tr ~ C it t zan1C vrecle bi clozo bolan rI kste voor w aarcle voor hun sticccsvof to voort an op de we naar het communlsmc, l Het eorsle wat het Sow el?volk cleoci , , toen het In 1917 de njacltt zelf In ltandeii nano was de ullvaarcll i n pan hot door de role Lenin , poor estolde, hlstorisehe D creet over do jrcde" j I~ 1 , Slndsdlen ctrl clt cic Soa el? 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S ~'- I o~tiJel ~'a van do Unlo van Socialistisehe Sow ct.Rc~ttblielicn aanES i ononien word, is con nietiw etuigenis van het waardovollc initiatlef van het ~ SovJ'et? ~' volk, (IaI ericlit is o) verntincicrhi van de internalionalo spa nnin ~' 1 ~' C11 O J een vcrdere ontwildceling ~ van hot vcrkeer on het weclerziJ'ci ? rl' bC ) ttI,,ss 5Ci1 de ~I volkcrcn. 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Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Pn~t~ur to ~ Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 1Jlrci~ (l1'ltlliltl ~VII'II slur ilunn a t rI, 1v iin ra'lsehvu ~Ili I Iilllt.h4 n nail dhtt Ii1I . ,\nIi iShhtl vnrluuuh'u ICI, 11))n (h(5 1'Ii1llatlvn nk'hl ~'nl; un illy' ;1111'= )u't' 111111(FI, Vii) 4'I I l('h1 ion I~ iI lr uus I, I1'nI 1,(-L ~w)ilur('h (lus 1'Illll(uht'n iVilhrt'II(I ~Ir Arhi'II ~~'rlar-(~hi'n kunu, L'lu iilcr in VI rd ~1I 01 i Ifl'Ii u1'Iis i lu~'r Sr'hliehll'i'lle nui{)igt'lill, )i(I Aul (1(I' 1t'iI('f1'1iit'h(' ilSrluiflrs wt'r~i~'n suit i'iile(n ,SIuinpt'l wiC? mit c'u'iu 'u 1,1 ~ '1 ;I Iru'ru ph di 1turkit1tii b'~r.eiithen uii l'Iru'cn , ~ S b _ II It- 1t131~11'I'tss'1'1'I' 1; =- L'iC1t)'I'IN ~ 11 , ~tl ll ltl , 1)1111 I I,t~II 1 ,IIIl~11 1)itist- 1;111) its Isi till{ ~vIhlihgsltl ~ cl 1 { ' ' + { I I U J I 11111 I(111i (I1i ,1111'liitt n h (Ihe I1liillt'1jt'ii '1I1ii't'iid (1('r ;Irh('ll nl))I'iI1hrlIl r ( " I 1 I(I f1111I)1 il(-1~('Il)l I);\S L()'I', C;s N'ir(I ('n1)I'(llll('I1 ills 1!(IIIII I(~I'i111 I'ul(s I lel( r)l 'IkeII )I'It{'t des. ,~ S('I1 SchIllt~lr,1(~m )ernlur IOM 3~(; II iii I 1 I; , ti i ~ (n(lt n, Iii Us (11i'4 Ini'Iii In1I)Ii1II('I)('11 Ittii' t'Irt11l t~ Sin Iii lWl' ~(-liilc! { t , 1 h I Il I I '(I, (I(I' I'( l 1111 1)({ileIt titiItr 'i(?I'inh4('t' 13('Il1slit flJ4 n h Ill/ 1111 kIII111 1111111 in \Itssi11h+IOI ~'cr~~'c (- ntl lit I" 14I's,ti,\I I'I'' I'I',I, is (lie ()1n'rl'lii('Ii, mt dt~r ;lul'I11 ~e urn(1 d s ('s I In ' ' ' '? ll('Ii (ns COI 0 x1 t (1111inll zu \'('rl)i'1t11 I111(1 (111,'4 I?I)II'('rn('I 'I)il ' ' , ' ' 1 h( 11(1(1 U' ~~ (I(, Lt1: et 1 I('I('I11orn, ,sIn(1 ?'1Chr(91(I (les 1 ul'ns l~ I(t13111i11e I iu 1(I~ ~n(Itn, ;11s I' itl(Inlilli'I 'irtl 13Orux ('I)1)I'u111191 (1Pr Vn' ~' I , Ill(.) tll)h(I)1'11111i1, gt'Inltltll '''l n 1111(1 It;llhl:,111,1)I 11 II'(l, I)er I3om'ux 1st in heschlussmi en 13Phulleru, 11111 ililt v- (I' It~ut, '1i l ihrkt'II 1111(1 1't9rtI n I'(1111~''' '1111g,(11 'll ll ' 111 ('It, Li ll l /,111)l,N'11111 1,' 1 I .11, Iiie l;r~~~iir111u11 tics Sc1llll'I0s 1111(1 tins I'Iii1lc1)pits -'i' (ills Sl'I1niclzcii tIe,s 1~l.'Is i-1inn(!I1 II(II' 1'(.,II,gU11tIL.! \\Teiscll t't'I'(11 X111 ~ L , II) ill 1' liiiii111.1 u(I~~1' l, 'il"u' ~ (~tl,'4? t ~hll Itit l)tl) 11111l ~ I(u, Ii) i)iil. 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I(incilctl dureh iallenl(met i , 1011 t,ibl.i/tll, Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 ~~rvic ~ .tlt ~uwlullo i ~ . ttl(ci- ~. 11', J I11It11I(!n 111(1 I' Ins I~nii n n (1('1' ,' IlIhi t 1 , rr, 1, 1)115 1,il1sl(.II(11 dc1 SIlIIII( 1111 l$li11111111111-I' 1VIId in ;111111111 b r, I(cil Y(lD (1(111 Z,I) h($IVJ)('IIt'11(I('n ~1'({rl(sinl1' III1(1(Ier ;11'I (I('r Ilellr 11(!I~ ,'t,(I,l1111 , It1 n n(1s1 I, b I311~15'l'l(;I'N(; 1)11t S11111~141 (it'll,,,, ,ust'II deipll:rllllnltl ItrlIll ,`'rillrllrn ,ttif I IIIIII Iu11ms' VIIN tilt' III;rniis'I Ann (iis/II'lnt'n, iiFnFl7r IIII11 ,Ilt'NN(5 5, Iu' 111 S' t I 1 , t hh IIrn I tut ,`hlhlt n, (h?HUIl nut'h tire' SiiIl.rulhife brlnl I)rrlu'n IIIII'I' .IIUIf'riulleu, -, l3ei11i Linslelleu der Sllilllc 111113 'e 1 Intel hesfI'tthl rein (lie + Intl Iic11sl kleiii /.ll hullwl " t des b b , du 11(,1 II'1'i113i~1't,1 ,lushdun d(5 ~ 51EL hlcs \'i1)I'fIjOfcll II 11Vel'nlei(11it ' ' t' ' 11 su1(I, (lit, 5(.11 1 un iulsll I - (I lt . b t; J1 C _ 7711 u yA tti;ii iiAtIlS11 fl/tilt 11(1, n f dlctclt udrr k1t IuCP tl INuO, ` ;Ai'hell (It's SInl11('s I)e('inl'lussen Iu1d Zulu Aits11rll('I(e ~ In (!(s l I!I I I ('hl'fls I'(IIii'en1 I)le 11nsludnn r des SIn111es (lnl'I' 111th/ ~r(113eI ' seln uls s(~ln(- ~+ ~ Iliihe, a, I'i' des Ienlrieren des SIuhles t'ul)l'Ie1111 es sick' clue cin? 7,io (II('i(t' I'lilerln to 11110 Ilit'hI 11)Plll'NI'(' (Ifni(' % n ~ ll II \'(9'\\'(!t1(1191. 1, II 11nt1111II)(lH t der Slii I Ic I i'cn(I b (I( r ;1rI)(II, ?I, I)ell 511111:1 (Ill Pt' 1111111 ntlI' I)({i 111154cSCl(1111eIen1 1'()rs('llnll 1 111-I1('l)({n, I)ie 11'el'1(ictl.+'-111nsel1ine (1111'1' niclll in Gent tcselil h h 11(11'1' slillhele;;l 11'erdcn, 5(Ilr1 nl~e (Id' 5ltIi l 51(11 III ScIlriill I)el'ill- n (I('I, . 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Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 vi 1, Aii sIHII SC ~ Ii O 1 1 S 11i h 11 i Ilm \u1Ii s 111111(. en 1111 J,11 u I c des i1I'I)(ils )I'OZ[~, ,' ~~~~[~S V11S11111113 1 cim, ,51ii h1 a nIIIIILI. n1 ~11,51hllllln l s(I~v(-hl ' dl(~ti )unnl)luulllnlhl i 'i , I le II[1eh (Ii !'re1111ICh(.', , 1111 (!111en1 5111111 )1' bl' -~Oldlnln Sin hi lu11)I ~ 1(hll ('ti sIlh ni[:hl itl zhl'he)1e11, till J)ci I'f11'11, -!S +Ll/,Ill' 13.11(11/,fill l'I ' L. 1 + nl'',y Sc111hC11 11' I, 11Ic? 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'[nd(n, lIEI S) II I1 I I) I' n Iii', ~xl- r'I I~I~d n 45riFAkf" Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 StlI1 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 rT 1 1 9 n Cr IIAaiii inciefi J n i I1O9O )1111 flI)'Jte1h11110r0 ATIid1OIICI'HH Mw117'1AprC ACCTO31111f1, A TI Iii~KC i 'J1 H[)p CACjIiI1 KOJ1C~AIIIIH 9T(WO C~1-!I1 a1 l r ACT?~fll HA l7 A ,1A)',AI1)C()11JIh11O11 3A llCIl,IlCH 1111 l I IIJillU )l1'ICClHlN (ii 11 )C ~~1 CAAIUIX II 11A~~KO11hIR 011H(WCI~IIX 3V~'!firh1X IiWwC II 4lepnn~IIIhIX ,iil, 1'1CTAIr11oeT11 '1CMClITO[1 l O,-ICCA 11)11 3Al Ill ICIUIH 11hl3hll1 l0T i1MCs iRIlilf MO1lCIIT OAOrg ACCTOAIl11A II 11GJIli1ielll1l1 113,110 IlTCEIhIIQI~ l t1 CTIE11, n9C,'I(;IHiiG AT,11C(IAlQ7?~'fl iiII;IHI{H'r0 )i)M NJ111 CAr1HChlU Ifl)lltl~t p1 ','e rfpolcTr o~i, . h1l)t[flO~) C l;pOtiIBTCIIIIOM 1llli HpOUC))t~H WDIIH'ICCiilt,X -~OJ1CC U t, pf1lgIIwx llnjl n )Oilc )lit 11)0113130 1VrCff 11 y're1l 113Me )ellllft 1i01?1I? ~111H 1 Me>1~1KoH10H'1p 1C M0 llp01 1D C1'11~1M Cblph0M fl FE UOJ1 ~IeHHE TOPMOC)oct aTn, COJep- Y 3Ka e1'o 13 AaHHOM CJIy One OKOJIO 30-32 u/o c oc ,0pHoro a trii pw ~a a C13OF10MO1 o Meg Ana'1 'ro131~1$~t toH- Y ~' ucwrpaT nplIMoHFIe'rCFI 'ta1c}1c0 JCFl tH occ)Opa. 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What has been said here about apa- tite concentrates does not take into ac- count all its advantages as compared to other kinds of phosphate raw products, but it is quite evident what a good raw product the apatite concentrate is for the production of different grades of phosphatic fertilizers. The guarantee for apatite concen- trate, Ca, P. 0N contents, . ....... . .... 84.66 /u, Moisture contents . ,1 , .... ... 5.1 /o. Shipped in bulk. -14- a, avnI.ruIoeIIPnT CYnepc Jocc aT Joe opnoxll- 6 o1lMe, Co . ep~ItaLICe ~OJ1h- caloe yT0p A LIIyIO 'I ICTb )OCC ~OpU01 MIICJIOTbI n no . uopacTuOp11MOh JOpMe. CYnep- ~ c Jocc aT HOJ1y~1aCTC11 pa3J10MCeH110My c )occaTnoro eb1 M1 cep11of M11CJlOTOi1. p Ka41ecTno eyfepc JOCC a;ra Onpe~e- JIf1eTC11 ere X11MFD1CC1cMM11 11 )H311- leCtc11M11 cnohcTnaMH- 'r, e. co apxca- ~ 1111CM 11 11CM yCnoflCMOPO c occ ~opnoro ar1r11 u a 11 ore CIIOCO~iIIOCTb1O paC- ~p ~ CCnaTbCfl MCXa11ME1CC1cMM11 cecln14aM11, CYnepcJocc jaT noJIYICI=I11a1 a 113 art nTllroaoro ICOHrteHTpaTa, npe,CT>3- J1FIeT cpac1-11~Ii 111po~y. MT. Oii coSo~I 11pe1 CO~epMCI1TyeDoneMoro oec~oprioro a11r1-1ipMja 6OJtL11e, '1CM cynepcjoc- ~ c )aT rIOJIY~Ie1i1?Ib1h 113 SOJIbL1NHCTI3a c )OCC )Op11T0B, a Talc}Ice sopouio paCCe- 13aeTCFt. rapaHT11lp CTCH Co a ~Mam1e, Y ~ p yc30sleMoro PO 17-19,7 u/o. ~ a rpy3I4TCE HQDaJIOM. cyrlepr1iocfliam 9. HUPI.li81i981'HA7`l~ Superphosphate is a phosphoric acid fertiliser, containing the major part of phosphoric acid in a font/ soluble in water. Superphosphate is obtained by means of decomposition of the phos- phate raw material under the action of sulphuric acid. The quality of super- phosphate is determined by its chemical and physical properties, I. e., by its as- sim:ilable phosphoric anhydride content and by its convenience for machine sowing. Superphosphate obtained from the apatite concentrate is an excellent prod- uct. It contains more of assimilable phosphoric anhydride than any super- phosphate manufactured from most of the phosphorites and Is well suited for sowing. The guaanteed contents are, Assimilable PO -17-19 7 ?/o. , Shipped in bulk. Superphosphate Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 III, POTASSIC FERTILIZERS Potassium is a necessary element for plant nutrition from the standpoint of crop stimulation. It has been stated that only in the presence of sufflelently high concentrations of potassium does an undisturbed transformation of the ammonia nitrogen in plant tissues into organic compounds take place, whereas there is no accumulation of ammonia so poisonous to the plants. In the U. S. S. R various kinds of potassic fertilizers are manufactured; potassium chloride, potassium salts - kainite and potassium chloride-electro- lyte. Their characteristics are given in brief further on. 1. POTASSIUM CIILOI{IDIh Potassium chloride is produced for industry and agriculture. A character- istic feature of Soviet potassium chlo- ride is its high quality: it contains up to . 08 ?/u of potassium chloride and only a very small quantity of natrium chloride and other components. The guaranteed contents for it are; KCl ,..... 50.05 ?/u, 1{1? ..... 50-61.5 ?/u. Shipped in bulk. 2. POTASSIUM SALTS Beside the highest grade potassic fer- tilizer-potassium chloride-various fer- _. l g - Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 III. KAJIHIHb1E Y OBPEIIHSI KaJiitfi f BJ1ITQTCII 3JICMCHTOM, Heo6- XO,14MbIM ~JIII fINTfHW 1 pacTel-rJ4t 13 UOJII1X 11OBbII11CHNI1 IIX ypOMCahF1OCT1. Yc'ranol3JIeuo, }ITO JIIILUb IlpN 1?IaJUItiH14 OCTaTO'11W BbICOICI'IX ICoFR onTpaWNii ltaJ1141i m 014CX0~14T 6ecr1perInTCT13eII- p I?fall Ilepl a )a5OTICa B pQCTN'l'CJ11 IThIX TICaNAX aMMIIat1Horo a3OTa B Opr1H14- tleciCl9e CoeANNC1?INI1 14 NC Na6Ji10- J aCTCf na1CanJINBa1?114e aMMNa1Ca N a]3nem1e pacToFz1.1 . o'I'p l B CoBe'rc1CoM Colo3e 131tr1ycxalo'rcFi pa3J14i1Nt 1O 131't j TiT 1CfJII1t HI,IX YR06I)e- Nw~i; xJ10p14cT1,1tti NaJII4it- 1CaJ1Nt~lIITo COJIN, 1Ca1HG1T 14 xJlopI1cTbllk ICaJINI4- 3JICKTPOJINT. Hi ice 11 NBO . NTCFI p ~ XapalCTepNCTN'Ca, IIX xpa'rlCaF1 I. XJIO1'l-ICTL11 KAJIHf XJIopNcmIi 1CaJI4N Im ipa6aTbl- BaCTCF1 uJiJ1' n NMeHCHNF1 B tIpOMbIUI- p J1e11Il0CTN N 13 CCJII,CICOM X03fi4CTBe, OTJINLINTeJtbilolt oco6emmoc'rbl0 Coi3e'r- eiCoro x.TiopncToro xaJi rn nnJIrie'rcF1 ero imlcoi~oe 1CaMecT13o; on cop;ep~iCNT o 06 ?/u xJlopvtc'roro ICaJ11 14 otleNb ~ me6oJu,Luoe ICOJINgOCTBO npNMeccikl xJlopl4cPoro. HfTpNJI It ,pY a riix ICOM- tIONCNTOB. TapanTNpyeTcsr codep~Kamne; KCl - 00--55 O/, KO - 50-61-5 a/U. rpy3I4Tc.1 naI3aJIoM, 2. KAJIHYIlILIE COJHI Ida FI c .xfM~in p ~y Jtee imlcoiCOnpo- LCllPiTIM 1CaJINI4I-rbIM yuop 6 eHNeM - XJ1QpHCTh1M 1CaJH'ICM 1Th1U CICaCTCII Ta1C)ICC pW~ IT Q6 14TCJ1bHb1X coJICt C Y p MQ1-Ib1U1'IM COJ Q MCaI*ICM XJIOpIICTOro ICaJIHF" B JTT4x CQJTIIX rap l ItI?ITi1 JyeTCII CO- yep}1CaIiI4e~ KCl - 60=63,50/01 I,O - 35-40 ?/u. ppY3FITcIT HfBaJ1OM. 3. KAIHIIIT Ka14I?INT 11 C1l CTaBJIIICTc060ii uBOi1- p Ily1o COJt XJIOp14CTOro ICaJTHFI H Cep- 1IOICHCJI01'O MarIINI1. YCTaFIOBJICHL1 3HQ- tIN'reJIr Han 4)c) e1CTNB1IOCTb OT npIZ- MOHO1IN3] 13 CCJIbCI(OM XO3nVtCTI3e cep- 1?IOICMCJIOrO ME1FHlIII ~JIf caxapuoh C13e1CJIb1, JrHa, icap'roc ejin, OBOIZe k N upyr~rx COJIL CICOXO3ff1CTBCHHbIX aYJIb- Typ. TIOg BCe )TM 1Y C jiwrYpbi u1)HMe- 1ISIOTCH TaICMCC 14 1CaJI4h. C.aeAona'reJn,- 110, flpI4 DH000IINN B 11ot113y XJIOpY1CTO- I'O ICaJIl4fl B T14 C 1CaJmwra 6Yje'r rioJiY- 'ION OjNODpOMemllO J )c e1CT N OT uC1iCTI3NIl CepIIOICMCJIOPO MarllNn. rapaH'1'141)Yemcn Co a 7xCai*te r3 u 1 ICUNmite , KCl -10--22 ?/u - KO --12-14 s/u, r'17Y3w1'CFI HaI3aJIoM. 4, XJIO1'IICT'LIll KAJII11 -)JIEKTPOJIIIT XJro1)14CTbxtti ICaJ1Nit - O neirC'poJINT rrpwMemsICTCn B xatrecT13e ICaJINkHoro yJ 06pOHNn B POX MW CJIYLIanX- tITO 14 ICr1J114hHWC COJIII 11JI14 XJIOpNCPWi ,. ICrtJIIIN. no I3IIe1IIHOM 13H xJI " .. y uy 0pNCTb1N 1CaJiNN-OJiel{TpOJiN'I' ripe C`rar3JlFte'r co6oi ICpNCTaJIJ14tIecICoe 13eU.OCTI3O B t ICyC1Cax pa3JxN'nwI4 13OJINtINmbl, 0 yrlo'rpe6JIenNFI ON N3MOJlbuaoTCFt 0 u ily}ICIlOIi 13eJINtINIIbI 1{ CI{013 y papam'rNpyeTcFI co ap)ICaHNe; ~ KCl no MGNee 67 ?I? - X20 no MOHee 42 ?/u nec ityci~a Na 6o nee 25 i{r, Fpy3NTcsI manaJIOM. tilizing salts with a lessor potassium chloride content are manufactured, For these salts the guaranteed con- tents are, IZCI ... , , , 60-63.5/u, I0 , ... i . 36.40 0/u, Shipped in bulls, 3. KAINITF I~ainite is a double salt of otassi 1n p 1~ chloride and magnesium sulphate. I It has been established that the application of magnesium sulphate in agriculture is quite affective in the case of sugar beet, pax, potatoes vegetables and - other crops. For all these plants potassium may also be applied, ConsequentlY, . the application of potassium chloride in the form of kainite would result in the simultaneous action of the magnesium sulphate contained therein. The guarantee for the contents of kainite are; KCl .., ..... 19-22?/u, KO 12.14 ?/u, Shipped in bulls 4. POTASSIUM CHLORIOU- I~LKCT1tOLV Tt'E Potassium chloride-electrolYto is applied as a potassium fertilizer in the same cases as potassium salts or potas sium chloride. As to its appearance, the potassium chloride-electrolyte is a crystalline substance in lumps of different sizes Before application it has to be crushed to the required size. The guaranteed contents for it are; KCl ... , . ,1 , not less than 67 ?/? - Ki0 ... , , ... not less than 42 ?/u, Weight of a lump not over 25 kg. Shipped in bulls. -- 17 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 IV. A30T[?IGIC YJ~OPPEIii'[SI A3o`r nBJincen o'ieim BafiICI?Ibr11I SJICMCHTOM ,JTH flI4TaI1i4it paCTdlHtii. ,o1ca3a1lo, ~ITO BIICCe1=114e B flo~iuy pa3- 6 enii$f 3F111- JU4'IHBIX a3OTllbIX YA0p '4II'I'CJIb1?10 HOBI~IILIaCT Ypo?ICafFLOCTb CCCICOXO3S1CTBCHHBIX lcYJIBTyp. I1el F10cTb Or1OJiH4TCJHiH0~i ~IaCTI'I )0?ican, rloJiy~iouiloro 09 Bi?Loce1-z in yl a30'1'fb1X y~jo6pe1l1ii, 3Ha'Ir4'rOJ11~110 flPOTbI11IacT CTOMMOCTij B1ICCC1*IOrO B ,o6 )en14n. flOt1BY y 1 K pa3JIH41nL1M 13z4 t1M IIac16OJ1ee pacnpocTpruIoH1mlx a3oT1-IhIX Yjobpe- t11O'1'iiocn'i'CFr: CYJiI, a`r aMMol-IMII, aMMriatIlIan CeJn9'I'pa 4 xaTpr4ena11 CcJn4T'pa, KO'l'opujte I3XOWIT 13 HOMefI- 1cJ1aTypy ilamero oiccnop'ra. 1. GYJIb~bAT AMMUIHIJI CYJl iC )tV1' aMMOHi4r1 CCTb CpO,t Hf1#I aMM01*til1-tan C0J11 ce1i-toii Ki4CJIO'11b1 6c noro, FIHOI'/a cep - oBa'ro-6eJloro I fOT11 1 JIBc a`r E1MMOMMi1 rI)MMeI1ne'rc:1 CY 1. ocd6ettno ycrtetuuo u n I4u13ec'rKot3au- HIiIX I10i1U 1X. YC'1'a19013J1C10, tt'ro CY.11b- )a'1' aMM01I4SI fI3JIS1e'11Cf1 111)CKpaC1.h1M 1130'I't-I1iIM Y1~061)CH14CM. Bo MI-I01'Mx CJIytfal1X 01 C yCrICX0M 3aMe1-t lC~r Taicoe c 1)c eICTMn1-IOC yuo6pc m4c, icatc l1wrpu4enan CCJ1i4Tpa. CyJt1i4)a'r aMMO- 1IM5I Y/ t 1i-I0 111)14MC1InO71Cn 111! . 03i4M 10 ~ Y pO)KIi, XJt011tta't'id41C, 013CC, Map'l'ot CJtl,, 1dauyC'rY, /for-turw11o M 11hYrMe K J11i- y '1' hr. yp tV NITROGENOUS FERTILIZERS Nitrogen Is a very Important ele- ment for plant nutrition. It has been proved that enriching the soil with venous nitrogenous fertilizers consicler- ably Increases crop returns. The value of the crop, where nitrogenous fertilizers have been used is c?nsiderabl' higher Y than the expenditure on these fertilizers. Among the most widely used nitro- genous fertilizers are:. ammonium sul- phate, ammonium nitrate and sodium nitrate, all of which are included In the nomenclature of our export list. I.+ AMMONIUM SULI'IIATE Ammonium sulphate is a neutral ammonlum salt of, sulphuric acid of white or bg reYIsh-white colour. Ammonium sulphate is most success- fully used for limy soils. It has been proved that ammonium sulphate Is an excellent nitrogenous fertilizer. In many cases ammonlum sulphate is an ideal substitute for such an efficient fertilizer as sodium nitrate. Ammonium sulphate Is quite conveniently applied in the cultivation of winter rye, cotton, barley, s cabby6c, hemp and other agri- ljotatoe, cultural produce. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 rapa1ITfl~YeTei1 C?~e MCa111'1Q ~ N ~- 20?21 ?/q Batarl~ - 2-01 A/n, rpy3nTc111-IaDIIJIOM. 2. AMMJIA'111A11 CEJHITPA AMMHa'1I?1LU1 CCJI14Tpa rTpa.tCTaB- JIFICT C000h MCJTICKC 1p C t4eTaJInb1, IIJ1H '1euayii1tH, l'IJIH rl)tlUYJIM 6CJIOrO L~BCTa. I~uor a, a )iceivrounTOis olcpacicotl. f 14MCI?Ilie'rcn n fl )oMi iul.neuHOCT14 i9 CCJIBCICOM XO3ntiCTBC. AMM19a411ran CeJlt4T1)a B1iocI4TCF1 B uo{n y icalc camoc'royITejii~lioe Yo6pC- 1?lI1Q 14 B CMCCM C C )0CG )Op14MMi4 6t FCaJ114i1F1bIMFt Y10l 6 )OHI1S1MM. 0e0601?I- liar/ gCHHoem O'roro ',o6pcnuin ~ Stu ro'iaeref1 B TOM, iITO one COAep- )KYIT a30'r B aMMttag1I01/i Ft HM'1'paTHOf c )OPMaX. 06iL OO ICOJIMtICCTno a3oTa c0c'ra13JI5e'r olcoJio 35 ? . H.14Tpa'rn1~I k a3o'r (NO11) yCBUFir3ae'rcn pac1'oiIMJ1Ml9 6BIC'r ee, 'ICM aMMI4at1ITIIIt a3o'r NIl, . AMMMatIHLF COJ14T )a eiic'rmyeT 1 ~ neci,Ma ec~c eIc'r1413no na ncex rrottl;ax. Oi1n 3L11MMaCT o,tiro 193 rleprn ix MCCT cpO H BCOX a3OT1-IbIX Y,go6I)e1 I4ii no CI3OOMy arpOXMMMUecucoMy r'et9CT13M1o 1-ia o~K f' 'yp a irloc 1 t pad rel3Mi-l. Oco6eHl-lo., Xopol1MO pC3YJIWra'rbt rIoJ1Y'laloTcfl 11pM ipMMC19e1419F LMM.Ma'-IHOik COJII4T 1jI p riopi xr1ort'Ia'r1-u11C. OTO yj(o6peutne Sa- 13OCI3BIBaem DCe 6OJ1ee wMpOKOO 1 fl )9 1- M:CHONMC B ceJlucicoM kooslt4cT13e, rapanTMpYe7'C51 co ap}ICa1-1Me; ~ NH.,NOo -- 98.99 ?/n , BJIaVM - 2,5_0,50/o, 1Yaico131ca; no 40--50 Icr 13 6 Ma}ICHMX Y MCLUI'CLi X. 3. IIATPI'ILBAf ULJII'ITI'A Ham~19dnaxl ceJiwrpa npe~c'ra13 nne'r 1 co6oti npojYKT 6eJloro 19JIFt 11{e n'ro- riaToro ,r~I3e'ra, co ep)Kar~MV~r a30T 13 HM'r pamt3olk opMe, tr'ro n psi~e cry- The guai'anteecl contents for it are, N 20.21 ?/o, Moisture ... , 2.0.1 a/o, Shipped in bulk, 9. AMMONIUM NITRAT1~ Ammonium nitrate is a substance in the form of crystals, scales o1' granules of white colour, sometimes with a yellow shade. It Is applied In industry and agri- culture. Ammonium nitrate may be used as an independent fertilizer as well as in combination with phosphatic and potas- sic fertilizers. Its special value is that it contains nitrogen in both ammonia and nitrate forms. Its nitrogen content totals some 350/0. Nitrated nitrogen (NO11) is being assimilated by plants in a shorter time than ammonia nitrogen (NH4). Ammonium nitrate is very effective in all kinds of soil. It occupies one of the first places among the nitrogen fertillz- crs as to Its agroehemical effect on crop returns. Especially good results are ob- tained when using ammonium nitrate In cotton growing. This fertilizer finds an Increasingly wide application In agri- culture. The guaranteed contents for It are. NH4N01J .. 98.99 ?/o, Moisture .. 01o. Packed in paper bags of 40--50 kg. a. SODIUM NITRATE Sodium nitrate Is a substance of white or yellowish colour, containing, nitrogen in nitrate form, which is in many uses a considerable advantage -10- Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 'Iaeu IIMCCT 3I~aFII~~t'eJlbl aQ npe1 My- II(CeTBO 110 cpanneniIIo C pyFHMll BMj t1MH a90TFLbIX ~{0~ cIiY1 , H0 Y p lcpOMC TOFO, HL1TpI'ICDajl CCJIIlTpa CO- ~C ~ICFtT ICOMIIOIICIIT HLlTpld!I, ICOTO ITS caM HO CC6o FIDJIIICTCI1 HC06XO~HMh1M IIMTaTGJIbITIM BCIICCTBOM j JUl pna C JI1 CKOXO3i tCTDdHIlb1X ICYJIbT Yp, C1IOCO6CTD IOU HM ITOBhILIIclil4lo 'pO- Y ~ }JCal"tIiOCTHS rapauTHpYeTcn eo~ep1C mre NaN?a - 99-99 ?lo N 16-16,3 ?/o, when compared with other Ands oi' ni- trogenous fertilizers. Moreover, sodium nitrate also contains a sodium compo- nent which is a necessary nutritive sub- stance that greatly aids in obtaining higher crop yields, The guaranteed contents for it area NANO 99.99 ?lu, N .. $ .16.16,3 ?lo, Packed in bags of 40--00 kg, YrIa1Co1ICa; B MCWICaX rio 40--00 ICr, C 3 tripocan~u Ida cp vo it Y;~o6pe- MJIII rI OCHM 06 au amesi no a pccy: Ilont)1 napeC 13/0 1 `r1POM~ I~CIi0PT Moclnttt '2( 0, C;1tu.1CtICl;ttft?Clilt tlll '14e:ICI1tu(1iIti~li1 ti;tlt`c 111oettua 11pUM9l~C ll0i)i, All inquiries for raw materials and fertilizers as well as any additional In- formation shrntlrl hr nrlrlressod to New address \'/O S?lUSPI'OA11 XPC1I, ~ Mo~uuw OO, 5111t~1( llyltitljtt?5Ciii1;t tt :l2J~f1, Prutttexport Moscow, 3~ir, Jr~ ~iM ti Kuiby- nexport". ~mexl'ort, Printed in the U. S. S. R. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-0004OR000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-0004OR000200080005-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 TOliAP1iOPEBOJ1h13LYHIAII ABTOMAT o,lIILoumfLll,LuEab:H:b:Ifl ir:eTT1;.oBnfl LII 1A136 :.14:sI'- -X[.T.Ir1YI 11 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 STAT Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/08/22 : CIA-RDP82-00040R000200080005-5 I L1TOM8T n,pe4n1In3nn 1 i1 J111 o6p1160TK11 113 11I)'T1~fl /CTf1JICi~ C1I0>IHI0i ioiif~lli~rypflluiiil 'n CJ1OfhIf1,i 9~pyr10CCpIliI11Or0 li 1aceonGro i11p0I13n0ReTI1A. IIn i[CM 'M0>I~n'O inhlnwniAm Onepowin: o6Tntlllnflnn0, n u n nn11C,'iit1p03fl? IInO fl apyil-?11MX nn11yT1)WPini'pQ3b~ 11 O6p1I 0Ti1y '11On0,pXlaeTef~ (jtC01IHhlMn 1)03iUiiI1. Pe>liynl,lle IIIiCTpyMeI1Th1 yCTQIInBJIINf1Q10TCfl n NIC3AC 1_lCCTniflO3'IIIUr91111'0ll p013wu nepnoil rwionlin i1 n 'i pel cyHHOpTfl1: nepea'nUM, 3f1/'1iQM II BeipTllltllJlh- JCO M. Kip0MC TOrO, UIfi CT11:I1K0 ~M'OryT 6hiTh ~'CTIIII 10nJ1Cilhi 91,p11CI10006JlCIIIVA ~J1A (J)p03e1)0nnn'nn, 'CnepJlennll ~II ~13), hu'n1L1iJ~C.1Ib rl'OJ1ytILi CT'BpAIIWI1110 o'r ~J10KTpOa31rr1ITCJ1A [I OCTOII'IIU0r0 TOKII. PCryJlllpOlin Ill1e CKO,pOCTiI 'np1111WIllIA 11.IFl III (JI,C,'IH 6CCCTyI1CII IfTOC, ~.7ICIi? 7i1)iIt10Ch?0C IfOpeKJiIO'ICIIIl'O 'CKOpocTOfI 06CCI1CtlIUnLICT ,no311WK1I0CTh I13M0'IlOllIIH UJ11CJlfl o6opoTOn 11 91nip i113J1CI iIVA U1)AlI1CIIIIIA Ill ITUhIIJl;CJIA 11))11 KH"IVWM TI0110'p'OTC 1) Cn'OJIb13~p~i CO fl OJI013K II ? MC\a'1n13Mh1 11OJ~fltill III 3A'rRnillA MHTCpIIAJif1, IlOnOPOT(I pCnOJlhllepIlO11 1'0? 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R oMnJie1cTauws1 1'I; lte,-IIIC cruel?ori'r u3 c,ile~ ~Io 1 '~ ' rt' lllli,l UCIIUUIIbL1 laCiCli, a atIC)HIIIJIIC'I'U C'I'()Jla 1 ,I 1, I C LilCOI{0-JOJIbIIit,l11 ,0I,)0110'1'?(x,11 l .tel) ? IrI ,I, 1 1 ncJIC11 )v(ji,[I 13C 13 11 iic`l'bt )lin rlo 1 r i. i n,'ijC~Ilibillll 11,1-0(1tnd1