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December 22, 2016
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August 13, 2009
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September 1, 1954
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Approved For Release 2009/08/13 :CIA-RDP82-000468000400090003-5 T.,..y,, CENTRAL : 1NT;E1Lt~.Eta1CE..?A~.EIs1~CY:. INFORMATION REPORT SECRET 25X1 This material contains intormatlon aRecting the Na- ~ ? `} ~~ tlonal Aefense of the Vnited $tatea within the mean- ing of the Espionage Laws, Tltle 18, V.B.C. Secs. 783 and 794, the transmission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorised person is prohtbited bq law. COUNTRY USSR (Ukrainian, Kazakh, Kirgiz SSR~~ REPORT Austria SUBJECT 1. Wartime Evasion and Escape Possi- DATE DPSTRo bilities in the USSR 2. Soviet Military and Civilian Morale NO. OF PAGES PLACE ACQUIRED REQUIREMENT NO, THE SOURCE !VALUATIONS IN THIS REPORT ARE DEFINITIVE. THE APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS, TENTATIVE. (fOR KEY SEE REVERSE) 1 September 19~~+ 5 RQ Comment: "Benders" at bottom of page 2 is correctly "Bandera". 25X1 25 YEAR RE-REVIEW USAF review completed. Approved For Release 2009/08/13 :CIA-RDP82-000468000400090003-5 Approved For Release 2009/08/13 :CIA-RDP82-000468000400090003-5 S1!,C:til?aT COUNTRY ~TS3Ft (LTkrain3,an, Kazakh, Kirgiz S~R,s)Austria DATE DISTR. 16o Jnl~ 1854 SUB]ECT 1. Wartime Evasion and Escape NO.OF PAGES ~ Possibilities in the ~3R 2. sa9let Military at~d Civilian Morale DATE OF INFORMATION REFERENCES: THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 1. Evasion ~.nd Escape: a. the degree oP success in eluding the. 1MiVD wpul~largely d~rm3.ned by the individual's ]a94xledge oP -the Russian language and c?~preher~sican of USSR geography. >~'nder mime emndi~~.v~s, during yes population movements, ~?a~eone baying a. fair grasp of the Ru~>~ian language, or knoxl- edge of. some other language spoken in the Soviet IInion, could possibly forestall detection by .potting as a nor--Anssian Soviet national.. Epee sa, it xould only be a mattar of t ime b hel ~ I one cou willing friends among the worked and peasant classes if circr- stances were such as to permit ve assistance Without s" e b. Should cireumtttancee com eI an evader to retreat into the hinterland past Soviet policiett of displacing whole popu a ons ur rig emergency sit~ati0ns folloxing routes to civilian evacuation areas xhere confusi~-n 3EGRE~ ~~, 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2009/08/13 :CIA-RDP82-000468000400090003-5 Approved For Release 2009/08/13 :CIA-RDP82-000468000400090003-5 SE CRS' rr .- . vale~at a~ad the probabilityr n~? recngnitian i~, con~eneeally pry likel t7n tlae ~'. questinx~ o.f proa~xring f ?mti, appraaching small ise-lated villages or small o cozy w erne telephon3,c cor~eunications are usually ~anaa- exist nt e - no wey to alert the MOB ar spread are alarm. Bazaars, which e i t x s its practically every Soviet town P s. war, epee e.l MAD railroad guards "raper-gruppy"} checked all tr'a3.ns scrupulously far atorraways . Healthy looking, young mc~n ot~t df utaifort~ are rare eights in rear areas duri~r~x wartime a~ad arouse i d~ e. ~ ~9~~~i i ~~ ?~ f o er n given we.s v ma appear ton tidy or clean. Moat T~ussiabg are unkempt about their pets?r~a1 appearance seed rarely wear ~aeclcties . M?reover~ one should promptlyr shed all vestiges ?f dlstir~ctl~r Western clothes cr parts of unifcarra~ easily d3.scerxaable as non-Russiaaa? Typical Russian clothes should be Scauired l~tir hmok or cr ok a e t r n t the easiest way to avail arrest is to take advan- tage of tkae critical roan-shortage in the Soviet Union and de end ~n a mistress ter f4ad and shelter. this could be lane rel~~ly easily a n rovi / ~ p e a realistic serlutioxa to a desperate situation. `C~A491!!a Awe wa.ereBee^~.__ _ ---s- ~~~ .v vK.`a. V.i V.Vi giving one r8 self up to a rear echelon officer an i y c~ cer away f~?om the imt~ediate frr~nt). Combat troops miglat Wert find the patiernce to "fool armund" with a prisaner~-c~?--war snd decide to expedite the solution with a pistol shut. '~ ? ircportar~ce of compasses and tc~pagraphic ~~ 25X1 maps ic2a are "extreme yr, ifficu Qs yo other ite~as of great value bringing watches, gold (c?ins or ewe ry , aza ergs a~ae-un s of rvblee, Rt~ssia~ns can be bribed. Such items are very market- ab~.e azad can be exchanged far whatever services cane may der~arnd, ia