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November 15, 1952
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e'-.1f)( t Declassified in Part- Sanitized CopyApproved for Release @50-Yr2013/05/14:CIA-RDP82-00047R000200070006-5 0)nusIDT/D.a...u1,4..L1 INTELLI6'EUCE AGENCY INFORMATION AUPORT COUNTRY SUBJECT USSR DATE DISTR. 15 MN .1952 50X1 Military Transportation NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO, 50X1 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 50X1 THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE RATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES, WITHIN THE MEANING or TITLE 18, SECTIONS 793 AND 794, OF THE U.S. CODE, AS AMENDER. ITS AAAAAA ISSION OR NEVE. LOTION OF ITS CONTENTS TO ON RECEIPT SY AN UNAUTHORISED PERSON IS PROHISITED By LAW. THE REPRODUCTION CF THIS FORM IS ANDHIBITED. In the period, of World War II the Soviet Army rear area underwmt a seris of changes the chief of which was the concentration of all transportation AnAer a single direction. ?he Chief of the Rear Area of the Armed Forces of t;;A, 'USSR le now (1951) a deputy minister of the V3 (Armed Perces) and hns the for all transpertution except air, 11-oA3t -LEI for cther $upray The Chief Directorate of Military Transportation comes under the Chief Dirtor , of the Rear Area of the VS, USSR. Personnel of the VOSO (Military Communiation) agencies of the Soviet Army receive training in the Military TranspoIta1orl. Academy i/n L M Naganovich. .3 At the headquarters of military districts there exist departments !'Ti Mill Transportation (VOSO), which come under the Directorate of the Reet. ;;Irga far t4* district and also the front. The Chief of VOSO for the front sencls transports from his depots and bases of supply or from deep in the rear (from the depots of the Chief Directorate of the Rear Area) only as far ae the regulating stations. The Commandant, of the regulating station accepts 'ae. trains and freight from the Chief of VOSO for the front and sends them on accoriing to destination. As regards any other forwarding of transports, he is already sub- ordinate to the Chief of the army base. At this stage, in effect, ie ccmpleted any fuxther breakdown of the agencies of VOSO. The Commandant of the reglating stations, supply bases and corresponding organizations and also the Chiof4F of the VOSO departments of military districts in the area of their activity hail station commandants and traffic control groups- The basic functions of the agen%ies of VOSO are the planning and the implementation of military tranenortaiAon_?' 3 le The following is an organization diagram of the VOSO agencies of the Soviet Army GUT SA Chief Directorate of the Rear Area of the Soviet Army Chief Directorate of VOS21 District (Front) VOSO Dispatchers etc /10"Yr--_,61es. of 4__Gppmgm, t f Re?ntet: Traffic Controllerl, et CLASSIFICATIO SECRET/SECURITT INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION 01r." gel Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr2013/05/14 : CIA-RDP82-00047R000200070006-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr2013/05/14 : CIA-RDP82-00047R000200(A106-5 3P,r77d/SROURTTY IVFOPMATIOF 5. At major railway junctions, as well as at ports and airfields, there are representatives of the Military Tranepertation agencies of the Soviet Army, in the person of the military Commandants of railroad stations (traffic control groups) and Chiefs of VOSO. 6. The military Commandant of a railroad station provides for passenger transportation of military personnel, according to military railroad requisitions (Form No 1). The rules are given in the internal regulations of the VS, USSR. The Commandant's traffic control group provide for all other freight transportation. In peace time these organs, as well as others, are subordinate to the Chief of Military Transportation of the railroad. For example, the Directorate of the Brest Railroad is located at Baranovichi; there also is to be found the Chief of Military Transportation of the railroad. He -coordinates the activity of the military Commandants and the traffic control groups which are entrusted to him. In his own turn he is subordinate to the Military District. In any Military District there are several such Chiefs of Military Transportation (depending on the railroad network). 7. In war time the Conmandants and Traffic Controllers attached to the army operate secording to the same principle. At the disposal of the Chief of the Rear Area of the VS, USSR, there are a large number of supply bases (for provisions, military-technical equipment etc), a well as special purpose bases, for example, the Brest transshipment basee which is 50X1 Attached to these bases are Chiefs of VOSO who are directly sUbe50X1 ordinate to the Military District, by-passing the administrative sections of the Chief of Military Transportation of railroads. There is constant cooperation in the practical activity of the traffic control groups of bases and railroad stations. 3. The following it an organization chart showing the position of a Railroad Station Commandant: Military District Railroad district Chiefs (not always present) Railroad VOSO Chiefs on the importance of the raod Base Chiefs of VOSO (dispatcher group) Railroad VOSO Chiefs (traffic control organization) ___ --Railroad Station Commandants (dispatchers) may not always be present; this depends with regard to transport of military freight. A railroad station military Commander has the following staff: Deputy Commander for passenger traffic, Deputy Commander for freight traffic, three duty officers, Chief of the traffic con- trol group, three duty traffic controllers. A Base VOSO has about the following staff: VOSO Chief, VOSO Deputy Chief and three to four dispatchers. Thus the principal local repreeenta- tives will be the VOSO Chiefs and the Commanders of the railroad stations. Army and VOSO bases are not concerned with passenger traffic. . The following is a VOSO organization chart of the Central Base MBS USSR Base Administration] VOSO Department S et on lro d s pp -- Army 1Jnit50x1 50X1 1-VOSO Chief - 1 2-VOSO Deputy Chief - 1 3-Dispatchers - 3 4-Typist(civilian employee) - 1 (Dispatch Sections) Each base section has a dispptch section, which has the following staff % one dispatch group Chief, three dispatchers. SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr2013/05/14 : CIA-RDP82-00047R000200070006-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr2013/05/14 : CIA-RDP82-00047R000200070006-5 50X1 /Fi 7U?I 3 TiF 'Mt_TIOT1 The organizatioeal structuee of ;he Chiei Directorate of Military Transportation of the. Soviet Army, as distinguished from. the Directorate of VOSO of a military district, has a more augmented etaff ef workers; as for functions, those of both organizations are identieal. There are two basic departmente in the Chief Dieectarate the Department of Passenger Transportation and the Department of Freight Transpertetion (subdivided according tc military leetricts). following is a diagram of the Rear Area of the VS USSR: '-Headquarters, Chief of the Rear Area of the VS, USSR 2-Chief Directorate ef Auto Transport: ':-Chief Directorate of Military Transportation 4-Chief Auto Road Directorate 5-Chief Quartermaster Directorate 6-Chiaf Military Medical Directorate 7-Chief Military Veterineee,e Directorate 8-Directorate of ruel and Lubricant Supply 9-Chief Military Fln, nee Directorate 10-Chief Construction Directorate 11-Directorate of Personnel Losses _ L.0 I 1111 The Chief of the Rear Area. ef the VS, USSR, is Generej of the Army (fn a) Khrule ; his First Deputy is colonel General (fnu) Vinogradov. So The 1,!inistries of the Alr Force an the Navy have the' awn regular V080 ageneieae-everating on the above describedelerineiple. The Directoeates of Military Transportateoe of these ministries axe subordinate to the Chief Directorete of VOSO of the Soviet Arne. The off icer of VOSO receive higher training in. the Military Transportation Academe- i/n Kaganevech in the city of Leningrad. The Academe traine cadres for all thee menistriee, in departments which are appropriate to these ministries. -end.- SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release @ 50-Yr2013/05/14 : CIA-RDP82-00047R000200070006-5