Annual Report of the EIC Subcommittee on Shipbuilding for Fiscal Year 1963

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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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July 5, 1963
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Approved For-release 2001/03/05 :CIA-RDP82~0283R000200030025-6 i~M4RANI~JM FC~R: Executive Secrete~,r~ ?~ the EZC FRUM Clair, EZC Subcommittee on ~hipbuildir~g StIB~"ECT : Auuua3 Report of the FIC Subcc~aittee ou Shipbuilding for Fiece~7,. Yeer 1g63 RE'FEREI~CE Memorandum For: Chaim auad Executive Sacretaxies of all ETC Subcommittees, Bated 3 Ju:r~ 3963, EIC-D-5~5 Co~up3ying with your regt~eet in the ref erer~Ceel msmorandtmm,. the subject report- is enclosed. 25X1A9a Cl~,ir~n, Shipbuilding Subcommittee Econc~uic Intelligence Committee 25X1 Aga ~~ Chairman, Shipbuilding Subcommittees Economic Intelligence Committee. Distribution : Orig. & 1 -Addressee 1 - EIC File 1 - Chron. 25X1 Aga ORR~D~M~NS : emp~~+287 (5 July 1863) Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-002838000200030025-6 Approved For Ref~,~se 2001/03/05 :CIA-RDP82-OOR000200030025-6 DIA DECLASSIFICATION/RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS ON FILE ~x:~ ~~~ ~ July x.853 :~J,~, RESET CE THE STJ13C4NII+~ITS'EE ON S~fTi'STJI~:..,IDING Th.s: Subcoumittee m~~ infrequent~.y d~arir~g the pest ;~esr. Tkxe 3.o-a x.evel of` activity is attributable Isrgey:y to deferx~i_ng any action in fox~~ progra~n.irg ~~nt?~v the org~nizatian of DI;~. acid the reorgaz~iz~tiora of ONT co~al.d be comp~.eted axed thQ future pattern for staffing the S~abcama~ittee was established. l~oxeov~;rg the worl~ 3a~~d associ~,tQd with the x-?org~,niz~tion of pt~rt of C1R~t i:c C7~. permi.ti~pd xe5s tiz~ to be devoted to S~zbcorar~ii.tee work. With specific referen;cn to the items referred to in the memor~2r~dum far the C}.aairm,~,r~ end Executive secretaries cif ~.~.I SIC S~.tb- cormriitt~?es~ dated ~ Jtx.~e 1963 ETC'-D-5~5, the Subca~xaittee has nothing D!IA 25X6 !formally ~? report? 25X1X7 Reprasentativ~:s Pram the ETA Subcommittee on Ship~buildirig ~;~~re ot~sex?vea?~ at he ~d in - ira Se emter 1 6~ and resent~:d several reports 25X1X7 25X1 X7 hi i di h k l t l ~sce mette a c too p e y there+sf?ter? The mast important of the reports was cancexned wii;h the production a1'~d vl~t~e of all Soviet $rtd Chinese Co~ur~ist t3hips d~~.ring the year 3.gEi~.. Memorandt~ recexrtly have been x^eceived prom DTa`~ n~irtg reps?esentatives to the Subca~itteef and fr~am ONT n~~n~.~ a c~.,airm~ra to succeed C~pt? Stsy~ who retired from the U.S. Navy on ~. Jv.~.y x..963. Th+~~ S~bco~mittee considers tkast its Y~a.ture activities ca~i~.l continue to be ox?iented tows,z?d discussiG~zs of both the economic and technic~xl. e.apeets of shipbuilding in. the ~~nd Frith pos$iblP b?~oader emphasis on raon?-Ei.oc shipb~.xilciiaag as it relates to the Siz~o-Soviet Bi.oc. Gre~t~:r use of the Subeammittee for coordix~tion pux?poses is anticipatedo G~20UF ~. Excluded from ~utom~atic Down- gx'e,dira.g end Dec~.~:ssi.fiee.tion Approved For Release 2001/ - DP82-002838000200030025-6 Approved For Reese 2001/03/05 :CIA-RDP82-OOR000200030025-6 cz~ #'~a93 8 Ju7.y 1.963 25X1X7 ~`ollowir~g thF rat~tion~7. pe,ttern for holair~ the ~,nnu~x~. 25X1 X7 it is scheduled to be halo this fe.:il, In the this conference his been sponsored sand m~.naged by the 25X1 C EIC Srzb