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December 16, 2016
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July 14, 2005
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,Approved For R J ase 2005/07/26 : CIA-RDP82-00357RO 00130014-5 Personnel ;N.:anagement 1. The referent memorandum, attached, addresses a number of personnel ME,'{?OR_Ai~TDtJN FOR: Inspector General SUBJECT Office of Personnel Policy REFEREiCE : NAG Memo for DDCI, dtd. 7_Dec 76, Subject: and would contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the Agency's performance in carrying out its. intelligence mission. An essential part of your study would be to (a) clearly define the mission and responsibilities of such an organizational element, (b) describe its relationship with the personnel operations function which probably (but riot necessarily) should remain in the DDA-this is a related question you should consider--and, (c) determine the staffing and skills requirements. 3. I would like for you to provide to me by early February a detailed outline of how you would propose to carry out this task. Your outline should include a clear statement of the problem, an indication of the resources you propose to use in undertaking the study--including the costs of non Agency assistance you will require, and.a schedule including milestones for completing the task. evaluation of this concept with a view to developing a recd, ndafion or series of recommendations for consideration by the EAG. While I would expect you to draw as appropriate on in-house talent, I feel that non- Agency expertise also should be brought to bear on the question. The basic question -is whether the establishment of a staff organizational element (an Office of Personnel Policy or something similar) at the DCI/ DDCI level would have the potential for improving personnel management 2. I would like for you to undertake a detailed examination and subjects currently being considered in the EAG. One of the more significant topics is included in paragraph 37. In essence, the HAG suggests a funda- mental change in the Agency's personnel organization involving separation of the personnel policy function from the personnel operations function with the former to be a part of my immediate staff and the latter to remain, as at present,, in the DDA. This concept, while not unique, is new to the Agency and I believe its merits should be seriously considered. Attachment: As Stated cc: EAG Members Approved For R E. H. Knoche Deputy Director of Central Intelligence ~~~~QU{#Qa~6=' ,~s~ArrRflR8,~iTT a S Mfaxt T..+ i s is FL Approved For Rse 2005/07/26: CIA- DP82-00357ROQD00130014-5 ? 5. The last paper, a P4AG memo of 7 December 1976 (Tab D), deals with a number of issues in the personnel management arena. Most either have been or are scheduled for FAG consideration. The most significant suggestion made by the NA-C- paper is in paragraph 37. In essence, the IAG proposes a fundamental change in theeAgency's personnel organization. Specifically, the NAG suggests a separation of the personnel policy function from the personnel operations function, with the former to be a part of your in-amediate staff, and the latter to remain, as at present, in the DDA. I find merit in the concept of a personnel policy function separate from routine personnel operations, although I recognize that there may well be disagreement on this approach. The function might encompass personnel policy in the broadest context to include training and career development policy. The primary focus of an Office of Personnel Policy would be on preparing recommendations for FAG review concerning the adequacy of the Agency's overall personnel management structure. More specifically, and in addition to providing staff support to the EAG on personnel management issues in general, its responsibilities might include such activities as: a. Staffing the FAG's consideration of selected executive assignments; b. Establishing career development and training policy and monitoring progress; C. Setting recruitment and selection standards and monitoring them; d. Establishing and monitoring a uniform Agency- wide separation policy; e. Monitoring and making recommendations for changes in the Agency's skills mix; and, Preparing annual reviews of directorate age, grade, and skill profiles. e foregoing obviously is not an all-inclusive list and is intended only to be illustrative of some of the subject areas on which you might like to focus attention. 6. The mission and responsibilities of an Office of Personnel Policy should be determined through careful and thoughtful study by a group of especially qualified officers, including non-Agency representation to . ensure maximum objectivity. t~ihile use of non-Agency representatives may serve to delay resolving the question due to clearance processing, I nonetheless feel that such participation would be most desirable.. At the 21 December 1976 EAG meeting, you asked that the PSG paper be circulated to EAG members and that the Comptroller collaborate with OP in evaluating the suggestion of an Office of Personnel Policy. .chile this seemed at Approved For Release 2005/(qA" ,J9Ifj1AIyr2~7R000200130014-5 %,%J , ri17r-PJ 1114 L A.. Approved For Release 2005/07/26 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000200130014-5 the time to be logical, I suggest instead that the IG be tasked to study and evaluate the concept and to come up with recommendations for EAG consideration. While this is not the conventional way in which the IG has been used in the past, possibly we should more frequently look to the IG for this type of support. On the'assu-rption you will agree that there is merit in this alternative ap-oroach, I am attaching as Tab E a suggested memo to the IG charging him with this task. Approved For Release 2005/07/26 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000200130014-5