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November 17, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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September 22, 1960
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Approved For Release 20SM,g7 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000600020001-ZT 22SEP 1960 a/1 MEMORANDUM FOR.,, Special Support Assistant to the DD/S Assistant to the DD/I (Administration) Executive Assistant to the DD/S SUBJECT: Health Insurance for Certain Contract Employees 1 4 ti 1. The Deputy Directors (Plans) and (Support) have recently approved the adoption of it health insurance program for certain contract employees which is generally comparable to that author- ized for appointed employees under the Federal Employees' Health Benefits Act of 1959. Contract employees are specifically ex- cluded from the provisions of that Act; however, the Agency is administratively extending to them a comparable benefit to be pro- vided under a special contract 2. Eligibility under this program is limited to those full-time contract employees who are U. S. citizens or resident aliens, whose employment relationship to the Agency is comparable to that of appointed employees, and whose services have been approximately equated to the General Schedule salary levels of appointed employees for compensation purposes. The employing unit is considered to be in the best position to identify contract employees who thus qualify for this benefit and we must rely on them to ensure that eligible personnel are informed of this program and that only eligible per- sonnel apply. We are therefore suggesting that the additional copies of this memorandum and the descriptive material which are attached be distributed to appropriate operating levels in your respective areas. The descriptive material has been prepared so that it may be given to eligible contract employees along with application forms. 3. The initial enrollment period extends through 1 December 1960. After this period, only new employees or those being converted to contract status may apply and they must do so within 60 days of employment in contract status. Later "open periods" for individuals who do not apply within the prescribed period will be scheduled from time to time. The Teri-up hospital. plan now available to contract em- ployees will be cancelled as of 1 December 1960, the closing date for enrollment in the new plan. Individuals who do not join the new plan will not be insured after 1 December 1960. Unearned premiums will be returned to the individual as soon as possible. Approved For Release W007 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000600020001-7 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/ 4IA-RDP82-00357R000600020001-7 4. A part of the premium payments for this new plan will be paid by the Agency in proportion to the Government contribution under the plan for staff personnel. The proportionate amounts are as follows: Single Plan Family Plan Employee Contribution $1. 70 $6. 70 Agency Contribution 1. 70 6. 76 Total Monthly Premium $ 3.40 $13. 46 In addition to the premium indicated, which will be paid by payroll deduction, the employee must initial membership fee of $1, 00. 5. Application forms should be completed except for the items "Policy No. If and "Effective Date", which will be filled in by the Insurance Branch, and signed in pseudonym. They should then be forwarded to the Insurance Branch, Room 1625 Curie Hall, through appropriate administrative channels. Additional application forms may be obtained from the Insurance Branch when the attached initial supply has been exhausted. 6. Questions concerning this program may be referred to the Insurance Branch, Benefits and Services Division, Office of Personnel, extension 4681. FOIAb3b Emmett D. Echols Attachments A/ S SECRE E Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000600020001-7 i Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000600020001-7 TRANSMITTAL SLIP DATE TO: L? O ROOM NO. (BUIIN G REMARKS: 22 SEP 1960 FROM: d -DN i PNL ROOM NO. BUILDI G EXTENSION FORM 55 24I REPLACES FORM 36-6 WHICH MAY BE USED. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000600020001-7