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December 9, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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June 13, 1974
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Approved For Rel~aase'Y6bW1~9/011 GIAIRDP82 OO R000600080003-9 HQ. INSTRUCTION SHEET STATINTL NOS. REMOVE PAGE NOS. DATE ....-~..r., REG. NOS. ..... I N S E R T PAGE N05. DATE EXPLANATION 57 6/13/74 Paragraph 23 is revised to update Agency policy on the management of super- grade personnel. Arrow s in t he page m argin s how th e-locatio ns of the changes descr ibed a bove. Approved For ReleasekOD m IA Q M00600080003-9 ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Reuse 2000/09/01 : CIA-RDP82-003WR000600080003-9 MANAGEMENT OF SUPERGRADE PERSONNEL The Director of Central Intelligence, with the approval of the Office of Management and Budget, will establish the supergrade ceiling of the Agency. Within that ceiling, the Director will determine the number of Agency personnel who may cold super- grade rank. Allocation of the supergrade ceiling to the directorates and the DCI area will be determined by the Director of Central Intelligence upon the recommendations of.the Agency Supergrade Board. Such recommendations will be based on evaluated posi- tion requirements. The unallocated portion of the supergrade ceiling will be held by the Director as an Agency-wide reserve for subsequent allocation as required. (1) (2) (3) An employee will hold supergrade rank for such time as the Director may determine. (4) All supergrade officers will be counted against the supergrade ceiling of the Career Service having career cognizance over the officer,. Contract employees hired at.a supergrade pay i STATINTL level but without reference to a supergrade rank in the contract will not be charged to the supergrade ceiling. When a supergrade rank is specified in the contract, however, the contract employee will be counted in the supergrade ceiling. Flag-rank military officers assigned to the Agency will occupy military designated positions, not Agency supergrade positions. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 CIA-RDP82-00357R000600080003-9 AIVINISTRA'TIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY ADMINISTrRArIVE INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved.For Reese 2000/09/01 CIA-RDP82-00WR000600080003-9 (1) (2) The Director of Central Intelligence is responsible for: (a) Approving recommended actions accomplishing a change in allocation of the supergrade ceiling or a change in a supergrade position. (b) Approving any changes in the grade of personnel holding or proposed for supergrade rank. The Agency Supergrade Board, composed of the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence as chairman and voting member, the four Deputy Directors and the chairman of the Senior Executive Career Service Panel as voting members, and the Director of Personnel and the Comptroller or his designee as advisors, is responsible for: (a) Reviewing the findings of the Office of Personnel's annual survey of Agency-wide allocation of the supergrade ceiling and supergrade position requirements. (b) Reviewing, in conjunction with the Office of Personnel findings, requests from the directorates and the DCI area for suporgrade ceiling allocation, the establishment of new supergrade positions, or grade adjustments of supergrade positions. (c) Submitting its recommendations with those of the Director of Personnel to the Director for his decision. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 C,zIA-RDP82-00357R000600080003-9 ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Relaase 2000/09/01 CIA-RDP82-00357R000600080003-9 (3) Deputy Directors and the Chairman of the Senior Executive Career Service Panel are responsible for: (a) Submitting requests through the Office of Personnel to the Agency Supergrade Board for reallocation of the supergrade ceiling, establishment of new supergrade positions, and grade adjustments of supcrgrade positions. Such requests will include detailed information in support of the request. (b) Ensuring the career management and development of super- grade officers. (4) The Director of Personnel is responsible for: (a) Conducting annual supergrade position requirement studies and related staff work. (b) Reporting to the Agency Supergrade Board the findings of the Office of Personnel annual survey of supergrade position requirements. (c) Completing, upon receipt of supportive information, the review of requests for allocation of the supergrade ceiling, the establishment of new supergrade positions, and grade adjustments of supergrade positions, and submitting findings to the Agency Supergrade Board within 14 days of receiving a request. (d) Processing personnel actions affecting supergrade personnel. C. PROCEDURES FOR PROCESSING PERSONNEL ACTIONS (no change) [No further changes] Approved For Release 2000/09/01 : cIA-RDP82-00357R000600080003-9