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July 5, 2000
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Approved Fo eCe~se 00/ / PICRl 12-00347 R000600 PERSONNEL 24. MANAGEMENT OF SPECIALLY QUALIFIED SCIENTIFIC PERSONNEL a. GENERAL. This paragraph prescribes the policy and responsibilities pertaining to the Agency's personnel management and pay system for specially qualified personnel assigned to selected scientific positions associated with high priority national intelligence requirements. b. POLICY. It is Agency policy to attract, motivate, and retain highly competent scientific personnel. Of these, a small percentage occupies specially designated scientific positions are remunerated in accordance with a Scientific Pay Schedule (SPS). SPS employees, specialists in the physical, biological, medical, or engineering services, occupy one of the following categories of SPS positions: (1) Scientific advisor to managers of organizations engaged in either (a) exploratory research for the discovery of new con- cepts, phenomena, and theories providing the genesis of new technologies applicable to the intelligence process, (b) ap- plication of new technological advances in designing, developing, and fabricating prototype hardware and software systems, equip- ment, devices, and techniques for intelligence purposes, or (c) analysis, evaluation, and production of foreign scientific intelligence responsive to high priority national intelligence requirements and the shaping of United States,foreign policy. (2) Team leader, project manager, or first line supervisor respon- sible for the technical management of research projects of an office-wide research program as characterized in subparagraph b(l) above. (3) Combined position of advisor and technical manager with respon- sibilities for major scientific programs. c. DESIGNATION OF SPS. POSITIONS. Each SPS position is designated on organizational staffing complements by title and occupational code used for comparable General Schedule (GS) positions, with the prefix "SPS" but excluding the GS grade level equivalent; e.g., Physicist SPS-1310.04-00. d. PAY RATES. Pay for SPS personnel ranges from the minimum rate for GS-16 to the highest rate for GS-18. Pay steps for the Scientific Pay Schedule equate to the GS pay steps for GS-16 through GS-18 as follows: Approved Fe VMM '20A/Q 1 IPSRD a2-00357R000600080017-4 d For Rel se 0/09/01 : CIA-RDP82 00357R000600080017-4 PERSONNEL Scientific Pay Schedule General Schedule Steps 1 through 4 GS-16, Steps 1 through 4 Steps 5 through 8 GS-17, Steps 1 through 4 Step 9 GS-18 Pay applicable to SPS pay steps will be adjusted automatically when there are changes in the corresponding GS pay steps. e. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENT FOR SPS POSITIONS. To be considered for an SPS position an individual must have broad and significant experience in the major scientific field related to the position. The experience may have been obtained in Government, private industry, academic institutions, and professional societies or organizations. An individual also must have demonstrated his or - her ability to either administer scientific programs, conduct research, or provide consultation of a very high order in the specialized branch of the scientific field. Additional factors in the consideration of a candidate for assignment to an SPS position are academic background, publications, activities in professional societies, general reputation in the scientific field, and present salary. f. ' RESPONSIBILITIES (1) The Director of Central Intelligence is responsible for: (a) Establishing SPS position ceilings for the Agency and for each directorate within the overall Agency s4afif manpower ceiling authorized each fiscal year by the Congress and the Office of Management and Budget. (b) Authorizing increases in the Agency ceiling for SPS positions with the approval of the Office of Management and Budget. (c) Approving the establishment of SPS positions within the authorized ceiling. (d) Approving appointments of personnel to SPS status and the reassignment of SPS personnel between directorates. (e) Approving promotions from SPS step 4 to step 5 (equivalent to GS-16/4 and GS-17/1) and from step 8 to step 9 (equivalent to GS-17/4 and GS--18/1). 2 Approved For Re ?J ffiW1 1 DRZ2-0D367R000600080017-4 ~ 6b/ 9/01' D 2 00M7R000 Approved For R d. A PERSONNEL (2) Deputy Directors are responsible for: (a) Recommending to the Comptroller, as. part of their budget submissions, estimates of SPS positions and personnel required for their areas and, when necessary, recommending any revision to such budget submissions. (b) Recommending appointments to SPS status and desired pay steps, through the Director of Personnel, to the Director of Central Intelligence for approval. (c) Recommending promotions from SPS step 4 to step 5 and from step 8 to step 9, through the Director of Personnel, to the Director of Central Intelligence for approval. (d) Recommending promotions to SPS steps 2 through 4 and steps 1 f -oval and r pp 6 through 8 to the Director of Personne o processing. (e) 'Submitting SPS vacancy reports and SPS personnel reassign- T) Panel (see w d e evie ment proposals to the CIA Supergra STATINTL STATINTL (f) Taking effective action to attract, motivate, and retain competent scientific personnel. (3) The Director of Personnel is responsible for: (a) Determining that proposals for SPS positions included in staffing complements (se are consistent with the mission and functions of an activity and that personnel with special scientific qualifications are required at a level embraced by the Scientific Pay Schedule. (b) Assisting Deputy Directors in the recruitment and internal selection of qualified personnel to fill SPS positions. (c) Documenting and evaluating qualifications of proposed SPS assignees and SPS candidates for promotion in coordination with the Deputy Director concerned. (d) Determining appropriate individual pay steps, placing emphasis on the qualifications and capabilities of the individual as they relate to the duties to be performed. (e) Ensuring that directorate SPS ceilings.are.-not_exceeded. Approved For Re ?j;2QQpJ9/a11NMLANRDB2Q0 57R000600080017-4 ved For I Jaase T01 9/j1 : GIA RDP82 00"7R000600080017-4 PERSONNEL (f) Establishing SPS positions on staffing complements upon approval of the Director of Central Intelligence. (g) Recommending action to the Director of Central Intelligence on all appointments and promotions of SRS personnel from SPS step 4 to step 5 and from step 8 to step 9. (h) Approving recommendations from Deputy Directors for pro- motions to SPS steps 2 through 4 and steps 6 through 8, and processing appropriate personnel actions. (i) Approving intra-directorate transfers and deletions of SPS positions and recommending action on inter--directorate transfers of SPS positions, through the Comptroller, to the Director of Central Intelligence. (4) The Comptroller is responsible for: (a) Reviewing program and budget submission estimates of scientific personnel requirements to determine consistency with approved Agency missions, programs,-overall personnel ceilings, and budget considerations; and in consonance with the Director of Personnel forwarding recommendations to the Director of Central Intelligence for increases-in ceiling for scientific personnel that would be in excess of the Agency SPS ceiling. (b) Reviewing requests for reallocation of SPS ceilings be- tween directorates and forwarding such requests with his recommendation to the Director of Central Intelligence. DISTRIBUTION: AB 4 Approved For R OM9101 210W357R000600080017-4