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November 17, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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March 31, 1975
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(\Ca\ MinCti I r?-? Approved For Release IrAl4 _i.,,i--4124DP82-00357R000700080007-4 Pi IT FOR: Deputy Director for Administration sumrcr Overall Utility of the Office of Pe el's Qualifications Records System ? Yemo to pm ft ADDO dtd 14 ?larch 75, subj: Office of Personnel Qualifications Register 1. This is in response to your request for coments relative the recommendatiens contained in the reference and the overall uti of the "Personnel Qualifications Register- to Agency managers. 2. The Personnel Qualifications Register is one of the by-products of the Agency Qualifications Records System and is designed to provide Agency managers with a tool in providing a rapid and efficient summari- zation of erployee experience and qualification data in their consid- eration of erployees, regardless of where assigned or located, for possible assignment to fill staffing needs where corbinations of Agency acquired experiences and specialized skills are requisite for Career Service considerations in employee skill utilization; employee develop- ment; and management of employee resources. Attached herewith (Tab 11) are, listings of requests upon the Personnel Qualifications Register serviced by the Qualifications Records System during fiscal years 1971.- 1974 and nine months of 1975. 3. The utility of the Qualifications Records System by Agency ium- agers varies with the awareness of the individual manager of the scope and content of the system and the potential. it, offers in consideration of the on-board workforce in meeting ad hoc or anticipated requirements for qualified, employees. le advantages to the Agency in. making maxirum use of on-board employees r filling new requirements--uhile collaterally offering developrental opportunities--is readily apparent as compared to the cost and delay associated with external recruitment.-1 4. The present Qualifications Records Systemums developed to. centrally record employee biographic data and job skills. Prior to the evaluation of the present system, a variety of-mini-system were beine maintained within Agency components to satisfy their own internal needs. The current DDO related aspects of the Qualifications Records System were developed in response to specific DDD requests and is maintained by one full-tire contract erployec (a DD) annuitant). 5. In addition to the tangible production of the "Personnel Qual- ifications Register" where all Agency employee skills, knowledge and experiences are recorded, the Qualifications Records System is an essential element in the Agency's personnel management records system in regards to: This memorandum may be downgraded when separated from classified attachments. Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00357R0007Q0080007-4 OiC0,76, " 25X1A9a Approved For Release 200 CIA-RDP82-00357R000700080007-4 (a) ProvidinLthe data base for idit1ficatton of Ageecy AfflnityTrps erimon the -receettneridations of the- Per- Sohner Appraac.es $tu!y (raup. subsequently approved by the CIA Management Committee and Mi. Colby, was a proposal in response to Nh7. Colby's request that some farm of modified "WS" systei be develered to bientify employees throughout the Agency -who possessed. common functional specialties and qualifications. Nhile the CIA ehnagement Committee has not taken further actio on implementation of this concept (presumably until the basic PASC actions have been implemented) we expect that Mr. Colby will reaf- firm his interest in pursuit of the ''Affinity Gro tp' concept (see Tab B). The supportive data base for such a system is found in the already established. Qualifications Records System. (b) ..4,Jv?-eriroduced 1 ? 4-- ee ic::e_nhic-_?_reff?ileat. The present fleet ons Taco .._ysteriIiii?beeTigned and de w1- pod with the objective of eventually producing, clear text summaries of biographic data on record for each employee and scheduled trans- mittal to the eeployee for review, updating and correction as necessary. Studies are currently undorwy to utilize the &fications Records System as the data base for developing computer produced Biographic Profiles and eventual elimination of the present manual system. 6. The usefulness and importance of the QualificationsRecords System goes well beyond the production of the Personnel Qualifications Pagisters. We strongly recommend retention of the system as currently constituted. It is probable that many Agency managers may not be fully cognizant of the availability of these services and are not fully cap- italizing on their use. We propose, therefore, that we develop an appropriate notice publicizing the system and its utility. F. N. M. Janney Director of Personnel: Stated Distribution: Orig 1 - Adse 1 - D/Pers 2 - PW ?P/P&C/11111111:plc (31 Iihr 75) Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-IR P82-00357R000700080007-4