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November 17, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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Approved For RelvaseIW, /AgR7c&9W82r0j 7t 7 0080010-0 PERSONNEL THE AGENCY PERSONNEL QUALIFICATIONS RECORDS SYSTEM 1. The purpose of this Notice is to bring to-the attention of Agency managers the Agency Personnel Qualifications Records System, a system developed and designed to provide Agency managers with a tool to do a better job of utilizing, developing and managing employees. Its utility varies with the awareness of the individual manager of the scope and content of the system and the potential it offers for the consideration of the on-board work force in meeting ad hoc or antici- pated requirements for qualified employees. 2. The Personnel Qualifications Records System was developed by the Office of Personnel to permit the central recording, filing and retrieval of biographic data, education, language skills, Agency and pre-Agency work experience, patents, copyrights, and hobbies of an employee which may be of use and interest to the Agency. A comprehensive record of this information for each employee is updated annually, or as needed, and stored on tape for rapid retrieval by computer. 3. The Personnel Qualifications Register, a by-product of the Agency;;Qualifications System, is designed to provide Agency managers a rapid and efficient summarization of employee experience and qualifica- tions data. It provides a basis for the review and consideration of employees to fill staffing needs or particular assignments where a combination of Agency acquired experience and specialized skills are Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000700080010-0 Approved For Ref se 2000/08/07: CIA-RDP82-00357ROQ 00080010-0 requisite, and a basis for objective consideration of qualified employees for assignment to positions offering career development. Use of the Register affords maximum use of'on=board employees for filling new requirements, while collaterally offering developmental opportunities, and reduces the cost and delay associated with external recruitment. 4. The Qualifications Records System is an essential element in the Agency's personnel management records system. It can be used for statistical and manpower studies, and provides a potential basis for identifying affinity groups. Studies are currently underway to utilize the Qualifications Records System as the data base for developing computer produced Biographic Profiles and eventual elimination of the present manual system. 5.. For information or assistance in the use of the Personnel Qualifications Records System, please contact the Qualifications Analysis Branch on extension 3641. Requests should be addressed to the Office of Personnel, Qualifications Analysis Branch, Room 636, Chamber of Commerce Building. FOR THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INIhLLIGENCE: JOHN F. BLAKE Deputy Director for Administration Approved For Release 2000%08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000700080010-0