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December 9, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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:Approved For'Q,Slease 2000/09/01 :CIA-RDP82}~Fi8357R000700120007-9 ADVANCE COPY FI~DE1tA7a I'ERSOPdNEI'. r1ANUAL SYS7TYd SU&1ECT: Ful]. Field investigations an Competitive Serv3.ce Employeaxs acid Applicants for Critical.-Sensitive ~'osit~.oxle Section ~3 (b) of Executive Order . ].Ole>0 dat~;d, Apri]. z7, 1953 ? They. arc binding on all agencie , which make conapotitive apl>intment , tirith particular application to tlxose agencies which conduct full field investigations by agreement with the Commission. BEADS OS' DEPARTAIEN'PS AND INDEI'ENl)1NT FSTAF)TaSSE1hff~NT5: This le~ttrr annour~cc~s nrini~.mi~.xx :ttan.dards relating to full. hold , investigations for appo3.ntrnerrt to crib.cal--sensa.t:i.ve pasitions in the competitive sorv:i.ee. Included arcs standards on acc,pe and coverage of ful]. field investigations; the3 ~elc:ctian, tx?aining and supervision of investigators; and safeguards to avoid un~rarranted invasion of privacy. `These. standards are-.the result of a cox?e~'u~, study t>y an irtterag~:ncy cammitt;ec x^Qpresr~nting thw nv~, jor a,onc:lc~s which conduct full. field irrvestigatians. They az?e: issued in acec~rcl-~ ante with the delc~;ation of authority to thr CanunXSSion conts~inc~d in Scooe and Covc~ra~ics of k`ull Fa~eld Invesl;:i~atioras f'or Critioa].-Scnsitivc~ Positions coverage is obtained for the last five-year periaci. In addition, a thorough personal investigztian shall bo-made of anv materially ! derogatory matters developed, requiring investigation t-efare tha ~ five-year pex?i.od. The.basicelements of investigation are: ', Full field investigations on cor~petitivc service enrployee:r and .applicants far critical-sensitive pasitions sha~.l be personally conducted investigations which cover the life of the individua]. with emphasis. an the pereon~s background and activities dura.ng the most rec?nt f~..fteen years, or since his ei.ghteentla bix?thday, w}ri.ch-~ evor is the shorter period. f'articularl.jr intensive investig~lt~.ve A Natiartal Agency Check as follows: FBI name checlt FBI i"ingcrpra.nt check CSC Security File cheek CSC Security Investigations Inde.^t chcclc . ~Dvfense Centrzl Index of InveSti;atiGns check (covcrz.ng rai7.itax?y service ox? defense e~iployr~c;nt) Flouse Cor~unittee ort Urr-American Activities check as appropriate Imanigration and ~1a~;ura].i ration files (on natura].iz,rd citizens} Approved Fd~#~IO~?~11~~1~'~~~4~0~F'0~'~8-9 .Approved For Re'L~se 2000/09/01 :CIA-RDP82-OOR000700120007-9 personal interviews with present- and former ernployoi s; super- visors; fellow yrorkers; rcferer7ces, when available; neighbors;. .school authori.t9.es; ar~d other know.l.erigertibl.e e,ssaci.s~.tes. checks of police, credit (t~rhen practical and just9.fiocl), and other pert:i.nent records as r~p;rrc>pria.te, such as )jF3:[ field offices, vitr~,l. statistics (to resolve. d~.screl7ancics.), military service, a.nd the like. Personal interviews as appropriate, for the proxirti~.te five-year periad, should be scheduled with employers, supervisors, and work associates to verify and al~tain pertinent details for all employ- ments in that investigative p~:riod. Part3.cular care shall. be taken also to verify the fact of uncznplayment or self--eznp].oyment ca.a:imed by the subject of investigation during the proximate five-yoar pera.od: Significant education at a college level shauld be ver3.fa.ed by e, check of the school records. Secondary education should be investi-- gated when the subject is young and has .had na subsequent school..i.ng. Personal intervieti~rs should be conducted wS.th available witnesses-such as schoo]. aut}ior:ttics, profcr:,e~ors and formor students who wcro a.sso-- ciated with the subject during z?E;cent schaa].i.n~;. Neighbar~hoad investigation should rzorznally? be conducted on civilian employees and applicants to cover residence during the most rece:rxt three years. Testirrany of neighbors before that periad rr>