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December 9, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/09/01 :CIA-RDP82-003578000700120012-3 Attachment to N~I'c~i Letter No. 736-- Use of the Poly{graph in Personnel. Investi~,atiaz'z~ Competitive Service ~:~nd ~l7oint~es_ to_ Competitive Service ~'ositiar~,~ __.. An executive department or agency Urhich }aa,s a. hi~;~zly sensa.tive intelligence or counter--intel.7_igence mission dire_ct1.y affecting the national security (e.g. a mission a,pproachiz~; the sensitivity of that of the Central Intelligence Ageney) rnc~y uus.the.polygraph for employment screening and personnel investigat~.ons of applicants for and appointees to cozupetitive service positions only. after com- plying with the following procedures: The executive agE~ncy must submit to the Cha.irr:~an of the Civa.l Service Conunissa.on a statement setting forth the nature of its mission. The Chairman shall then determine whether the agency has an intelligence or counter-intelligence mission directly affecting the national security. 7:f he so finds, ,the foll.ovring shall apply: The agency sha1.1 prepare regulations and directives governing use of the polygraph in employment screening`a.z?d personnel investigations which must be reviewed by the Chairrr~~.n of the Civil, Service Commission.. These shall. contain as a minimum: Specific purposes for which the, polygraph m:~y be used, and details colicerning the types of positions or organs- national entities in which it ~~rill be used, and the officials authorized to approve such exa.niina,tions. b. A directive that a person to be exanu.ned must be i.n- formed as fax in advance as possible of the,-.intent to use the pol;~graph and of -- (i) Other devices or aids to the interrogation which may be used simultaneously ti~rith the '~ ' polygraph, such as voice recordings, etc.~~ {ii) His privilege against self-incrimination and his right to consult with legal counsel or to secure other professional assistance prior to the examination. {iii) The effect of the polygraph examination: or .his refusal to take such ~.mination on his eligibility for employment. He shall be informed that refusal to consent to a poly-- graph exa.r~tii.nation will oat be made a part of his personnel file. Approved For Release 2000/09/01 :CIA-RDP82-003578000700120012-3 ' -Approved For Release 200/09/01 : CIA-RDP82-00357R000700~`~:12-3 The chara.eteri sti cs a.; ~d nat.ure o# the polygraph machine: and e:~::~.rn-i.nat.-i.on, incl.u~:t_i.r3~; an expl~ina- tion of the i>hvs.ical np~~ratian o.f the machine, the procedures to be fo1.1.o;?~ed dur,in{; the erarn_i- nation, and tine>ns-ition of ir{'ormation developed. (v) 'I'he general areas' of all questions to be asked during an examination. c. A directive that no polygraph exami_nat3on will. b~ given'. unless the person to be ermined has voluntarily con- sented in writing to he exa;i;ined after having been informed of the above, (i) through (v). d. A directive that questions to be asked during a~po].ygraph examination must have specific relevance to the suk,ject of the particular inquiry. e. Adequate standards for the select:i.on ar-d training of. examiners, keeping 1n mi.nd the Government's ob3oci:ive of insuring protection for..the sLZhject of an ti.on and the accuracy of poly~;ra~.Z~ results. f. A provision far adequate monitor~n~; of_ poly/;rapr- operations by a high-level official to prevent abuses or unwarranted invasions of privacy. g. A provision for adequate safeguarding of files, charts, and other relevant data developed through polygraph examinations to avoid urn~rarranted invasions of. privacy. Approval to use the polygraph will be granted. only for ono-year periods.. A department, or~ency given approval to use the polygraph for competitive service positions will be required to recertify annually that the conditions which led to the certification still obtain in the agency. 'Approved For Release 2000/09/01 :CIA-RDP82-003578000700120012-3