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December 9, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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March 7, 1974
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' Approved For Release 2000/09/01 :CIA-RDP82-003578000700120018-7 1ill{i'l~'It? 7'r 1 Vii'./ ~li~l?~C;~;S:il~.i`d~. . ` Il ixood lac~ilocdure to clear up the mistlu- tlcr~tt,.nd'utl? rnl part P. of title II, There is btraa slips>t`r~t for all of the rest of the bill. I t~,~i;;il. thfit. it tvcre possible to re- t~tiu that raid to''17DSS it on ovez? to the 3iou:;e Oi 7i,Cp1'CSCL1ti AtIVCS; IleVei't11e1CSS, I f ili;ll. tliai, tt~c tl'tis Very acle- rln;,l,r'l.;Y and sills coule'.jlach: in 10 tl;tvs. T n':1: lhc; r?.h;Lirnuw oi;t,hc Conullittec on Int,cl~iol? n.n.d Insular A~i'ttirs, if I may tact his attention, am I co:"ect in un- dcrstantlingthat it automatically returns to the Senate floor in 10 days? `\ RTr, ,I[1C"I~SON. The Senittor'~ cor- 1?t~c.l.T. will nutlet the nlot:.ion, or n.tike a Lutarulttrnl5-collscnt request cither~lvay l?O Ii1 t,t C lieCt. 7n. order to handle the matter ps?operlyt I r'tn aclvisecl tll~:t we should slave the spccilic dai:c, If we exclude the recess c[n.ieG, talc time it is to be refsorted back t~. onlrl bei,ionday, March 25. I will snake ih[~ rcgtlest that way, and then there will be no dirinll:c that it automatically comes 1~'Ir. Prc th^ 1?cc.ord owner thereof which had bcr-'n 1?cl-~o!'ted from the Conltnittec on In- i:Cl~lol? irises Insttlaa? AiFaii?s with an timend- ln':ant oil pn,^.e 3, Iine G, after the word "in!,~,rest", insert "fro"; so as to matte the mill read: T..' it cttactad btr tN.c 5cautte grad Ilgsrsc of~No. 701, S. 1(iII3. 1~tr'~> c.clrintirrs of site Unitcrl Stcctcs of Tile P~LI';SII?INCx OFI''ICER. The bih t rnr a < n 9.~ta Cottaress assenablcrl? That the ~r.,cr'?rt? of the` Irttrtinr is authori~cd and v/ill 1Je stated by tit1C. rift'^cG..r to convc}?, sell, a.ud quitclaim alI T11C aSSlStarit 1Cv1S1atiVe Cleri, read aS mineral iuiarests now owned by the United fO11CtVS: S4rrte:; to the record owner of the surface A bill (S. ].GilII} to protect the civilian etn- and a one-half undivided interest in rho ploycea of tiro executive branch of tho rrli~rr..rals, in and to the following described United. Slates Govc:rnntera in theenjoymetit Innct in Utah Cotmly, Utah: of their constitutional rinitts and to prevent ilr~~iutriit,n at a print sou>-,lt 151 .II feet and ttnwarz?anted goreruniental invasions oY wr~.;t. 0,`."7 fort Errors the north quarter corner tltcir privacy. o[ ::ectiort 1'l, tntvnship b south, range 2 cast, S:~li; Lnl:c bar,c and meridian, and ruunhtg T11o PRhSIDING OFICEP,. Without tt:cru~c :~oailt II9 dr,~arecs, fi4 nltutttes east Ob:1CCti0i1, ti10 aerate Will pl'OCeed t0 1t5 f^.0 Icr~b; tl,ctzcc nori;h 0 degrees 6u" minutes COllS1dCi?ati0tl. r?.nr,t 7.:i^.1 Sect; t.hcnce north 89 degrees 29 It7r. EPVIl`T. 1\4r, PYCSident, this bill, Or nrittutc; 99-.~~~ecnnds rant i0 Icel.; titencc south rathCl' hills ill t11C foi'ln Of t11e pl'e5eilt n dr;;t'^c; 0(~ tniu~ites t~csi: 1Gb.G2 feet; thence lj;l1, have paSSCd t11C SC21?tt0 On f1V@ S0p- s~?uLh L'^ dc;;rees fi4 ntiuutcs east 1G4.97 Iceb; al'atC OCCa510115 ill the 50th, 91St, Gild ihoucc nnrl.h D dr~rccs DG ntittut,es east: 137 92d C021~i'eSSCS. fi?ct; thence north 80 dc~rces 61 ntiuutes " crt~~t 1. G.G feet; thence south o degrees oG This bill is cosponsored by more th~.n nrimri.c~; tvcsC 137 feet; thence south 39 de- 40 SC11R1;OrS, Of all political philoSOphies, PROTS;CTION Ol' PItTVACY tiND TiiE RIGI-IT::~ OI' Fi~DEi~I'.L EMPLOXEES 11'11?. 112ANSPIEI D. Mr. i resident, I ask unanizuous consent filar the Senate protects to file consideration o: Calendar ~S~Olll~!'I;;.1Lil~~i~1~ /~fl~~ 6n1y four dissenting voi;es, On all other occasions =the bill has Massed unani- mously. It is a 'mill of major imlort.:t:ncc clu- signed to protect the ril_hi:,, of 1?t?iv,tcy and other fundamental 1'i~~llts of 1~'ad~:r~l employcc8 I would lilac to lra,y ftlitnte..,o iliany :-;r,11.LLor; !'or their hurl; 11. r,;tC irt[?- lintln.tiuu. ~,t this bill over i,he yc:rr:;, aunt j;act;cul,,,t~1y to tho disl,inl?,ni,~,hcc1 s:eniur ,Senator from Nebraska (It~ll?. II~;Ltt:acnl. The hill, as I say, is of ratl?elne .ilxlhor- tance. L'he development of the hill and 'the reasons for it are mattes set forth' in tha report of the comnlitteo. Iii view of file irl~itortancc of ttlc mcn,ure, T ask tlnallilnOlt5 CGilSellt thLt ~':ie COllllilllt(9e r report (IYo. 93-724) be printed in full in i" tho Rrco~n at this point, There .being no objection, t11e repot s was ordered to be printed iu the P~icoau, s Pnort:c'i'titc Parvncr ntaD Trtr }~tcrtrs or F e a r tt n t. I;, ,t r t, o tr>; to s 'I']to $ubcomrnittcc on Conrtlttttic:rat Rights i;o-which tugs referred lire hilt S, ir,`ait to protect civilian entpioyecs of tlrerxec.ul;ivc. branch o! the U.S. Govcrnntez,i. in the cn;ny- ment of their constitutional ri~,his and to prevent unwarranted l;overnmcrr.tnl inv:,sion:t of their lii?ivacy, having consiricicd tho snn:c, reports favorably thereon tvithont a.ur?:,;a- mentS and recommends drat the bill rig pass. S. 1GS8 is identical to S, t?i3u as vnani- mouslyreported by the eomtn i Li:ee and un n.n- imousty approved Eby the Seuatc in 11ta fast Con[;res,. The report on S. ]h313 is titet'ciorc reprinted below as ttpprovccl b,y the cora- mittee? ruttrosta The purpose of tine bill is i.o prcihibit in- cliscrintihate executivo branch rcquirentr?ttts that employees and, in. certain instrntecs, ap- plicants for Govcru ntctt t: employ?trettt dis- close their race, rcliglott, or national origin; attend Government-spousorcil meei;[u s attd lectures, or participai;e in outside activities nnrelatetl to theft' entployt;rent; report oa their outside activities or nndertnl:ins un- relatod to their work; t:nbntit to gnc;tionirF;? about. their religion, persona3 re?ntion?hips or sosual attitudes tlnrougit inlerriet.?s, psy- chological tests, or polggraphs; snpliorr. Izc- litical cnndlrlates or atlenci polls-~tc.til t,rnet- ings. Tito bill tvoud ntalcc it iilcrrl to coerce au emp3oyce to buy bonds nt? nr;t.].c charita- ble con~t?ibutions. Ii; prohii~its ofJCinls from requiring him to disclose hi; mvn personal assets, liabilities, or expendiCure-, or thnsv oY guy ntomber oS his family artless, is the - case of certain specified. cntltlnyces, such items tvrouid tcitd to shovr a couilict of in- tetc t. 'it would provide z rli;itt to have n counsel or other person pre?ent, If Lh~; an- plot?ec ~wtsheS, at an interrict?/ vthich ur~.y lead t6 disciplinary proceedtn;;r,. Ii; tcotrlrl accorcF' rho right to a' civil rc'Liott in a I?'cd- eral cattrt for violation rn' t.lno;lScucd viola- tion of the act, and it would establish a Eoard on ~sml,ioyees' lti;hts to receive anti conduct hearin?;s on compIaitits of violatirn. of t.hc act ones to determine and administer rettte- dies at~d penalties. s?rn?rrr.trx r The_ subcommittee Pta; Cnuncl ~, tltrccfc,ld nerd for this legislation. The lust is the irnmcQiato need to establish a statutory basis for 'the prr_servatitrn of certain rights and libe'ittes of tltosc tvho work far i;ovcrn- nlent-note and those r: Pto rill tvuriC for it iu the future. Titc bi71, therraure, not only rmnedles probIcnts of today but !oohs to the futur?, in recogtiii;iou of t: c al,ru>;:t ccrtrrin enlargement of the scopo of Federal activity and the conthttting rise in the ntunbc'r of r~i ot~~h~r I~erlcrr~.l C=ov- ~ 1 de. a ca:;~:~o;:y. Approved For Releas~;,,~000/09/01:CIA-RDP82-003578000700120018-7 t.) ~, i, :? :,; ?,,5~ 1~I'~1~.L~~ ~.i~ I.~t,a. .w~.~i...rA'i - ~i,l:'~~~ a ,T ~CGr'i'i~r? '! ~ ~ J f, .s pears, ono for 3 years, and one for 1 year OIliccrs appointed by the President, by anti ittg the provisions of sret;on 4 (i:hr Fsoarc( from tlzo d;~ lc of enactntcnt; any member ap- wil;h tine zulvice and consent of the Senate, on L'm~loyce 1Zi~his) or scct;lott 6 (the I .d- Itointcd tc~ till. a cactttzcy iu one of these terms are specifictdly excluded from file applica- teal court netiott), An cmi,in~,?ce, hi., zcpre_ i ,~;~ll be appointed for the remainder of tho lion of those disciplinary me;~.sures; but tl7,e sentatlve, or any organization acting in ii is tci?l?t. '1'hcrcafter, each member shall he ap- section provides that, in the case of a viola,- behalf, must first submit n wriLtcu coiu- Ixni~ .^.d ,I'or 5 yctrs. tion o.f thi; net by t,uch iudividnnls, the plaint to Lhe a~cucy and afforrl ID 120 days to rchtt~n 5(e) cst?ciiliehc,, the eotnpeusatiou 1 oard ,nay tr(bnSrztl a report eoneerning stteYi prevent the LhreaCenect vlolnticnt nr Lo re- ,ur luvn,l nuvnbct at :i,i5 for each day spout viol ttirut CO I;hc 1. t~ ?.WnnO and Lhe Cou;;fcss? dec. t tlu> actua?1 viul:~Lion. A l,rovi~ o I tlv; ?;:cv I;In ni d~ltc ttotk of fltr, T3oafd, plus actual ct,l?ir!n 5(1) pt'uvtdcc Yrit' 13oartl ar,tirtri LLnt noi,hiu;; in Lhc act nilr.r.L;; any ,:,Liul* Ir;.~tv?1 , , p,.n ~c:; anti per cilem nt llett rif sub- tvhnn ;:ny nlltcet' of lire Armed ]:'otce:; of i?lic Icgal twtthnrity of Lhe. Unnlral 7nl.c ILrcnro :.~? I~,,ur c.:,peii ,when away front the their Untied States of pity person acLulg under hl& Agency under 50 U.S.C. !lllft(e) or of Uhc 1Va- ttrnnl plt?.ces of t4:?.idence. authority viylates the act, In such event, the tionai Security A,^ency twder ,0 U,S.C. F333 Section 5(d) pr~?,~ic+es that two members of Board c;,tail (1) submit a report to the Presi- to terminate employment. Lhe Bovril shall coos itute a quorum for tho dent, the Couress, and to the Secretary oY sFC?rrorr s transaction of busiue~?, tiro military department concerned, (2) cu- 5rctiou 5 (e) providehat the Board may deavor to eliminate auy uniatvful net or prat- Section 8 provldcs that nothing in i;hr. nptmint trod fix the conit?^nsation of neces- lice through informal methods oY conference, act shall be construed to affect in atiy way easy e,nployces, and make tch expenditures 'conciliation, and pct,utision, and (3) refer attthori!1,y of the directors of i;he Central Itl- ucr c.s=ary Lo carry ottt the notions of the its determination and the record in the case telligetrre Agency or rite N tivnal Security 13oz.rd. t to any person authorized to convene general Agency to protect or wit.ltholci information ~cctioz.z 5(f) authorizes the B :~rd to make courts-martial under section 822 (article 22) PursuatAt to statute or Execui:ive ostler. In necessary rules and re;;ulntions tt~carry out of title 10, United States Cocie. When this cases involving his employcr.?s, the petssonal its functions. ~ determinat.ion and report is received, the per- certification by the Director e[ the agency Scr;l.ion 5(g) provicics titnt the Board shall .son designated shall immeriia?tely dLspose oi' that disclosure oY any iufor;uni:iou is ittcou- h rte the authority and duty to receiv`~ tied the matter ender the provisions oY chapter sistent Lvitit ttte provision r, any .si:p,tute sir tnvc::ti;>a(,o tvritl:en complaints from oi?~on 47 of title LU of file United States Code. Lxecutib-o order is to i7e coact tsive and no 1?ch:~1f of any person claiming to be altectchd Section 5(ttt) prot~idcs that tvlieti auy party such ini'orntation shall be ad nt zble in evi- ot ?,i;; ricveci by any violatloti or threateuce citsa,rec;s whiz a.n order nr final detcrntiiiatlon donee iii. any civil action utu , : seci.iun 9: or __ vfnLttlon of tills act, and to Conduct n lzcar~of rho 13oa.rd, ho may htstituto a civil action in any ~rrocecdhtg or civil action none sec. ittlr viz each sttclt complalttt. ~FOrcover, within pr Judicial review in the Federal district tion 5. I't'or may suciz inforntaLlon. be recciv_ 1.0 [1:Ly5 ;tCLCr the receipt of such a contplaiut, curt for tho district wheroin the vlolatioti able in the record oY arty iztLrrrogation of nn the I3narci must furnish notice of time, place, or 'l;hrtatened violation occurred, or in the cmp]oyGv under section 1(1:), anti nature of the hearing to all interested Disiri~t Court for the District of Columbia, sac:rorr e parties, and within 30 days after concluding The tuner has Jt;risdiction to (1) nflirm, rite lzcarlug, 1f; must render its final decision niodify,~QQr set aside auy determination oT Section 3 provides that tlzc i~'edcral 73ureatt rci;;,.rclin; any cotuplaiut. order mad4, by file 13oard, or (2) require the of Invest:igatiott shall be exrludert from tine :~!ectio~t 5(]t) provldcs that officers or repro- Board to tt~~a,ke arty determination or order Provisions of this act. sentativcs of any employee organization in which it is at,tltorized to male under section srcrrox ro any degree concerned with employment of 5(1c) but whitaz it has refused to make: In Section 10 provide:; that uvthing; contained the cate;,;ory in which the violation or threat considering tlzc~ecord as a whole, the court in sections 4 or 6 shall be co~sP,rued i?o pre- occurs, shall be given au opportunity to par- is to set asirie ally 13ndf2tg, conclusion, de- vent t1C establishment of clepat?I.rnetzt and ticipatc In the hearing through submission termination, or ot`r,er of the Board unsup- agency grievance procedures tv enforce this ci: tal?ittc:tz clai;a, views, or arguments, In tho ported by substatntia.l,,evidenco, act. Tltl:t section it clear Lho,t the ciiscrction of the Board. they to be afforded The type of review dttilvisioned here is simi- existrnzcc of such procedures are not to pre- ntt vpportttnity for oral presentation. This tar to that obtained udder the Administt?a- cludo any appiica.nt or employee from pur- section further provides that Government five Procedure Act in stl,ch cases but this "suing any other available remrcties. Ioty- cnzployccs called upon by any party or by section affords a somewlia,t enlarged scopo ever, iY ztnder the procedures r:;tablisheci by any Fedcrat employee organization to parti- for consideration Of the case than is now an a?envy, the complainant ;tas obtained ripnte in tiny phase oC any adtiiinistrntive or generally accorded ozi appez.~ of employee complete protectiozz against Lltreatencci vio- Juclicl;tl proceeding under ti~is section shall cases. 'rite court hero hag tngre disct'etion lotions, or cantpiete retire s ;or violations, be free to clo so without incurring travel cost for action an its own initintivc~ To the ex- such relief may be pleaded in ba.r in the yr lrts> iu.lcave or pn.y. They shall be free from tent that they are consistent whiz this sec- U.S. district court or in proceedings before z ,tt?ttiztt coercion, interference, intitnidatiou,' tiou, the provisions for Judicial Z~eview in the Board on Employees' R.I' ltf:s, r t repels tl izt or hecausc of their participn- .title 5 of the United Slates Code wouifcl apply. Furthermore, an employee may not stet; i i ~u. Any periods of time spent by Govern- Section 5(n) provides for congressio`Ital re- his remedy through both i:he i3o;trd and Lhe areal ?lnplnyccs during such proceedings view by directing tine Board to submit t the court. If he elects to pursue iris reuzeclic5 strati be lzcicl to be Federal employment for Senate and to the house of I~epresent:atie`es through the Board uncles seci?ion 6, for m- all httrpo,^cs. an annv;~i ren~rt wt,t~t, , ?~+ ; ..t?~t~ ~ tea.,+~_ .>ectioti 5(1) apptics to tine Bonrd hearings meat concerning the nature of all comp]aint """' "c wzrrves nts rt;;nt: t.uuter sr:ctirnt x i,itc provisions of the Administrative Proce- filed wii:h ir._ tt,~ rtnt~r,,,t?n;_in?c ~?~t ,,.,t,,,.~ to take Iris case directly to the district court. hrariuF-.; insoCa.r ns cottsi^, tent with the par- all ofliccrs_ or employees against whom arty ~ Seci;iori 11 l the standard st vet?ability pr,~:^ of Lb L; scctiozz. penalties have been imposed under this clause. u n vnv tCCd, to stale such detcrminntion X100,000 for the Board on Employee 1Zlghts. pleaseCl today to jo tl Ivy ill t tiCUt tied url not by ,.Il interested parties of the find- ~ CO11Ca~"UC fl'Olri 1Q02 tail C'1,l'Olr1t L ti;CII tli0: nt ~:,. 'i'hl.. O.etcttitinativtz shall constitute n src?rrox c ARVIN i11 SUpp01't Of 1GIIL i 1 l , a , t4 r1 C 1 oC a IiuaL cat i?:inn of the Bcai?d for purposes o! Section G provides that noLiting in the act shall be coustruect to t to 1lroteet certain con5ti.tul;ionai i~lf:hts itulic?ial review, p ?olzibit au officer of ter?Li?~t 5 1_ the Central Int.eliif,~ettcc Af(ency or izf tho of CnlployCC5 of t11C C%CCtitive bfilnCli (tf _ (~) siaecifies the action to he __ .. --' '" ~-- "" ""'"' '" ditious, irotti roc ucsLin ' rlcicrtninc:; Chat any- violation of this act has 1 g an ttpplicatzt or em- T1115 111C25U1'C ha-S CO11iC 1)Cini'C the SCI1- I~ren conunitfcd or threatened. Iu such case, Ploycc to stibmit a. personal 1htancial state- il,te 011 SEVCl?al pl'CV10 t15 OCC?sir>1L; lztld has Ci,r Pnarcl ::hall inunedlately issue and causo meat of t:he t}?pe defined in subsection 1 (i) 1'eCCiVCCI llri&iiit110ti5 al)pl'ofal eRCI) timC lv Le served on Cite v;Cendin o(i'icer or em- and (J) or to take any polygraph or psycho- s as Z recall; but has suh5et;ucnily failed to ploycc au order requiring film to cease and logical test designed to elicit the personal 111f01'nl at1011 protected under subsection 1(e) reCe1VQ SII111Iar flppl'OVttI ill i~ll@ ti OlliC. dc:,i:a. from the unla.tvful practice or act. Tho or 1 f' , Ik:ard Ls 1,o endeavor to eliminate the unlaw- (I The thrust of the bi71 is 1;0 1?rollibit file fug ac?t~nr practice by informal methods of Tn these af;oncics, such lt~tformatimi may T'CdCPa1 CroVC1'lliri Ciii; fl'otn l'CrJ ilil'inj; e111- conference, conciliation, and persuasion, be acquired fro,n the, employee or applicant pjpye(.5 pf the CXECAti.VC ;,ailll.Ci1 ttri(i aP- .,.:.v v: :,,a u?.:,?b?uu tit;~n~s a personal una- r iho cn;c of. n fir;;t olfeuss, issue alt of]icial rrr: 'ate Ipivcrl,ment C c ,l)au; a u-*, ptxr5uatlt to law, a 1311)0(1 oil Tran fel'ring ODIC Pic un 1 , i lc ' c Sector (with an ac c ii),u1C n r ?;,,, I) . ,,- ela- i`:-TF i.RMAi IJi P OF T'.-TTY CON_ ferred to tile Committee oil 'OI `il;il , r i ' : . e II ei, ~---- - PRO )Smm LEOIS' I1Y BY DiTA,-lAn4Tr; Ii IAporovedriForgRelease t00 019 QIR IA~1 7ROOQ7 fi,oi r 48y7 1 1:1 e't f' s whore privacy begins, too. I I as.: ill: t.lltiloUs CO,1sC11 flat C iti, t1C Alt,tf al? ;ro.n ti t ,^ ri- ident Will sco fit (0 bt ;in 1'0111;liliclC1 (rf thiS Coi ,.e be in oracle t;'ry i c , privacy protective )llcaSlll'ew fu i?111' 1 :CIi1Ci 1,,.:11, ~i? UA 030 si 'i t, a ,. , 1