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December 19, 2016
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December 5, 2005
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August 18, 1953
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Approved` i Release 2Q& D `j CIA-RDP82-0 R000100060019-0 IAC-M-117 18 August 1953 INTELLIGENCE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Minutes of Meeting Held in Director's Conference. Room, Administration Building Central Intelligence Agency, on 18 August 1953 Deputy ,Director of Central Intelligence Lt. Gen. Charles P. Cabell Presiding MEMBERS PRESENT Mr. W. Park Armstrong, Special Assistant, Intelligence, Department of State Major General Richard C. Partridge, Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, Department of the Army Rear Admiral H. C. Daniel, acting for Director of Naval Intelligence, Department of the Navy Major General John A. Samford, Director of Intelligence, Headquarters, United States Air Force .Dr. Walter F. Colby, Director of intelligence, Atomic Energy Commission Brigadier General Edward H. Porter, Deputy Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff Mr. Victor Keay, acting for Assistant to the Director, Federal Bureau 'of Investigation ALSO PRESENT **Mr. Huntington Sheldon, Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence `A.g a nc y entral Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency *Mr. Ludwell L.. Montague, Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency *For part of regular meeting **Attended Executive Session IAC-M-117 18 August 1953 Approved For Release 2006/fl WtRDP82-00400R000100060019-0 syvp Approved*wirr Release 2 l TIA-RDP82-0 0R000100060019-0 IAC-M-117 18 August 1953 Mr. William B. Macomber, Department of State Colonel W. H. Hennig, Department of the Army Lt. Colonel T. C. Anderson, Department of the Army *Lt. Colonel' John H. Donaldson, Department of the Army Mr. Lawrence P. H. Healey, Department of the Navy Colonel John J. Morrow, United States Air Force Colonel Robert Totten, United States Air Force Colonel Charles F. Gillis, United States Air Force Major. T. B. Johnson, .United States Air Force Captain E. T. Layton, USN, The Joint Staff Colonel Samuel M. Lansing, They Joint Staff Colonel J. W. Moore, The, Joint Staff Colonel F. R. Moore, The Joint Staff *For Part of the regular meeting 25X1 Secretary IAC-M-117 18 August 1953 Approved For Release 200"ft --RDP82-0040OR000100060019-0 Approved'- Release 20'tIA-RDP82-0R000100060019-0 IAC-M-1 17 18 August 1953 Approval of Minutes 1. Action: The Minutes of 11 August 1953,(IAC-M-116) were approved. 2. Action: Approved 3. Discussion: General Samford indicated his concern at the inadequacy of present guides as to when or when not to release. Mr. Armstrong stated that a proposal to release an estimate is tested, in the Department of State, by both those concerned with the area about which the estimate is written and those concerned with the area of the proposed recipients. Various members commented on the inadvisability of releasing information which indicates the degree of success of our intelligence, or of providing a country with a long-term estimate where the continuity of that country's government is uncertain. 4. Action: (See item 9 below) Probable Developments in Chile (NIE-85) ' . 5. Action: Approved as amended by changes circulated 15 August. Scheduling of Estimate on Indonesia 6. Action: Agreed to produce as a Special Estimate to reach the IAC on 15 September, recognizing that it might not be possible to obtain IAC approval until 29 September. IAC-M-117 18 August 1953 Approved For Release 200~( 1ftA-RDP82-00400R000100060019-0 Approved For Release 2006 0 RDP82-004008000100060019-0 *W1 1%0~ IAC-M-117 18 August 1953 Scheduling of Estimate on Iran 7. Action: Agreed to produce.as a crash Special Estimate in one week. The NIE on Iran scheduled for the fourth quarter will remain so scheduled, subject to possible delay until 1954. .Scheduling of Special Estimate on Chinese Nationalist Capabilities 8. Action: Agreed to produce this Special Estimate, as requested by the NSC, by 1 September as SE-50. Initial terms of reference were circulated immediately following the meeting. 9. The Committee met in Executive Session and discussed certain aspects of NIE-90, and (Secretary's Note: b. ONE has proposed the non-release of NIE-85 to any foreign government (memo to the IAC 12 August 1953). This proposal will not be reconsidered except upon request by a member agency). IAC-M-117 18 August 1953 Vrr Approved For Release 2006f3?: A-RDP82-00400R000100060019-0