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December 16, 2016
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January 3, 2005
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April 23, 1957
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Approved For Rel 2005/01/065'99`-FZDP'82-00400R0003 00110024-6 C IAC-D-101/4 0 23 April 1957 p Y OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE Washington 25, D. C. April 16, 1957 MEMORANDUM FOR : SUBJECT Intelligence Advisory Committee Executive ecretary : Transmission of Report Forwarded herewith is report on the activities of the ad hoc subcommittee created by the IAC in April 1956 for the purpose of studying the need for an organization to accomplish the collection, evaluation and dissemination of intelligence in support of activities directed toward recovery of U. S. nationals held in Communist countries. The report has the concurrence of all members of the ad hoc subcommittee. /s/ W. H. GODEL Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Special Operations) 1 Incl Report 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 SECRET SECRET Approved For Relea. 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 fto, IAC-D-101/4 23 April 1957 P Y REPORT ON THE ACTIVITIES OF THE AD HOC WORKING GROUP TO STUDY THE NEED FOR AN ORGANIZATION TO ACCOMPLISH THE COLLECTION, EVALUATION AND DISSEMINATION OF INTELLIGENCE IN SUPPORT OF ACTIVITIES DIRECTED TOWARD RECOVERY OF ? U. S. NATIONALS HELD IN COMMUNIST COUNTRIES SECTION I, BACKGROUND 1. In November 1955 the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (SO) by memorandum to the JCS requested a special study by the Joint Intelligence Group of: a. Intelligence requirements for an effective prisoner identification and repatriation program. b. Requirements for the necessary organization to accomplish the collection, evaluation and dissemination of intelligence in support of activities directed toward recovery of U. S. nationals held. In response to this request the JIC approved a study of the problem which among other actions caused the JCS representative to the IAC to submit this matter to the Intelligence Advisory Committee for consideration. It was pointed out that this action would bring to the attention of the Intelligence Community as a whole the need for intensified effort on the part of intelligence agencies in support of operations for recovery or repatriation. 2. Based upon a separate and immediate need for intelligence regarding unaccounted-for prisoners of war from the Korean War, a separate memorandum to the JCS in January 1956 requested: a. Such additional collation of existing information held by the military departments concerning missing prisoners as is necessary to put it in the most useful and meaningful form for U. S. negotiators. b. Review and revision as necessary of existing EEI's concerning missing prisoners in order to provide appropriate identification materials to intelligence collection agencies. Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 SECRET Approved For ReWse 2005/01/0'6E082-00400RQ00300110024-6 IAC-D-101/4 23 April 1957 C. An optimum interchange of missing prisoners information between the military departments. d. Collection of information on missing prisoners from possible sources outside of the military such as the State Department, FBI, American Red Cross, Veterans Administration, etc. 3. Action on this latter request of January 1956 was held up pending a reply from the IAC as to its action in response to the January memorandum forwarded to the IAC by the JCS representative. 4. In February of 1956, the IAC requested the State and Defense Prisoner Officers (a two-man committee formed earlier to. monitor activities in the repatriation field) to elaborate on their analysis of the existing problem and their recommendations as to corrective actions. 5. On 2 March 1956 the State and Defense Prisoner Officers provided a memorandum for the Chairman, IAC, which recommended that the following arrangements be made within the Intelligence Com- munity, a. Determine which agencies of the U. S. Government, both within and outside of the Intelligence Community, are capable of contributing substantially to the collection of intelligence pertaining to Americans believed held in Communist countries. b. Insure that all available intelligence resources are utilized to locate and identify U. S. nationals held in Corn- munist prisons and to collect and disseminate pertinent information to the Department of State in the cases of U. S. civilians, to the Department of Defense in the cases of United States military personnel, or both to both of these Departments when it is not known whether the individual is civilian or military. c. Provide for the establishment of an interviewing guide containing instructions for the collection of this type of intelligence, with a supplement containing photographs, Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-00400R000300110024-6 SECRET SECRET Approved For Releavb 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 IAC-D-101/4 23 April 1957 vital statistics and pertinent biographical material about personnel possibly held and the history of their disap- pearance or capture. This collection guide and supplement should be reproduced in legible and compact form and made available to all field collection agencies. The guide sup- plement should permit more pointed and accurate reporting from the field and facilitate feed-back from time to time of intelligence available within the Washington area. In addi- tion the guide supplement would provide essential background material for use in negotiations. d. To insure that effective procedures exist within the intelligence community for evaluating and collating information collected to insure accomplishment of b. and c. above. 6. In April 1956 the item was considered in the meeting of the IAC. The IAC approved the recommendations of the two Prisoner Officers and agreed to the establishment of an ad hoc working group to cope with the problems identified by the Prisoner Officers. The De- partment of Defense provided the Chairman for the working group. In addition, the Departments of Army, Navy, Air Force, and State, the JCS, the CIA, the FBI and the AEC were represented on the working group. 7. In the meantime, in order to fulfill the requirement set forth in paragraph 2 above, which was generated by Department of State plans to enter into direct negotiations at Geneva with Chinese Communist officials for an accounting on unaccounted-for U. S. personnel held by the Chinese Communists, the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Special Operations), in May 1956, requested the military services to provide full documentation in each case (450) covering the unaccounted-for military personnel from the Korean War. The military services had all responded to this request by 1 July 1956 and the materials were turned over to the Department of State for use by the U. S. Negotiator at Geneva (U. Alexis Johnson). 8. Because of the gaps in this material furnished by the military services and their consequent inadequacy, the services were directed by the Secretary of Defense on October 27, 1956 to initiate a program to Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 SECRET SECRET Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 ftole IAC -D -101 /4 23 April 1957 screen exhaustively all files and records on each case in order to provide as completely as possible the identification data about each person, a complete account of the circumstances surrounding his capture or disappearance, and any evidence which would demonstrate when and where the individual was in the hands of the Communists. A suggested EEI (see Annex "A" attached) was furnished to the Services as a guide, and they were directed to make an initial report not later than December 1956 and quarterly thereafter until further notice. 9. This directed action has resulted in the production to date, and forwarding to the Department of State for further forwarding to Ambassador Johnson of detailed dossiers on 53 Army personnel and 9 Navy personnel (including Marine Corps). The Department of the Air Force is carrying out a similar survey but has not yet furnished addi- tional data beyond that furnished in mid-1956 which, however, was in considerably more detail than that furnished by the other services at that time. SECTION II, CURRENT STATUS OF THE AD HOC WORKING GROUP ESTABLISHED IN AGREEMENT WITH THE IAC 10. The Chairman of the working group left the Department of Defense (Air Force Staff) in January 1957 and a new Chairman has not been designated. 11. The committee has not met since July 1, 1956. 12. The committee is still officially in existence, not having been dissolved or discharged by the IAC. SECTION III, CONCLUSIONS 13. Within the Department of Defense, efforts to collect, collate, and disseminate all available intelligence and information on missing or unaccounted-for military personnel appears to be progressing satis- factorily. Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 SECRET . Approved For Rele 2005/01/06 ,%F4U8 -0040OR000`00110024-6 IAC -D -101 /4 23 April 1957 14. The residual problem appears to center around taking steps to insure that all agencies responsible for determining the status of U. S. personnel missing and unaccounted-for formulate their intelligence collection requirements in this area, and that the results of subsequent collection and collation efforts be made available to the Departments of State and Defense, the departments of primary respon- sibility in recovery and repatriation operations. SECTION IV, RECOMMENDATIONS 15. That the Ad Hoc Working Group (Sec. II) be dissolved. 16. That the IAC member agencies recommend to offices within those agencies which are responsible for determining the status of U. S. personnel held, now or in the future by Communist countries, or bearing on otherwise accounting for missing personnel, as follows: a. Review of intelligence collection requirements related to such personnel actions. b. Forwarding for IAC consideration such intelligence collection requirements in this area concerning which it is concluded that IAC action is appropriate. Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 SECRET SECRET Approved For Release' 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 V IAC-D-101/4 23 April 1957 ANNEX "A" SUGGESTIONS AS TO TYPES OF INFORMATION REQUIRED TO SUPPORT POW RECOVERY ACTIONS IDENTIFYING DATA: Name, Rank, Service Number: Date, Place of Birth: Photograph (where possible) Distinguishing marks and characteristics: i CIRCUMSTANCES OF CAPTURE AND/OR DISAPPEARANCE: Time and place of contact with enemy: Description of engagement in locality: Testimony of witnesses to capture, wounds, or abandonment: EVIDENCE OF CAPTURE: Testimony in affidavit form of witnesses who saw or heard of individual as a prisoner, giving times, places and circumstances. Transcripts of communist radio and press admissions concerning the individual. Photostats of International Red Cross communications pertaining to individual. Other data which will support the U, S. charge that the Communists have some knowledge about the individual. INTELLIGENCE REPORTS: Extracts from intelligence reports which are relevant to the individual case. References to each Specific Request for Intelligence pertaining to each case. INTELLIGENCE ESTIMATES AS TO: Whether the individual is alive and held: Where being held: What exploitation of the individual by the Communists is to be expected: Approved For Release 2005/01/06 : CIA-RDP82-0040OR000300110024-6 SECRET