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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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July 1, 1946
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{ Approved For Release 199$A,WN., DP82-00457R00 1fl0 OL 25X1A2g B.S. O s our CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Polmid DATE-- 25X1 X6 INFO. - Industries in Silesia DIST. 2 December 1946 2M" 25X1A6a PAGES SUPPLEMENT 1. The Oberschleateche Rydrierwerke in Bleohham er, Obersehleei , to dismantled, 25X1 A6a2. The. Oethols A.G. in Bytom (Beutheu) has been entirely di xAtled (pit-props and special we e) . VEEEELQaW&ts Foasibly the Oct-deutsche I Tolsvereertungaaktiengeae 25X1A6a 40 The sugar factory in ]3ernedorf has been dismantled. t There are several Bernedorfe; it. is not ki oau which one is meant. In Prudnik (Neuatadt), Upper Silesia, the Frankel A. G., linen and damask factory sends a large part of its l'rraduota to Russia. The workers are fully employed. 5Q T he hospital in Beuthen has been cleared completely. The former Krupp works at Pate Pole ( dsfeld) near Wroclai'(Drealau) and at Varkstadt have been entirely dismantled. -7. Stocking factories in the district of Zdcowice 8laskie ,,(Fran :enste1n) and B1a .a*a.. (Langenbielau), are" fdlly";employed and thi.;outpet is sent to Rusala. Document No. 03 NO CHANGE in Class. 25X1A9a DECLASSIFIED CHANGED TO: TS S Au the DA D emo, 4 Apr 77 77/I.763 Data': D Sy: QL ,NTIAL 25X1A9a ADSO X A DEP. FUT ~! SPDF 4JTO X DADSO FSK FBV 5P3) E~ DEP EXEC. FBL FOX CFCS bgmTrio ove ease d 8 0023000 P SM Fai ~~ _ $PDA j ma ;K