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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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October 1, 1946
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Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100310006-4 r%r\/A A r%.. couNm pol axed;. SUBJECT ORIGIN 25X1X6 ?ads 25X1A6a CENT L I TEllIG ..! ~q~ CE GROUP iNTE.LLIGENCE REPORT AL in ecco;d r co Li CONE letter c o"er 1373 from the Director c Cent? Archivist of ti,e Un:,e ,'eIlrger o to the 25X1X6 DA7 25X1 X6 O DIST. 23 CCtober 1946 ,PAGES SUPPLEM 2 1 q The highway fr exc OM POZNAN via Kolay ept for the section be betgeon gGLp aKOLO and nd RtJTi~o to LODZ WAR an repaired- There are two wo?d ZUTNO, which was damaged good conditions N TH es re ae} a em and has e not 2Porar3r bridges over the River . The P~32P7A~T ~ ~AROCIN the 1~ARTA near ZMON in KALT32 rased is also in Constructed of woo good condition. The bridge The POZftN _ s as is the brill dge over GI~YE21 i xaeaen} .uto is badly damaged. over the FROSMA~ 4? The State main hih (G good conditionQ g ly from =IN (35 kaa@ south of BRERG 5o T RGYNTA he State Mein highway } to 4NIEZR? ie is y N SKOiIY (Schdkken WELNA xere mot damaged ZCZ during the (Bromberg) .wari e in good } 4 N a condition. ~ The b~ bz) 6. The State Min P~?ZR'~ ridges over the ?o The (10sten) L"SZTO high"y is in t+ good condition. (Dh ~- Stete is aiiszt highwey fre POZNAN to GOSTXN via SRE N Poor Condition. (Schrime) and DOLS.K Sa On the RADOV _ BIALM rivers coy~iet ZEGT .~ N idg rive rueonsi one POntoon br route, the bridges over the and one wooden brio two FILMA which is under The State. Main highway between CH wery bad condition Q+TICE ~Sanits) and T Main ead c work on being fun of pot?holea and OIA' (Tuahel} is in bum,P9'i there h 25X1A9a as be en ~, 10. The CHOjWjCB (IConf ts) m ,ISRZYN road heals an all ia3,ted enrfaae (Berent) 1~ARTpgy ~Karthau$} GD Is du gem bad repair ; the section between CS repaired 3 the section between $oSCIFRZ ell and CIB~A by the Russiensi The section Cemented surface n between RARTtlgy and GD TOZY wing Ii Ci Bgonit} g d good condition- There Is a w X1~1IA a SCIERZT (Berent) road over the Ri~A mid a on the er^ A (Bs?ehe) Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R 25X1A2g Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100310006-4 25X1A2g C$NTRAL INTELLIG O GROUP Washington, D. Co la The highway between CAOJNICE and NAKLO (NAlek).ie partly asphalted; the reaainizsg eebtion is in very poor condition& 12,. The CHOJNICE ? WALOZ (DETTrSCHKEONE) road is asphalted and in good aonditiono 13#, The CHOJNICE 10 CZERSK road.ts asphalted and in good condition, having been repaired by the Poles,' On this road there is a wooden bridge over the BRDA and 0144r the ,panel. 14. ERAKOW Q ZAKOPANEs the autobahn in the section near CHABOIKA, including the bridge over the Raba, is destroyed (January, 1946) 15, SRANOI - KATOWICEs In State gain highway in f'air3y good condition; in several places there are detours near bridges. 16. The eiwtace of the PRZk !SL - KRAKOW road is damaged, though the bridges betxeen ROPCZ'YCE and TARNOW have been temporarily rebuilt,, and the bridge at RZSSZOW mended 25X1A9a Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100310006-4