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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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November 26, 1946
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? 37ocument Araoproved,,or- Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000 NO CHANGE in Class. // D DECLASSIFIED Class. CHANGED TO: TS DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 4uth: DDA REG. 7'7 1763 _-- - &) 4 - bate : O- b c/ 7 3f RV ~~yy . 0y pyyq0 i/AML - U.S. /gyii p1pCIALS ONLY * ~r ~e Rg4'~d' V ^yLY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELUGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Poland SUBJECT SUpyards at Gdynia 25X1A6a ORIGIN 25X1X6 25X1A2g DATE; 25X1 X6 INFO.. DIST. ? 6 I ova bar 1946 PAGES SUPPLEMENT Gdynia: "Union of Polish Sherds r" 1. There are four shipyards in Gdynia, known as "No. 1' "No. 2"0 "No. 12% and "No. 13"`o The intervening numbers have been reserved for now shipyards which are to be erected in due course, 2. The No. 13 shipyard, referred to as "the new shipyard",, is located On Caecho- slowaoka Street. The manager is Mr. Nikos,, an engineer who enjoys a good reputation and is popular with the workers. The assistant manager, Mr. Filipowioz, is less popular and his reputation is not so good. The following engineers are employed in the shipyard: Kwolek. Dobrzynaki (motorcar department), Zabiello (crane department)o and some others. 3o At the moment no new 'ships are being constructed in the shipyard,..whioh is over hauling crenes,docks and shipyard installations, as well as repairing ships which are already in use. Recently the "Der Pomorza" (gift of Pomerania) was overhauled; now the SEP submarine is undergoing repairs. 4. Work in the shipyard starts at 7 in the morningA and lasts till 300 P.M. At 12 o'clock there is half-an-hour's interval for lunch. The average earnings of a worker are 16 - 20 zlotys per hour, plus food rations of the First Category,, and lunches consisting of soup and, sometimes, meat with potatoes. Typists are paid from 3x000 to 4,000 zlotys per month; engineers from 8,000 to 11pooo zlotys per month. The allocation of food on ration cards (1st Category) is fairly generous: bread, sugar, flour, fats, canned foods and milk for the children; the allocations vary. Sometimes when bread is issued, unexpected additional allocations are also issued. All food allocations come from UNRRA goods,, Housing conditions are very difficult; many workers live in barracks near the shipyard. The state of mind amoung the workers is good. There is a Workers' Council in the shipyard which is supposed to voice the opinions of the workers and protect their interests. The chairman is a member of the P.P.S.; his deputy is a member of the P.P.R. The Workers' Council as not very popular with the workers. Attendance at the weekly meetings (now they take place at longer intervals) is onforoedo During one of the propaganda meetings, before the Rerereudum, when.the gate was closed and a speaker addressed the men from a motoroar, the workers overturned the oar, opened the gate and left the shipyard. On the whole,, however, individual workers do not dare voice their views. 25X1A9a ADSO A DEP. F8T SPDF VrO DADSO r-BK _._-_J _ . F8V SPDS S DEP. x EXEC. CONTROL _A FBI FSX It lem SPDT D CFCS j X x PLANS P SPDA TRB i 25X1A9a CLASSIFICATION 25X1A2g