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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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November 27, 1946
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Document No. 610 Tpq CHANGE &j%pC dFor FKqIea e4999/09/08 ti CHANGED TO: TS " INTEL1.1GENCE GROUP DDA T 3mo, 4 Apr 77 711763 INTELLIGENCE REPORT SUBJECT G at Ordw at Battle, lit,.- tivitye Numburla, t ORIGIN 'Lin-41dang (126-Y44 41412). DAIS: INFO. Stated DST.. 2? November 1%6 PAGES 1 SUPPLEMENT Ia I. Twg-h= 41.41) fell on 2 member,, Its `a cra- ,tbe YarAZ a&-yu DetwbWnt. the 7 arf; 9 l i dee. and an artillory re t-_ treated toward r0 ~' +l s Ito vs ev uated P t 8b (124-46, 41-25), aw Hum-Jeft fell on 2 Nov r. Its defenders--the 8 i aWa 3 NO i. toward Chi.-a (126.-b, 41.-07) . Th* 10, U. = 12 Brigades /of 4 Column? /, plus 10,000 troops fr -tien-ham kau (12k-48, 40.- ), are ettski 8ai -cbi (124-16, 4o-39). A a oiv . p s biy Divisions of - 3 Cola s 25X1A2g 2. Ca 28 Co to r, Consa LIN Piao moved his ftrt t do Combined Azzy UboodUumters from Harbin to Chia21. 649). /Wb;&I* Duch a mom was reported by Bq as having been made prior to 1 September, it is Slievad likely that LIN and a skeleton staff aria, not =we until the later date 25X1X6 data* of. X1A2g 3. 7he 3 Division lof New It may/ has been enar d and. is now an anw, deai ation unkncmn. Its new units, with former designations are as tollo a Division (fu or 7 Brigade); 4 Division (formerly 7 Yi ter ri ); 5 Di-einion (tma r 10 lrigads)a and 6 Division (formerly Independent ri e). ICS. ens similar item of 21, Cotober (80-1323) which reported 7 atione,/. Pares. 1-3 from Nationalisat Northeast C d Headquarters 25X1 X6 Tsi.sen - 0stober -31 e The 5 and 6 a .patina Divisions--total strength 10,000 men--ant netting up deft positions at is.-ho (119..46, 37-03). A6553 V DEP X A#J rl7 FQfC _ P EXrC. OLASSIFICATIOPt SPOF F6V SPOS ~ _-w. d FO ed_Fpr Re, t TIAI, 2ud Peeirioatice Area HQ LIS 060109 MUST.. ar