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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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December 6, 1946
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Document No. TiAL ?~C1A2g Class. C? _3Ixca-m Too TS S r 77 U hNTELUUGENC REPORT PD A taT_;F=.r~ g 4 -Au~th: I'DA ?`l C: Da fif C'f ~ By: Gyp a (/ oq /7 SUBJF.CT 0r c" t Order of Bet' .ao, try Mti :tya ORIGIN ?tat: 25X1X6 BAT r na~.o Stated u4.J? MY. 6 Dlj,coi73 2946 PAGES SUPPLEMENT _ 1 a 2040 at lnfantZ7 and ce lry tr c~oncei at)-atsel Sant-~tac koa X 1 A2g 25X1 X6 ling ;-U847 42-3e'-)- 25 2. / -t f, a the foU i al go epee in / a 01 2?*Vw-A:~'x3w, the 12 i 1e a aooa ,ter ad ,U* Vatio . iat 2 Div ,ate in C a t en T: i ,-tA m (3,04-46. 40.1;4) Band &i-~youg okong (124-30. 4A.54) hSAV7 a lties s ,t; . ' t a e atis,1iate r a a o o v v ?a 1 th loot t fit i u~?:o e by t 0 fists. Tres 10 'i !ad+ its t oats - a to tha nort aeatast of I en- jan (125- 1, 41-16) Md 11 Jae i ratreati bard : 3i-~ -u1 . (12.-16i. 4O. 9). it i believed that t, e . ~ std do Act know that the .i a1t ata haw* t o these t? ran. The ' data . forced to 'i t deafans-i ?oly mean o t tizS the at i aiia . If er 40,000 & 1sor g iz d. o a!a atL3 reported to be in the mountain zao theazt o~h (x.25 a7, 41~1) Q 201, 25X1X6 25X1X6 25X1X6 "' I tic alit 7o ^thr?.n t O~ ?'i 3 q,~` ?a pp t l $000 tr ps of the 7 Div` ai c a of New 4 4i-.y have ?, d at .i-max ((x.5,7 o7$ 34)--U) ~ the aoath. the 7 Divialon is eq ippad with 6O ia*e ewd with li t a ill3ry'. The 1b. and 15 t of Garrison Meade have a total stran,ith a 30( as j ". yi aae I vvq pr with 80 chinf me. 4. Highly a . a? f fin t a * 0 . iat trc r: Ai era eta from northee it K an o~ 30-,C00 D= the 3, 4, and 7 Di v: aio of X 4 Aray at Yai-~haiae (17-57. 35-16) .2.0x,000 of than I w d l Aiviaic aaa of land 8 ttmg o patina &y/ at ihhekau 7.118-0e. 35-03 ) 80000 mm of the 2 and 8 ?ipattoo Diarisi fie at .-~1i j (117-56. 34-47) , t,-000 mi ti9ie1 troops app + hang Pwwzhang (:t. 9 4 9 36-08) Zr the m ut vi t 25X1A6a ;ourovx Tainan municipal official m / Ekes / .t;oto& wwronethu tau received are too high, u lea additional unidentified 25X1A9a uf3. u are included in the 70,000 troo;ju ~Ciiven CLAss0FICAT)ON ro ..., ~ ?Vv--~r; .... ~1TB T~ L~ T9 G NTT ~'O ~c' - -"'.G E ?Fo1elease 1999/0 P82-00457R00010037 r ION RO?_Ab ,~ved Fo-; . el L l L INILLULiU UL O F