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November 9, 2016
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December 16, 1998
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August 1, 1946
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Approved Document No. No CHANGE in ,CC~l^^aSS. DECLASSIFTEI? ~ C1asSC N\E. SUBJECT ORIGIN ')X 1X6 CONF{D\NTI Schools in the Rues.ien Zone and FDJ Tra Thee , students have, been selected by Communist factory cells. AL. INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT ,,,[)FN i'IAL in acct: from the tter Of 16 e to the r"rai t~:tf es. This document is her be Y regredad to F: INFO '1ST. 2-6 November 1946 PP .E.M ' Two Communist schools for indactriramsti.on and education of functionaries,, one in Tins (O6) and the other in Camburg/Saals (J77) near Naumbur were turned over to the SED in June 1946,, and are now being used for BED in- dootrinationcl The training is given in to six week courses to ten only. also reports that on 22 June 1946 a transport of 120 man no wo. n) Tent from Weimar to Iosoow by sspecia,l, train,, The man were most- ly between 28 and 40 years of age and were sup-posed to take a three-month indoctrination course in Moscow. They were selected throughout Thruingia and S *=W from SEID rarzkso The names of the selectees were there. submitted to the Political Supervision officers of the BY&, whose approval was re- quired in every casseo The wife or any married man in the group was to ro- e full salary of the husband during his abBoneft, reporting on the period 2-0-30 July 1948, states that the main training courses for Coim unist functionaries are now given is Bad Liebenstc in (u85), Presumably German functionaries a are no longer being sent to Russia to take indoctrination courses there, axed the courses are now given in the Soviet Zone by Russian instructors The following names of instructors and topics of their discussions are tam from official report of ss...~-e3 31-i all on 10 August 1946 in the ahool for the Province of Saxony, located !in Haus Eisonhof,f, S "bent ulde (Pt34)t: Elohleeppt Spoke on previous day Hanzlioek Director of the Schooix Historical Materialism Major M0 Dragin: Culture of the Soviet Union H. C, Heuer: Discussio of Major Dragin's speech 5X1X6 Igonseee0 The following nas and topics of discussion are taken from official ariuounoement of the program suggest id for a meeting we the Central Com- mittee of the ?UJ to be held 21-22 September 1946. They meeting was to be hold in the FDJ's Youth High School (Jugendhoohschule) in Walhot on the .,rich llonecker: Youth in the Strugr,le to aintain the Unity of Germany i,iv,r"red Klein; 0uitura1 work of the F])J rmanrn Axon; IThe Way of the FF)J to the Jr ;anizatirsn of the Younger Generation Ernst- .llllor: Prosont Tasks of the 1+IDJ in he Economic Field Rudolf I38hn:. The Right to Education Dane. G. The following nernes of instructors and topics of rai :?:u sion are taken from an official announcement of the schedule of vacation coursea eor auxiliary scionoo teachers, which were to be hold in IIrlle/S froia 12 to 30 August 1946, Ob. Stud, Dir0 i)r0 Eanfc Pedagogy Studer :tat Dr, Hecht: Political Schooling .Prof ,, Dr. ?linsche: Psychology Stud. H. 13rilchner: Public Speaking (students of Gerrianic:s not included), I usioal Trainingi, Poetry Readings Prof0 Dr. von !ollander: (opening address) O6R.RC. Dr. Grondc.: The 3 inheitsschulo Dra Mossersolimidt: Atomic Energy Stud,, Rat Braun: Gymnastics in the School Prof. Dr. Gallwitz~: zaeolog.,y in the 8chool Dre, Hunger: The oiseltal :Museum O.R0Ro Iieixnomansa: Forms and Significance of the new Trainin. for Teachers Dire, Otto: The State useun Cozy .'rep-history Prof,, i)r? Schmidt: Biology Excursion Major Dragin (Sl A) a- Schools and Cultural Questions in the Soviet union r'ro1'o Wittssok: Speech Training Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560003-0 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R000100560003-0